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Headcanon! I always wondered … When Thorin wakes up at the Carrock, he asks Gandalf about “the halfling”. Why “the halfling?” So far, he has mostly referred to Bilbo as Master Baggins (except for the famous “So this is the hobbit”, of course!)

Please consider this: Thorin being totally confused after Bilbo’s speech, the attack of the wargs, and Bilbo saving his life at that, and being all like “He saved me … Can I still call him Master Baggins after that? But calling him Bilbo is probably too familiar and ARGH”. Imagine Thorin having absolutely no clue how to call Bilbo now because he has no idea how to describe their relationship at that moment. Imagine Thorin simply saying “halfling” because it’s the first thing that comes to his mind, and brooding over the whole matter afterwards for Mahal knows how long.

Btw, can anyone handle how cute Bilbo looks here? Because I can’t. 

And Thorin probably can’t handle the cuteness as well.

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So I was reading this part of The Hobbit last night from the chapter “Queer Lodgings”:

“[Beorn] called it the Carrock, because carrock is his word for it. He calls things like that carrocks, and this one is the Carrock because it is the only one near his home and he knows it well.”

This prompted an interest in the root of the name Carrock. The Anglo-Saxon word for “rock” is “carr,” and the Welsh word for “rock, stone” is “carreg,” and the two appear to have been blended together to make Car-rock

Much like Bree Hill translates as “Hill Hill” or Chetwood as “Woodwood” or Legolas Greenleaf as “Greenleaf Greenleaf” the name Beorn gives to huge rocks is “rockrock”

In summary, Tolkien is making subtle language jokes throughout his writings because he’s a major dork and we love him for it. 

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pull up your favourite gif of the hug scene and slow it down. Also maybe sit down.

because for a second, while Bilbo is staring at Thorin and Thorin is leaning in, bilbo tilts his head up. its slight, not obvious to a dwarf keeping his eyes on a shoulder (because we all know Thorin would be a mess of nerves and he has got to keep his resolve and not say something stupid like “you’re pretty incredible for a grocer-buglur-smol future husb-shit.”) it’s only after Bilbo noticed that Thorin isn’t instigating a kiss that he turns his head for the most heartfelt and melty hug in all of middle earth history.

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