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#carry on

If he weren’t a vampire, Baz’d be bloody perfect.

Bloody perfect.

Uhh… Simon, is there something else you’d like to tell us?

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The Supernatural finale ‘Carry On’ was so perfect that some fans rose from the dead after years out of the fandom, some praise it as the finest finale of TV shows, some were wonderfully surprised just how good it was, some became inspired again to create, some made blogs just to talk about the show they fell in love with all over again, some are still pinching themselves that we got it, some are wondering if anything will ever have this impact on them again, some are reliving Sam and Dean’s journey in an even more powerful way now.

I think and I believe that they couldn’t have given us anything better, it stayed true to Sam and Dean as we listened all along and I couldn’t have wished for anything else. It was beautiful, poignant, devastating and Supernatural. I am all those fans. 

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Little fangs :) The fact that you probably recognize my art by that little fang

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<div> —  Babe Ruth<br> </div><span>It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up.</span>
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I hate myself rn.

So I found out that Rainbow Rowell is racist. I have the first book and I honestly couldn’t wait to read it and as far as I know it’s a series and now I feel crappy because I know my ND will never leave me alone about if I don’t read the rest of the series.

Is there any way I could read/listen to her books without directly supporting her? Or would that be my only option.

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“It’s always fire with Baz”

This was supposed to be my Happy Birthday Baz post but now I’m late, any way always it’s a good day to show you my love for Baz Pitch, king of my heart with that suit I’m dreaming about since the new cover was released, plus flowers and fire. Baz, flowers and fire is my holy trinity, you guys. Also -a very late- Happy Birthday to you @rainbowrowell 🔥♥️

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♡ read from the beginning:

it all starts when simon accidentally texts the wrong number, and baz keeps replying. [text fic / high school / coffee shop au]

♡ chapter 18: reunion

baz is typing…

– 51k words (ongoing)

– slow burn, pining, humor, romance

– reblogs appreciated!

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