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#carrying the joker
delusionland · a day ago
@badclown [ d*ke drama with POISON IVY, harley & JOKER ]
the minute i saw u followed my brain turned off, and all i could think was like ‘POISON IVY / HARLEY / JOKER LESBIAN LOVE TRIANGLE?????????
but for real tho, joker being a woman is such a fascinating take on them, and i Don’t Care if she’s a cisbend bc tbh making the joker a trans woman would be a bad & problematic take if ur not trans urself alfdjkfjdsklfjdkslf but also it’s so interesting! it’s an entirely new read on the character! the joker CONSTANTLY says they’re multiple choice, that they could’ve been anyone. so like. if you remove one the few instiutional privileges the joker has---being a man bc the joker definitely isn’t cishet or neurotypical and i really doubt they were ever rich----the joker becomes almost an entirely different character, you really push the ‘multiple choice’ / ‘who IS the joker’ / ‘what does it mean to BE the joker if the joker is Not An Abusive Violent Man’ , and every single one of their relationship and even their m.o. is affected by it bc the power dynamic shifts and changes and how they see the world shifts and changes?
the fact that a poor woman (cis OR trans tbh) becomes a materialistic criminal woman who robs banks & kills people & manipulates & fucks women while being obsessed with clowns... is fundamentally different than a man (cis OR trans) doing it and thats just facts.... she would have to be so much TOUGHER, so much more calculated, she would have to put so much more effort into her appearance and her crimes to make people take her seriously.
and her relationship with harley---an experienced wlw preying on a young bi woman just to get out of jail... that’s not a story that gets told enough in lgbt spaces imo? people in fandom want soft fluffy things, fanart where two women stand In The Same Twitter Cropped Square without so much as holding hands or smiling. poison ivy would be FORCED to view harley & joker’s relationship as more legitimate just because it was two women instead of a man and a woman (bc poison ivy is the number one lesbian misandrist) and it would be COMPLICATED and MESSY bc tbh ivy’s relationship with harley isn’t always exactly the healthiest either!
how can she save her from the joker when maybe she truly is just JEALOUS of her for having harley and being able to control her in a way ivy is not? ivy is a villain, ivy has issues, especially with intimacy. she doesn’t WANT to be an abuser, (most people DON’T) but part of her issues with intimacy stem from a lack of trust. harley is DEVOTED to the joker in an unhealthy way that poison ivy resents bc there is a part of her that WANTS that same devotion, that sees it as a true, unbreakable love on harley’s end, that harley will never betray the joker, or leave the joker, in a way ivy wants to never be betrayed or left, u know?
and it wouldn’t help that poison ivy is fucking gay as hell and a part of her would be attracted to your joker, would UNDERSTAND your joker, would CARE about your joker as a fellow woman & wlw. it would be so confusing for her, so different, so weird... and i love that! i love the potential of that!
in conclusion, it would be a hot mess and i find that intriguing and also REALISTIC beccause hello they are villains and traumatized, traumatizing women and rough around the edges women don’t always have great relationships with themselves and others! [/end rant]
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baronmaymystery · 11 days ago
Brothers from Another Mother
Tumblr media
“Now that’s fun!”
Tumblr media
Also, note the similarity between Top Dollar’s monologue and Joker crashing the mob meeting.
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lpsmv · 14 days ago
Im assuming “arkham city original credits” means its NOT THE END but like omg. What the fuck
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drag-on-dragoon · 14 days ago
now that im not just filled with blistering rage now i think the level of severity with which the chimera ants killing people was treated during the whole arc was the part that ruined it the hardest like not even the goofy tone clash of a bunch of fucking altered beast motherfuckers doing world war level slaughter its just the oppressive atmosphere of suffering and misery. like i get that its necessary for meruem to work as well as he does but its not worth it when it makes everything hes not in completely unreadable
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jeremiahwasajoker · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello there! The question that you have asked me is a really great one. I think that the answer to this varies from person to person, so I hope that everyone reading this keeps in mind that this is an opinion! Without further ado, let’s get started.
Personally, I do think it is possible for the Joker to love/care about his significant other. I am aware that this is a *hot take*, but just hear me out. The first example of this that I can find has to do with the Joker’s deceased wife Jeannie. I know that there’s a debate of whether she actually existed or not because of the context of him telling Batman about her in the ‘Killing Joke’ comic, but it turns out that there is a comic run where the Joker is told that his wife was murdered instead of her death being an accident. This drives him to hunt down the person who killed her and attempt to act out revenge on them. With all of that being said, I think it’s safe to say that the Joker has a soft spot in his heart for Jeannie and that he still genuinely loves her even though she has passed. A visual example of this can be seen below, where you can see that he looks very pained while looking at a photo album of their shared life together.
Tumblr media
The second example that I think proves this (to me, anyway) has to do with the Joker’s newer partner, Punchline. From what we have seen of Punchline in the comics, she is silent, cold, deadly, and has earned the Joker’s respect. Even though their interactions haven’t gotten too romantic yet, there’s a palpable connection between the two. From what it seems, the Joker considers her as his equal rather than just a henchwoman because she always gets the job done and has a plan for everything. Her personality also seems to suit his very well, fueling their chemistry with one another. In fact, James Tynion IV (who is Punchline’s creator) said that one of the stark differences between her and the Joker’s relationship versus his and Harley Quinn’s is that he does genuinely care for her in a non-manipulative way. Being by his side is 10000% her choice, which I think is a refreshing take for a Joker relationship. Here’s a picture of them dancing.
Tumblr media
That point brings me to my next, which has to do with none other than Harley Quinn herself. As we all know, the Joker and Harley’s relationship is quite tumultuous and abusive. Personally, I don’t really ship them together, but I do really appreciate the (rare) wholesome moments between them. It’s been said that the Joker was too afraid to ever admit his feelings for Harley and that’s why he abused her, but I have to disagree. Even though I think it’s possible that he tried to hide the fact that he may have loved her, I do think the reason for his abuse was because of their personalities clashing. Harley is a fun, bubbly, and ditzy character that goes on a whim and sometimes isn’t completely focused on the Joker’s plans. She is easily manipulated into loving him (as per the ‘Mad Love’ comic) because she has the type of personality/issues that caused this. However, her going on tangents or screwing up/not fully understanding his ideas has made her an annoyance to him. She also isn’t fully evil, so this can lead to questioning from her. Especially since the Joker is someone who is methodical and cold-hearted, he strongly disliked these aspects of Harley. It’s even thought that the reason for his abuse of her is because she slightly reminds him of Jeannie. Regardless, him abusing her is TOTALLY NOT OKAY!!! That’s why I don’t prefer this Joker ship as much. I’m also not justifying him for hurting her in any way, but rather examining the aspects of their relationship that may have lead him to do this to her. Anyway, have a soft picture of them together that I do appreciate. I do wish that their relationship was more like the example below!
Tumblr media
Now, I know what you may be thinking: “You said you don’t ship Jarley as much, but you love Eccomiah!! Doesn’t Jeremiah abuse Ecco and stuff?” Weeeelllllll, here’s my take on everything with that. As I have mentioned countless times before, I don’t think that the true plan for their relationship was for them to turn out the way that they did. Ecco’s character was the way she was in season 4 for a reason. I think that the route that they were trying to go was for her to continue to be the stoic, bada$$ Joker henchwoman that was willingly devoted to him. But, because they had to rush to finish the show, they were like “we have to have Harley Quinn!!!” and kinda just changed her personality so that they could say they had that character on the show. I know for a fact that Ecco was meant to be intelligent and not ditzy. She is a perfect match for Jeremiah in the sense that they are equals and that they bring out the evil in each other (even though that is an unhealthy dynamic in general). Another thing that I have mentioned many times before is that I headcanon that she was faking her season 5 persona as a part of their plan. I explained that more in depth in my “Verisimilitude Trumps Precaution!” post, which you can check out in my Eccomiah tag. Regardless, I do think/headcanon that Jeremiah loves and simps hard for Ecco. She’s his dream partner in a sense that she’s highly proficient with her skills, as well as being fully and willingly devoted to him. Just look at them here! What a power couple!
Tumblr media
In conclusion, I do think that it is possible for the Joker to be in love with his significant other. I think that it just really depends on the context and the personalities of his partner. This being said, this does not make him any better of a person! He is still an extremely evil and vile villain who should not be looked up to. I’m just saying that I think it’s possible for him to fall in love with someone who matches him without their dynamic being romanticized or diminishing his level of evil. I do think that it can work!
I hope this made sense! I know that it’s kind of messy because I wanted to do my research and get all of my thoughts out about this! I also hope that others can respect my opinion on this.
Have a great day! 😁
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officialboostergold · 22 days ago
Everyone: no!! You can’t do that!!!!!
Me drawing trans woman joker hanging out with trans man Batman: they’re supporting each other :)
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batshit-birds · a month ago
all it takes... is ONE (1) GOTHAMITE with a gun. that’s ALL IT TAKES and we can FINALLY get rid of this clown school reject.
what they have full on legal rights to bear arms and they don’t take the shot??? what are they doing???
headcanon that there is a curse on the bats. they are physically unable to kill the joker because of this curse. jason tried and it didn’t work. dick literally killed him and it didn’t work. bruce was halted by a greater force from above that made him unable to do it. damian beat the joker with a crowbar and it didn’t work. nothing the bats do work, thus my (completely accurate) theory that the bats are literally physically cursed in universe that they are not allowed to kill the joker because of the circumstances on how he got dipped into crazy acid (even tho that was NOT my man BATMAN’S FAULT. it’s all THE CLOWN) it won’t work. it will backfire.
thus, one gothamite. just one gothamite can change the course of history. one gothamite is all it takes for all of this to be over. one gothamite. one.
just one gothamite with a gun.
okay okay BUT, does the curse extend to the Waynes? So, technically, could, say, Jason Todd killed the Joker when the Red Hood couldn't?
Also - Stephanie Brown isn't a Wayne. She's a normal Gothamite. So she could. Technically. Take one for the team. And if Bruce gets upset then she could claim it was self defense - she was out as a civilian! She couldn't just fight him! Civilians act out of instinct and fear, and would you look at that - her instinct was to stab Joker four times in the chest
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askfoxythejokerfox · a month ago
awesome trailer to Stephen King’s horror thriller novel Mr Mercedes 
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