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#cassandra cain
Batfam Headcanons pt.1
steph does a lot more social media than anyone else. she takes a lot of selfies and has a moderately popular account under the handle steph.brownie
back when tim and steph were dating, tim made a private instagram account he kept a secret just so he and steph could be THAT couple online. think selfies of them laying on the couch with a romcom playing on the tv, and one of them is asleep on the other. think mirror selfies with them cuddling each other. that was them.
dick WOULD do more- he likes it- but he's a busy man
he has instagram but not twitter
tim has a public twitter he uses for work only, and private instagram and snap accs that are only visible to like,,, three people. he goes for three months without touching sm and then spends three days going through his feed. there's no in between
tim was an avid vine user back when he was in boarding school and he spent a lot of time on tumblr
damian has a public instagram that steph made him. he's never used it. there's not even one post.
cass has insta, snap, and twitter, all made by steph. she never uses twitter but she's made one or two stories on instagram and uses snap all the time. she loves sending three second stories to steph from hong kong or wherever she is atm
cass actually really likes wearing nice clothes. she likes all clothes really, since she's still developing preferences, but she finds dresses fun and easy to fight in as long as there's not too much excess fabric
steph introduced her to boba tea and she's never looked back
tim has watched everything. tv shows, movies. he used to spend a lot of the time he was alone in his house just watching anything and everything. someone mentions a movie at school? he writes in down on the corner of his notes and watches it when he gets home. someone makes a reference to an obscure sitcom made in 1978? he googles until he finds what he's looking for and watches all twenty seasons in two days.
that mostly stopped once he became robin since he got busy but if he had a few days off he’d try to binge something to fill the time. he doesn’t do it anymore once he becomes red robin.
cass' stan twt is basically the same as zendaya's. yeah. you heard me.
each person in the batfam has their own locker in the batcave with extra clothes, spare masks, old case files they didn't bother to put away, etc.
steph got bored one night and basically vandalized all of the lockers. the designs she out on them are bright and obnoxious but no one bothered to change them, so they're still color coded and glitterized with their codenames and goofy sharpie doodles of bruce
tim's apartment has four rooms he uses for various guests once he started reconciling with friends and family. cass, bart, cassie, and conner are the most frequent visitors after things finally settle with the titans
damian's phone is full of pictures of the most RANDOM things, all taken so well they look professional. it'll go from a perfect shot of Dick mid-flip in civvies to an old milk carton left abandoned on the sidewalk. he refuses to offer any sort of explanation.
that's all i have for now but i come up with more on the daily and its five am
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chadfarsight · 8 hours ago
My last Cass Cain post gave me inspiration for a DC OC.
A 23 year-old metahuman vigilante dude named Samuel Bjorn (he/him, White Dude). Meta-human with enhanced everything (healing, strength, durability, senses, endurance, you get the idea.) Gets his powers from a weird connection to The Red. Goes by Bear-Fang.
Samuel accidentally killed a gay-basher (said bigot being the Police Chief' son) and has been on the run ever since. Found his way to Gotham, where Cass/Batman rescued Samuel from evil science dudes trying to Harness Samuel's powers.
Cass saw a kindred soul in Samuel, and connected him to therapy, helped him with his powers by connecting him with JL scientists, and resolved the legal stuff Sam was in (by disgracing the Police Chief).
Samuel, wanting to repay Cass, began training as a Superhero. He joins her Outsiders team, eventually co-leading it.
He plays the role of the fool/himbo, but covers a lot of trauma and justified anger. Tries to be a gentle soul, but sometimes loses control (he is getting better).
He is a cis bisexual dude. 2 meters tall amd BIG MUSCLES.
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chadfarsight · 8 hours ago
Cass Cain fic I want to write.
Kate takes Steph, Harper, and Cass to a Queer Bar (that Kate actually owns/runs), for a fun night out.
Steph, Kate, and Haper have fun getting drunk/dancing with the WLWs and other saphics.
Cass, avoiding the booze, wanders off amd finds herself hanging out with a large number of Leather/Bear MLM. Cass has a pleasant time learning about them and bdsm.
The imagery of Cass (5 foot and a bit), cassually hanging out with Giant Leather Dudes and being friends is pleasing to me.
(Cass/Steph/Harper are all very much adults in this scenario).
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teeeentitaaans · 9 hours ago
Any of them and the song tounge tied it works for so many of them I don't know why just vibes
Okay so I just finished listening to the song and I have thoughts
I think this is a song that Dick and Tim would probably sing (drunk) after a breakup
I definitely see it with Dick and Barbara, and with Tim it's a mix between Stephanie and Bernard
Duke would probably listen to it if it came in the radio, might even sing along if he feeling jazzy
Jason and Cass would be the ones no one expects to like the song, but their the ones who listen to it on repeat everyday
Everyone thinks Steph likes the song, but she hates it
It's a song Jon likes so Damian analyzes it (he won't admit to kind of liking it)
Alfred doesn't care for it, but he'll tolerate it
Bruce hates it
In terms of fitting for the characters, I could definitely see all of them singing this about an ex or current lover (Except Bruce and Alfred)
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hintofelation99 · 11 hours ago
Headcanon #10
Batfamily Sexualities
Happy Pride Month! Here are my headcanons for batfam sexualities and my fav pairings.
Dick: Pansexual; Wally/Dick
I also love Dick and Kori (Cause Teen Titans nostalgia) but the way their relationship ended in the comics sorta ruins it for me.
Jason: Demisexual; Roy/Jason
I do think Jason is still figuring some things out but overall I think of him as demi.
Pre-death I think he was really scared of being gay or liking men, cause growing up with Willis wasn't exactly an accepting environment.
But post-death he was able to come to terms with he sexuality and feel comfortable in exploring it (mainly emotional exploration).
Tim: Asexual/Homoromantic; Kon/Tim
Am I projecting? Probs. Do I care? Nope!
Tim loves physical affection and he isn't sex repulsed, but sex just it's not it? Like it's a thing and sure it's, uh, interesting? But like it ain't all that.
Being ace was super confusing for Tim cause for a long time he didn't realize you could be ace and still like cuddling/kissing. It was so confusing to him until he finally talked to Jason (who had been researching sexuality and shit) and Jason actually explained the ace spectrum.
I always see him as a bby so he hasn't thought about it.
But when he's older I tend to think of him as ace or demi (mainly cause I want more characters on the ace spectrum. Like represent me pls).
Duke: Bi-curious
Duke is also on the younger side and hasn't thought a whole lot about sexuality in my mind.
Steph: Aromantic/Homosexual
She's a gay disaster and I love her.
Also she has a huge crush on Black Canary (mostly in an idolizing way tbh).
Cass: Questioning
I'd imagine that after her not so typical childhood Cass is still trying to figure out who she is as a person and honestly has sorta put romance/relationships on the back burner. Because of this she hasn't put much thought in to it.
She thinks she might be pan so she's been talking with Dick about it, but she's still confused.
Barbara: Fluid; Kara/Babs (based on The New Batman Series)
Babs doesn't really associate her self with a specific sexuality.
Usually she goes for more masculine ppl but she'd not quite straight.
Bruce: Straight
I can easily see Bruce being bi or pan, but tbh I just love imagining straight Bruce who never knew anything about the queer community trying to figuring out how to support his children
Like Bruce going to pride for the first time absolutely decked out cause he maybe emotionally constipated but he will always support his queer disaster children.
Just a quick little side note: Sexuality is complicated and confusing. I have struggled most of my life trying to figure out where I fit in on the spectrum of sexuality. But, now that I've had more time to become comfortable with my sexuality and my self, I've realized I will never fit one label perfectly. Sexuality is a spectrum nothing is perfect, labels have flaws, and we are all just human. So, if you're struggling with your sexuality, I get that and I know it's rough, but it does get easier. And if you're weirded out by me assigning sexualities to random characters, well... idk what to tell you, sucks to suck? Like I grew up with almost no representation so of course I want to see my favorite characters fit into a community I am apart of. Also if we're being honest comic books are basically company approved fanfiction. Like timelines are bullshit, characterizations change constantly, and there are a shit ton of random pairings. So in my mind comics are made to be fucked with.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk :)
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teeeentitaaans · 11 hours ago
Since shy is busy today and I have an idea I'm gonna talk to you because eventually you both reblog almost everything the other posts
So superboy and Robin get seen kissing just in passing and it slowly makes its way through Gotham gossip
Now this has been done before but the twist with this one is that somehow the bat fam misses it until one of the reporters ask the wayne family their thoughts on it in an interview
Now this is where it gets fun because it's a family interview with 95% of them there what do you think the reactions are
I can't believe star annon came and called me out on my own blog-
Ok but this is so cool, so let's do this!
Dick was sick so he had to stay home with Alfred during the interview
They decided to sit on the couch and watch the interview continues on
Alfred had just handed Dick a cup of tea when it happened-
'And, Mr. Wayne, how do you feel about your son's relationship with Jonathan Kent?' A picture of Damian and Jon kissing flashes on the screen
Dick, with the mixture of being sick, and pure suprise, faints
The sound of the tea glass breaking wakes him up
Bruce just sits in the chair, back straight, and eye twitching
'It's... Nice.'
'Yes. Nice.'
Jason is sitting in the crowd with a fake mustache, laughing his ass off
Duke is sitting in the crowd next to Jason
He's already calling Damian to question/warn him
Tim and Cass are at the interview with Bruce
Tim is sitting stick still, eyes wide, mouth open
Cass looks on casually, but inside she's screaming, because how did she not know??
Damian is on a date with Jon, when his 'Something went wrong' sense
As soon as Duke started asking him if it was true he was dating Jon he was running
This was so cute! I hope you liked it!
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bunnvoid · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The last of what I have from the Night Culture au
Bruce may be scary but hes pretty nice in the au
comic one, Clark going to Bruce for help because Jon is sick/hurt
comic two, Lady Shiva (a vampire) in disguise leaving a little Cassandra in Bruce’s care because she’s being hunted
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Bruce: We’re going on a road trip to Tennessee!
Dick, miserably: Yaaay
Cass: *disappears*
Jason: *bolts for the door*
Duke: You’re a billionaire, can’t we fly?
Tim: I call the trunk.
Steph: I don’t live with you, I’m going home.
Damian: *inhuman screeching*
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rubixburd · 13 hours ago
goon 1 over the comms: BATGIRL IS HERE
goon 2: scary batgirl or blonde batgirl
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imacowboy3 · 13 hours ago
Trigger warning for r@pe and abus3
Can we talk about how dc treats Damian's character so poorly? Actually not just dc but some of the fans too,I'm not talking about all of them,I'm referring to the ones (mostly adult men) who keep trashing him all the time and even say shit like how they wish the could beat him up (which, wtf is wrong with you? It doesn't matter how much of a brat he is according to you,that's still a child, a fucking 10 - 13 year old and you're saying you want to hurt him?) I seriously hope you never have a child of your own and if you do God forbid them of ever throwing a tantrum.
Now let's review some of the things basically everyone knows about Damian alright? Great
He is the son of Bruce Wayne (batman) and Talia al Ghul (daughter of the demon head of the league of assassins) the way this happened varies,in some versions they were together at the time of his conception and in others Talia r@pped Bruce,he was raised by Talia with the league since birth,where he learned from a very young age how to be an assassin and a proper heir the the demon head,all of this while Bruce had no idea of his existence,once he became 10 he was sent to live and to continue his training with his father (who still didn't knew about him) after Talia introduces him and Bruce (who's still, justifiable so, in shock) they have disagreements,they are both in very uncomfortable and unknown positions, and what does Bruce (and everyone around him) does with this child that is on a completely new ambient, with people he doesn't trust? They tell him that the way he was raised to view the world and the way he behaves are actually wrong and that he needs to change,but they do this in a safe way right? Like they show him he can trust on them and built a safe net to him and help him change gradually (which is the only way anyone who needs to change their entire life and worldview can do it cause we're not fucking machines who can just be rebooted when something goes wrong) and they try to give assistance to him in regards to his mental health that we can only assume is pretty damaged after all the abuse he certainly went through with the league right? NO, they just throw it at him that the way he behaves is wrong and has to change and the whole killing is wrong bs batman is always saying and leave it at that,let him figure it out how to change, give him some pep talks but when things get hard and he lashes out cause that's the only way he knows how to express what he's feeling you beat him up and you immediately show distrust in him the moment a corpse shows up,trust goes both ways,if you say to your kid that you trust them and immediately gets against them when something goes wrong you really expect them to trust,to believe in you? To feel safe with you? No wonder Damian went to that fucking competition he is in,what the hell does he have in Gotham to make him want to stay?
Now before I end my rant let's talk about the difference in how the fandom treats Cass in comparation to him, why do people keep treating her like a little uwu soft girl? Again,I'm not saying everyone does this,but I've seem it happen many times, she is a victim of trauma and she deserves respect,every person who has trauma is a fucking individual, they're not a trope,they're not edgy or quirky or baby🥺🥺 and they shouldn't be judged by the way they express themselves and their emotions after the shit they went through.
And don't tell me people don't judge characters like that cause they do,that's literally what this fandom does, they take those two kids who have similar backgrounds and because one of them manifests their trauma in a "quiet" way they're a uwu baby who must be protected and is better than the other one who manifests the trauma through fits of rage (who then becomes hated and viewed as a brat and nothing more).
What this people are doing is disgusting, it's like oppression/trauma Olympics but somehow worse,cause instead of the people who actually went through it competing to see who had it worse it's a lot of judgmental assholes deciding that one victim of trauma is better than the other cause the their behavior fits some sick narrative of how a "good" victim of trauma should act.
Now repeat after me kids:
Trauma isn't pretty and trauma isn't there to make you feel better about yourself (unless you went through a similar situation and that character offers some type of comfort to you,which is completely valid) and trauma is not the same to everyone (doesn't matter how similar the background and experiences of two people are) and there's no right or wrong way of behaving as a victim of trauma.
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cassianisilliterate · 16 hours ago
Pages Stained with Coffee and Ink
Hello! im back with the new rewrite of this! I said Monday but i finished it sooner than expected. So here is Part One!
Words: 519
Warning: mentions of death!
With all his anger poured into the letter, he felt better. Neatly folding tit, tying it with a piece of string he had found and finally tucking it away under the bed, into a tiny hole he had made. Jason looks back on it now, he’s 28, and on better terms with Bruce. The tears slowly start to form, spilling down his face as he remembers and relives the moment. His anger, the hurt, the sadness. All the pain and suffering. And with that he read the next letter,,,
Jason still blamed Bruce for what happened, and sure messing with his head would’ve been fun, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. So he wrote several letters. Letters he never sent, letters that sit in between his mattress and box spring, moving from safehouse to safehouse. Letters stained with blood(his own and others), coffee(from late nights) and sometimes even tears when everything was just too much.
He wrote his first letter a week after being alive(again). He was still so mad at Bruce and Dick and just the world, and so he just poured all of his emotions into this letter. A browned piece of paper he got from Thalia, ripped around the edges. He spent hours writing, it wasn't long, he just didn't know what to say. The letter read;
“Dear Bruce, I'm back.
Your biggest mistake, Jason Peter Todd. The one you couldn't save, the orphan you adopted and left to die. I always felt so alone in the manor rather than on the streets. It just seemed you were addicted to being batman, to saving people, rather than caring for the kids YOU adopted. Why take Dick and I in, if only to make us robins? We were both so sad and alone and we both went with you, for comfort, for a sense of home. And what did we get? An emotionally unavailable “father” who seemingly only took us in to do his dirty work.
You know what, I wanted you to be my father, I wanted to look up to you, just as little kids did, just as Dick did. He always told me “it gets better” or “he’ll open up” but it never really did happen. I did really try, but it ended with me dying and its your fault. If you were faster, just a little bit faster, I wouldn't have died. I could’ve had a normal(ish) childhood. But no. Instead, i was left to die, taken to the Lazarus pit and here I am again. 19, alive and a bloodlust thanks to the Ah Guls. But maybe i should thank them. They’ve shown me more hospitality than you ever have.
With all his anger poured into the letter, he felt better. Neatly folding it, tying it with a piece of string he had found and finally tucking it away under the bed, into a tiny hole he had made. Jason looks back on it now, he’s 28, and on better terms with Bruce. The tears slowly start to form, spilling down his face as he remembers and relives the moment. His anger, the hurt, the sadness. All the pain and suffering. And with that he read the next letter,,,
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cassandra-cain-supremacy · 18 hours ago
Everyone except jason is canonicaly a minority in the batfam
1.Bruce = Jewish
2.Dick = Romani
3. Tim= Jewish
4. Duke = black
5. Cassandra = asian
7. Damian = Arab (# damian should use his arab name Hafid more often)
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I'm becoming aware of just how many children of villains who become heroes in DC:
Deathstroke = Ravanger & Jericho (Rose & Joseph Wilson)
Lobo = Crush (Xiomara Rojas)
Black Manta = Aqualad (Jackson Hyde)
The al Ghul's = Robin (Damian Wayne)
Captain Boomerang = Captain Boomerang II (Owen Mercer)
Deadshot = Liveshot (Zoe Lawton)
Nobody = Nobody II (Maya Ducard)
Cheshire = Cheshire Cat (Lian Harper)
Lady Shiva = Black Bat (Cassandra Cain)
Reverse Flash = Kid Flash III (Wally West II)
Shado = Red Arrow II (Emiko Queen)
Sinestro = Soranik
Cluemaster = Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
Darkseid = Orion
Trigon = Raven (Raven Roth)
And of course the category of children from villains who also happen to be clones:
Lex Luthor = Superboy (Conner Kent)
Brainiac = Brainiac 5
Am I forgetting anyone?
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incorrectbopquotes · 19 hours ago
Barbara: Well, kids, you better do your homework. It's a school night.
Cassandra: Bruce usually lets us watch "Wrestle Smackathon."
Barbara, picking up a list that Bruce left her: Oh, really? Because on the "Don’t" list, it says "Don’t let them convince you I let them watch 'Wrestle Smackathon' before they do their homework."
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myribcxge · 20 hours ago
The Batfam as songs from Bo Burnham’s special
I don’t know if this has been done yet but I wanted to give it a shot
Bruce: Bezos I
“Pave the way, put your back into it
Tell us why, show us how.”
Barbara: Welcome to the Internet
“Welcome to the internet! Have a look around, anything that brain of yours can think of can be found.
We've got mountains of content—some better, some worse if none of it’s of interest to you. You’d be the first.”
Dick: 30
“I used to make fun of the boomers; in retrospect, a bit too much. Now all these fucking zoomers are telling me that I'm out of touch.”
Jason: Problematic
“Times are changing, and I'm getting old, Are you gonna hold me accountable?”
Tim: Shit
“How we feelin' out there tonight? Hahaha, yeah, I am not feeling good”
Steph: White woman’s instagram
“Latte foam art, tiny pumpkins, Fuzzy, comfy socks.”
Cass: Goodbye
“If I wake up in a house that's full of smoke I'll panic, so call me up and tell me a joke.”
Duke: All eyes on me
“Don't overthink this, look in my eye, Don't be scared, don't be shy.
Come on in, the water's fine.”
Damian: Don’t wanna know
“Is there anyone out there or am I all alone?
It wouldn’t make a difference still, I don’t wanna know.”
And a Bonus:
Alfred: Any day now
“It'll stop any day now.”
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cassianisilliterate · 20 hours ago
Hello! I know many of you followed me for "Pages Stained with Coffee and Ink" but I've decided to private those post and rewrite it in a slightly differnt manner. I don't know how it will go but itll be out by Monday :)
Secondly, I will also be starting a Core-4 Young justice series! So stay tuned for that aswell!
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In my brain, Tim and Cass have the same haircut.
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