gingerpines · 2 days ago
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sasha design development
i know this isnt the type of content people want right now but im just pretending the finale didnt happen so have this thing i sketched a while ago <33
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justatoast · a day ago
Bye Amphibia <3
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daisilynn · 20 hours ago
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Some Kirby sketches I colored in! They’re very fun to draw lol💓
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scoobydoomistakes · 2 days ago
Bumped cells are fun.
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Forced-perspective drawings not meant to be seen up-close are fun.
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As the math would suggest…
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…up-close forced-perspective bumped cells are double fun.
Yup, you heard it here first, folks. This counts as an educational blog now.
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agravain-r · 17 hours ago
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I’ve watched basically all of amphibia last week and it was really fun and cute!!!!
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spooky-socks · a day ago
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Sibling trip to the middle of nowhere
now that I finally contributed to the TOH fandom too it's time to go back to drawing endless waves of DP fanart
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mohammadask18 · a day ago
Stan 'o' war forever ✊
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sweetpeauserboxes · 2 days ago
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[id: a  white userbox with a pastel blue border, and pastel blue text that reads “this user loves pingu” on the left is an image of pingu. /end id]
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krispymation · a day ago
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I had to draw @david-the-pirate 's amphibian versions of Anne, Sasha, and Marcy!
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gingerpines · a day ago
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gay,,, people?? *runs away*
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legendofnerd · 2 days ago
Jenny's time to shine
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c-rose2081 · 2 days ago
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Doodle sketch of Llera and her Papí ✨
Cesar Romero is the calm to Mirabel’s storm. He is a rock (both figuratively and literally in some ways - being a geologist), and is the person Llera runs to first when she’s afraid or unsure. More on him later.
If you do manage to upset Llera in some way, you best be careful. She has a ton of cousins, all of whom have no qualms beating the pulp out of whoever made their primita cry.
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yo-yo-yoshiko · 2 days ago
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Every time i think i’ve out grown him…..
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toonrory · 2 days ago
Oh em gee!
I absolutely love your work and I actually just watched the movie and I LOVED it.
Could you do scenarios with Wolf and reader where they both recognize their feeling for eachother and the rest of the gang keeps interrupting their moments where their about to confess or like kiss?
It's totally okay if you dont want to do this btw!
Sure! I love writing for this wolf! It is so adorable! OKOK
Let's get started!
It was all so damn perfect. You and Wolf, alone. The apartment just for you two: you cooked something together and you had so much fun! Sure you got your favorite dress dirty, but you couldn't care less! You loved spending time with him, you loved laughing with him, you loved joking with him, you loved him.
You had been waiting for this evening for some time, to be honest. Your last few weeks had been a disaster: there had been many moments of crisis in your life right now and spending time with him made you happy, made you calmer. With him you could let off steam talking about anything.
“So, I didn't know what to do: I felt so much anxiety! I locked myself in a bathroom and started crying, ”you explained as you told him about your terrible week
“God, y / n, it must have been awful, I'm so sorry,” he said as he listened carefully and stroked you softly. He treated you as if you were made from porcelain, as if too much force would break you. You were so precious to him. He couldn't risk breaking you.
“Yes, but now I'm better. Because now you are here "
Mr. Wolf had looked you softly in the eye again. God how much he loved you. He couldn't resist, so he was getting closer and closer to kiss you: slowly you closed your eyes, waiting for a moment that never came.
"Hey, Wolf, by chance- WOOOAH, WHAT'S GOING ON HERE"
Wolf grunted in annoyance.
“What do you want, Piranha? Can't you see I'm busy? "
"Oh yes yes I see it, I see it all right! Hey guys!"
"NO!" Wolf had tried to stop him
"Can you please leave ?!"
“I'm going, I'm going! have fun! ”And after a wink he was gone.
"I'm so sorry ..." Wolf said, lowering his ears and squeezing you even tighter.
"Do not apologize! You know I love your friends! "
"Yes, I know. I just wish we had more time for us, that's all "
"Well, we're on our own now, aren't we?" You looked at him smiling.
God, you really love him.
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60sgroove · a day ago
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Flora, guardian fairy of nature 💐
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nicolekart · 2 days ago
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Some scribbles of my favourite boy, Zak Saturday!
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wawa-evg · 2 days ago
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Kit 🥺
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gingerpines · 12 hours ago
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that was the hardest thing
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