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yeah the thing about julie and the phantoms is that you go in expecting a feel-good, somewhat cheesy, teen show with fun music but then what you get is exactly that but its also emotionally distressing
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daydream-draws · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ANON I AM SORRY YOU SENT THIS LIKE,,, 2 MONTHS AGO :’( have some extra doodles to make up for it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thecluelessredhead · a year ago
Nobody can watch JATP casually.
You’ve either seen it 27 times in the past week or you’ve never seen it.
It’s weird, but there’s no in between.
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willex-n-waffles · 9 months ago
Omg my brain is angsting like... imagine Caleb stops possessing Nick and Nick is freaked out and doesn’t know what to do and he doesn’t want to see Julie because what is going on with Julie how is she involved in this and he doesn’t go to Flynn because maybe Flynn is involved too and he just can’t see his parents, not now, he just needs to get away away away-
And eventually he winds up at Carrie’s house and she opens the door and begins to say “what do you wa-” and Nick just pulls her into a hug and cries and doesn’t let go, and Carrie doesn’t know what’s happening but even though this is her ex-boyfriend she’s still a human being with sympathy, so she lets him in and just lets him sit on her couch for a bit until he’s ready to talk.
And eventually he’s quiet and solemn, staring off into nothing, and Carrie asks him what’s going on. And Nick says “I just... needed to be with someone right now.”
And Carrie’s confused. “Why didn’t you go see Julie, then? You clearly like her more than me.” (In a sincere but sad way.)
And Nick can’t get into it right now so he says “I can’t be around Julie right now. Or Flynn. Or...”
And Carrie has no idea what’s going on, and Nick sure as hell isn’t about to tell her an evil ghost magician possessed me so he opts to just shrug and slump down. “I needed company. And as weird as things are between us... you’re the only person I feel like I can be around like this right now.”
And Carrie nods, and says mostly to herself, “yeah, I get it.”
“You do?”
And she sort of nervously admits that her dad has been super weird and skittish and distant lately and she doesn’t know why, and she’s just been so alone, even with Dirty Candi around, and it feels good to just... sit with someone sometimes. And Nick agrees, and then they’re just sitting together in silence.
And they both decide internally that maybe they weren’t the best couple in the world, but everyone needs a friend from time to time, and maybe they can at least try that.
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mouse-fantoms · 2 months ago
I get the impression that every year, Carrie throws this big Halloween party at her house, idk I could be stereotyping bc “she’s the rich girl with the big fancy house so she’d have parties” but I just imagine the Wilson house being so highly decorated for Halloween.
There’s this rehearsal and Julie is on her phone and the boys just see her have this puzzled look and are like “What?” And she says how she sees Carrie posting on her socials about the Halloween party (which she always does around Halloween time so Julie’s used to it but bc it’s like in the beginning of like a Carrie redemption she feels conflicted) and Julie’s like “Nah it’s fine I don’t have to go, I can spend it with you guys…”
But the boys can tell she kinda wants to go and are like “Well if you wanna go don’t let us hold you back” and then she’s like “But then what will you guys do?” And there’s at first the suggestion that they’ll do what they always do when Julie leaves. And then Luke’s like “Well… it’s a Halloween party, you can’t have a Halloween party without ghosts can you? 👀” He looks to Alex and Reggie who both look at Julie as if for permission to go and then now she just has the boys all looking to her for her permission to come with her.
She gives it a first thought and then goes, “One rule: No spooking anyone.”
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kirkisms · 10 months ago
Trevor: Y'know, I used to wish that my friends could have met my daughter. It broke my heart that she'd never know them.
Trevor, looking out to the helicopter landing pad where Alex and Carrie are performing a fully choreographed version of Rain On Me in a storm: I wouldn't say this was what I had in mind, though.
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exyqueenkvnday · a year ago
Willie: hi, I like your shirt
Alex: thanks, I died in it
Alex, to Luke and Reggie: I dIeD iN iT?!? Why would I say that?!?!
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diwata-nation · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
see ‘em look, hear ‘em ✨ hi ho ✨
i finally have the means to go digital and this is my inaugural piece. reposting is fine with credit!
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shyjusticewarrior · a year ago
Julie and the Phantoms Incorrect Quotes
Ray: What did you do at school today?
Carlos: Learned about dragons.
Tía Victoria: Your class learned about dragons?
Carlos: I learned about dragons, don't know what everyone else was doing.
Luke: Alex, tell Reggie he's an idiot but I still love him.
Alex: Tell him yourself.
Luke: We're in a fight.
Alex: You're sitting in his lap?
Luke, coming in with a watermelon: Julie texted me saying Reggie got hurt, so I brought a watermelon!
Julie: Why?
Luke: Reggie loves watermelons *hands him the watermelon*
Reggie, teary eyed on the couch: *cradles watermelon*
Reggie: How do girls put on skirts? Do you do it one leg at a time like pants, or do you jump right in?
Julie: One leg at a time.
Flynn: I jump right in.
Julie: Alex, Luke, you'll be on lighting.
Luke: Lighting?
Julie: Yes, you pronounced it perfectly.
Caleb: I'm not going to stand here and listen to you accuse me of things I clearly did!
Carrie: I thought I smelled failure.
Julie: Then you must be sniffing yourself! Good, right?
Flynn: For you.
Alex: Your existence is confusing.
Reggie: How so?
Alex: Your presence is annoying but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me.
Mrs. Harrison: The first ever “champion” of a pie eating contest was an unnamed 6-year-old boy. In 1916, he managed to scoff a 10-inch pie in 15 seconds.
Luke: Legend
Reggie: Why didn’t his parents name him?
Reggie: So my foot's totally stuck in there, right? I'm freaking out, the dog's having a seizure, and I still got half a pie left-
Alex: We're bros but I'd kiss you if you asked...
Willie: What?
Alex: What
Luke, not looking up from his song book: He said he'd kiss you if you asked
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annie-mae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Some flarrie for u all,
(If u don’t know what this picture is that I used for reference are u even living)
(Jk ily)
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