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sleepyssnail · a month ago
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It might be awful but they look so proud of themselves! Nobody is going to eat that, but it was a valent effort!
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aveula · a month ago
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my fav batduo <3
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cryptids-and-muses · a year ago
The first time bruce wrapped each of his kids in his cape
The first time he wrapped Dick up was because he was cold. He refused to put on his cold weather uniform because it 'limited his movement' and was shivering on patrol. Bruce took off his cape and wrapped it around him.
With Jason it was a comfort thing. They were on a mission and for whatever reason Jason got scared/freaked out and Bruce's cape provided a sense of safety.
Babs just fucking took it.
Tim tagged along to a league meeting and fell asleep during it. Bruce draped his cape over him before continuing like nothing happened (although in a slightly quieter voice)
Cass snuggled up next to him while he was working on a case and he put his cape around her.
Steph was chilling in the batcave being all sarcastic and over dramatic like “Don’t I deserve life’s comforts?” And he just wordlessly went over and wrapped her in his cape. It took steph a full minute to understand what just happened.
Damian’s was really early in his time with the bats. He was being a bit of a brat to other heroes and making a number of threats so Bruce just sighed, wrapped him up in his cape, and carries him off.
Duke was upset after a mission gone wrong and Bruce wrapped his cape around him for comfort and to calm him down.
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izzydizzy56 · a month ago
Batman and his family....... I'm SO sorry your fans are fucking annoying
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islandofthesnakes · 11 months ago
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experimenting w/ firealpaca (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧
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outofmymindbebacklater · 3 years ago
One time I was so tired my eyes closed accidentally and I thought I had gone blind
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orangeyjuicy · 3 years ago
me @ anything depicting cass cain and tim drake having the close sibling relationship they actually shared:
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mas-que-loucura-menina · 7 months ago
How the hell can Bruce be a terrible father to his legally adopted children, but when it comes to a STARFISH he is the greatest fucking dad in the world?
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hellyeahheroes · 4 months ago
I don’t think Cassadra Cain should be invicible. but she hsould be losing to actual superhumans and top tier fighters like Shiva, Wildcat or Bronze Tiger. NO ONE IN THE BATFAMILY SHOULD BE ABLE TO BEAT HER! Not Bruce, not Damian, not Dick, not Tim, not Steph and ESPECIALLY NOT FUCKING JASON! If he was 1/10th as good as his stans make him out to be, HE WOULDN’T BE USING GUNS LIKE A COWARD!
And don’t try using Duke as your shield. No one is mad he could match her. We are mad HE HAD TO to not look pathetic because DC degraded and humilated Cass so much she is now a giant joke who always loses. We are mad Duke went from being trained by her to instantly surpassing her because this was the only way for writers to keep his dignity. Because DC turned Cass into a fucking Yamcha and made it clear their end goal is to turn her into a pathetic doormat that cannot fight, has to run away and be saved by Batman from lame mooks and lets OC with Steph’s name abuse and beat her up. 
Until that is fixed you can take your excuses to why your garbage edgelord jason should be allwoed to beat and humilate her and shove it! Same goes for using Duke as your shield, at least admit your racist agenda, you white fuckboy apologists!
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sleepyssnail · 2 months ago
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Dick and Jason come with cake! The birthday boy is so loved
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cryptids-and-muses · 3 months ago
The bats have a family sparring tournament but to make things more interesting have 2 randomized lists that set the rules for each match, the first is weapons with everything from bow staffs, hand to hand, and pool noodles set as options. The second list picks a handicap like no hands, lights out, or fighting in evening gowns.
Other options on the first list include specific martial arts styles, shoes, judges choice where those not fighting get to pick, nerf guns, and all out where the fighters get all their gear and weapons and can do whatever.
Most the fights are one on one but after the bracket is finished they just start making it wilder with team ups and battle royals.
Match ups I’ve thought of:
Dick vs Steph
Weapon: Swords
Handicap: legs tied together
Duke vs Tim
Weapon: escrima sticks
Handicap: both inside inflatable dinosaurs
Cass vs Damian
Weapon: foam jousting sticks
Handicap: weights tied to limbs
Duke vs Jason
Weapon: lightsabers
Handicap: floor is lava
Steph vs Damian
Weapon: boxing gloves
Handicap: fight in the pool
Bruce vs Tim
Weapon: play ground insults
Handicap: blindfolded
Feel free to add some!
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every-and-all-aesthetics · 4 years ago
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Cassadra Wayne
Cassandra Cain
Black Bat/ Orphan/ Batgirl
“Cold air, no crime. Good night.”
more batfam on blog
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dc-comic-is-cool · a year ago
Blue Jacket  by Red_Hood_Bats
Words: 17,518
Summary: The Bats don’t know Jason is alive. They try to find Red Hood, but they find Jason and a 14 year old girl instead. Watch how they react to finding Jason after all those years apart.
(Basically all those stories I was ranting abt wanting with Jason being ultra protective and adopting kids)
Also available of FF.net (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13462755/1/Blue-Jacket)
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sleepyssnail · a month ago
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This just makes my heart clench. He's trying so hard but he's still late
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