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I was thinking … What if they show us brett and casey kissing in the first few episodes and then both decide to “break up” since they’ve both already had affairs at 51? And don’t they want to ruin their friendship given the outcome of their previous stories? I think that having stories and working together, especially where the risks are very high every day, is very difficult and maybe they aren’t ready for that now, so they prefer interrupt it on the beginning.

The writers would make us suffer until the end of the season before their new development. They would give us the carrot and then the stick until the end of the season. What do you think?

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18.) Success

These two…. always up to their antics! Whether it’s a successful heist for that cherry or Casey successfully catching Maddie from a fall, the world may never know! Either way, they’re just hanging around and getting into their regular brand of trouble. Wonder who they’re taking from.

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15.) Rescue

OOOOOH MY THIS WAS GREAT TO WORK ON! Very very simple, but it’s so good! This time featuring @madmythologist‘s Sully finding Casey in the last place a borrower like her is supposed to be. No worries though, she’s gonna get on land soon! 

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My best friend got married and I had the honor of being her bridesman. I can’t really explain how good I felt in my little suit. that’s gender euphoria though, I guess! ☺️

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