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#cassandra cain

issues#39-44 - a story of Cass falling in love for the first time, and kissing for the first time, and that was two different people.

Which, really, makes me wonder. I saw people ship Conner and Cass, and given she was super uncomfortable with him uhhh being attracted to her, that doesnt really make any sense. Compare it to reaction she got to Tal’darshan: being confused and unsettled by her reaction to him when they first met (if she felt threatened in any form you betcha she wouldn’t let him escape; and it was more like: a boy? pretty boy? complimenting me? why my heart is racing, he is not fighting me, where is no need for adrenaline); then, when she sees him again on the cruise ship, she actively seeks him out. She’s willing to hear him out even if he is international terrorist  and he’s going to do internationally terrorist thing - he says so outright, though she knew it herself. And! She kisses Conner only when Tal can see it.

With Conner, it’s like - she needed a friend, Babs is more of a mentor she is not happy with at the time (Babs made her go to this cruise), Steph is pissed of that Cass thinks Bruce is right, and here’s another boy, who’s also a hero so he doesn’t kill people (given what kind of people outside of Batfam we see Cass like, it’s very important), and he basically told her he wanted to spent time together. Sure, she goes to him and kisses him again but - I think it was more of what Cass thought she supposed to do, and Conner being who she supposed to want, and not out of real desire. And in the end they both agree they better work as friends and partners in crime-fighting. Cass, seeing a slime monster who escaped STAR labs, says so herself: lonely… wanted a friend. She recognizes herself in that dude.

And then Cass and Bruce go to Tarakstan (wtf DC, could you be even more American) and Cass meets with Tal again. He confesses he loves her, in a very sweet way - saying it as a secret in his native language and burying it in the ground as per tradition. And in the end of issue 44, after he died, Cass does the same.

Hey, guys, side note: do you ever think about Bruce basically being the reason Cass first love died, because he was saving lives of genocidial maniacs in power of that country?

Also, I don’t like her new writers here.

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Can I just say that I appreciate everything Cass does except when she nerve strikes Stephanie? It’s the fourth time for 38 chapters.

I get that she’s worried but you should not injure people to keep them safe. Maybe train and fight with her more?

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The Robins as…



  • Glam rock / Heartland rock ; goes by the pseudonym “Azul”; the Artist Formerly Known as Nightsing
  • He’s an incredible all-around performer, so it should come as no surprise that he’s a natural frontman (or solo act).
  • He’s constantly reinventing his look (short, long, mullet - you name it, he’s probably sported the hairstyle). And Discowing’s got nothing on the outfits he wears onstage.
  • People love booking or working with him because he’s very professional (but does have a volatile temper from time to time). 
  • The only thing that he requests for in his hotel room or trailer? A poster of The Flying Graysons. Oh, and cereal. Lots of it.
  • He actually uses the Cirque-du-Soleil-ish set design, blowing minds all over the world.
  • He likes calling audience members onto the stage, and never forgets to introduce his bandmates and give credit to those who made the concert possible.
  • His bodyguards don’t get paid enough for the number (and level of aggression) of fans who throw themselves at him.
  • He actually responds to fan mail, loves visiting sick fans in the hospitals, and gives warm hugs during meet-and-greets.
  • A substantial part of the proceeds from all his concerts go to the Martha Wayne Foundation, which supports many schools and orphanages.
  • His “entourage”? His long-term girlfriend, Kory Anders ( “Azul! Over here! Gotham Gazette! Why haven’t you proposed yet?”), and his childhood best friend, Wally West. 
  • For all his showmanship, he’s notoriously private about his personal life. And, honestly? The spotlight does make him tired.


  • Folk rock / Grunge rock ; goes by the pseudonym “Rason Rodd”
  • He sings and plays rhythm guitar, while Roy Harper’s on either bass or drums and Lady Artemis slays on lead guitar. Together they’re known as The Outlaws, managed by Mr. Am Not Bizarro.
  • He sounds so much like Eddie Vedder that it’s eerie. Eerily beautiful.
  • His debut solo album “I Ain’t No Joker” went straight to #1 on the world charts.
  • He’s found that music can be an effective political tool, so expect to find him lending his talents, free of charge, to various charities and advocacies. (On that note, he’s already done jail time for his blatantly subversive lyrics.) 
  • He’s on the road so much that he practically lives on the tour bus (that’s always stocked with beer and cigarettes). At this point, he’s… trying not to mind. He’s been away from what he used to consider “home” for so long that he’s not sure where to go.
  • With The Outlaws and their connections, he holds free music workshops and provides informal foster care for Gotham’s street children, who often don’t have proper adult supervision.
  • During his downtime, he visits prisons in Gotham City to perform for the inmates, hoping to encourage them. Then he’ll anonymously send their low-income families some groceries every now and then.
  • It’s either you’ll barely recognize him on the streets because he’s so low-key or know it’s him because he’s wearing something outrageous, like a tinted gas mask or a plague doctor getup, on a grocery run.


  • Rap rock / Electronic rock ; goes simply by his last name, “Drake” (not to be confused with other famous artist Drake or Gotham vigilante Drake or male fowl – “I’m not any of them, alright!”)
  • He’s moved on from his punk rock roots and has been experimenting with fusion subgenres.
  • Once in a while, he’ll do reunion performances with former bandmates Bart Allen and Cassandra Sansmark.
  • Nowadays, he frequently collaborates with other artists with different musical backgrounds, such as rapper D.u.k.e. T and country crooner Conner “Kon” Kent. 
  • He’s notoriously hardworking (and his PA’s got some toned legs from all those coffee runs). 
  • His albums are a hit among the younger demographic, but his famous adoptive father says that he “is extremely proud of my son, but I… I don’t really understand his music.” (Hmm. Makes you wonder if billionaire Bruce Wayne’s got a closet full of Drake’s “Sedimentary / Metamorphic / Igneous - The Anthology”.)
  • He’s developed his own state-of-the-art software for composing music and even performs live as a hologram (through the help of information technology magnate Barbara Gordon’s company, Oracle).
  • He’s made the said software, which makes it possible to produce professional-quality music using little to no equipment other than a mobile phone, free and accessible so that aspiring musicians who can’t afford to work in studios can pursue their dreams.
  • He enjoys discovering new talent, especially among young people who haven’t had as many opportunities as he’s had, and offers to manage them for free.
  • His on-again-off-again relationship with pop star Stephy Brown has made him a tabloid staple.
  • When asked by a reporter what he likes to do for fun, he answered, “Sleep” while slowly sinking into the couch. 


  • Heavy metal meets orchestra music (think Metallica’s “S&M”concert) ; goes by the pseudonym “Habibi”
  • He’s a musical prodigy who can play practically any instrument from percussion to wind, but the need for control led him to being a conductor.
  • Like Timothy, he likes to experiment. His latest project, which he’s very secretive to the media about, has to do with oriental influences. He’s called upon the help of his sister, a musical prodigy like him, Cassandra Cain.  
  • He’s notoriously a perfectionist, which makes it challenging to work with him. (But no one argues that he’s a musical genius, so they put up with it.)
  • He owns the Wayne Conservatory of Music, which offers full educational scholarships and training programs to the poor youth in Gotham who are musically gifted. 
  • He once told a news reporter that his greatest dream is to conduct the ultimate performance – his obra maestra –  starring Azul, Rason Rodd, and Drake.
  • When he’s not busy in the studio or mentoring budding musicians, he’s just in his mahal (palace), hanging out with his best friend Jon Kent, practicing martial arts, or enjoying the company of his pets. 

And in the quiet moments of their famous lives, they dial one number that always brings them back down to earth…

Alfred: *picks up* Hello? I’ve missed you, too, Master – What’s the matter? Why are you crying? Oh, bullocks, don’t listen to what they’re saying… In which part of the world are you right no– Ah, never mind. I’ll just follow the tracker Master Bruce has put on you. I’ll see you in a bit.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  ~ 

For you, @xellexavierxau.

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did a bunch of twitter requests for six fanarts!!! it was super super fun and i love all of these characters very very much. here’s the little legend for all the symbols:

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@books-netflix-and-pizza asked: Could you please make a Damian x reader social media au, where the rest of the bat fam thinks they hate each other but they post something on social media that makes it really obvious that they don’t?

This one was so much fun!  After the anon message from this morning, I made some adjustments to my previous stockpile for it but I don’t regret a single thing.  Also, Tim canceling Dami is a total thing for me.  Just warning you now.

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Love your BoP headcanons! Thoughts on BoP at Christmas/holidays? Thanks! :)

Thanks for the love!

Harley: She likes presents and screwing around, but she isn’t always 100% there for the “peace on earth” thing. After getting together as a group, the Birds decided to start having Christmas together and Harley is a great and fun person to have around. Will get drunk. Made everyone red and green margaritas. Won’t tell what’s in the margaritas. she doesn’t even know what’s in them. They are delicious and great for getting drunk tho, so they’re perfect. Brings a big box of really fucking weird ornaments for the tree.

Helena: She hosts the Birds of Prey Christmas festivities because she managed to get access to the Bertinelli mansion as well as the Bertinelli fortune, so that’s where they hold Christmas.. She pretty much only actually lives there for the Christmas party tho. She went to Tuesday Morning and bought a whole lot of traditional Christmas decor, like, wreathes and garlands and a bunch of classic ornaments. Totally overthinks the gift giving process. really loves Christmas because she can spend time with her new friends when they’re all collectively Not Busy. Makes a giant Italian dinner. It’s Really Good.

Dinah: Has really good taste in ornaments. Makes a mean hot chocolate. Tried to learn how to knit so she could knit a hat. The hat’s a little janky but she’s getting there. She doesn’t buy a lot of stuff, but she puts thought into all her gifts. All the Birds worked together to give her a megaphone as a gift. it was a joke but she tried using it with her Canary Cry and she knocked down a tree.

Renee: Booze icon. Gives food as a gift. all her ornaments are really old. Rented some holiday DVDs for a Birds of Prey movie night. they were 50% classics and 50% Hallmark movies. Loves making fun of Hallmark movies. Harley broke into the GCPD office to steal the “I shaved my balls for this” t-shirt for renee from the lost and found. she unwrapped it and almost cried laughing.

Cass: She didn’t really get a big Christmas thing until she moved in with Harley, so she soaks up everything about Christmas. She found a website where you can customize ugly Christmas sweaters and she designed one for each member of the Birds. Harley’s says “feral energy” and Helena’s says “wrapping paper and bows (and arrows)”. They’re all giant and really overdecorated. the birds love their sweaters. someone gave her a little statuette award that said “Strongest Stomach” which now holds a prized place in the clutter in Cass and Harley’s apartment.

My asks are open!

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Dick recording on his phone in the bathroom mirror: This is a call out to my brother Jason.
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Y/N and jason: *Being disgustingly in love and PDA is at its highest level*

Tim: Right in front of my salad!

Y/N: Timmy, you are eating soup

Jason: With a fork…

Tim: I’m sleep deprived, leave me the heck alone.

Damian: Drake has been so stupid later, I even saw him giggling to the creepy painting down the hallway.

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Batfamily Files:

Family photo shoot

“This is a farce,” Damian growled out from under his breath.

No one in the family replied to the comment, whether due to agreeance or not, because they didn’t want to help the young boy in starting a fight. The tension hanging in the air was thick enough for that fire to start itself without fuel.

“We’re getting a family portrait shot,” had been the clipped order disguised as a message when Bruce had first called them all. “You will be there,” he had informed each of them in turn.

For all of his more-or-less adopted children, this had incited varying levels of arguement. Everything from Cassandra’s knitted eyebrows to Jason’s mouth going full trucker-mode. All qualms had been squashed, tidily, when Bruce had delivered his counter arguement to each of them. “It will be something for Alfred.”

Now they were all gathered.

The photography studio was a very prestigious one, and had all but jumped on Bruce for the chance to lend their services to the billionaire. With all the boys stuffed into their stiffest suits, and the girls encased in modest black dresses bought just for the occasion, they would have been ready to start, but they were missing one.

Bruce’s oldest was never able to sit in one place very long. When he had noticed how cute the photographer’s assistant was he had managed to slink away to flirt.

“Dick,” Bruce beckoned, and that alone turned into enough in the already tense situation for the underlying frustrations of a few others to find a direction to turn their ire towards.

“Will you stop acting like an idiot so we can snap this stupid picture and go?” Jason snapped at the older man.

Damian hissed back at Bruce’s tallest son in disdain, “Do not take such a tone with your superiors, Todd. Grayson, do hurry up though. I can only stand the stench of Drake’s body spray for so long and it’s sure to lose its fight against his natural stench at any minute, which would only be even more intolerable.”

“I don’t have a stench!”

“You little gremlin, you’re two seconds away from taking this photo with a bloody nose!”

“You just try it, Todd. If anything’s going to cause my nose to bleed, however, Drake stands a better chance than you right now.” That haughty glare turned fully towards Tim then. “You spritz. You don’t use cologne as a substitute for a bath because you can’t remember to bathe for a week.”

Tim’s whole face burned, Stephanie meeting Damian’s glare head on even as Bruce snapped, “Damian, enough.”

Stephanie leaned down closer to the youngest, “Tim did his best to get here at all. The last two days have been so busy for him he hasn’t slept more than six hours. His cologne is fine! I bought it for him myself.”

Damian’s little nose scrunched with even more distaste. “I should have suspected as much.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Steph demanded, fists balled.

Bruce put a hand between them to keep them from getting any closer to each other. “Enough, both of you. Tim’s cologne is fine. Dick,” he tried again, a little more urgency creeping into his voice.

Dick reluctantly pulled himself away from the assistant, keeping his smile bright and photo-ready as he returned to the flock, pinching into place between Bruce and Jason in the back row.

Barbara glanced back from where her chair was parked in front of Jason. It was impossible to tell if she was amused or annoyed by Dick’s habitual flirting. “Did you even manage to catch a name this time?”

Dick’s cheeks pinkened for her like they would for no one else but his grin only spread wider. “You assume so little of me. Her name is Jennifer.”

Cass’s brows drew in confusion as she leaned forward from the far side of the front row. “The photographer called her Chelsea earlier.”

Stephanie gaped in astonishment. “You weren’t even close!”

Barbara now looked very amused as she turned back around and smoothed out the skirt of her black dress, ignoring Dick’s sputtering.

Jason gave a snort of laughter. “You dumbass.”

Then Dick turned on Jason, arguing to the contrary. Damian had turned back around to snarl up at the larger man once more with more threats and reprimands. Jason snarled right back at the both of them, even threatening to leave.

Stephanie started telling the back of Damian’s head that he had some nerve for coaching anyone else on giving respect. Tim tried pleading with Steph to just let it drop.

Cass and Barbara both looked ready to bolt from this mess.

The photographer shared their expression as he stood dumbfounded next to the tripod.

Bruce’s voice barely rose above all the other noises that continued with their tirades. “We are going to take one nice photo for Alfred, that’s an order. Photographer, on my count. One, two… Three!”

Exactly on the count of three, all bickering cut off and those in the front turned back around. All backs straightened, all smiles stretched, and the camera flashed.

Exactly three seconds after the flash settled the spell broke, and the arguing started up right where it had left off.

Mission accomplished.

By: irishgrlnextdoor

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thinking about my own timeline everyday and going crazy is just like 

*thinks about Dickkory having their own family and Dick just hangs out with the titans(which includes raven and beast boy stop regressing them) and lian and mar’i are in the timeline

*thinks about jason just having his own family/ friends not related to the batfam(that are not alien teenagers Lobdell shut up) he does his own shit and occasionally does missions with or for Talia, they have that complicated mother/son relationship ,they drink a lot of tea and wine together

*Thinks about Bruce aging and slowly retiring so Duke and Cass could be batman’s successors, Cass is batgirl again

*Thinks about Stephanie also being a batgirl but would suit more of the stuff their doing with babs just less insulting

*Thinks about Barbara being Oracle and being 28-30yrs old cause fuck the creepy men @dc and she mentors Cass and Steph again and she gets to know duke a lot more

*Thinks about Damian having his own damn team with maya and jon as core members with Suren and Kathy joining later and they just get to go on fun adventures but also deals with character development, Talia and Damian are trying to repair there relationship

*Thinks about Kara and Kon meeting Jon and being the best cousins(?)

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