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Watch “One Blood trailer” on YouTube

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  Contact names key

Franny =  Francisca Ines Beltran-Henriksen (OC)

Gustaf = Gustaf  Skarsgård

Candice🌹 = Candice King

Evinator = Evan Peters

Katerina👑 = Kat Graham

Caspar the Ghost = Caspar Zafer                               

Nellie = Penelope Mitchell

                                   Game of Phones          

                        Franny removed Gustaf from Game of Phones


                                Candice🌹 removed Evinator

Candice🌹: The real question is are you back with Evan??????

Katerina👑: I think the actual question is are you in a throuple with Gustaf and Evan???

Nooooooooo, NOOOOOO,                                                                                      and double NO

Nellie: Hold up wth is going on

Franny: Romi posted something on instagram and then Gustaf slid up and was like “your accent is beautiful” and then Evan was like “your accent is one of my favorite things about you”

Caspar the Ghost: They were just complementing her, nothing serious.

Candice🌹: But Evan doesn’t just do stuff like that, and they are exes soooo

Katerina👑: ^ yeah and Romi is the one that broke up with him, Evan was broken for months

1. Can you guys stop de-                                                                                         coding instagram comments                                                                                   2. Thank you Caspar for                                                                                         being the only sane one in                                                                                       this conversation.

Nellie: Moving on from your conspiracy theories, Trav and I are almost there Romi.

  Okay, see you soon. I’m                                                                                           excusing myself from this                                                                                         conversation.

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Chapter One



One thing I love about acting on this show, besides the wonderful cast members is that I don’t have to hide my accent.


gustafskarsgard: your accent is beautiful

Iloveromi14: omg my favorite ship ^


candiceking: It’s a shame you didn’t get to use your natural voice on TVD, your voice is so soothing

evan.peters: your accent is one of my favorite things about you

francisca"henriksen": When are you coming back from Geneva? I need to see my bestie

 travisfimmel: My flight lands soon

katherynwinnick: ^ can’t believe Travis’ the first one to see you

katgraham: you seriously need to come visit, Francisca was looking at flights our entire date night 😂

casparzafer: come back and guest star on TO

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Caspar Zafer in The Maidens Conspiracy aka Tirante El Blanco (2006) aka my headcanon where he met Sage.

He cannot remember if this really happened, or if it was something likened to a fevered dream full of ecstasy, betrayal, and carnal sin. Did he really meet her? Or was she just another torment inflicted by the infernal coffin he had been placed in? That dark horizon he had mentioned to Elijah that continued to haunt him.

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caspar zafer & melissa benoist

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Astrid Sol & Finn Mikaelson

For: @elenacarinandherfandoms

I was shocked when you asked me to make something for you. No one has ever requested something from me, but I was honored to make these. I hope you like these ad that these were what you were interested in. <3

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Caspar Zafer & Melissa Benoist  crackship requested by enchantingsims97
Please like or reblog if using :)

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Watching 47 Meters down for Claire Holt

I think she’s trying to do an American accent, but I just keep hearing her either with her Australian accent or her British accent trying to come through.

Unrelated, but after watching The Alienist, I wish The Originals had been a period drama of their life through the ages, starting with before they were vampires.

I expect that would’ve been too costly for the CW…and it would probably still get cancelled before it’s time.

I wonder if Caspar Zafer would’ve been up for that version of Finn…maybe if it had been on a different channel…hmm

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Cardiff Comic Con was great!
Doctor Who Saturday!! Met Colin and Sylvester.
Vampire Diaries Sunday. Caspar and Jodi😍
May have found out some spoilers for the last series of the Originals. Including TWO returning characters. One of which I thought I’d never see in The Originals again after the finale of TVD. I mean she could be playing someone other than ‘said person’. Oh I wonder 🤔

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okay but caspar fell off the face of the earth for years and still out acted some of the people on this show

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Matt Donovan could be in a lot of trouble.

In the upcoming April 8 episode of The Originals, brothers Elijah and Finn will find themselves in Mystic Falls after Freya is kidnapped. But the real kicker? In what one could describe as a Vampire Diaries reunion, Elijah and Finn will cross paths with none other than Matt Donovan. And for those of you who need a quick refresher: Matt Donovan was the man who drove the White Oak Stake into Finn’s heart in season 3 of TVD.

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If TO is going to be the one that stays… Imma need Caspar swagging his way across my screen every episode in order to watch it. This is, of course, in addition to Klaroline, Klelijah, and the Original original siblings interacting.

Just… a lot of Caspar strutting, please.

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