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a/n: combining these two

Carrie White x male!Reader Home Headcanons:

  • living together was a rocky at first.
  • Although you twos relationship was strong
  • her nightmares caused issues sometimes. lights would flicker and the house would shake
  • you would have to wake her up and comfort her. you learned to brew a certain mixture of herbal tea to make the nightmares less severe
  • you always reassured her it was okay but she felt like a burden for the longest
  • but she started feeling more secure when she finally realized you were going nowhere otherwise why else would you want to live with her?
  • Carrie was estactic when you proposed
  • she started wailing bc she never thought anyone would ever truly love her; your love was so pure like cocaine
  • and she loved just as much back
  • the wedding was beautiful. you made sure it was her dream wedding
  • and she was an absolute crybaby but held the tears at bay so she wouldn’t mess up the makeup
  • and seeing her walk down with your parent made you shed tears. Carrie wasn’t just prom queen anymore, she was your queen.
  • then honeymoon came and no surprise Carrie was pregnant
  • it made her panic. all of a sudden, her fears starting jumping out
  • what if she was like her mother? what if she became like her mother? would she hate her kid? would she fail as a mother?
  • but you were right by her side every day and night soothing her anxieties.
  • “you’ll be the best mom. parents make mistakes and you won’t be doing this alone.@
  • the excitement came and she was so ready
  • you guys painted the room together (her telekinesis did lol)
  • you guys designed everything together. you built the cradle and crib for y’all’s baby.
  • when the room was done, carrie was crying again
  • as her belly grew, the more she glew
  • god you wanted to just fuck again-
  • but anyways. when the day came for birth, off to the hospital
  • carrie doesn’t remember the birth, it was so painful
  • but the hospital thought an earthquake happened 💀
  • but you made sure carrie held the child first before you did so she would realize she would never be her mother, she would be better
  • and oh god when you held the child you both created together. you cried. an absolute beauty of creature she gave life to and you got to help
  • raising a child wasn’t easy but you both did amazing as a team
  • as the child grew up, you both weren’t sure if they would telekinesis either
  • but soon their abilities starting to show since you both weren’t restrictive parents. you both were the parents to let your child do what they want (you know still in a safe manner)
  • you both encouraged it so they could use their powers safely
  • and it soon became a chaotic household bc you know how kids are
  • but you both had the patience of gods and handled it easily
  • specifically carrie who had the same powers and could counter the child at any time
  • you guys were a cute small family with so much love
  • you both wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Carrie White x male!Reader Quaratine headcanons:

  • carrie is most definitely paranoid type
  • mask and gloves are always stocked up on
  • she didn’t go crazy with toilet paper but she did go crazy with soap and hand sanitizer
  • so you guys had an abundance of those items for awhile
  • you had to keep her calm for the most part and assure her that you both wouldn’t catch it since you two hardly went out as is
  • so quarantine was easy to get use to
  • in fact, you actually loved it bc it meant more time with carrie
  • you would sometimes fake being sick (not covid) so she could just dote and panic over you
  • it was cute
  • carrie would hate people with a passion who didn’t wear masks bc how stupid could people be (very apparently)
  • but carrie didn’t mind quaratine either. it just meant more time with her boyfriend
  • she already knew how to knit and sew but it became her quarantine hobby
  • you guys eventually made an etsy and made a lot of money on cute homemade hats and blankets that people adored
  • 100% believe that carrie totally starting baking bread. frog bread frog bread frog bread
  • those cute flower breads too
  • you learned how to make fancy drinks (non alcoholic, carrie doesn’t like drinking)
  • so it was a nice trade off of “babe look what i made!”
  • you guys were always satisfied with each other
  • quarantine made the relationship stronger
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T-875 was sent to protect Carrie White from T-OMNI

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T-OMNI was sent to kill Carrie White from T-875

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Carrie 1976

Up on redbubble link in pinned post

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honestly the fact that they haven’t written, recorded and released an entire Dirty Candy album so that they can infact take over my playlist is honestly just pure homophobia.

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“And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.”
~Richard III, Scene I, Act I

Or as Tyrion said, the rest of the world won’t forget what they already decided you are, so wear it like armor and use it against them. In their case, these people did just that when they realized that the die had been cast against them.

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Portrait request by talented body painter tawnyannax over on instagram.

This is based on her interpretation of Carrie

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Can’t believe someone like Sammy is getting their discord chat hacked

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Let’s start with something straight forward: telekinetic versus telekinetic. At first blush this may seem to unfairly favor Jean Grey, but in the novel Carrie is much more powerful than she is in the movie (budget constraints cut her power level pretty considerably). Also in the book, Carrie’s telepathic as well so this match-up is more even than one may initially think.

So, who would win?

Carrie is a 1976 American supernatural horror film directed by Brian De Palma from a screenplay written by Lawrence D. Cohen, adapted from Stephen King‘s 1974 epistolary novel of the same name. The film stars Sissy Spacek as Carrie White, a shy 16-year-old who is consistently mocked and bullied at school. Her peers are unaware that she possesses telekinetic powers.

Jean Elaine Grey is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character has been known under the aliases Marvel GirlPhoenix, and Dark Phoenix. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963).

Jean is a member of a subspecies of humans known as mutants, who are born with superhuman abilities. She was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers.

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artistsandbeyond: hello. been a while, sry we were busy GETTING DEREK KLENA 😭🥺. JAN 27th twerkshop, 12 participation slots only. $15 to observe aka stare at his beauty YEAH I SAID IT. 😩👽

link in bio // click workshops and find his head and click on it. byeeeee

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i might export to ao3 later but for now these are just going to be on tumblr. part two yo! this is mainly just her and carrie talking + interaction with carrie’s dad @penguin-writes-books (because she seemed to really like the last one and i appreciate her)

“My dad isn’t home yet. I thought he would be, but there must be something going on at the studio. I can get you something to eat in the meantime.” 

“Oh that’s a fine. I’ll take a water then,” Julie said, awkwardly standing in Carrie’s doorway. 

“So uh, how can the boys be missing if they’re holograms or whatever you said. I never quite understood what you meant by that but technology goes over my head sometimes.” 

“It’s me Julie, Carrie. You don’t need to act dumb.” 

“I’m not acting. I seriously don’t understand how your tech works.” 

“Neither do I,” Julie muttered under her breath before coughing to attempt to cover it up.”So. Ok what happened was. None of the boys showed up for rehearsal today. And Luke was supposed to show me a new song and…” 

“What’s the deal with you two? Is it possible to date a hologram?” 

“He’s-He’s still a person. And uh, we haven’t really defined-” 

Carrie started laughing. “You always were clueless with boys. I mean I suck with them, but you-you’re a different breed.” 

Julie laughed too. 

She walks towards the beige countertop and takes a seat on a stool.

“Are you sad that you and Nick broke up? I ran into him at school today, and yeah something was definitely off.”

“I mean we weren’t that close. And I think I was just using him as a placeholder. Like my dad isn’t around all the time. He tries his best, he does-wait, why am I telling you this? You’re probably just going to tell Flynn and then I’ll be Carrie the bitch with daddy issues and a bad romantic track record.” 

“I wouldn’t say that.” 

“You’d put it nicer because you’re Julie, but that’d be the gist. And then Flynn would probably make a comment that sounds just how I put it.”

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I was just trying to make conversation and I didn’t think you’d be so-” 

“Emotionally bleedy?” 

“Yeah. That’s oddly a good term for it.” 

Carrie hands Julie a glass of water, managing to remember that Julie had asked for it, and watches as Julie takes a sip. 

“I’m sad but I’m not just sad about Nick. I’m sad about a lot of things. I’m sure you get it.” 

Julie sets her glass on the corner. “I’m actually in a pretty good place right now. But yeah, when my mom died, that whole year I was sad about her but other stuff happened too.” 

Carrie nods. 

The door swings open as Mr. Trevor “Bobby” Wilson walks through the door. He glances over at Carrie shrugging. His jaw falls as he notices Julie casually sipping a glass of water and a smile on Carrie’s face. Huh. It’s been a while since he’s seen those two things together. 

“Hey, Carrie. Julie. I was going to head upstairs. It’s been a really long-” he yawns, “day. But if you girls need anything please let me know.” 

He walks towards the stairs as Julie jumps out of her seat and stumbles towards Bobby. “There was something actually. What do you know about a band named Sunset Curve?”

Bobby gulped. 

“Sunset Curve… I haven’t, uh, heard of that band in ages. What- what brought this up?” 

Carrie and Julie exchange a look. Carrie nods before Julie goes forward with questioning leaving Bobby anxiously twitching with the fabric of his pants and his fingers. 

“I found a CD in my mom’s stuff that said Sunset Curve, and I hadn’t really heard of them before. I did a google search and all that. And then it occurred to me that who knows niche music better than Mr. Wilson, so I talked to Carrie and we decided that today would be the best day to ask you.” 

Carrie smiled and nodded, her brain still trying to calculate how far Julie would take this. 

“I-I would have to check my records you know. I know a lot of bands. Carrie really should’ve vouched for that. And my memory kinda sucks. Again Carrie can vouch for that.” 

Carrie flinched at the last comment but Julie’s attention was so focused on Mr. Wilson that she failed to notice. Julie furrowed her eyebrows and stepped closer. 

“Yeah, but this would’ve been back when you were a teenager. I’m sure you would remember. A band of four guys. I can only remember three of their names though. Alex Mercer, Reggie Peters,” Julie paused, “Luke Patterson.” 

“Yeah, okay. Sunset Curve. The boys died in some weird hot dog accident. Your mom was a fan of theirs I think.” 

“Did you know them?” 

“I wasn’t close with them. But I was a part of the band. Don’t think they liked me much tho. They definitely wouldn’t like me now.” 

“Is there anything else about them you can recall?” 

“They used to practice in your mom’s old studio. I-I really don’t know what you’re looking for. They’re dead. Been dead for decades. If you like their music, cool. But there’s nothing more I can do for you. Carrie, can I see you for a second?” 

“Uh, sure, Dad. Excuse us, Julie.” 

“Yeah, sure, Carrie,” Julie says, turning her attention back to her finished glass of water on the counter. That was weird. “Should I go actually?” 

“Julie, it shouldn’t be long.” 

“Yeah, and you guys were having such a good time right?” Bobby asks as Carrie aggressively nods towards Julie. 

“We were, but I think I’m going to go.” 

“Oh, okay. See you at school.” 

To flynn: found out nothing :( except for the fact that mr wilson is super weird about sunset curve and i think he’s mad at carrie for letting me bring it up. 

from flynn: yeah, that sucks. but if all he knows is that sunset curve is dead, was he really going to tell you anything in the first place? 

To flynn: idk i thought maybe. He gets really weird about them. He did tell me that he was in the band so i think that might be new information. Or maybe I just never put two and two together before. 

From flynn: are you still there? At carrie’s? 

To flynn: No. once mr wilson got super weird, he wanted to speak to carrie in private. And i thought it would be best to go. I have enough family drama, i don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest if i get involved in theirs. 

From flynn: definitely. besides it’s not like carrie is our friend. 

To flynn: i don’t know what i was thinking. meet up tomorrow? 

From flynn: sounds like a plan, disappointment. 

To flynn: glad to hear it, underachiever. 

Julie took one last glance back at the Wilson House before heading home. 

She refrained from voicing out loud the thoughts in her head no matter how much she wanted to. Life made more sense when she was able to voice her thoughts aloud, and the number of people she could do that with was cut in half with the boys missing. Maybe when she got home they would be there. Maybe she had freaked out over nothing. 

However, when she opened the doors to her mom’s studio, she was met with nothing but an empty house and unused band equipment. 

She was not wrong. 

The boys were still gone. 

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Name: Carrie

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