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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
lucienballard · 7 hours ago
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'Barcelona, Spain'
Henri Cartier-Bresson
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flixadda · 15 hours ago
Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada plan blockchain solution to ensure authenticity
Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada plan blockchain solution to ensure authenticity
LVMH, Richemont’s Cartier and Prada SpA are joining forces to offer a blockchain solution to their customers seeking an extra seal of authenticity for the goods they’re buying. The alliance of the world’s largest luxury-goods makers plans to make a blockchain-enabled solution available to all luxury brands to provide shoppers with assurance what they’re buying is authentic, the companies said in…
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iamkelvinlee · 18 hours ago
(Louis Vuitton + Prada Group + Cartier) x #Blockchain.
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"LVMH has enlisted a full-time blockchain team who have been in stealth mode for over a year, working closely with ethereum design studio ConsenSys and Microsoft Azure ™. AURA has been built using a permissioned version of the ethereum blockchain called Quorum, which is focused on data privacy and was developed by J.P. Morgan."
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luxoffux · 23 hours ago
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abybweisse · a day ago
📁 for a random but completely useless headcanon
I’m not sure what to call this: meta headcanon? Mangaka headcanon?
I headcanon that Yana-san chose the make and model of Ronald Knox’s wristwatch (which is actually a chronograph) very specifically for him and his role in this story.
**A little bit of a spoiler here, if you are not caught up through ch175**
The Cartier “Pasha” is a chronograph, or what we might more commonly call a sports watch these days. The defining features are: 1. Has a stopwatch and 2. Waterproofing. It didn’t come onto the market until the 1960’s, if I recall... way after Cartier himself was dead... and that’s fine. Reapers have access to advanced technology and items that humans don’t create until decades later. Ludger/Rudgar’s A Lange & Söhne watch is a model that doesn’t exist (for humans) until after 2010 or so. Ok. Fine.
I headcanon that Yana-san knew ages ago (like back when she was designing Ronald Knox as a character) the fact she would later have him investigating Ada, who served as a medic in the Mahdist War. She might not have even come up with Ada yet, but I feel like she already knew she would incorporate something about the Sudan Campaign (perhaps even a medic there) when she decided to give Ronald a Cartier “Pasha” chronograph. High officials in the government and military of the Ottoman Empire were called Pashas. They were the main people who rose up against the dude who claimed to be the Mahdi and called his own uprising a jihad. Yeah, the Brits were all about conquest and expansion of their own empire, but this was also about the squashing of a religious uprising. And not just Christian versus Muslim; it started out as a clash of sects within Islam itself.
And ch175 has a little photo of a man who looks like he might be wearing aviator goggles over a top hat. Louis Cartier created his own first ever wristwatch for men, the “Santos-Dumont”, for a pioneering pilot (and friend) by that name, Alberto Santos-Dumont. Then there’s also this Russian/Finnish guy... Alexander Mozhaysky... who was another pioneer in aviation (though not nearly as successful at it), and he not only served in the Crimean War, where Florence Nightingale is famous for being a medic, but he’s also instrumental to Japan’s own industrial development... and he looks a lot like the guy in the little photo.... So, who is the guy in the little photo that Ada has on a desk, and why? But I digress! (Edit: Oof, the dude in the photo is supposed to be the “real” Matthew Burgh. 🤦🏻‍♀️)
Anyway, yeah. The Cartier “Pasha”. Not given to Ronald simply for its sportiness and being so anachronistic. But I still consider this a useless headcanon... for now, anyway. Let’s see what happens if he uses the stopwatch feature on that Pasha of his.... 🤔😅
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mediumtimes · a day ago
LVMH, Prada and Cartier join forces to form blockchain
LVMH, Prada and Cartier join forces to form blockchain
By AFP Released April 20, 2021 Luxury groups LVMH and Prada along with Cartier On Tuesday it was announced that they are joining together on a blockchain that consumers can use to authenticate their goods. A 2020 campaign by Louis Vuitton The initiative, known as the Aura Blockchain Consortium, provides consumers with a secure way to access product history information, including the materials…
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insanityclause · a day ago
When it comes to red-carpet glamour, actors are generally split into two camps. In the high-fashion corner we have the likes of Pedro Pascal, with his rather ecclesiastical-looking black and white Prada outfit, which he wore sans tie to this year's Baftas. And, flying the flag for classicism, we have stars such as Tom Hiddleston, who attended the ceremony in a double-breasted, shawl-collared tuxedo from Ralph Lauren’s ultra-luxe Purple Label line. This is trad eveningwear, worn straight up, no twist: hand-tied bow tie, crisp white pocket square, shiny black shoes and a suit cut neither too slim nor too baggy.
Hiddleston's choice of a Cartier Santos-Dumont in 18-carat rose gold and steel with black leather strap – worn with matching Santos De Cartier cufflinks – was entirely in keeping with this mood of old-school elegance.
What’s especially appealing about Hiddleston’s choice is the fact that the Santos-Dumont he wears is at the more accessible end of Cartier's pricing. It's a watch that offers all the undeniable wrist presence of a Cartier, with all the design signatures that you know and love – the Roman numerals on the dial, visible screws on the case (has “industrial chic” ever looked this chic?), the cabochon crown and, of course, the beautiful form of the case, which falls somewhere between a rectangle and a square – in a way that's relatively fiscally friendly.
Sure, it can't fend off a magnetic force field, nor will it be much cop 200 metres under the sea – but if there has ever been a watch better designed to withstand the rigours of the red carpet, acceptance speech and afterparty, then we have yet to see it.
Tumblr media
Cartier Santos-Dumont Watch, £7,000.
Cartier has enjoyed a wonderful run lately. Auction prices for the myriad variations of the Tank, such as the Tank À Guichet, Chinoise and Tortue, are about as high as they’ve ever been. What’s more, the brand has been dipping into its treasure trove of an archive to rerelease gems such as the Le Must De Cartier line, once worn by Yves Saint Laurent and now available in blue, green and red.
Hiddleston’s choice of Cartier is in keeping with the new mood of dandified elegance in fine watches. And that's a trend of which the Cartier brothers themselves would surely have approved.
Tumblr media
Santos De Cartier cufflinks, £255.
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