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I’m going to rant for a minute. Reader beware! (Does contain advice though)

You have been warned. As you guys know, I’m a student in college. I sometimes do writing jobs on the side to make a little spending money. I just love the fact that before COVID-19, I couldn’t do any of that. I have been trying to get some sort of online work sense I was 16, and that couldn’t even be thought of for me. That wasn’t thought of for me for several reasons.

* Because I’m blind

* Because I was still in school

* Because I was young

I think COVID-19 will change people’s minds about online work, because during the lockdown, that’s all we were left with. That’s all we had, so we had to figure it out. I think blind active job seekers should dive at this opportunity. Don’t hesitate! Act now! Here’s some tips to get you started

1. Don’t waste time!

Opportunities are few and far between, so act on them as soon as you stumble on them. This is no joke! Don’t wait, because you never know when you’re going to miss it.

2. Put yourself out there.

Make yourself stand out from the crowd. This could be things like your education, awards you’ve acquired in your lifetime, recognition you’ve recieved, and work you’ve done for someone else.

3. Consider applying for freelance or one time gigs.

I know this sounds weird, but it’s true. Freelancing often scares people away because of the unstable income for fixed price rather than hourly projects, but with freelance opportunities, you decide your workload and in some cases the prices. Plus, for my fellow blindies, it’s easier not to disclose your blindness, because you’re online. Not saying you shouldn’t be honest with your clients because that is important, but you have the right to keep that to yourself. I do freelance writing on this website called, and it’s really good to do for extra income on the side while I’m in college.

4. Advertise yourself.

For whatever service you’re selling, it’s also a good idea to show samples of other work you’ve done. For a writer, that might be something like an essay you’ve written for class, stories, poems, or speeches you’ve written, articles you’ve written for other people, or if you have one, refer them to your blog.

5. Apply apply apply!

Apply for a few and hope one of them says yes. Don’t apply for too many, because if multiple say yes, you’re either stuck choosing, or possibly declining the wrong client or employer, depending on what you do.

Well, that’s my rant for the day. I hope this helps you. It sure would’ve helped me. Have a good weekend. I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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Vaccination Ethics

COVID-19 in light of the Messiah- loving our neighbors

The novel coronavirus has spun humanity into confusion. The human response, particularly in the United States, has further divided a people already split because of politics, social justice, and the current identity war. This season has been one of the more difficult to live like Christians are called to live because we lived in such a…


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So, it’s been a long time sense I’ve posted. I figured I’d come back to blogging. It’s something I greatly enjoyed, and I guess I gave it up because of the lack of time spent? i don’t know. But I’m here now. I graduated high school in May 29, 2020, but because of the pandemic, my diploma had to be delivered to me by my school’s principal and vice principal, along with the Super intendent in September, so that’s great. I started my first year of college studying Psychology to become a licensed drug and alcohol abuse counsellor. My dream is to help people and make a difference in this world. I feel like it’s my life’s purpose. Anyways, let me tell you the real reason I’m here.

My life, quarantine putting stress on me, being an individual with a low immune system, it being my freshmen year in college, it’s been dificult at all costs. My mental stability was difficult to keep up during the lock down, I opened my heart up litteraly exactly a year from today, Febuary 6th, 2020, to someone I’ve known my entire life, he had to put up with my wavering sanity, my step father contracted the ronas just before Thanksgiving, so I spent Thanksgiving in my bedroom eating dinner alone self-quarantined. My mom contracted it just before Christmas, so I thought it was going to end our Christmas plans as well, and we still had our as planned Christmas in 2020, sense we missed just about every other holiday. But all aside, let’s not talk about 2020 anymore. It’s not a good year for anybody. Everyone experienced their own hell. To new beginnings everyone!

Here are my best tips for blindness in school or college virtually during COVID-19.

1. If you’re just getting started in college keep in touch with your Access Center/Disability office/Accessability office.

This is very important! If you don’t keep in contact and registered with them, you will struggle. I had a hot mess happen to me. My psychology professor and I had a misunderstanding. I was misinformed. I was never told that I would have to go through an extensive process to register for the access center for my community College, so I ran into a problem. My psychology class was the only class I had to take an in-person test for, so I stayed with my dad in the city, took an uber to campus, was told I was at the wrong campus, was told I needed to make a testing appointment, and that I was, “not in their system.” Well, the head of the access center was a very nice lady, and she took time out of her day to proctor my exam, and helped me actually register for their system. You might not be so lucky. Be sure you check and make sure you have followed the appropriate steps, so you don’t become like me.

2. Use calander apps, reminder apps, alarms, and other similar tools religiously.

It’s more dificult to keep track of your classes and join on time, especially those morning ones, where sense you don’t actually have to go anywhere, so it’s oh so tempting to lay in bed for that extra couple of minutes. You’ll be thinking that until you sleep 10 minutes too long and then miss your classes. I’m talking to you too sighties. 🤣

3. Allow for extra prepare time.

Alright, now, everyone knows how messy Zoom can be, especially sense everybody and their mother is using it right now. Us blind folk also have to deal with screen readers, such as Voice Over, Nerrator, NVDA, TalkBack, Voice Assistant, Jaws, ZoomText, etc. Those mother truckers don’t like zoom very much. Allow you at least 5 minutes, so if your screen reader decides not to like you, it won’t matter, because you’ll still join on time… unless other things contribute at least.

4. Try your best to still be social

Yeah, I know it’s weird with COVID and social distancing, but we still have social media. Create a Facebook group and post a link on the chat during class to attract other students,start conversations in break out rooms, you know. Just have fun with it.

5. Keep close contact with professors, instructors, and teachers.

Communication is key,, especially now. With all of these weird circumstances, always keep contact with professors, instructors, and teachers. It just might save your grades. If you don’t understand something, ask. If you need more information, ask. If you have a question about assignments, please don’t be afraid to ask. Self-advocacy gets you a long way.

I hope you guys found this information helpful. I certainly would’ve benefited from this when I first started college in August. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next Saturday.

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There are certainly conspiracies in the world today. What of those who make conspiracy their religion?

In this episode, James and Andrew consider conspiricism and the idolatry that has invaded the church.

Share teachings you would like for us to address or public teachers you would like us to evaluate biblically at If you would like to be a guest on the show, to either civilly…


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1 Million Canadians register themselves as ‘dumb-ass fuck-twats.’

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Reasons for concern. I am appalled by the number of people who find out they have covid and are still going to work. Yes, I know they may have no alternative–so at least I’m grateful that my Employer has a strict policy of granting paid leave to people who have tested posivtive so they don’t spread it to co-workers and the public. However, I’ve seen several cases in my own store where people don’t make the connection that the symptoms they are having is covid until someone else points it out to them. In fact, I was just eating my lunch and a fellow associate who told me yesterday that her boyfriend got a positive test (and is continuing to work anyway) just complained about how lousy she feels, and frankly looks like crap. She maintained she wasn’t exposed because she didn’t see him on the day he was tested–too ignorant to understand you can be contagious well before you have symptoms or test positive.

Plus, I’ve been feeling sick all day, and considering the number of people I wait on that aren’t wearing their masks right, I’m concerned my luck has finally run out.

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Harry MacDougall is a fucking asshole, but this line comes to mind when folks derisively dismiss my explanations as to why more people are more likely to get sick and possibly die if they don’t stop hanging within 6 feet of each other, start wearing masks, and keep their hands to themselves.

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So I work in a hospital now (housekeeping) and I just got the covid vaccine bc they have it for all employees and I feel like I’m having like… survivors guilt??? Is that it? I dunno. Even before my appointment i was feeling weird and now that I have it like. It feels like a big deal but everyone is so calm.

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With the new year starting and a vaccine on the horizon, there are some things about the pandemic that I think should stick around. Normalize wearing masking during ‘outbreak season’ of wherever you live. Where I live, once a year, influenza hits hard. And a lot of people die each year from it. I realize that wearing a mask isn’t going to prevent an outbreak from happening, but if we all publicly wore masks during that time, it would dampen how bad it is. Sure, masks are a little annoying, but in the grand scheme of things, they are almost the near minimum to be done for trying to curb disease. Keep stores cleaning shopping carts. Keep stores making pickup easy and having options for not having to go in the store. Keep schools offering alternative ways of getting education. Let’s normalize not going to school and work when you’re sick (and by that I mean, those places should allow you to take of when you’re sick without penalty). Let’s continue working on the housing and healthcare problems in this country. And, by god, keep standing 6 fucking feet away from me when I’m out in public!

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‘We Want Them Infected’: Chris Hayes On Emails Revealing Truth Of Trump Covid Plan

Chris Hayes: “Donald Trump and our government under his leadership explicitly pursued a strategy to spread the virus, to get more people sick. They took the side of Covid. They had the same aims as the virus. They were—as I said before—objectively pro-Covid.” Aired on 12/16/2020.

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This is what I think about our fucking stimulus

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The government giving us $600 8 months after the initial $1200 in the first stimulus package is just disrespectful.

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The sad truth is that it’s going to be another YEAR until things go back to normal because of all the selfish assholes out there ignoring the fact that a pandemic even EXISTS. This year really taught me to raise my expectations of people. Be better.

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I LIVE! Yeah been busy trying to survive quarantine and to try and help you guys survive have a manly kiri bby shark.


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COVID-19 Symptom Checker
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