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Organizing my under desk storage and got to my magazine. Refound my treasures!!! Also, realized that i have duplicates of America’s and World’s Scariest places magazines. Maybe i should give those away lol!



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a/n: combining these two

Carrie White x male!Reader Home Headcanons:

  • living together was a rocky at first.
  • Although you twos relationship was strong
  • her nightmares caused issues sometimes. lights would flicker and the house would shake
  • you would have to wake her up and comfort her. you learned to brew a certain mixture of herbal tea to make the nightmares less severe
  • you always reassured her it was okay but she felt like a burden for the longest
  • but she started feeling more secure when she finally realized you were going nowhere otherwise why else would you want to live with her?
  • Carrie was estactic when you proposed
  • she started wailing bc she never thought anyone would ever truly love her; your love was so pure like cocaine
  • and she loved just as much back
  • the wedding was beautiful. you made sure it was her dream wedding
  • and she was an absolute crybaby but held the tears at bay so she wouldn’t mess up the makeup
  • and seeing her walk down with your parent made you shed tears. Carrie wasn’t just prom queen anymore, she was your queen.
  • then honeymoon came and no surprise Carrie was pregnant
  • it made her panic. all of a sudden, her fears starting jumping out
  • what if she was like her mother? what if she became like her mother? would she hate her kid? would she fail as a mother?
  • but you were right by her side every day and night soothing her anxieties.
  • “you’ll be the best mom. parents make mistakes and you won’t be doing this alone.@
  • the excitement came and she was so ready
  • you guys painted the room together (her telekinesis did lol)
  • you guys designed everything together. you built the cradle and crib for y’all’s baby.
  • when the room was done, carrie was crying again
  • as her belly grew, the more she glew
  • god you wanted to just fuck again-
  • but anyways. when the day came for birth, off to the hospital
  • carrie doesn’t remember the birth, it was so painful
  • but the hospital thought an earthquake happened 💀
  • but you made sure carrie held the child first before you did so she would realize she would never be her mother, she would be better
  • and oh god when you held the child you both created together. you cried. an absolute beauty of creature she gave life to and you got to help
  • raising a child wasn’t easy but you both did amazing as a team
  • as the child grew up, you both weren’t sure if they would telekinesis either
  • but soon their abilities starting to show since you both weren’t restrictive parents. you both were the parents to let your child do what they want (you know still in a safe manner)
  • you both encouraged it so they could use their powers safely
  • and it soon became a chaotic household bc you know how kids are
  • but you both had the patience of gods and handled it easily
  • specifically carrie who had the same powers and could counter the child at any time
  • you guys were a cute small family with so much love
  • you both wouldn’t have it any other way.
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Carrie White x male!Reader Quaratine headcanons:

  • carrie is most definitely paranoid type
  • mask and gloves are always stocked up on
  • she didn’t go crazy with toilet paper but she did go crazy with soap and hand sanitizer
  • so you guys had an abundance of those items for awhile
  • you had to keep her calm for the most part and assure her that you both wouldn’t catch it since you two hardly went out as is
  • so quarantine was easy to get use to
  • in fact, you actually loved it bc it meant more time with carrie
  • you would sometimes fake being sick (not covid) so she could just dote and panic over you
  • it was cute
  • carrie would hate people with a passion who didn’t wear masks bc how stupid could people be (very apparently)
  • but carrie didn’t mind quaratine either. it just meant more time with her boyfriend
  • she already knew how to knit and sew but it became her quarantine hobby
  • you guys eventually made an etsy and made a lot of money on cute homemade hats and blankets that people adored
  • 100% believe that carrie totally starting baking bread. frog bread frog bread frog bread
  • those cute flower breads too
  • you learned how to make fancy drinks (non alcoholic, carrie doesn’t like drinking)
  • so it was a nice trade off of “babe look what i made!”
  • you guys were always satisfied with each other
  • quarantine made the relationship stronger
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T-875 was sent to protect Carrie White from T-OMNI

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T-OMNI was sent to kill Carrie White from T-875

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Various slashers come with you to the beauty supply/hair store

Jesse Cromeans

Mainly goes with you to just buy you whatever

He’s not interested in the products. He’s bald so he sees no point

Also, you know what you need better than he does

He will look around at some of the wigs. May even buy one that he thinks will look best on you

He’s the type who would just post up by the register while you look around

Just standing there like


Scary ass lol

If owners give you any problems (like trying to follow you around the store), he will either

A. Kill them later


B. Buy the store for you (if you want to run it)

And he will use his…. influence to make sure the suppliers won’t blacklist you

Even if you don’t want the store, you can pass it on to someone else like your sister or brother

Asa Emory

While has his collection of “human insects” , you have your collection of hair and beauty products

He’s kinda impressed by it. You have everything organized by the main ingredient (coconut oil, tea tree, etc)

He goes with you one day out of curiosity

Asa is the one that will read through the chemicals on each product you pick up

Very helpful, he recognizes the chemicals and knows which ones will damage your hair

You’re surprised, he’s even telling you stuff that you didn’t even know

His nerd ass was secretly researching chemicals and black hair so that he could understand you better


All in all, the experience was interesting for him

Carrie White

Going shopping? Sign her up!

She doesn’t get to shop at different places; and she’s never been to a beauty supply store before

Amazed at how big the store is. There’s so much stuff packed throughout she can’t keep up

Recognizes that she can’t use most of the products for her hair but she’s happy to be there

Helps you find what you need

Also helps you find a nice wig. She really wants one too, maybe a straight red or purple one?

She gets some lipgloss/lipsticks from the makeup section, and some nice falsies


He knows what’s up. Like c'mon, he’s black too.

He has his own assortment of durags and bonnets, all with different designs on em

He shops right along with you for the stuff he needs

Going to the beauty supply store is nothing new for both of you, it can count as y'all’s hang out spot lol

He’s a bit adventurous

He will try out new products to see how they will work

He also sticks to buying black so he looks up who owns the brand as he goes

Prefers going to a black owned beauty supply store, if any

If not, he will try to orchestrate someone in the community to own one…even if he has to make one of the current owners……disappear

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Ohoho! This was diff-i-cult and I am not wholly satisfied with my list, to say the least, but here we go!

Only including (most of) the slashers I have catered to.

↓ Most empathetic.

Glen Ray

Carrie White

Tiffany Valentine


Norman Bates

Samara Morgan

Pamela Voorhees

John Kramer

Hannibal Lecter

Ash Williams

Drayton Sawyer

Amanda Young

Thomas Hewitt


Freddy Krueger

Mick Taylor

Stu Macher

Jack Torrance

Tall Man

Billy Loomis



The Collector

Brahms Heelshire

Jason Voorhees

Bubba Sawyer



Sawyer Twins

Billy Lenz


Art the Clown

Hilliker Brothers

The Creeper


Michael Myers

↑ Least empathetic.

Take this with a pinch of salt! The hardest ask I’ve had to answer, hands down. Oy… lol, Michael.

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Slashers and what nicknames they use with their s/o :


~ Stu Macher ~


Originally posted by donna-diego

  • He loved to refer to you with the joke nicknames he could come up with , either calling morsel or calling you my personal demon . He laughs whenever he calls you that , he has fun since he loves joking around and saying weird things .
  • He definitely loves seeing your face of confusion when he calls you that , you just look so cute with you little red face and your confused gaze looking directly towards him.
  • Obviously as a joke since he has always been a goofy person, so it was hard for you to get mad at him . He giggles when watching your reactions , “you’re so cute my morsel” he would say and then kiss you softly .
  • He would call you those things in front of other people to make you flustered , he would only stop if he saw you really mad or uncomfortable .
  • When seeing sad , angry, uncomfortable or anything not positive That’s when his romantic nicknames would appear . After all what’s better than adding a little sweetness to comfort your lover .
  • Things like sweetheart , my love , cutie were the ones he would call you the most often . He liked the simplicity and the cliche cuteness that they had , they were obviously common but he still loved them .
  • He calls you those things in private or when he’s jealous of someone who’s too close to you for his liking , either way he mostly uses them when you two cuddle or are simply doing things like buying groceries , cooking or even doing the laundry together .
  • “Let me help you with the groceries , the bags are pretty heavy and I don’t want you to get tired of hurt my love
  • He becomes quite romantic when he’s doing domestic shit with you . He’s a sucker for domestic shit and you also love for it . He’s basically living the dream whenever he’s with you.
  • He loves being around you in general and his heart beats faster in your presence , it’s almost like you give him life . You’re indeed very magical to him and he’s been wanting to be with you for so long .
  • He enjoys how happy you make him and he would blush if he heard that the feelings are mutual , ok I think it’s time for you two to get married. Come on as Beyonce once said , “if you like it then you should put a ring on it ”💍


~ Carrie White ~


Originally posted by janefoster

  • So our cute little girl here is so soft for you , she absolutely adores you and wants to compliment you all day long . She’s your female simp right here and that’s how you refer to her in private with her knowledge.
  • She calls you things like prince/princess , baby , cutie pie or even buttercup . She only calls you sweet little things like those because she loves you so bad and she has always been a hopeless romantic .
  • She doesn’t call you that in public since her shy nature doesn’t allow her to , she would like to be a little braver cause she would love to show everyone that you aren’t available .
  • She may be shy but she’s not afraid to use her powers anymore , so if someone gets a little too flirty with you she will send them flying back. This girl is soft but not weak so be careful and don’t try to take her prince/princess from her .
  • She calls you babe whenever she’s tired and wants to cuddle with you , she knows how you can’t resist when she calls you that . “please babe , let’s cuddle even if it’s just for a bit . I missed you babe and I’m so tired , please lay down with me”
  • Whenever she’s baking sweets with you she loves to call you buttercup , she is there rolling the dough and you’re watching the dough rising in the oven . “please be careful buttercup , don’t get too near to the oven . I don’t want you to get burned”
  • The only time she called you by a nickname in public was when her mother was screaming at you , saying that you had corrupted her daughter completely .
  • “Mom don’t blame y/n of anything , they haven’t done anything bad to me . You’re the corrupted one here , come on let’s go cutie pie it’s not worth it being here . She only wants to hurt us so let’s not give her what she wants and leave” she said and kissed your temple while she made sure to come back later and give her mother what she deserves.


~ Norman Bates ~


Originally posted by bloody-oath

  • This man here is an absolute sucker for giving people nicknames , he just recognises people faster by nicknames than by their actual names . He just calls people by something that they remind him of . He used to refer to his mother by cherry, he loves the fruit since it sweet and a little bit sour and so was his mother .
  • He met you and referred to you as honey , you were absolutely sweet and it made his heart melt . Sweet like honey is what he thought both when he first met you and time later when he kissed you for the first time . Even his mother agreed on the meaning of the nickname you were given .
  • She even called you that whenever she took over Norman’s conscious , the relationship that you had with her made her realise why Norman loved you and why he always called you that .
  • Another nickname that you had been given was sugar , stay for the same reason which was your personality and sweet nature . You just were the person that sweetened Norman and Norma’s life like sugar does in pastries and candies .
  • “I love you so much honey , you were all I ever needed and even more . I love you more than I ever loved my mother” Norman said while giving heart eyes , he heard the voice of his mother saying
  • ‘I heard that you punk! . Either way I always loved our cute little sugar more than you’ Norma said in her son’s head with a cocky tone , then chuckled softly and her voice faded away .
  • He would talk to his mother about you while barely saying your name . It was honey did this cute thing today or Norma saying that she would love to hang out with sugar even more. It seemed like the bates were really charmed by you , they both loved you deeply .
  • One time a guest in the hotel tried to flirt with you and make you leave the Bates , so when he was showering Norma took over her son’s body and brutally killed the bastard .
  • “Don’t you ever forget that you can’t take away what isn’t yours , asshole . Please go to out bed and rest a little , sugar . Remember that your ours and no one’s gonna take you from us” Norma said and kissed your cheek while trying to stop herself from making out with you , Norman and her may be in the same body but you’re still her son’s s/o not her so she respected that.


Requested by : @bruciecaboosie hopefully you like this , sorry I took so long to post this .

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I’ve never seen the show, but I think the dolls look great!

That is a lovely, humbling message. I agree the quote would appeal to them.

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Hazel Levesque gives me Carrie White vibes

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Tommy: Did your ceiling just collapse or something??

Carrie: ,,,,,,,, ye s 👁️👄👁️

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Discord Moderator


Piss Wise




Baby Daddy






Play My Game Or You’re Gay




If your man don’t treat u rite, the cult will. Hand her over.






Ass Collector


Plastic Face w/o the plastic




Shart The Clown (To the windows to the Wall)


Break-up w/ ur Bf or Im eating him





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