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ghostdruggie · a year ago
social distancing is okay for me bc ive been touched starved since the 15th century. im used to it.
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elkleggs · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Listen to your Uncle Sam. © El Kane. July 2020.
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progressivejudaism · 8 months ago
“I love you so much that I am not coming over for Thanksgiving this year.”
Memorize this. Our Jewish Values teach us that we hold human life above all else.
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Tumblr media
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progressivejudaism · a year ago
This is your daily reminder to wear your mask when you go out today
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kayzean · a year ago
At the end of this year, if we make it, we're gonna all have to get a t-shirt saying "I survived 2020"
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elkleggs · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Listen to your Uncle Sam.
© El Kane. July 2020.
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thefunkyweapon · a year ago
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progressivejudaism · a year ago
Stay home.
As Jews, we are taught that to save a life is to save the world.  We are all potentially carriers of the carnivorous and could potentially pass it to others.
Unless you are going to the supermarket (with a mask on), taking a walk or run to get exercise (with a mask on, while maintaining distancing), or going to a doctor/the pharmacy (with a mask on)-- STAY HOME.  Save lives, save the world.
You have a duty to your fellow human being-- who is also created in the Image of God.
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themindoflore · a year ago
Tumblr media
In case anyones wondering what working night stock is like lately
This is 7.5 ish pallets of cereal alone
Normally, i get roughly 3-4 pallets.
This is double my normal stock.
This is what your panic buying is doing. I can get my pallets broken down in an hour to an hour and a half and shelved by 1am when I come into work at 11pm.
This took me to 2:30am.
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good-ho-mens · a year ago
I think I cried last night
But the drowsiness of sleep swept it away
Leaving only a stained pillow when I woke.
I cleaned my room
To feel some semblance of control
Put the bookshelves in another corner
Opened the window to let in the sun.
I made some new playlists,
They’re incredibly specific.
One is dedicated only to bees.
The last time I saw a bee I was with friends,
We were laughing then.
Funny how it snuck up so quickly.
Only it didn’t, did it?
It’s just that no one did anything
Before it was already too late for so many.
In the past week,
I’ve learned to paint with watercolors
To journal and cook and write
In a different style.
I’ve started four more stories
And stared at a blank page
For two hours without break.
I think I’ll pick up embroidery.
Everything is slowing down,
I feel like I’m wading through a pool,
The other side is in sight
But my clothes are heavy,
And I can’t swim,
So I walk slowly
And try not to think about
How all my friends have already left.
It’s not as if I have much room to complain.
I have my family, which is usually enough.
But there’s something about
I’m stuck
That feels worse.
I’m too tired to be angry, even though I should be.
My eyes are heavy as I drift through the days.
I can’t remember if I cried last night,
Maybe it was a dream.
~ Quarantine
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