carveredlund · 21 hours ago
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Hey, Chuck? Is… Cas still here?
Yeah. I don’t think Cas is going anywhere.
some endverse!cas for @chapeldean <3
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sammmi-xox · a day ago
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Mocha Default Skin & Overlays
default skin will replace ea’s
for all ages & genders
custom body + face uses @luumia’s vanilla default skin for base
previews under cut
Overlay Stuff;
female & male faces both all ages & genders
found in forehead & mouth crease
1 face option // 4 opacities // 4 swatches
+ bonus belly overlays (found in tattoos left leg)
3 swatches // 2 male 1 female 
custom thumbnail previews // face overlays // belly overlay
Download - SFS
Credits; @obscurus-sims // @miikocc // @faaeish // @marigolde // @luumia // @sunivaa​
body preview; (click of hq)
Tumblr media
ages preview; (click for hq) 
Tumblr media
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moontaart · 2 days ago
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Casual Classics Kit | By Moontaart
Long time no see! It’s been a while since I last posted any custom content, but I’ve been working on this set since February and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Let me know if you have any issues with the items!
Details Below:
There’s 23 items in total.
All items are Base Game Compatible.
The necklace has some minor clipping issues on sims with large necks and/or wide shoulders - I couldn’t do anything to fix it, sorry!
Special Thanks:
@flirtysimlish for the Atlas Palette I used on most of the items.
@ayoshi for the Kaiyo Palette I used on the jeans.
@caelhinn for the Porcelain Gleam Palette I used on the jewellery.
Download | Mirror DL | Item Index | TOU
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floral-cas · a day ago
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Cas + camellias ⤷ camellias symbolize heartfelt longing
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destielgaysex · 11 hours ago
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cool and warm castiels :)
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inacatastrophicmind · 16 hours ago
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deanandkastiel · 2 days ago
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rupi kaur // spn 13x04
for @universalcas follower celebration!
Your favourite bookquote or song // gold // love
this doesn’t even really make sense but they were pretty
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makesims · a day ago
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Hulkling Suit & America Chavez Jacket
Another Young Avengers set! This time it’s Hulkling and America. Hulkling’s suit comes in 10 swatches. America’s jacket requires a mesh from @pixelunivairse and comes in 12 swatches. I’ve also made America’s wrist tattoos from the comics. More info + Download under the cut.
Required Mesh: Denim Jacket by pixelunivairse. The America jacket will not work without this mesh.
Download (no ads, no paywalls): SFS | Patreon
Hulkling Suit
Tumblr media
This suit has 2 swatches that fit Hulkling’s purple color scheme, and 8 additional swatches in various colors since this suit looks pretty sci-fi and could easily be used for non-superhero Sims. 
America Chavez Jacket + Tattoos
Tumblr media
This jacket comes in 12 swatches; 3 jackets - comic book, movie (Spanish text), movie (Simlish text) with 4 different t-shirts for each. Her tattoos consist of a small star outline on each wrist and can be found in the lower left arm tattoos category, and it comes with an overlay found in the gloves category to add a glowing effect. 
You can find all of my other Young Avengers CC [HERE]
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grim-work · 2 days ago
URGENT. what museums would you take Castiel to? i would show him the geode room at the natural history museum, the perfect hush of the islamic art rooms at the mfa boston, and to the mütter museum
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casitito · 2 days ago
castiel is small kindness. a stranger holding a door open for you. picking up someone's trash and throwing it away. someone complimenting your shirt. the fast food worker slipping in an extra packet of sauce to your order. your next door neighbor bringing you a warm meal because they had extras and thought of you. a tree being planted. someone leaving flowers on a grave that doesn't get any. buying lemonade from a kid's lemonade stand. being lost and a stranger giving you directions. helping someone with their groceries. standing up so someone else can have the seat on the bus. he's all these small acts of kindness. however small they may be, they make a big impact on those around them.
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ladychaos · 18 hours ago
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Soooo... I created a goth PlantSim (who’s really a vampire 😂) for the wonderful @gothoffspring. I’m not really good at CAS but I had loads of fun doing it!
I don’t know how I can share her because I used tons of cc... If some of you want her in your game, I’ll make a full cc list and I’ll share the tray files. Please feel free to ask me in the comments!
Take care and stay safe. 💜
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officialmisha · a day ago
if hypothetically i fell asleep and cas would cover me with his trenchcoat. and if i woke up like this. feeling so safe. oh. that would fix me
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quiet-doll · a day ago
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if dean’s eyes arent screaming ‘i’m so fucking in love with you right now you stupid idiot’
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destielgaysex · a day ago
sometimes home is in a character’s eyebags
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theroyalsims · 2 days ago
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Here’s the third and final hot guy for this batch of... well... hot guys. 
The last two dudes were pretty young, and I thought I should show some love for the slightly more mature zaddies gentlesims.
So here's Professor Harald Tewksburg in all his salt-and-pepper glory.
He teaches Economics in Brindleton University. He loves writing and reading poetry, watching sunsets, and playing with his three-legged dog, Otis.
Too bad Alice already has Kenji... they would've made a cute couple...
Hmm. Maybe there's still time...
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deanandkastiel · 2 days ago
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gregshinimpact · 10 hours ago
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number1milfloislover · 2 months ago
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casitito · an hour ago
if i cant consume castiel then i might as well embody his kindness and love for the world
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fellshish · 5 months ago
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