includeangieinthesequel · 21 hours ago
Headcannons about the Madrigals being soft
I think I love this fandom so much because the whole family is so soft
(I can’t remember who said this first but it was inspired by someone else’s headcannon)
It was Pepa that put Mirabel’s bow in like Julieta had when she was little. It was Bruno’s idea though. They were obsessed with how much Mirabel looked like Julieta when she was little. Bruno brought up the bow and Pepa searched for one and then found Mirabel to put it in her hair.
Sometimes Pepa and Bruno would take Mirabel to town with them. They’d each hold one of her hands.
When Isabela was little she used to pick flowers from Abuela’s garden and gift them to people. This was before she got her gift.
Luisa likes to sit and listen to her papa play piano. Hearing him play used to put her to sleep when she was a baby.
Sometimes Dolores seeks comfort in Tia Julieta. Pepa’s weather can be too loud for her at times but Julieta is usually quiet.
Pepa’s rain helps Dolores when she’s overstimulated.
Pepa and Mirabel have snowball fights 🥺
Pepa, Julieta, and Alma all do the thing where they press their lips to their babies foreheads to check for a fever. Pepa and Julieta picked it up from Alma. (I am begging someone to draw this).
Julieta listens to Antonio tell her animal facts and make up stories about animals while she cooks. There’s a designated spot in the kitchen for the animals to stay away from the food.
Bruno, Mirabel, and Antonio painted plates with everyone’s names on them. Casita helped.
At the end of the movie where Alma touches Pepa cheek is when she realizes her daughter really does calm with a gentle touch. From that point on she makes sure to just casually touch Pepa’s cheek in passing every now and then. It’s something that used to calm Pepa when she was little that Alma forgot about over time.
Luisa likes to touch her mamá’s arm to silently ask for a hug. She does it so softly too. Julieta just instantly turns around to embrace her even if her hands are full.
Agustin loves to nickname everyone.
Isabela always asks Pepa to water her flowers. She’s been doing it ever since she was little. It doesn’t make Pepa sad. It makes her cry because it’s so cute and that’s how the flowers get water. Isabela just assumed she was watering them with happy tears.
Mirabel sings in her sleep. Agustin does the same thing. Dolores pointed it out and Julieta cried even though she already knew this.
After Isabela and Mirabel start getting close again, Luisa requests snuggle time with her sisters. She gets to be in the middle. They never say no and even if they’re having a small argument it helps Isabela and Mirabel talk it out while Luisa simply grins at how hard they’re trying.
Luisa and Felix are really close. They like to take walks together and Felix likes to listen to her open up about how she’s feeling.
Felix is one of the best at giving people a safe space to open up. He can sense when people are getting stressed from bottling up too many emotions.
This definitely isn’t canon but Antonio has dimples and Pepa puts her thumb in them when he smiles. She does the same to Dolores.
Isabela gives Agustin a fresh flower to stick in his pocket everyday. It’s always before breakfast and sometimes she gives him a different type or color depending on how she feels.
Isabela and Pepa curse the most. Tia taught her everything she knows :)
This is gonna end up on multiple Headcannons that I do. Pepa taught Luisa how to do her make up. Pepa’s make up has to survive all the elements and Luisa’s has to survive her chores.
Julieta is the QUEEN of face kisses. Yes her food can heal you but if you’re having a bad day just go see her and get some love. Sometimes when Antonio is grumpy Pepa holds him up to Julieta and soon enough he’s giggling from all the kisses and the sounds she makes and Pepa gets in on the face kisses too. (Someone should draw this one too)
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☁︎ "That's Amor" ☁︎
(Camilo Madrigal x GN! Reader)
☁︎Part 2☁︎
Pairing Camilo Madrigal × gn Reader
He/They pronouns for Camilo They/Them for Reader, they're both 15.
SUMMARY: Camilo and the Reader have liked eachother for a long-time, but when a series of misfortunate events occur, could they ever be together? - Takes place a few days before Antonio’s gift ceremony.
18+ Don't read and/or interact please<3
Tumblr media
(Y/N's POV)
You kept on walking behind your family until the colourful home came into your sight, your 'home away from home,-'
"Casita," you breathed softly smiling, quickly being pulled from your little trance by your Tía who took a babbling Andrea from you, letting your free hand fix your hair a little, unfortunately egging your youngest cousin to grab it and pull on it softly.
"No,No,-noOoOooO Mateo,-" you groaned but the infant started to whine, so you let him pull at your hair, not wanting to risk having your ear being screamed off whilst you were with the Madrigals.
Today is going to be fun.
(Camilo's POV)
He chuckled turning back to his place by the door when Antonio ran over to him.
"Camilo! Mamá says you need to help set the table," Antonio smiled before running out into the front garden to play with a village boy.
"Ay Díos Mio," He groaned walking back towards the kitchen.
"Hermano, Don't worry your precious novia is close by," Dolores whispered cheekily, before running off with some glasses to the table outside, narrowly avoiding Camilo's expert aim, using one of Antonio's many teddybears that were sprawled around Casita.
"Tomas, Valerie!"
Hearing your parents names, Camilo quickly ran outside and threw the utensils onto the table before sprinting through Casita to the Entance, accepting the hugs and greetings from your family, but you weren't there, he looked around trying to find you in the busy group.
"Y/N is still walking up the path," your father said to him before turning to Agustín. Hearing that you were practically seconds away he bolted down out the front entrance to find you walking tididously slow and in a headlock with your cousin Mateo.
He smiled softly to himself and leant against a cart, admiring you from a short distance his cheeks already tinting red, “Hello Camilo,” You smiled seeing a flash of yellow in the corner of your eye. “Hola Y/N/N, how are you doing?" He smirked walking up to you. "Occupied." You said with gritted teeth. Camilo could feel his heart beating against his ribcage as you gave him an awkward side hug.
"Need help?" He said nearly stuttering, "Sí, por favor," You replied quickly, He smiled as he pried Mateo's small hands off your hair before taking Mateo from you, "Gracias Cami," you smiled taking his hand and pulling him down the path to Casita.
He nodded and let you pull him towards Casita, “New outfit?” He smiled looking at the (Y/F/C) attire, not your usual workshop outfit, it complemented your body, leaving him to melt into a puddle on the inside.
"Of course, you like it?" You asked continuing to walk towards Casita's entrance, "Like it? I love it Patitas-" He grinned, "Little Legs? That's a new one-" You laughed as you walked through the entrance of the home.
You let Camilo's hand go as Pepa gave you a suprise bone-crushing hug.
"How are you doing Y/N?! I haven't seen you in ages! Wait, wait is that a new outfit!? It looks lovely on you!" She smiled enthusiastically, a small rainbow starting to shine over her head.
"I'm doing fine, i love your dress today- Mirabel's embroidery?" You answered smiling to the happy woman infront of you, she nodded and took Mateo off Camilo who was more then happy to see Pepa.
"Go get some food you two," She said kissing Mateo's cheek, before walking off with the infant towards the kitchen where your tía, mother and Julieta were chatting.
The second Pepa was out of sight, you felt Camilo grab your hand and pull you outside you sqeaked at the sudden movement, relaxing once you saw the table of food outside.
"I'm starving! I waited for you, you know, "
"Mhmm do you want a prize? Or should i be the one receiving one from stopping your mission to devour everything on the table?" You watched him pile food onto two plates, you knew he grabbed two as an excuse that he was getting you food, when in reality those two plates were going to be empty in 5 minutes.
"Ptize for mwe phease," He said chewing a full arepa he just stuffed into his mouth, you grabbed a book from your small bag and tapped him on the back of his head.
"Use your manners Cami dios no lo quiera Pepa saw you do that, she would have had a fit." You said grabbing a glass of juice and walking off to the table, Camilo following you like a lost puppy.
"Buenos Días Isabela," You smiled sitting accross from her, Camilo sat next to you quickly and averted his gaze from his eldest cousin, who was clearly still annoyed at him for earlier.
"Hola Y/N, Camilo," She seethed towards the young male, picking a piece of fruit off of her plate and eating it.
Soon the whole table was filled with voices, you and Antonio were engaged in a conversation over his Gift Ceremony in a few days, he asked if you would be there, to which you said you would gleefully.
As the conversation over Antonio's gift ceremony continued, it sparked a new topic over outfits.
"This Ruana, pants and a shirt," he shrugged answering Mirabel's question to what he was going to wear, taking an Arepa from the plate Mirabel had given you.
"You can't be serious- atleast wear a clean one," Isabela scoffed pointing at the stains on the ruana he was wearing.
"I can make you a new one Milo," Mirabel smiled sipping at her drink.
"Might aswell make an outfit using the same material for Camilo's new ruana for Y/N, The colour suits them." She smiled before standing up and rushing off to the food table.
Camilo's POV:
He needed more food, not to eat, rather to stack together and hide behind. He felt his cheeks going a deep shade of red when Dolores said You would look good in his colours.
Okay, maybe the first part was a lie, he was still hungry and did want a stack of food to eat. Or maybe he was lying again and his stomach was like an empty pit because he felt butterflies everywhere, OR MAYBE He's just scared to mess up or embarres himself infront of you.
He feels like a sea engaged in a storm.
Y/N's POV:
You laughed at Dolores comment, feeling a pair of yes on you, you turned to face Camilo.
You wanted to respond, but Alma started listing chores, so you turned your attention towards her.
"Dolores babysitting duties, Luisa the church needs to be facing the north, Pepa, crops need watering, Camilo we need fresh fruits, You can go with Y/N..."
You turned to Camilo and smiled ignoring the rest of Alma's tasks. He returned it with a cheeky smile and a wink, before Isabela made him cough up a disturbing amount of flowers.
You giggled and rolled your eyes, turning your attention back to Alma.
A/N: i'm sorry, i had exams but im back hehshe i hope you enjoy this chapter its kind of a filler but er aha <3
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lovewillthaw-j · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Casita’s fate hanging in the balance...
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areththeimagine · 12 hours ago
Not “The Family Madrigal” being reprised in “All of You” because they’re now a complete and whole family.
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gosh-hecking-darn-it · a day ago
what happens if julieta makes food with poison in it
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avatarvyakara · a day ago
Another sample of my Encanto fanfic:
60. Ciega
(adj) blind, unseeing
This is what Alma Madrigal sees:
She sees a five-year-old Mirabel standing in front of a door that disappears before their eyes. How hopeless and helpless her nieta looks.
She sees the look on forty-year-old Bruno's face when she asks him to have another vision, to find some way, any way, that this isn't Mirabel's fault or their fault or the failure of their magic. The failure of their miracle. The return of the outside world to the encanto. The loss of everything. Because she can’t see, but he can.
She sees where Bruno was and now isn’t, and the towering steps that have grown overnight to his vision cave. Steps that crumble even as she walks along them. So either the vision was so bad that Mirabel was set to destroy them and Bruno chose to set out to find the shaman who taught Bruno when he was younger, talking about true names and spirits of the forest, to reverse it—or Bruno just had a breakdown and left. Left his sisters and their children. Left her. She asked him to help protect the family and he chose to leave it instead. Maybe to save it—but why didn’t he trust in them to fix it together? Maybe he just needs time—and maybe she needs a little time, too, to wait until he comes back with an answer (until he comes back). She has her granddaughter still. They just won't talk about Bruno, and maybe that's all it will come to.
She sees the look of resentment that slides onto Mirabel's face when her oldest sister is around, so many times over the years. And for what? Doing all that Isabela can do? How long before she grew to resent Luisa for her strength, or Camilo for his shapeshifting, or Dolores for her hearing? Would she curse her own mother for healing her, scorn Pepa for making the sun shine? She didn't have a gift, fine, but Alma helps without one and so do Félix and Agustín. To be a Madrigal is to keep the Miracle burning. She isn't blessed, but that makes her no less a Madrigal. (But it leaves her open to infection. A sickness of the soul. With no gift, she has no immunity to other magic. And Bruno isn’t here to—no. She won’t think about Bruno.)
She sees Mirabel spending more and more time out in the village as she gets older. And that's…fine. Certainly nobody loves Casita more than Mirabel, and almost certainly vice versa. But she's stuck as a baby in their house. There's nothing Alma can do about it. What can Mirabel do? What will Mirabel do? Apparently nothing. She acts like a child, passing from duty to duty instead of finding her niche and filling in the spare time with fun. The family is a unit. They don't need a court jester. (A seamstress, though, they need, and Mirabel’s skill there is unparalleled. And yet she somehow never manages to compliment her on it without the words sounding just a little bit trite.)
She sees Mirabel become almost a big sister, a second (third) mother to Antonio. This is good. This is a sign that maybe Bruno was at fault, that she invented her theory about magical infection to excuse his leaving them all. Because how could Mirabel resent her little cousin? (But what about when he gets his gift? Or…what happens if he doesn't?)
She sees Mirabel wandering around the marketplace on Antonio’s birthday, cheering the family on. That’s good. That’s honestly a relief. Maybe things aren’t as bad as she feared. (She feels this odd urge to sing, thinks she hears music coming from somewhere, but that’s just one of those quirks of the encanto that’s sprung up in the last few years or so. A minor sign of worry? But nobody can change the world with a song. ...although apparently Dolores managed to walk a mile and back in about thirty seconds, but that’s probably just exaggeration coupled with distraction.)
She sees Mirabel leading a ragtag group of village children towards their house, with them chanting her name. Trying to make a mark for herself, certainly, but through a popularity contest instead of actual work? Making up for what she couldn't do with…what, showmanship? Espectacularidad? What was she doing?
She sees Antonio get his gift, and calls for a family photo, and realizes only after it's been taken that Mirabel chose not to be part of it. That she wandered away. Chose not to be part of the family. That stings a little, but she won't let it spoil Antonio's night. Not when the magic has returned to them. (And she tries very hard not to think about Bruno telling her that he learned to hear the rats he kept in his cave from the shaman.)
She sees Mirabel rushing back to call for help, talking about a breaking house.
She sees the cut on her hand.
She sees a clean floor, no cracks, no fallen tiles. So. Something is happening. But not yet. Maybe it's just a holdover from Mirabel's failure.
She sees the candle, and wishes Pedro were here instead of this light he left behind, and hates that she still would trade her family's gifts to have him (have them) back with them all because how is she any better than Mirabel?
She sees Mirabel shout at Luisa about magic disappearing the next morning and moves her to the head of the table to keep an eye on her.
She sees, after Mirabel shouts at her, runs after her, how Luisa's strength—her feeling whole—begins to slip away. And wonders about the shaman, and whether or not the crafty old devil has taught her granddaughter how to break a person by their name, or weave a song around them to crush them from the inside. She doesn’t know what her granddaughter is doing, but if she is using outside magic, if somehow she learned? This isn’t the way. She has to stop. They have no idea what that power could do to the encanto. Let it wait until after her sister is settled, and then...maybe she can work out when and how her granddaughter started dabbling in exotic powers.
She sees…well, really she wished she didn't see the whole dinner fiasco. Pepa's whole side of the family loses it. And all while whispering about Mirabel and Bruno's vision. No. No. Her son didn't leave because he was afraid of Mirabel destroying them all and wanted to save his own skin. She can't believe it. (Does she have to believe it?)
She doesn’t see the vision, she won't see the vision, but she sees Dolores’ face, and hears Agustín’s words about Mirabel standing in front of a house covered in cracks. She doesn’t hear Agustín’s defence, not really. Not when terror has gripped her insides and anger is so much easier to focus on than terror.
She sees the worry on the faces of the townsfolk as she gets that odd prickling sensation that she used to get when Bruno learned to do visions in the sand. But Bruno is gone. He left. So the magic, the outside magic, must be coming from someone else. Someone who has spent their life resenting their family for what they didn't have, from no fault of the family's for having those gifts. Someone—no. No. It's a coincidence. Mirabel wouldn't turn to other magic, why would she think to? Nobody talks about Bruno's training because nobody talks about Bruno. It's like those flashes of song she gets sometimes. (Don’t they use songs to work spells—no.)
She sees Isabela lose it. Thrust a flower forward hard enough to break her nearly-fiancé's nose. Twice. Sees her break through the roof of their house, break their house, scatter wild jungle plants across their home, bring the chaos of the outside into the encanto. Mirabel has somehow turned the family's oldest granddaughter, the most dutiful of all of them, into a madwoman. Taking from the others and perverting Isabela's power to her own ends. What the hell (pardon) those ends are, Alma doesn't know, but the whole family is in disarray and Mirabel is standing on the rooftop cackling as her older sister sings a song to the world about being more than people think she is, like her sister wants to be, like some mouthpiece—
She sees red.
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elbrujobruno · 2 days ago
Bruno, Pepa y Dolores después que cayo la Casita y todos se quedaron sin dones: 🥳🤩🥰😍🎇🎆🎊🎉 #blessed
Bruno, Pepa and Dolores after the Casita fell down and everyone lost their gifts: 🥳🤩🥰😍🎇🎆🎊🎉 #blessed #glad #relief 🥳🥳
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
my poor babies
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ashryverwithadragon · 12 hours ago
My favourite little detail on Encanto is that one moment of foreshadowing that's so subtle people might miss it.
During "Waiting on a Miracle", Mirabel is freezing time and we explore her inner self and that's all well and pretty but there's this one tiny subtle moment where she sings:
"I am ready, Come on I'm ready!"
THAT'S when the miracle/vision is activated and here's why:
Tumblr media
The fireworks that goes off right that moment is green. The pose is the same post she has in Bruno's vision.
In gif form:
Tumblr media
And for reference, this is Bruno's vision:
Tumblr media
Casita is always listening to the family, so when she finally listens to Mirabel saying she's ready, that's when she starts crumbling almost immediately after, showing her that something isn't right and that Mirabel's time has indeed come to shine.
I just love this tiny little foreshadowing moment. The combination of colour, body language and words is *chef's kiss*
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badwolfwriter · 2 days ago
Encanto gifts
Ok, but can we talk about how so many of the gifts are trauma/psychology based in Encanto? Like the triplets- their gifts are so about controlling and fixing things. Knowing the future, controlling the weather, and healing. These things scream trauma- whether that was the trauma of having to flee their home at such a young age or the trauma of their mother taking her own PTSD out on them.  (We love Abuela, but we also know she’s toxic and so many of the issues in this family stem from her.)
Then the kids. With the eldest ones it’s easier to see- we have Luisa who has to be strong. She’s been raised to be of use, and when it came time for her to get her gift casita went oh no, she needs to feel useful, let’s give her something that’ll help with that. Isabella, always expected to be perfect, and so she got the most graceful gift. Dolores and her sensitive hearing. She probably spent her childhood listening around corners to know what was going on, what mood is everyone in, what are they saying about me or my family and how do I protect them from it?
Camillo, a middle child. Chaotic but loving, probably always feeling like he was the wrong person for the job. So he got the ability to make himself just the right person. Antonio, so lonely his whole life, afraid of failing the family in the same way Mirabel supposedly did (and I will fight anyone who harshes on her), gets the ability to talk to the animals he already spends all his time with. Because they are his home, where he can finally feel accepted.
And Mirabel. Technically she doesn’t have a gift, yes. But it can’t just be me who noticed that Mirabel seems incredibly linked to casita. The cracks appear when she’s upset, the doors flicker as doubt creeps into her mind. It’s almost as if the house is feeding off her energy explicitly. Or as though, instead of giving Mirabel an isolated gift, the house chose to give Mirabel itself. What else do you give the child who is so enamored with you, so bonded with you at such a young age. And when the house was reborn, who was able to wake it up? Mirabel. 
I don’t know. Just my two cents. But it feels like every gift given by the house was a reaction to their psyche and trauma, and there’s just so so much to read there.
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n0t-k3vin · a day ago
wait a second
in encanto, mirabel isnt given a gift which contributes to the story later on, so is castia able to 'see' into the future similarly to bruno
or did it just not give mirabel a gift for shits and giggles
or was this obvious and i didnt know
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gemz2001 · a month ago
Before and After photo. No family is Perfect but together they are stronger
Tumblr media
Bonus: just before Casita's "Hug"
Tumblr media
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artofhitjim · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto has a stranglehold on my life now, to the point where I see a piece of art like JC Leyendeckers “the 3 Magi” and my brain goes “BUT WHAT IF MADRIGALS!?”
Want this as a print? Preorders are available here
I’m not super active on tumblr anymore, please consider following me on Instagram or Twitter.
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definitely-not-v · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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megpeggs · 26 days ago
Little things I love in Encanto (Careful spoilers)
The member of the family that is talked about in The Family Madrigal being more saturated than the rest in the wall painting
The embroidery on Mirabel's clothing
Every gift somehow being represented in the family's clothing: Herbs and hearts in Julieta's apron, suns in Pepa's dress and little lightning bolts on her headband, hourglasses on Bruno's ruana, flowers on Isabela's dress, soundwaves all over Dolores' blouse and skirt, dumbbells on Luisa's skirt, chameleons on Camilo's ruana, butterflies and a lot of other things on Mirabel's clothing, (not so sure about Antonio-)
The butterfly symbolism all over the movie always in connection to Mirabel
Agustín's little flower
Félix never being mad at Pepa with her clouds and being a supportive husband: (To Antonio): "Look at you all grown up!" - "Pepi, amor, you're gonna get him all wet!"/ (To Alma): "I'm doing my best!" - "Yes!" - "You're lucky it's not a hurricane!"
Dolores' little squeaks
Dolores covering her ears whenever it gets loud
Dolores hinting multiple times that Bruno is still in the house
Félix giving Antonio a thumbs up for telling his animal friends to warm up Abuela's seat
The metaphorics in Surface Pressure
Luisa being a softie
Luisa fixing Mirabel's glasses
Pepa covering the stuffed animals' ears when saying "when I heard the name we don't speak of"
The way Félix lights up when talking about their wedding day
The umbrellas the characters in the background have being in the colors of the Colombian flag
Isabela indicating that the apparent perfect life she has now is not the one she actually wants/not the life of her dreams in WDTAB: "He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised and one day be mine."
"He told me that my powers would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine" - Foreshadowing
The hand movement during Isabela's part of the background characters and Camilo being the only one to look at his hand either for more dramatic effect or in a "what the heck am I doing" kind of thing- can't exactly tell both is perfect for him
Agustín just stuffing Bruno's vision in his pockets
Bruno knocking on wood, throwing salt over his shoulder and avoiding the cracks on the floor as Mirabel is talking about his vision to prevent bad luck that he thinks he and his visions bring :(
Antonio giving Bruno his stuffed jaguar he got from Mirabel, proceeding to lean on an actual jaguar with the sentence "for the nerves" - what a chad
Agustín saying he was trying to protect Mirabel when confronted by Alma with the vision
Julieta's development of standing up for Mirabel to Alma. From her gently asking Alma to be more gentle to Mirabel before Antonio's gift ceremony to saying "You were always too harsh on Mirabel"
Isabela's melody in WDTAB being reprised in What Else Can I Do by Mirabel
Isabela being ashamed when Alma sees her - in a "ruined dress" and messier hair - with Mirabel after What Else Can I Do
The metaphoric with Alma's "The cracks started with you" to Mirabel because the family did start to crack (more) when Mirabel didn't get a gift.
Camilo and Isabela trying to get the candle but loosing their powers mid air and being caught by Casita
Julieta and Agustín fighting Casita to get to Mirabel as Casita is crumbling and trying to get the family out
Julieta yelling "Mirabel leave it!" as Mirabel is still trying to get the candle
The entire encanto breaking along with Casita as it is part of the miracle too
Pepa's "Antonio don't cry, don't cry" afterwards
Camilo's incredibly easy to overhear line: "My powers they're gone I don't- what about Antonio? What's he gonna do?"
Dolores trying to use her enhanced hearing to find Mirabel only to realize she no longer has it
The difference of Alma and Pedro's story in the beginning and towards the end
The constant reoccurring of "open your eyes" between Alma and Mirabel. Abuela Alma opens the movie with saying it to five year old Mirabel, Mirabel sings it to Alma in Waiting On A Miracle in a desperate, frustrated tone, in the flashback scene at the river Alma says "I lost sight of who our miracle was for", shortly after Mirabel says "I finally see" after recognizing the butterfly from Bruno's vision, Alma singing "Open your eyes - Abre tus ojos" to Mirabel in All of You
Pepa being the first of the sisters to hug Bruno
Not reduced to Encanto, happens in musicals all the time but the melodies of Isabela's part in WDTAB and Surface Pressure and The Family Madrigal reprising in All of You
Camilo trying to spin the shovel Mirabel gave him, dropping it and checking if Mirabel saw it
The doorknob
The M on the doorknob can stand for both "Mirabel" and "Madrigal"
Mirabel standing in the middle in the front door as she is the one holding the family together
Isabela and Mirabel being Dolores' wingwomen
A deep blue being the main color on Isabela's colorful dress making her fit in more with her parents and siblings
Pepa's and Julieta's love for their children
Feel free to add more :D
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fishsoop · a month ago
Can we talk about the GENIUS of the song we don’t talk about Bruno being mixed with Mariano coming over for dinner? Because you get so many characters explaining HES HERE and I CAN HEAR HIM and it’s the DOUBLE MEANING
like one of the last lines AFTER all the characters sing their verses at the same time is ‘HES HERE’ which Mariano is there, but you know who else is there? Every night for dinner? Bruno
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scottwatanabe · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some visdev for the town of Encanto where the Madrigals live. And a very early concept of their magical house casita.
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tobewithout · 28 days ago
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dos-oroguitas · 26 days ago
Hi! I just got a great Bruno idea that you might like!
Imagine a fem!reader asking Bruno to see into her future, and when he does he sees little kids that are his, and it turns out his partner is pregnant! So that future-moment is immortalised in his vision. Talk about the ultimate sonogram.
Whatever will be, will be
Tumblr media
In which you ask your husband for a peek of your future and being surprised by a gift or two.. or three.
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal had never thought he’d find someone to love just like his sisters had. Julieta had Agustin, and Pepa had Felix, while Bruno? Bruno thought he’d never get the family that he had only dreamed of having.
He wanted someone to love and to be loved. Someone to consider his home. Someone who would welcome him in their arms after a long day. And then came you.
You were a few years younger than he was, meek, and kind and, like him, you were still unwed. You had been one of the bachelorettes that Alma had looked into introducing to him in hopes of securing a marriage and a life that wouldn’t wound up with him alone.
He didn’t expect to fall for you, to yearn for your soft touch and the gaze that could only be described as warmth and pure love.
And you felt the same. You hadn’t expected to be smitten by the Madrigal whose gift foresaw what would be the future. You, understandably, were a bit hesitant since his nephew had been running around town saying that he was over 7 feet tall, rats along his back, and when he’d call your name, it’d all fade to black. Though when you had helped in rebuilding Casita, he wasn’t as scary as you he was made out to be.
After a bit of pestering from both Alma and your own mother who, like the elder Madrigal, worried about you ending up alone in life, a dinner for two was arranged for the two of you.
Needless to say, it was awkward at first. You two hadn’t even talked for the most part of it but when Bruno had suggested you ditch the stuffy dinner for some entertainment, a.k.a A telenovela theater performance that was performed by his rats and him? You had smiled before nodding at Bruno, who had grimaced at first, thinking that you were going to laugh at his face instead before his green eyes had widened to hear your voice.
“I’d be happy to watch your show, Bruno.”
And it all spiraled down from there. Bruno would be seen talking to his rats about you, asking both Mirabel and Isabela for advice on what kind of gifts you would like before your numerous dates. He was caring and kind, and everything you wished your beloved would be. It didn’t take much time for you to return Bruno’s feelings, loving him just as much as he loved you.
And before you knew it, the two of you were married. Not that Bruno would have known though. He had told you that he was not to look into the future. You were taken aback by this request, and you wondered if he had thought that you would see him in a different light when you had a bad vision. Though he reassured you. He wanted to be surprised and anticipate what would come next rather than knowing what lies ahead.
“Whatever will be, will be, cariña.” And you would nod. Whatever will be, will be.
Though that request would soon be broken when you had asked him to look into the future now that you were married. Just once, you told him.
And here were the two of you now, in his newly built room, sitting on the sand as he held your hands in his. The ritual prior to a reading having been completed. He took in a deep breath before gazing at your eyes, his own turning into a mesmerizingly bright green.
“Are you ready, mi cariño?”
“Always, mi amor.”
And you breathed in deeply as sand had swirled around you two, creating a dome of some sorts. It was one thing to hear about how he did his visions but to actually experience it on your own was.. breathtaking.
You watched as the sand materialized into figures and you squinted as you held onto the Bruno tighter.
“What do you see, mi amor?” You ask your lover who furrowed his brows in concentration. “You’re standing in front of Casita and..”
The figures of sand had turned into you and Bruno, holding onto one another in a loving embrace and your eyes widened before softening again. You two looked happy.
“We’ll be happy.. and there’s more, I just need to..” Bruno tried to focus as a few more figures appeared but this time there were three and they were approaching you.
“There’s little duendes! And.. and they’re attacking you..!” Bruno had gasped before you had turned to him. “Attacking?!” You said in alarm.
“Wait, wait..! Not attacking, no, no, wait, is that a hug?”
“Am I being attacked or being hugged?!” You yell with both fright and confusion. Duendes of all things!
“Wait! An embrace!” He says quickly. Bruno’s figure in the sand had picked up one of these duendes who.. upon closer inspection were just children. Two boys and a girl. You had picked up both a boy and a girl in the vision while Bruno had placed a hand on the other boy’s shoulder. The five figures all smiled as they faced you.
Your eyes were as wide as saucers and you placed a hand on your stomach.
The vision slowly ended and the scene was immortalized in the green slab. It depicted the two of you in front of Casita, smiling happily and holding onto one another with children..
Bruno held the slab in his hands before looking at you who was just in awe as he was before you launched yourself in his arms, smiling happily and as you had kissed his face.
“Children, cariño! We’re going to have children! We’re going to have a family.”
Bruno gazed down at the slab once more before hugging you close and kissing the crown of your head.
A family, he thought to himself fondly and he couldn’t help as his eyes welled up with tears, a golden butterfly appearing out of nowhere and gently perching on his hair.
Tumblr media
I hope I did this request justice! I’m not very good in writing Bruno as well as the scene that featured his gift so I hope this one turned out alright!
Also I’d like to think that the golden butterfly is Pedro Madrigal. It just seemed sweet, y’know? As always let me know what you think!
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just-my-fandom · 25 days ago
Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader)
Summary; Reader gets caught in the Casita crumbling and Camilo worries for her safety, putting himself at risk.
Warnings; Emotional Pepa, minor fighting, injuries.
Tagged: @afluffyboi @bandshirts-andbooks @cloudysskies @erinisrighthere @alexloveskili
A/N: This is just a small snippet to get the hang of writing for Encanto, but please please PLEASE send requests for any of the characters! I’m loving this!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The miracle is dying because of you!”
A rough rumble leads your eyes to look up at the Casita in alarm. The cracks in the walls were worse. The tiles crumbled to the floor around you.
“No no- It’s falling-!” Pepas voice yelled out, alerted. Then, the house began to tumble. From your spot opposite of the once arguing family, you watch as Camilo immediately began to move towards you.
Unlike his family, you had no powers to protect yourself. It seemed the house had other plans, because as soon as Camilo stepped forward, the tiles underneath his feet lift, rolling him back and nearly into a wall,
“Everyone get out!! Now!” Felixs shout startles you to finally move your legs, gasping as you foot catches on a moving tile, dropping to your hands and knees with a hiss of pain.
“Y/N!” You hear Pepas shriek for you, looking up in time for Camilo to shove off the wall, Felix and Pepa both beginning to shout for their son,
“Camilo!” Pepa calls, desperately, Camilo exhaling breathlessly as he slides across a knocked over table, “Camilo stop!! Be careful!”
The boy slides to his knees in front of you, hands grasping your arms to tug you- hard- against his front, your arms wrapping around him to duck into his chest, feeling debris begin to rain above you as the house gave out.
You hear scraping as Pepa continued to scream, eyes barely opening to see that Casita had shielded you and Camilo with pieces of wood, your gasp sharp as the house finally collapsed, Camilos arms tightening around you in alarm.
Silence, and you slowly lift your head to flinch as the wood dropped onto the ashed floor, dust covering you as you glance up at Camilo, who worriedly raised his hands to your face to wipe said dust from your cheeks,
“Mijo!” Pepas call alerts you both to look over, the woman skidding in front of your knelt figures to raise a hand each to yours and Camilos faces, her hand overtop of Camilos, “Are either of you hurt?”
“No,” You murmur, shifting to stand when feeling a tug at your ankle, looking back to see a large piece of debris had landed on your left leg, your brows pinching at the sudden pain that shot through,
“Dios mio- Felix!” Pepa shouts over her shoulder, both her husband and brother in law, Agustin, running up to see your position. Both men lift at the debris, your hand immediately grasping your ankle that began to throb
“Julieta,” Pepa raises her head in search for her sister as Camilo slipped a hand to your back, holding you upwards, “Julieta!”
“Easy, mi vida,” Camilos hand slides to your arm, the oldest sister of the two moving in front of you, hands faltering when realizing- none of them had their powers now that Casita was gone- she wouldn’t be able to heal you.
“Let me wrap this,” Julieta murmurs, propping your foot at her knee as she easily pulls a wrap of bandages from her dress, your wince visible to the mother as she tightly out the wrap at the bruised skin.
“Camilo, what were you thinking?” Camilo looks up at Pepas sudden scold, his brows pinched,
“She was in danger,” He exhales, “She could’ve been hurt, she was hurt!”
“Casita was protecting her,” Pepa rushes, watching as Camilo then stood, taking your hands to raise you to your feet, his hand then shifting to your hip as you lifted your injured foot.
“Mama, I can’t argue about this,” Camilo barely glances at his mother, before his hand raises to your face, tucking hair from your forehead before smearing more dust from under your eye,
His whisper is soft as he shifts an arm to your back, the other reaching behind your legs to lift you up, your arms wrapping at his shoulders as Agustin lead him to sit you towards Abuela at what used to be the front of the house.
By the next day, La Casa de Madrigal had been rebuilt and the family had regained their powers. Abuela and Mirabel had made up, both needing a sit down with one another. Bruno had came back home, everything seemed to be coming back to normal.
You lift your foot to rub the swollen spot from your spot on the kitchen counter, Julieta moving towards you and Camilo with an arepa in her hand, smiling as she held it out for you to take.
“Gracias, Julieta,” You smile back, taking a bite out of the healing food before lifting your foot out, wiggling your shoe so Camilo got the hint to unwrap the bandage, the healing shown to work as your foot was no longer red or bruised.
Julieta hums in satisfaction, twisting to face her daughter as Isabella asks for help, Camilo setting the bandage to the side to step between your legs, his hands at your hips,
“Why’d you do that?” Your question causes his brows to furrow, curls shifting as his head tilts. Your hands raise to his shoulders, sliding to knot your fingers in said curls, “You risked yourself for me. Pepa was right, Casita was protecting me,”
“But what if Casita hadn’t?” Camilo shoots back, your eyes casting downwards so his thumb lifted to your chin, tilting you to gaze at him, “I have my gift for a reason. It’s not necessarily good in some parts, but I’ll always try to protect you, mi amor,”
You smile, sliding your hands to the front of his face, bringing him closer to you so your lips touched, his hand falling back down to your thigh with a giddy smile,
“I love you,”
“I love you, more,”
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awkward-madrigals · 20 days ago
For the longest time I’ve been thinking Pepa’s powers were only good for gags and to provide comedic relief during the movie, but then it hit me
What if Casita gave Pepa the power to influence the weather because she was the happiest, sunniest, most cheerful person to be around? I mean, look at this cutie pie
Tumblr media
…And Casita wanted her to have the ability to project her happiness like an aura, to bring the sun in the darkest storm, to ‘walk in springtime wherever she went’, to quote Sleeping Beauty
But then she grew up, life started weighing her down and Alma literally smothered her with unrealistic expectations of perfection, turning her into the unstable, neurotic, perpetually anxious Pepa we all know and love
This is the only possible explanation
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