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Bruce: Alternative responses to "I love you"?
Damian: Who doesn't?
Barbara: I know.
Duke: Thanks.
Harper: A horrible decision, really.
Cullen: Why?
Dick: *laughs nervously*
Jason: *laughs hysterically*
Carrie: YEET!
Tim: I'm sorry.
Cassandra: *finger guns*
Stephanie: If only there was someone who loved you.
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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Chapter 2


Dick stared at the five strangers as they got their bearings. The one closest to him groaned. His costume was the most similar to dick’s, but he was a bit shorter and had scrapes covering his knees. The kid scrambled to his feet when he saw the others. There was a tense silence as everyone stared at each other, confusion and disbelief written across their faces, before Scrapes spoke up, “Uh, what the fuck?”

This snapped the red headed girl out of her staring, “ Shit ,“ she ran her hands through her hair, “This can’t be happening, dear god you’re all so small and oh fuck I can’t be dealing with this!!!”

Next to the red head, a boy with a sword scowled, “Who are you to deal with anything?” He stabbed his finger at her chest, “I don’t know who you are but you have no right to impersonate Robin!”

A blonde girl put her hands on her hips, “Hey kid, maybe if you stopped being an asshole we could figure out what was going on?”

Sword boy sputtered, stomping his foot in frustration, “Do not call me kid, Brown!”

“Brown!?” Everyone turned to see the kid with a bo staff, who had been pretty quiet up until this, sputtering. He stared at the blonde girl, eyes wide behind his mask, “Stephanie!?”

Stephanie, apparently, looked around nervously, “No-I…I am not Stephanie,” she said in a fake deep voice, “I am her secret sister.”

Bo staff kid ran a hand down his face, “Steph, what are you doing here?”

“I don’t know anymore than you!”

“I mean what are you doing as Robin!? ”

“Who even are you people?!” Scrapes cut in.

Sword boy scoffed, “I think that’s rather obvious Todd.”

The red head threw her hands up “Not from his perspective!”

The arguing got louder and more incoherent until Dick couldn’t take it, “SHUT UP!”

The effect was instantaneous, all five immediately stopped talking and looked at him, waiting. Dick took a deep breath, “Can one of you please tell me what’s going on?” several people opened their mouths, “Only one of you!”

There was a pause as they all looked at each other, before the red head raised her hand, “I’m probably the most qualified to explain.” Sword boy scoffed but Scrapes cut him off with a glare before he could say anything. “First off, this is very clearly time travel. A quick roll call for those who don’t know each other,” she pointed to Dick, “Robin one is obviously dick,” she turned to Scrapes, “Robin two is Jason,” next was bo staff kid, “Robin three is Tim,” then blondie, “Four is Stephanie,” then sword boy, “Five is Damian, and six is me, Carrie.” she ended by gesturing to herself.

None of this was making any sense, “What do you mean there’s more robins?”

“She just said it was time travel, do try to keep up goldie.” Jason remarked, “Now how the hell did we all get here?”

“Did anyone touch anything weird that could have caused this?” asked Carrie

“Welp,” Stephanie announced, showing off the computer on her wrist, “It looks like we’re in Dickie’s time, so if anyone triggered it, it’s probably him.”

Damian scoffed, “As if Richard is dumb enough to touch random mysterious objects.”

Jason tried to suppress a snort, “You give him far too much credit.”

“Now you listen here-”

“Where’s Bruce?” everyone went quiet and turned to Tim, who was scanning their surroundings, “We aren’t in Gotham, if I had to guess I’d say New York. This wasn’t a titans mission, otherwise the others would have come looking by now, and I don’t think you’d be out here by yourself. So where’s Bruce?”

They all looked at him, dock usually loved being the center of attention but he just wanted to get away from these people. He grit his teeth, “B was captured, along with the rest of the league, as far as I know I was the only one to escape.”

“Then what are we waiting around here for! We have to go help them!” Jason insisted, earning him a weird look from Steph.

“I am with Todd, we must act immediately.”

“Now hold on a second” Carrie waved her arms to cut them off, “We don’t even know who we’re facing.”

“We could easily best any foe, and if you were really a robin, you’d know that.”

“None of you are robins!” Dick shouted before he could think better of it.

Damian’s expression fell, “Richard-”

“No,” Dick interrupted him, “Robin is mine , and I don’t care who you people are, you don’t get to suddenly take it for your own!”

“Here we go.” Jason muttered.

Dick glared at him, “I’m going to go figure out how to save B, and all of you are going to stay out of my way.” and with that, he grappled off the roof, the other’s too stunned to stop him.

Stephanie crossed her arms, “Well that went well.”

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Princely whelmed au, the fam.

King Bruce-

Wally: your highness, I have the unfortunate pleasure to inform you that the Prince is feeling under the weather and would not be making it to his training.

Bruce: he’s going to explore that village I forbidden him to go, isn’t he?

Wally: yes your highness.

Bruce: thanks for trying, just accompanied him so he doesn’t get hurt.

Wally: of course your highness.


Selina: what are you doing?

Wally: helping the prince defy the king’s orders.

Selina: oh, okay. Carry on. You’re very cute together.

Wally, blushing: th-thank you my Queen.


Alfred: ah, master Richard’s knight, how do you do?

Wally: well, just came to pick up the Prince’s things for today’s lesson.

Alfred: ah, that would be over on master’s bruce desk.

Wally: thank you sir.

Alfred: please, call me Alfred my dear boy.


Wally: Prince Richard, I will not help you escape from the kingdom, you’re next in line for the throne!

Dick: please Wally *puppy dog eyes* I really want to see Kori.

An hour later

Wally: I can’t believe not only did you trick me into this, but you got us KIDNAP by empire Slade and then use the power of friendship to get us out.

Dick: it’s a prince thing apparently.

Wally: you dick.

Dick: that’s my name, don’t wear it out!


Jason: hey, you the redhead that hangs around my brother.

Wally: yes, how may I be of service.

Jason: can you please play with me, I’m bored…

Wally: of course, what does the little prince have in mind?

Jason: pretend! I wanna be a knight!

Spend the day playing, Dick is jealous and petty so you can imagine how this went.


Tim: your Dick’s personal knight?

Wally: yes, order by the king to protect his heir.

Tim: so,,, can I get one? Or two? Possible three?

Wally: I didn’t tell you this, however just do something completely dangerous, stupid, and down right reckless and he’ll give you as many as you please.

Tim: got it, I will not do that.

Did that, has kon, Bart, and Cassie as his knights.


Duke: uh knight, where’s-

Wally: prince Richard is in his room and shall not see the light anymore.

Duke: he’s in his mood?

Wally: he’s about to rebel against the king, the highness has forbidden him to come out unless he goes through with the marriage with princess Koriand'r.

Duke: so can you inform me when that happens?

Wally: I fear he’ll make sure all of the lands will know about his rebellious action this time.

Duke: sweet.


Cassandra: teach me the ways of the sword.

Wally: sure, why not.

Cassandra: wait- you’re not going to say I’m a lady and shouldn’t touch a dangerous thing?

Wally, 100% done with rules now: fuck the king, ladylike, and such. Princess Royal of Gotham would be delighted one of her niece want to pick up a sword.

Cassandra: you are literally the best knight ever!

Jason, in the back: yeah, fuck the king!


Stephanie: I’m bored.

Wally: start a war.

Stephanie, in tears: You get me.


Carrie: uh hello, my siblings has told me to come to you if I need something…

Wally: yes, how can I be of service princess?

Carrie: well, there’s this prince of a neighbor kingdom say-

Wally: say no more, I’ve been feeling violent ever since he stepped foot on marble flooring. I’ll take care of it miss.

A scream later and a ball later

Carrie: *eating cake*

Wally: *guarding her*


Damian: you, I have something to tell you soulless idiot.

Wally: I have put a cat in your room, she’s pregnant and the king thinks it’s queen Selina cats.

Damian: carry on you lovely knight.

That one starfish alien robin.

The starfish I don’t know the name of: *exist*

Wally: mother mary, bless me with the strength to carry on service with this family.


Kate: you, don’t listen to Bruce.

Wally: way ahead of you princess royal.

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1. Dick Grayson: Robin from ages 12-18 (6 years) 1940-1984 (44 years)


2. Jason Todd: Robin from ages 12/13-15 (2-3 years) 1983- 1988 (5 years)


3. Tim Drake: Robin from ages 13-17 (4 years) 1989- 2009 (20 years)


4. Stephanie Brown: Robin for 71 days ages 16-16 (71 days) 2004- 2004 (10 weeks)


5. Damian Wayne: Robin from ages 10-13 (3 years) 2009-2020 (11 years)


6. Duke Thomas: Robin in the Future’s End timeline possibly from ages 16-20 (4 years)  November 2014 Part of the Robin Movement for 6 weeks 2015-2016 (8 months)


7. Carrie Kelley: Robin from ages 13-16 (3 years) 1986-1986 (4 months)

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Dick: Bluejay

Cassandra: Chickadee

Jason: Pine Grosbeak

Stephanie: Sunbird

Tim: House Finch

Duke: American Goldfince

Damian: Northern Cardinal

Carrie: European Starling

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Heres a little drawing of Carrie as Catgirl, because I am proud of the top of this little outfit I designed, and because this is a thing that people post on this site. I originally only intended to post my fanfics here, but I might start posting some of my little doodles, idk. Also this is an idea for a costume Carrie will wear at a later point in my Ashleigh Au fic, if I end up going down the route I think I’m going down with it.

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Carrie: *too Dick* so uh I might have stolen your best friend and I’m so sorry-

Dick: don’t worry, everyone here has.

Carrie: so you’re not mad?

Dick: nope, though if Jason keeps stealing him from me I’ll be!

Jason: you’re just jealous he likes me better.

Tim: as if.

Stephanie: he likes me better, I’m sorry are you waffle buddies? I don’t think so.

Cass: I think he likes me better though…

Duke: uh-huh he likes me more, back off guys.

Damian: correction, he enjoys my company better than any of you and that’s just facts.

Dick: see.

Carrie: very interesting…

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Wally meeting Carrie Kelly,,, I know her name now!

Wally, in the batcave: yo, B have you seen Dick? Got l radio silence from him.

Bruce: I haven’t, I’ll ask Alfred if he has. *Walks out of the cave*

Carrie, in robin getup: you’re new, are you Batman’s old sidekicks?

Wally, turns to the new robin: nope, friend of his sidekicks tho! And you must be new, I’m Wally!

Carrie: uh hi,,, I’m robin…

Wally: ah he gave you out the whole “secret identity” talk, well Robin I don’t think I’ll be seeing my friend soon so I’ll just make a new one!

Carrie: but won’t your friend be sad?

Wally: nah, most likely I’ll get the silent treatment but I’ve been known to break him from that~ but enough about him and his ever growing ego, I want to know more about you!

Carrie:… Okay, since batman trust you I guess.

Wally had got a new friend,,, Wally just really takes every single robin and I’m not going to stop.

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