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#cassandra sandsmark
addison-wayne18 · 11 hours ago
Nap time with Terry
Tumblr media
Nap time this time with Matt
Tumblr media
Addie is so cute (and she finally slept in the last 3 months)
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addison-wayne18 · 15 hours ago
Cassie:I want to make you scream
Me:You going to take me out to a horror movie ?
Cassie:Yes ....that was my intention
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addison-wayne18 · 2 days ago
The differences between Addison and this heroes are very big compared to our heroes
She is very close with Supergirl and she can't stand kryptonians
Flash is trying to "steal" Addie evry te and get her in his city to do God knows what while our Flash thinks she is a vilian
She makes fun of Superman within the limits of good sense in our world not so much ....
Black Lighting he looks after her in our world never talked
Green Arrow she respects him very much almost as much as she respect her dad and Alfred
Batwoman they are bitching about Bruce .Addie and Batwoman in our world they shook hands once and that was it
Sara she is her third favorite assassin ,does she exist in our world ?
Seriously it doesn't surprise me she likes this place more but she doesn't know where Batman and her siblings are
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addison-wayne18 · 2 days ago
She has a company ,she is rich,black hair ,smart,green eyes,beautiful and she is 29
Tumblr media
She is a :kryptonian ,smart,has a stable job,funny ,blue eyes,beautiful and she is 27
Tumblr media
And here's Addie who can be their child for several reasons
Tumblr media
Bruce they might try and adopt her....or Midnighter and Apollo will either way someone is trying to adopt
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addison-wayne18 · 3 days ago
The justice league from Earth 38 waiting outside of the training room after Oliver went inside after Addie
Tumblr media
At what sounds can be heard there one of them surely dies or surrenders Oliver will lose
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(YJ fighting off an entire army of invading space alien chickens)
Tim: How we’re doing?
Conner: Things can’t get much worse…..
(Cue MASSIVE alien chicken appearing out of the sky)
Conner: The universe LOVES to prove me wrong doesn’t it?
Cassie: You make it to easy!
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sokoviarising-rp · 4 days ago
DIANA PRINCE is currently looking for CASSANDRA SANDSMARK. This character should be TWENTIES/UTP, and resemble ERIN MORIARTY/SOPHIE COOKSON/ASHLEY BENSON/UTP. If you apply for this character, you DO NOT need to contact the requestor before applying!
CASSIE SANDSMARK has been added to our WANTED CONNECTIONS page. Head to the main to find the rest of our MOST WANTED list!
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i-can-draw-i-swear · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
pov: you’re a criminal. this is the last thing you see before your lights get punched out
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sadva · 12 days ago
dc characters as songs
Tim Drake/(Red) Robin-are you satisfied by Marina and the diamonds
Gifted kid burn out literally,like he is smart but drop out,Mental health got worse,gave up on studying school cause he did not have any time and no one cared about his grades anyway
Cassie/Wonder girl-Real men by mitski,She constantly thinks that she is not enough,compares herself to Donna and Diana.
Bart Allen-class of 2013, beacuse i said so :(
Kon/Conner Kent/Kon-El/Og Superboy- Rät by peneloppa scott.
Jon Kent/Superboy/Jon-el- nobody( i am just thinking where jon was and why was he aged up pls no—,de-age him pls dc pls),because dreaming costs money by Mitski
Damian Wayne,Suren Darga Pearl by Mitski
damian probs sees himself in Suren,this is why he said “you are not a weapon” ALLALSLSLALLA p a i n
Jason Todd,Lucy Quinn(?)
Why didn’t you stop me? By Mitski
Idk but i think that Jason would ask Bruce smth like that.
Idk why but i also think that Brand new city suits Dinah,,, but idk why
Hal Jordan-last words of shooting stars
Fell free to add :D
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lizzieraineplots · 13 days ago
Batfam Fics
Teardrops Like Rain (Ao3 series link) Summary: After he “came back to life”, Tim decides to build a life he had dreamed about as a kid. He goes to college and retires from the hero life. His family comes looking for him and reminds him why he left Gotham. Then, he gets life-changing news and has to deal with his own mortality. Rating: T Pairing: None Warnings: Major Character Death, minor violence, Cancer/Sickness
What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham (Ao3 link)
What Happens in Gotham, Stays in Gotham
You Choose Your Family
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger
The Sky Cries for Fallen Children
Pearls of Wisdom Never Saved Anyone
Pennies From Heaven (Ao3 link)
As the Bulwark Crumbles
Rough Around the Edges
To Build a Legacy
Nemesis (Ao3 link) Summary: Ra’s decides he must have the Detective by his side and lays the perfect trap with the highest of stakes.  Only, Bruce isn’t the target.  He’s just another pawn in the ongoing game between Ra’s al Ghul and Timothy Drake. Rating: T Pairings: Tim/Jason Warnings: Major Character Death (it’s temporary)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Siren’s Cove (Ao3 link) Summary: Tim is torn between two families.  When it comes down to saving the lives of his aunts or betraying them to the Bats, he faces against the Batman and his various Robins.  Tim must convince them to leave his aunts alone or they will all die. Rating: T Pairings: Pamela Isley/Harleen Quinzel, Tim/Jason Warnings: Mentions of Joker, Past Brainwashing, Past Torture
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Letters (Ao3 link) Summary:  Jason knows that he’s been thoroughly replaced and decides to see just how replaced he has been.  But he finds a box of letters that tells a story different from the one that he was told. Rating: T Pairings: Tim/Jason Warnings: Past Character Death, Reference to Past Violence
Scars Tell a Story (Ao3 link only) Summary:  On the way out of Gotham after his whole world was ripped out from under his feet, Tim finds himself in the clutches of CADMUS as a scientific experiment.  He is forced to deal with everything that happened while in their custody and the fact that no one ever looked for him. Rating: M Pairings: None Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Torture, Lots of Angst
Bat Fic Voting Five different stories that I plan on writing eventually.
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cathyart · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
i’m trying a new art style! i like this one a lot more, and i’m gonna try it on various young justice characters.
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addison-wayne18 · 15 days ago
My girlfriend came home drunk as fuck .
The funny part is that she is describing her girlfriend to me and I want to know how far she will tell ,I am also recording
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addison-wayne18 · 22 days ago
Addison can carry all her siblings at once and that is co cute
Cassie ❤️
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armysonemeu · 24 days ago
Cassie: Don't worry. Diana likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary.
Zatanna: She thinks its fancy?
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