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Hello I’m doing my comeback with comissions this time!

I know that it had been hard for everyone and harder for independent artist since 2019.

I’m trying too and it’s exhausting but I’m still optimistic that we have a sunny future!

In order to pay my visa and find new opportunities I hope that you can comission me some quick art. It will be great if i can make some money before October ends whoopsie.

I draw your fav character, oc, cat, dog, snake, mom, etc!

We can discuss for some couple fanart too! And if you’re really interested to invest in my art I can do something more elaborate with background, compicated poses, etc (I’m going to post examples later)

I prefer Euro € but I can always take $ too

Simple black and white 3€

Simple color and shadow 5€

Full color 10€

Support your latinx undocumented queer artist to keep doing art and being save from anxiety and panic attacks caused by this capitalist system.

I love you all

Thanks for reblogging!

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After a horrendous blizzard falls over Gotham, Tim undergoes a sharp change in character before disappearing. Upon discovering what has become of him, Stephanie sets off on a solo journey in a magic realm to bring him home, meeting some faces who seem awfully familiar along the way. 

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Cassandra could be just as obsessive as her brothers. She may have been a little quieter about it, but an instance where her best friend and closest brother had gone missing two months ago had lent itself very neatly to her sitting by Kane bridge all day every day, watching, waiting for them to arrive back home. Sometimes Duke would join her, when he didn’t have school or some daytime mission to attend to, and the pair would sit in silence, watching the water. The storm and its heavy snowfall had long since gone, nothing more than an interesting memory for most of the residents of the city.

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quick PSA for anyone that is still confused (because I see it every couple weeks):


in simple broadstrokes, as simply and fundamentally I can break it down, Duke Thomas has the power to absorb and redistribute light and/or shadow for a variety of effects.

he typically absorbs light through the eyes and uses it to perform different visual abilities (precognition, recognition, telescopic vision, x-ray vision, etc)….


conversely, he absorbs shadow with his body and uses it to cloak his allies, augment his melee, defend himself, or to terrify and disorient his opponents.


Duke also has a couple important passive abilities that are not fully confirmed or understood. his biological father is an Immortal named Gnomon, who implied that Duke may have similar immortality, and we also know that Duke makes other metahumans more powerful in his presence.

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A little bat fam head canon for you this morning-

Out of all of the family and connected kids, the best at cooking is surprisingly Stephanie. Sure, it’s not going to be anything like the five course meals Alfred can create, but she’s been at the stove since before she could reach it without a stool. Her food tends towards the heartier side of things- and is comforting. Like a warm hug.

She’s also excellent at budgeting and bargain grocery shopping- and even now, when she had enough and her mother’s present, it’s something she tends to fall back to. Tim, for all his ability with math, doesn’t always understand it. Cass, on the other hand, appreciates it and has learnt from her.

One of the reasons her mother making her waffles is a big thing is because she was the one who took care of food in her house for quite some time. It’s a luxury for her to not have to worry about it.

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Hey Tom Taylor ya know there are 5 years of unexplored stories with both Jason, Cass, and others on Earth and 5 years of stories with the Tiny Trinity on Earth-2.

So after DCeased: Dead Planet and DCeased: Hope at Worlds End are finished you DONT have to stop telling stories in this universe!!





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(@redhoodiejt)  Here is the full list of the ships and main characters of the poly mess! I am happy to clarify and answer any questions that may arise from the list. This list will be added to as this AU expands. Many of the children seen on the list are children who are had later in the timeline, but their parent’s relationships listed are according to present timeline.

(Small Key: multiple characters listed in one partner line means that all characters in that line are in a relationship. “A.” is short for adopted. Character relations are put in parenthesis.)

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