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poppyseedmuffiin a day ago
my parent's comments on encanto:
(When Antonio gets his gift) "it's like Birdemic" "that's a lot better than flowers"
(During waiting on a miracle) "looks like she can stop time though"
(During the cracking scene) "Does this have to do with her missing uncle, Borodin?" "HES COMING FOR REVENGE"
(Her finding the vision scene) "is that pottery?" "She's gonna make it break by putting the thing together" "it's like radioactive"
(Chasing Bruno in the walls) "馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍 he's been in there the whole time... WATCHING."
(When mirabel is hanging above the chasm) "ooh very Indiana Jones"
(Plate scene) "aww he's looking at everyone eating"
(He asks mirabel to go) "HES NOT TELLING THE TRUTH IS HE? 馃憗锔忦煈侊笍"
(After Bruno leaves) "he's kind of a Sirius black character innt he?"
(Isabela demands Mirabel apologize) "she doesn't love that guy anyway her cousin does"
(What else can I do) "it's very Elsa"
(kicking around the colored pollen) "that's like Hobbes (our cat) with the lilies that messed up his brain"
(Dos oroguitas) "she wouldn't know she was having 3 babies" "well clearly she had an ultrasound"
(The end) "quite a casita innit"
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cassiebones 7 hours ago
Casita and What I Think The Magic Rooms Look Like
Or at least the ones we didn't get to see in the movie...and maybe an expansion of the ones we did.
Alma wasn't expecting her five-year-olds to get gifts. There was really no way Casita could have communicated this to her (if it could, I'm almost certain it would have told her that Mirabel wasn't going to get one, bc Casita is not a dick), so these three doors probably just appeared on their birthday. They may have had a celebration planned, but it wasn't for a few hours or days, so only the four of them were there. So...
1. Julieta (and, later, Agustin) - Julieta had spent some time in the kitchen with her mother, helping her cook. Pepa and Bruno slacked off and goofed around, so they didn't have as much of a hand in the food, but Julieta loved cooking because she loved stories of all the meals her Mama and Papa used to share, which Alma would tell her as they made arepas and empanadas. It influenced her gift. So, when she opens her door, everything that she helped make is instantly healing. Nobody knows it really until later. Inside her room is a little kitchen, child-sized, that will grow with her. Everything is perfectly within her reach and she has all the ingredients she needs to make everything her family loves. She has spice jars and an icebox and a brick oven. She has a sink and counters and bags of flour and sugar and eggs and just...everything a good little chef needs. She can experiment with recipes all she wants. It's all fireproof, because Casita understands that this is a five-year-old and, despite being able to cook, she may still make some mistakes. Julieta is super excited by this little kitchen, but there's more. She'll need ingredients on a continuous basis, so the cabinets are probably magically refilling, or she has a source of ingredients that can be grown (a vegetable/herb garden) with plants that will never die. Further in is the actual bedroom part, where she'll sleep. There's a big bed, bedside tables, a canopy, a dresser, a desk...all the things a little girl needs in her bedroom, but a lot of the design is food-centered (because Casita is basically a living Home Makeover team that focuses on one aspect of your personality and runs with it).
Like I said, as Julieta grows, so does her kitchen. Everything she needs is always within her reach while she's cooking in her little kitchen. It's mostly for practice. Whenever she needs to do a big meal, she uses the main kitchen, especially as she gets older. But she practices her recipes in the little one, so that she can tweak them as much as she pleases. Sometimes, Pepa and Bruno help her. Pepa loves how soft the bread she makes is and Bruno is addicted to her arepas. A lot of their bonding is done in the little kitchen. There are pictures of the three of them posted all over her cabinets, at different ages. When Julieta misses her brother especially, she'll just stare at these pictures for a while.
When Agustin comes into the picture, the room shifts a bit to accommodate him. Another dresser is added, a small table for two (so they can have private meals as a couple) and when he cooks for her (which he does at least a few times a week, just to give his wife a break, especially after she pops out his kids), the kitchen will adjust to him and also help keep him from getting hurt. There's also a small storage room where she can keep excess food, which Casita keeps from spoiling with magic.
2. Pepa (and later Felix) - I think we saw a small part of her bedroom when Camilo makes her the tea. There are weather vanes and pictures of her kids, so I think it's a fair guess. I think there are various other, weather-related things in her room; a thermostat, more weather vanes, umbrellas (if she ever wants to keep dry), etc. Just things to let her know that her powers are starting to pick up. But she also has a small sleeping area that may dampen her powers a little bit, so that she isn't woken by a storm in the middle of the night. Something that allows her (and her husband/family) to sleep a bit more soundly during the night. There are also things to help her stay calm (like a small stove for her to make tea or coffee) or happy, like water-proof books or games that she can play with her siblings or, later on, kids. She does get her gift when she's five, after all. So I think it's safe to assume Casita makes her room child-friendly.
I can't even imagine what she must have been feeling as a five-year-old when a storm cloud just appeared above her head. The thunder must have scared her at least a little. I wonder if it began to rain immediately or if she was able to control it. This is why I think the part of her room where she's supposed to relax/sleep dampens it. Not all the way, but at least it keeps storms away. Growing up, I can see her spending a lot of time in her bedroom, hiding away from her mother's constant nitpicking ("Pepa, you have a cloud!" "I know, Mama!") and from all the people who treat her like a nuisance because her anxiety tends to make her storm a lot. Felix and Julieta are the ones that can make her calm, so she lets them in.
When Felix moves in, he makes her tea in the evenings so she can unwind. He even makes her coffee in the morning so she can start off her days well. He doesn't mind when she rains on him and tries to make her laugh or smile when he sees that she's starting to feel stressed. He helps her shoo away the clouds and withstands the wind. People talk about the chaos that must have ensued when she had her babies, but that's why I think her bed can dampen the gift, so that there's not a full hurricane outside when Dolores or Camilo or Antonio is born. And Felix is there to hold her hand every single time, while Julieta and Alma help birth her babies.
3. Bruno - okay so we know what his room looks like, but we never see a bed, so I'm assuming it's somewhere up all those stairs (why couldn't you have given him an elevator, Casita?!?! HE WAS FIVE). Although, I don't actually think it began like that. Like, maybe when he was little, there was a small staircase up to where he told his visions and past that was an alcove sleeping area.
Somebody on TikTok suggested that Bruno's room looks more like it's for the people who used to come to him for visions, so maybe as more people began to show up, more stairs were added (which was not fair at all for him), to accommodate him. I think this is a good theory, but also, what if it changed, too? Like the room shifted depending on how many people wanted visions. Maybe when Bruno disappeared, all the people in the village were worried about the miracle, so they lined up to figure out what was going on, but Bruno slipped away (and cut down that bridge) before any of them could get their answers. When he "left" the room, the magic also left it, so it couldn't shift back to its original form. IDK, just a theory.
4. Isabela - we know what her room looked like. But I want to talk about her new bedroom. I personally think that it's more succulent and cactus-centric. All these sharp objects and new flowers (she has so much Sundew) are replacing all the pretty flowers she used to grow. Her bed is still on vines, but it's a lot more...colorful. She loves all the colors and there is no pastel to be found. She uses the dyes from her new flowers to spread colors all around. She uses it to color her own clothes and even gifts some to Mirabel to use to make new clothes for the family. Mirabel uses it to make her a whole new, very colorful, dress. Isabela routinely changes the color of her hair with the dye, as well. She's finally a lot happier being perfectly imperfect.
And she has so many succulents.
5. Dolores - Without a doubt, Dolores has a part of her room where she can go to not hear anything. There are couches and books and a hammock, so she can just relax and rest her sore ears for a little bit. It has to get tiring listening to everybody's bullshit all day long. I think she may be able to control her power a little bit (she was able to hear Mariano specifically when she needed to) but overall, it's all like a dull buzzing for most of the time. So to have a part of her bedroom where that buzzing just...disappears? That's a must.
Like her mother, I think Dolores's sleeping area also dampens her power so that she can sleep at night, even with her uncle running around in the walls of the casita. But, when she does want to listen to something (say...her uncle's telenovelas), there's an area for that as well. She settles down with some tea and her auntie's arepas and tunes in.
6. Luisa - In a deleted scene, we see a part of Luisa's room. We know that it's basically a gym. The creators of Encanto even tell us that her room is made of stone and there are weights everywhere and a secret door that opens up to a festival/circus for her to have fun and relax at. I don't know how often she gets to use this area (because she is always doing chores because my baby is under so much damn pressure), but I feel like she would give herself at least one night a month to go to the fairgrounds and play for a little bit, because she probably didn't get to be a kid a whole lot since getting super-strength at 5yo and being expected to do literally EVERYTHING for the lazy townspeople. Luisa, the donkeys got out again :( THEN GET THEM YOUR FUCKING SELF YOU USELESS PIECE OF - never mind.
Anyway, Luisa definitely starts taking more time to herself after rebuilding Casita. Maybe her room even shifts so that only part of the room has weights and the rest is filled with relaxation areas for her to unwind. She even eventually shares the part of her room with the circus with her family and they make outings there every once in a while when they all need a break (nobody else in the village is allowed to know about this and Casita makes sure that anybody who isn't officially a part of the family can't even get that door open to go to the fair. It's only for Casita's familia).
7. Camilo- This is the one I'm majorly stuck on. I have no idea how to fit a bedroom to a shape-shifter. Maybe there are mirrors so he can practice his shifting. Maybe he practices making modifications to the people he shifts into. Or maybe he just has a bunch of games and toys because Camilo has literally been an adult since he was five. He is currently fifteen and routinely shifts into adults to take care of their children while they take a rest. I can only imagine what that does to his psyche. I like to think that when he's in his bedroom, he turns into a younger version of himself and just does all the things he was never able to do because he had "chores" to do. A little like Luisa.
Side note: this kid has definitely had an identity crisis at some point in his life.
8. Mirabel - yes, Mirabel got a room after they rebuilt, because I refuse to believe they didn't build her one in the new house. And I refuse to believe that Casita would have gotten rid of it, instead of adding to it to make it more her.
Mirabel has a sewing machine and all the thread and yarn one could hope for, in so many colors. Her room is bigger on the inside and she has mannequins for the clothes she makes. She has a corner where she can have her family members try on their new clothes and she can tailor them a bit more. There are dressing rooms, as well. She has a corner where she can knit and crochet and embroider in a big easy chair and she even starts to sell some of the clothes she makes to the townspeople, who absolutely love the little personal touches she adds to her work. She doesn't charge very much, mind you, because her family has all they need thanks to Casita, and she loves what she does, but if somebody gives her a deadline, she gives them a price and she does not waver. Because she is 100% a girlboss.
Now, eventually, Mirabel will become the new matriarch. I believe this 100% because there's a reason Casita didn't give her a gift and it's because she was meant to take over after Abuela passes. Abuela realizes this, too, and when her time is coming, she refuses any of Julieta's food because she's finally ready to meet her Pedro again. She's seen at least two of her great-grandbabies (Dolores' and Mariano's kids) and it's clear that Mirabel, who is 25 at the time (same age as Abuela when she received the miracle) is ready. She holds a ceremony similar to the Gift Ceremony, where she officially hands the candle over to Mirabel, who feels the magic flow through her as the responsibility of the encanto is passed over to her.
When Abuela passes away peacefully in her sleep, Mirabel's room shifts to the one at the center of the house, her name replacing Alma's. The picture of Alma handing the candle to Mirabel is placed among the pictures of the rest of the family at their gift ceremonies and they hang a portrait of Alma next to the portrait of Pedro, because they're finally together.
9. Antonio - honestly, Antonio's room remains a jungle. We see, when he first steps in, that there's a little desk there, so I imagine his bed is just out of view of the camera, but he prefers to sleep in the hammock, surrounded by all of his animal friends. I wouldn't change anything about his room at all.
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stravvberrysaurus 2 days ago
the miracle, taking away casita and the gifts: you can have these back when you learn to FUCKING play nice
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ninnoy 9 hours ago
day 5 of drawing all the family madrigal by age
Tumblr media
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stutteryprince-difficulties a month ago
Hey, @ the people who believe that Pedro's soul lives on within Casita, that means that the scene where Casita rushes to save Mirabel from the falling tower is Pedro once again using his own body to shield someone he loves from certain death and giving himself up to protect them
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visceralcoma 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Figured out the placements of the doors and entrances to rooms. And where Mirabel's door would have showed up.
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audible301 27 days ago
I just think Agustin and Felix taking their wives last names says all you need to know about them. I love them so much.
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si-snake 15 days ago
Ok so I鈥檝e seen this going around a bit about Encanto, but I haven鈥檛 really seen it on tumblr so I might be talking to a wall here but I wanted to say it anyway:
I think the Madrigal鈥檚 getting their gifts and Casita back was a good ending. I鈥檝e heard people saying they wish they didn鈥檛 and they wanted a more bittersweet ending, and it defeated the message of the movie. But I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 what that was at all!
The movie definitely wanted to convey that the characters were more than their gifts. Which is true, but the point of it was that it was how they were utilizing their gifts, or more specifically how Abuela was pressuring them to use their gifts. One of the movie鈥檚 primary messages was, if not the main message, was the breaking of generational trauma. Abuela was this source of 鈥測ou have to use your gifts to help others鈥 that stemmed from her not wanting to lose the home that was given to her and the community, and while on paper that isn鈥檛 a bad thing, it creates stress on the family when it鈥檚 taken too far.
In my opinion, and from what I鈥檝e seen from the end, their gifts are exactly as they sound: gifts. The Miracle blessed the Madrigals with no strings attached. They received it through Abuela鈥檚 prayer (as stated in a behind the scenes video); it was something to help their family thrive and be happy to contrast the suffering that Alma had to go through.
And while helping the community obviously isn鈥檛 a bad thing, like everything it can be taken too far, and it did. The lesson that the family needed to learn wasn鈥檛 that they were fine without their gifts, the lesson they needed to learn was that they鈥檙e not tools simply built for helping, and they deserve what they want beyond Abuela鈥檚 requirements for them. And now they can have their healthy mix, because it was up to Abuela to realize and process what she was doing so the family could relax.
And they don鈥檛 need to be stripped away of their gifts to have that. It鈥檚 clear they like their gifts and it鈥檚 a part of them, and stripping those away would clearly have a negative impact.
A story having a happy, neat ending is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it鈥檚 really only a bad thing when it contrasts with the message and tone of the story, which I don鈥檛 think Encanto鈥檚 ending does.
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dodgermd 5 days ago
I have two more random Encanto thoughts for you guys. ;p
1. It does make actual sense for Bruno to be such a smol little dude - they are triplets and the last born being just, ya know, the smallest too kinda makes very much sense to me. Pepa obviously snatched the most looking at how tall she is. 馃檲
Tumblr media
2. Obviously Casita *made* that room for Bruno when it saw he was going to leave and knowing he actually didn't want to, like, leave leave it showed him the secret passage behind the painting and the way to the little room as obviously Casita cares a whole lot for all of its little humans. The room also is - despite the whole behind the walls thing - a lot like Bruno. Like. It's a small, chaotic, somewhat weird and deranged room yet it also got something cosy and soft and very none-threatening...especially for a room behind the walls. XD So yeah. Casita is a doll is what I'm saying.
Tumblr media
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thegamingmonk 20 days ago
Encanto Headcanons #3
This family gives me so much brainrot, it's not even funny.
Dolores heard of 鈥業gnorance is bliss鈥 and thought 鈥淒amn, must be nice-鈥.
All the triplets are one minor inconvenience away from snapping. Especially Julieta. Pepa and Bruno not so much since they let out their chaos more often than their sister.
Camilo gets his knife cat face from Pepa when she was younger.
Camilo is a full blown mommy's boy, born and raised. Nobody could hold him longer than 5 minutes unless it was Pepa when he was a baby.
Antonio more of a daddy's boy, F茅lix always helping his son adjust to his newly acquired gift. Dolores is close to both her parents; spoiled rotten by F茅lix and relating the most to Pepa.
Out of boredom and fun, F茅lix and Agust铆n would try playing cards (Go Fish) with each of the baby grandkids to see who would get the concept faster. Mirabel was the fastest to understand.
For personal reasons, Isabela is banned from playing uno, monopoly, and any other family-ruining games.
Pepa, Dolores, and Julieta can only play for so long until they become problems too.
To everyone's surprise, the Cool sister's competitive nature comes from Julieta. Agust铆n doesn't have a single competitive bone in his body. Meanwhile Julieta gets so invested in a game of Monopoly that it's slightly terrifying.
Nobody knew where Mirabel got her sassiness from until they encountered a very tired and almost-done-with-life Julieta.
The Cool sisters have moments where they inherited Agust铆n鈥檚 accident-prone nature. The amount of convincing Isabela has to do to get Mirabel and Luisa to not laugh about her tripping over her own plants.
Now that I think about it, all the Madrigals are clumsy in their own ways (we see from young Alma, Bruno, Camilo, Pepa, Mirabel, and of course, Agust铆n our accident prone king). It just runs in the family. Thanks Alma.
When Isabela started experimenting with creating four leaf clovers, best believe Bruno was on that market.
For the first couple of weeks that Bruno came back, Luisa became his Madrigal-assigned bodyguard to protect him from the weary/angry/jackass villagers reacting to his return. Really, she just wanted to be around her tio again and volunteered to do it.
Bruno didn't mind too much, but it does do something to your confidence when your sobrina ends up being your protection.
More or less, this led to a lot of uncle-niece bonding time consisting of the two helping around the village, sitting under trees, and relaxing during Luisa-mandatory breaks.
Luisa starts to really like rats. She finds them so cute and tiny with their weird tails.
Anytime Pepa snows, Camilo thinks its funny to just make her a mini snowman army in the snow piles she leaves. At first she didn't find it amusing to just turn around and see a bunch of snowmen but now actually turns out quite fond of them.
You know how when Elsa is sick, she makes snowgies? That but it's Pepa being sick and she makes "cloudbebes".
Dolores, F茅lix, and Antonio adores them. Camilo finds them annoying since they always zap him with static.
That's only if she has a small cold. Pepa with a fever probably sets up the movie "2012".
Mirabel, F茅lix, and Dolores could honestly be a band if they wanted to. F茅lix on guitar, Mirabel on accordion, and Dolores on piano. Abuela is considering Madrigal concerts with the three.
During a card game with Camilo, Mirabel, and Dolores, Alma decided to join it. Halfway through the session, it turned into Alma teaching the kids her skills on how she wins every game. You don't live this long and don't learn a thing or two.
Mirabel knows a few magic tricks from wanting to prove she can do magic as well in the family.
The trick where a card appears out of thin air always gets Camilo.
Dolores is still trying to figure out how in the world that peso got behind her ear without her hearing it.
Sometimes when everyone's schedule is just absolutely flooded, the adults trust Casita enough for babysitting duty (Casita the best babysitter).
Casita was the mvp of the whole movie.
Casita "Imma be Mirabel's main supporter through the entire movie" Madrigal.
Mariano instantly fit in as one of the grandchildren, nobody even questioned it.
He starts to hang around the Casita and stay for dinner more and more often. Abuela doesn't know if this is purely for Dolores or just because he's attached to this family.
Catch Mariano letting Antonio sit on his shoulders ever so casually at almost a constant basis.
A whole family discussion could be happening and Mariano is standing there with Antonio playing with his stuffed jaguar on the Guzman's shoulders.
Bruno is not one for confrontation but if anyone was to mess with any of his family, he's ready to whip up the most horrific prophecy to scare the life out of the person at hand.
One would think Bruno is not good with kids due to his social anxiety, but he's fantastic with them. He misses all the time he could've had with his nieces and nephews during his time in the walls.
Bruno regrets missing out on his sobrinas' quinces. He wishes to make up for that lost time and dances some day. (Unsure if males have a similar thing, but if so, he'd regret missing Camilo's as well) (also also let me know cause I'm genuinely curious and don't trust Google).
Everyone fears Bruno disappearing again, but one of the Madrigals who fear it the most is Antonio. He just got his tio, that he didn't even know was around, back and is firmly attached to the man. If Bruno can disappear once, he could again, and that's what scares Antonio the most. If he goes without seeing Bruno for a whole day, he starts to panic and worry. This often leads to a Bruno-Antonio sleepover in the youngest's room; rats invited!
If anyone tells me Casita is not a Madrigal family member, we fighting on sight. Anyhoos~
If anyone Colombian or Latino would like to let me know more about the culture, I would absolutely love that! Movies like Encanto gets me so interested into learning about other cultures (a reason why I want to travel the world one day). That's it for now!
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lovewillthaw-j 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Casita dies...she protected Mirabel to the very end...sob...
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cynnied-art 21 days ago
Tumblr media
HEY! Was anybody going to tell me that Casita waved GOODBYE after saving Mirabel with the last of her magic??? ? OR was I just supposed to realize it on my own and start sobbing??? ??
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keeperofthebees a month ago
Fine I'll bite I'm doing Encanto headcanons. this is centered on Mirabel and her parents and siblings (bare with me there's a lot)
Mirabel has full conversations with Casita. Everybody has walked in on her talking to the floors at least once (basically canon tbh)
Agust铆n sometimes just doesn't notice that he's gotten hurt because it happens so often. Someone will start a conversation and then point out the blood dripping down his leg and he just "oh. that's not good."
Mirabel is so fucking competitive. She shows no mercy. once she hit Mariano in the face with a soccer ball so hard his nose broke (again) and she didn't even pause just kept playing
Mirabel fights dirty. Biting, scratching, sand in the eyes. She has to when she's used to fighting a SHAPESHIFTER
Agust铆n taught Mirabel skills that the rest of the family couldn't do so she'd feel special. He'd throw things into trees so he could ask Mirabel to climb up and get it for him.
Mirabel taught herself how to make stuffed animals. She made one for Antonio when he was born, and for her dad for when he got hurt, and for Camilo for his 10th birthday (he said it was lame but he sleeps with it every night)
Isabela was very jealous of Mirabel and Luisa's close relationship, and started bullying Mirabel for it
Agust铆n used to say Mirabel's gift was being the heart and soul of the family cause she always made people happy
Bruno and Agust铆n used to talk a lot before he "disappeared". When Bruno showed up, he just started the last conversation they left off on
Mariano is friends with Isabela, and they bond over loving women and being repressed. The purest friendship is between a lesbian and her himbo
Casita does NOT pick favorites but if it had to it's Mirabel because she talks to Casita outside of when she needs something
Isabela hates pink and purple. It's not even the colors themselves just the fact that she had to be surrounded by them her whole life
Mirabel made Isabela a bunch of new dresses after the movie
Agust铆n has a little trouble seeing and inferring emotion, so he taught his daughters to be very vocal about their emotions. They taught themselves not to after a while, so he was frustrated because he could never tell what they were feeling.
Agust铆n usually relies on his wife to understand what's going on because her face is very expressive and he's memorized what her expressions mean
Luisa never asks for anything. When she wants something she holds it up and stares at Julieta or Agust铆n until she gets a yes or no
Agust铆n and Julieta would absently pet their kids when they were busy but they wanted attention. they would poke their parents just whenever because they knew it would get them Head Scritches
Agust铆n almost lost an eye once when spending time with the girls and they wouldn't let him leave Casita for a month
When Mirabel was born, Agust铆n expressed how he would die for his girls without question. The notion startled the other adults, who also didn't let him leave Casita for a month
When they were dating, Agust铆n learned to cook so Julieta could take a break.
Isabela used to chew her hair when she was stressed
Luisa very much squeals when she's excited and it's So Loud
The girls go to Julieta for help when they're sad, but they go to Agust铆n when they just want to cry without doing anything about it
Agust铆n used to be able to hold all his daughters at once and he cried when he couldn't bc they got too big
Julieta used to enjoy cooking a lot, but eventually it became more of a chore than an enjoyable thing to her
For one of Julieta's birthdays, her husband and daughters tried to cook dinner and bake a cake. They failed spectacularly. She still loved it.
Luisa loves mythology and used to imagine that she was Athena's daughter
Luisa is very much a crybaby and we love her for it
Luisa has frequent nightmares about not being able to protect her family
Isabela accidentally poisoned August铆n with a flower once
Mirabel tried to teach her dad how to sew. It did Not go well
Isabela and Julieta laugh very loudly. Luisa snorts when she laughs. Mirabel and Agust铆n wheeze when they laugh
Isabela is so expressive naturally and having to bury it all down physically pained her and she got frequent headaches
Isabela likes to scream. just because. she just lets out a "AH" and then goes back to what she was doing
Julieta liked to sit down with her kids and just squish their tiny faces when they were little
Agust铆n actually likes bees. they just don't seem to like him back lmao
Agust铆n likes to help and provide for his family like Mirabel does, but he doesn't really have the opportunity. Julieta will send him on random ingredient pickups so he has something to do
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jokingmaiden 28 days ago
encanto crack theories
(in which i don鈥檛 actually think they鈥檙e intended to be the truth by the writers but i think they鈥檙e really funny)
theory one: camilo knew abt bruno
-camilo clearly cares about his family and wants to keep them safe
-he also pretty accurately knows what current day bruno looks like, even if it鈥檚 modified to be creepy (we鈥檒l come back to this)
-bruno didn鈥檛 want to be found. if camilo discovered him, his family-loving self would probably want to keep him safe. it鈥檚 his tio, after all, and estranged family is still family
-camilo makes bruno look scary to try to throw mirabel off his scent (camilo doesn鈥檛 know why mirabel鈥檚 looking for him, just knows he doesn鈥檛 want to be found)
-in the end when camilo is confused/frustrated by bruno鈥檚 sudden appearance, it isn鈥檛 bc nobody seems to be reacting, but bc he鈥檚 like 鈥渋 put in the effort to keep a secret and this bitch just walks back out like it didn鈥檛 matter??鈥
-ex. 鈥渨e gonna talk about bruno?鈥 isn鈥檛 him acknowledging the return, but basically saying 鈥渙h so we鈥檙e talking about him now????鈥
-dolores saying she knew the whole time pisses him off more bc he鈥檚 like 鈥渨ho was he even hiding from if y鈥檃ll just know????????鈥
-he鈥檚 bitter for a week
theory two: casita is the reason for the movie being a musical
-casita is the embodiment of the miracle, like a sentient personification of the gift given to the family. the closer to the house, the stronger the magic, like the candle being the heart and the house being the ribcage wgile the rest of encanto is a body
-therefore, casita has magical influence over the lands, able to alter reality within the bounds of the island(??) for the sake of musicality
-casita is a madrigal. this bitch is definitely dramatic/extravagant as all hell
-they assist the madrigals in turning their musics numbers into magic to add a little spice
-their influence is also what makes all the animals so friendly (they鈥檙e especially friendly to antonio bc his gift not only allows communication but makes them like him)
-the animals aren鈥檛 just friendly tho; casita offers them an ability to understand english and comprehend life on a human level (and even make them sing like the donkeys in the surface pressure number)
theory three: the family will live to the longest possible extent of their lifespans (especially bruno) bc of julieta
-julieta鈥檚 cooking completely heals the body and restores it to perfect health
-eating her food would repeatedly reset the body, thus removing any negative effects of the day whatsoever, including fatigue
-most people only eat her cooking when in need of healing, but the family eats them a pretty decent amount. this probably partially nullifies the effects of aging, oxygen combustion, and other natural processes accelerating the body towards death
-they鈥檙e all in pique condition all the time and are healing even the smallest things
-even the family doesn鈥檛 eat her arepas all the time, though
-except bruno
-bruno only eats julieta鈥檚 leftover healing food, which explains why living with rats and only eating bread never gets him sick and why, at 50, he鈥檚 so agile, looks rather young, and is strong enough to bash his head through a sturdy ass magical wall
-bruno will probably have the longest lifespan bc of how long his diet consisted of only magical healing arepas and nothing else
yeah i have no idea what i鈥檓 talking about i just really love this movie
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thegrem1in 25 days ago
Dolores Madrigal Headcanons because I love her and she鈥檚 my favorite character:
* Due to her Gift, Dolores can hear the telenovas her Tio Bruno鈥檚 made and performed.
* She鈥檇 quip in her own suggestions through whispers in the walls whenever she passes by a place her tio is at or nearby to hear.
* One time at dinner, Bruno was performing a telenova that had a plot twist, causing Dolores to shout out and get weirded looks from her family - she made it a habit to react silently and freak out about it to her tio when she has the time, and is alone.
* She uses her Gift to receive messages and hear any problems in the homes of the others in the community: leaks, unbalanced structural supports and the like are heard immediately by Dolores, and she helps in reconstruction so she strong as all hell - she can definitely crack a wall or punch a hole through with enough force.
* Her room is completely sound-proof but her door does let out only the faintest noise as to not disturb her alone/sleep time.
* When she鈥檚 stressed or overwhelmed, she starts embroidering and sewing and is extremely good at it, and sometimes gives them out to the others in her family and the town.
* If anyone used to watch or read Star Darlings, I headcanon her room to be similar to Piper鈥檚 room.
* Ironically, despite being the 鈥渕ost quiet and odd one鈥 and 鈥渢he golden child after Isabela鈥, she鈥檚 the most chaotic one as well - she鈥檚 the type to wake up early in the morning and think 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna be super helpful today鈥, and just smirk evilly before returning to a bright smile.
* In her free-time, and in the privacy of her personal quarters, she makes small tunes for her Tio Bruno to enjoy.
* She鈥檚 the closest to Tio Bruno in her family due to her Gift.
* Dolores leaves snacks and leftover food heated up at night for Bruno, and if the food is caught out, the blame goes on Camilo.
* She once started crying at a telenova where Bruno kills off her favorite rat character while at dinner.
* I read a headcanon by someone(I forgot who;-;) that when Dolores gets overwhelmed or as a defense-mechanism, her door will create shockwaves whenever the doorknob is touched to keep people out until she鈥檚 fine.
* Dolores goes by 鈥渟he/they鈥 and is pansexual.
* Abnormally good at soccer, but is terrible at it in loud places, so she鈥檇 usually practice or play by herself or with her family.
* Due to her Gift, she knows the best gossip and the secrets all around.
* If her family ever watches Mean Girls, Camilo will always reference 鈥淲hy is her hair so big? It鈥檚 full of secrets鈥 which greatly annoys Dolores but also makes her chuckle.
Tumblr media
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stutteryprince-difficulties a month ago
There's a lot of things about Encanto that make me emotional, but by far, Casita is the character that made me cry. Casita loves its inhabitants, its family, as much as any of the human characters do. She helps them, often without being asked, plays with the children, shows off for the townsfolk, and even treats the kids how the adults might, such as knocking Camilo for misbehaving or worrying about Mirabel going into the places where it can't help. Casita has such a fun personality, she's such a genuinely enjoyable character in the movie, and adds so much to the film without ever having a single spoken line. She's so playful and kind and cares so much so deeply about a lot for a living house lol
When she's falling and breaking and literally coming down, Casitas only priority besides helping Mirabel get the candle is protecting the Madrigals from harm. It softens Camilo and Isabela's falls before throwing them all out and letting the damage come down in front of the door so they can't come back in. 100%, I believe that it purposely weakened the wall Bruno smashes through so he could escape, wanting every single Madrigal to be safe. She knows that Mirabel wants the candle for a good reason, but the moment she has it, Casita immediately rushes to shield Mirabel from harm. If things started to go south before Mirabel could grab the candle, there is no doubt that Casita would have forced her to leave it and thrown her out to protect her even if the complete loss of it meant that Casita really could never return. AND THEN, in its actual final moments, Casita fucking waves goodbye to Mirabel and the other Madrigals.
Casita falling apart doesn't just feel like a house coming down, you really are watching another living member of the Madrigal family crumble down to nothing but broken bricks and chips of plaster. It feels so incredibly real and you get to panic for Casita as well as the Madrigals because you aren't just watching a house fall, you're watching another living being straight up die. She not only dies, but she uses the very last bit of her strength to say GOODBYE before she does and it makes me bawl my eyes out
God and when it comes back and she's so incredibly happy. She's singing! She's making music! She's pulling her family back inside as fast as it can and celebrating alongside them!! It missed them. Casita even sets up the photo to be taken and includes itself in it!! She's so fucking happy to be back and for everyone to be home and it's so CUTE, Casita is so precious to me
I love all of the Madrigals, but Casita is definitely my absolute favorite of them all. She's one of the best living object characters I've ever seen. She was created to protect the Madrigal family and does everything in her power to do so, no matter how big or small the danger might be
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visceralcoma 11 days ago
Compilation of Jared Bush's Encanto Twitter QAs as of January 13th 2022
I went through best I could to add all the relevant answers he gave, and even the vague ones with links to the tweets. If I missed any, please let me know and I'll add it. I tried to categorize them and group up similar answers.
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latte-cant-spell a month ago
Alright I said I would so here it is.
(If you didn鈥檛 see the last post I said how cute it was that Pepa and Julieta were pregnant at the same time twice and I wrote angst about it, but I promised some wholesome stuff too)
-So just like Mirabel and Camilo, Isabela and Dolores stayed together in the nursery. Once Isabela got her gift and moved into her new room they both immediately got separation anxiety. Abuela would never admit it, but she did let Dolores stay in Isabela鈥檚 room until she got her gift as well. By the time Dolores turned five, they were ok with sleeping in different rooms
-When Luisa was born, Isabela and Dolores would dress her up and treat her like she was a doll. Luisa absolutely loved this and felt pampered when she was a toddler. Isa and Dolores also did the same thing with Camilo who claimed to hate it but secretly loved it.
-Camilo tried to help Mirabel find her gift after her failed ceremony. They went around the Casita trying to sorta 鈥渟ummon鈥 her gift, thinking it was just a little late. First they tried cooking like Julieta. Then they tried gardening, thinking it would make Mirabel perfect like her big sister Isabela. They tried lifting heavy objects around town(which ended with Camilo breaking his foot after a flower pot fell on it). And they secretly tried to predict the future, that one earned a lecture from Abuela.
-Although they weren鈥檛 as close when they were older, Camilo still invites Mirabel to the theater he performs at every weekend. Mirabel shoves the jealousy to the side and watches in amazement as her cousin acts, sings, and dances up on stage. She even brings him flowers after a big performance.
Extra that might be a little angsty:
-When Mirabel began rooming with Antonio, Camilo had his fair share of jealousy. He claimed it was because he wanted to be the cool older sibling and Mirabel was taking his place. In reality Antonio was the painful reminder of the fun him and Mirabel used to have together. He watched from a distance as Mirabel replaced Camilo with Antonio(as her favorite cousin). He told himself that wasn鈥檛 really the reason, but deep down he knew it was
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unhuman-feeling 15 days ago
More Bruno and Casita Thoughts
Reading through some of Jared鈥檚 twitter comments on how the Casita might have diverted some water through bamboo 鈥榩ipes鈥 to where Bruno was in hiding, that really demonstrates that the Casita loved and cared for Bruno despite the hole that he was in at the time.
I鈥檇 like to think that the Casita itself prepared the hiding hole for Bruno when he felt the need to escape - after all, it was safest for Bruno to stay within the walls, and then the Casita could not only keep an eye on him but make sure that he was fed, bathed, had everything he needed. I can picture the Casita bumping a plate of food with one of the tiles on the counter to nudge a few pieces off, and then quickly hiding them from the rest of the family so there was food for Bruno to come and find later. Making sure that the clock would come and wake him up when he slept too long. Reminding him to do things like wash his clothes, clean his teeth, all the things that he might have struggled with.
I know a few people have theorized that the Casita is the reincarnation of Abeulo Pedro, and whether that is true or not, it certainly fits these thoughts. Despite the family starting to show it鈥檚 cracks, despite Bruno reclusing and dealing with mental illness by himself, the house never gave up on him and continued to care for him and show love.
Idk it just makes me happy that even when the rest of the family didn鈥檛 know that he was still there, the love that they have for him was still shown through the spirit of the Casita
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nixthewolf a month ago
How the familly Madrigal react to a every noise sensitive Dolores.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Everyone in the family is trying their best to help Dolores with her gift, and the problems that comes with it.
- All of them avoid triggering noises.
- They all are very supportive, of course.
- First of all, her room is a sanctuary where she can take refuge, thanks to Casita.
- Isabela helps her alot : growing up together, she knew exactly what trigger Doloroes, and her flowers surprisingly sooth her cousin if she鈥檚 overwhelmed.
- Camilo is very observent of his sister behaviour : He learned what sounds bothers her, so when those certain sounds can be heard, and be unbearably loud for Dolores, he is quick to take her somewhere silent
- So is Pepa who knows how it feels to be heavily disturbed by something. So her and Camilo are always there to help her relax.
- Antonio also come to help ! Even if he don鈥檛 really understand what鈥檚 happening to his sister, he ask his friend聽leopard to purr next to Dolores, since it鈥檚 seems that she likes it.
- Abuela don鈥檛 exactly know what to do, and she also feels guity about the gift her grand-daughter possess.
- Julieta prepares some herbal tees to relax her niece brain and muscles, allowing her to breath better.
- Nobody know why but, Bruno鈥檚 whispers and mumbles or just voice just relaxes Dolores, she likes the sound of it. Maybe because it was really familiar to her.
- Dolores is Mirabel鈥檚 favorite cousin, so she鈥檚 doing her best to help her ! And unlike the others, she tries to encourage Dolores to face the sounds she hates.
- Luisa, F茅lix and Augustin too ! Even if Luisa is not really really closelto her, she鈥檚 her family, and if she can help, she鈥檒l be happy to do so.
- F茅lix pushes his daughter to face her triggers, and help her to forward, and cope with her noise sensitivity. He just wants the best for his daughter.
- Just like everybody in this amazing family Madrigal.
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