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foxboylucien3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nyx is going to have the best childhood with the Inner Circle. So much love.
Instagram @ marcellamac_art
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cinnamonroll15an hour ago
Tumblr media
Nessian Twins :))
I鈥檓 not very good at digital drawing yet but I did my best 馃槄 i followed this base on Pinterest
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regolithheartan hour ago
Honestly, Nesta has way more patience (or is it self-loathing?) than me because if Cassian had snapped at me and started yelling and cursing after I told him to return the Symphonia, I would have married Eris聽鉁 out of spite聽鉁 in a fucking heartbeat.聽
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emilia35462 hours ago
Tell Me What You Want - Feyre x Rhys x Cassian x Azriel NSFW
Ever since that offer at Solstice, thoughts of more than her mate have been racing through Feyre's mind, but he hasn't exactly helped to get rid of them, not at all. After one too many suggestive comments, Feyre gives in to her desire for all three Illyrians.
Feyre slammed her mental shields up, lowering them for a moment, just long enough to hiss at Rhys,
Prick. She ignored the dark chuckle from across the bond, the image he'd sent across, and tried to turn her attention back to the painting in front of her. She tried to focus on the sunrise, on getting the colors to blend together, and not on the way her mate's hair was ruffled, just like other, more private, times. She shook her head, and Rhys slipped back into her mind in that moment of weakness, and Feyre swore at the images popping up. She knew he was training, but knowing, and seeing three shirtless male bodies was quite another. Fuck off, I'm working. She snapped, but Rhys just laughed,
We miss you. Come join us, we're bored.
I'm working. Feyre repeated, sure that anything else would snap her self control,
You're painting me, come back and find the real thing. I'll make it worth your while. Feyre shoved him away, ignoring the heat spreading across her body, each little joke, each suggestion had slowly been building up. Ever since she'd hesitated to decline his offer to join them in the birchin, he'd been infuriating, mostly because he was right, she wanted them all. She was a mated female, this was ridiculous, but still, her mind wandered to the training ring, to the three half-naked Illyrians there, her mind wandered further, further, until she swore, and stood up, just to try to shake the effect.
None of her half-finished paintings could distract her now, not after the last image Rhys had sent her, she'd never had two males at once, let alone three, but the thought of being between them all sent heat rushing through her, building between her legs, and she finally gave up. She tidied the room as quick as possible, winnowing straight to the bedroom, hoping that maybe she could bathe before Rhys got home, could pretend she was fine. She had no such luck, her mate was sitting on the end of the bed, still shirtless, still grinning, his eyes locking onto her the moment she appeared, and he chuckled as her scent wafted over to him,
"Need a bit of help there, darling?"
"No. I'm fine." She turned on her heel, but Rhys was already there, wrapping his arms around her from behind, and kissing the side of her neck. She melted into him, and nodded when he gently nipped at her skin,
"I want to hear you, darling."
"Yes." she panted, but Rhys made no move to carry her to the bed, or to pull her clothes off, "Rhys," she complained,
"Tell me what you want, Feyre."
"You," she panted, "I want you." Still nothing, she wriggled backwards, trying to urge him into action. This wasn't fair, he was the one who'd been winding her up all day, the least he could do now was to follow through on his promises. "Rhys, please," she whispered, and felt him smile against her skin,
"There it is. Good girl." He whispered, and swung her into his arms, both their clothes vanishing and reappearing in the corner. "We missed you at training today," he murmured as he lay her down on the mattress,
"Some of us have work to do," Feyre managed, her voice slightly breathless, but steady,
"You missed a good day." Rhys continued, kissing along her jaw as she tangled her hands in his hair, holding his face against her. "We had to force Cassian to put his shirt back on at the end." Feyre squeezed her eyes shut as Rhys trailed kisses down her neck, "You should have seen him and Azriel today, if I didn't know better, I'd have said they were putting on a show." At the last word he bit down gently on her collarbone, and Feyre moaned. She cried out when he pulled away, reaching out blindly as she opened her eyes, only for him to yank her down the bed so that her legs fell onto his shoulders as knelt on the floor. "I wonder," he mused, "Would you make the same noises for them as you do when I'm inside you?" Before she could answer, he sucked her clit into his mouth, leaving her wriggling and moaning. He stopped the moment before she reached her climax, "I'd like to find out." Feyre blinked, and tried to form words, any words, "Do you want that?" Rhys whispered, and she finally manged one,
Feyre wasn't scared exactly, but she certainly was nervous, she had no idea what Rhys had planned. She knew he'd relayed their whole discussion to Cassian and Azriel, and that they had both agreed, she'd never liked waiting, and now she was here on her own. She stood from the bed, pacing in front of it, and flushed as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, completely naked except for a black satin dressing gown, she'd left it open, but she fought the instinct to tie it as the door creaked open,
"It's just me." Rhys smiled at her before crossing the room, "Are you sure about this?" Feyre nodded,
"I just don't like waiting,"
"We just wanted you to be sure."
"I am sure, now stop making me wait." Mischief flashed in Rhys's eyes as he leaned down to press a quick kiss against her lips, and slipped the dressing gown off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Feyre was still staring at Rhys when the door opened again, and two more male forms stepped into her vision,
"Wings, now." Rhys muttered,
"Wings." Feyre concentrated for a moment, almost forgetting to adjust her balance to adjust to the added weight of the wings on her back. Rhys spun her round, and tugged her against him so that her back was pressed against his front. She flushed again when she met Azriel's eyes, he and Cassian were still fully dressed, so was Rhys actually, and she squirmed under their gazes, but smiled when she noticed that both of them were already straining against their pants. Feyre gasped when Rhys gently pressed between her shoulderblades, making her wings fly out to the sides. He tugged her backwards, and ran a finger along the ridge of a wing, making her collapse completely into him as he sat down on the bed, setting Feyre in his lap.
Even as Rhys began a slow exploration of her waist and stomach, he began talking, small talk, he was really making small talk while she was here, naked, wanting them all. She wriggled in his lap, and it was Cassian who laughed,
"Oh, you are cruel, Rhys." he chuckled, "Poor Feyre,"
"Well, I am High Lord of Night, she knew who she was dealing with."
"Rhys!" she snapped, and all three males laughed, especially when Rhys kissed the side of her neck, and her head fell back onto his shoulder. She made to complain again, but just let out a loud moan as two pairs on hands descended on her wings. Slowly, too slowly, Rhys dipped a hand lower, lower, until he found the evidence of her arousal. He swept a finger through her sex, then two, but removed both, and pushed them into her mouth. She moaned louder at the taste of herself, but whimpered when Cassian and Azriel both stepped back, leaving her trembling with desire,
"Shhhhhh," Rhys murmured, "Patience, darling." She switched her attention between the two males currently stripping all their clothes off in front of her, stumbling when Rhys pushed her to her feet, crashing into Azriel's arms. Rhys made no move to join them, instead settling into a chair across the room, and gently stroked himself as Azriel helped Feyre regain her balance. She glanced across at Rhys, who just shrugged, "What are you waiting for? You want him, have him." Feyre didn't need any more encouragement to haul her mouth to Azriel's, immediately opening and moaning as he gently caressed her tongue with his own, slowly exploring her mouth, his hands rubbing up and down her sides. She panted for breath when he released her mouth, immediately kissing along her jaw. Feyre moaned when a second pair of hands wrapped around her waist, she almost came then and there from Cassian's breath across her wings, but she stopped herself, she had to wait for Rhys' say-so tonight. Cassian rested his chin on her shoulder, and kissed her cheek, she dropped her head backwards onto his shoulder, and moaned when he moved his hands slowly up her body, starting to tease her breasts in time with Azriel's kisses along her neck,
"Eager, aren't we, Feyre?" he chuckled, and she tried to respond, but only managed a strangled moan, earning chuckles from all of them. She wriggled and tried to grind backwards against him, but Azriel pinned her hips still,
"Uh-uh, stay still for us, Feyre."
"But-" Cassian stole all complaints the moment he slanted his mouth over hers, Azriel had been slow, seductive, Cassian's kiss was all fire and dominance. She moaned into his mouth, and reached back to hold his head against her, gripping the ends of his hair, and tugging slightly. Azriel gently lifted her off the ground as Cassian nipped at her lower lip, and she gulped down air when he finally released her, only to nudge her forwards into Azriel's lap on the bed. Feyre looked again at Rhys, and he gave her an encouraging nod,
It's okay, I want to see you on his cock. Feyre shifted to straddle Azriel's lap, rolling her hips teasingly against his, never quite giving him enough, at least until he gripped her hips. She wriggled, trying to tease him again, but he held her still, and pressed a kiss to the hollow of her throat, raising an eyebrow,
"Yes," she muttered,
"I can't hear you," Azriel murmured,
"Yes," she repeated a little louder,
"Yes, what? What do you want?"
"I - I want you to fuck me." She let out a cry as Azriel pulled her hips down and slammed his own upwards at the same time, driving his cock deep inside her right away,
"Like that?" Feyre's mind was blank, burning pleasure coursing through her at each movement he made, she slumped forwards, and tucked her face into the crook of his neck, whimpering softly with each move he made. Feyre squealed when Cassian's hands replaced Azriel's on her hips, rocking her faster back and forth, leaving Azriel free to explore her wings. She tried to speak, to tell him where to touch, but all she could manage was another squeal. There was no escape, each time she rocked backwards, away from Azriel, she found herself pinned against Cassian's chest. He kissed along her neck, and Azriel brushed the most sensitive spot on her wing, she screamed, and fixed Rhys with a pleading look, unable to even beg for what she needed,
"You can do better than that, Cass," he chuckled, and Feyre could almost feel Cassian's smirk behind her,
"Have you ever had two males inside you?" Feyre turned to face him as best as she could, and he grinned, turning her chin back to Azriel, who slammed his hips up into her,
"Eyes on me." She obeyed, even as she recognized the sound of the bottle of lubricating oils opening. She collapsed into Azriel's arms again when Cassian slowly eased a finger inside her. With Azriel still pounding into her from below, the second sensation was almost too much, and she sobbed with pleasure when he added a second finger, slowly moving and stretching her out. She buried her face in Azriel's shoulder when Cassian disappeared, and he ran a hand up and down her back slowly, soothing the nervousness threatening to show up again. Still, Feyre whimpered in fear when she felt Cassian's cock pushing at her ass, but she nodded, moaning as he slowly pushed into her, then pulled out, and pushed back in, making sure she was comfortable before shoving her down on Azriel's cock with the force of a thrust. She cried out, her body going loose and uncooperative when both males started moving in tandem,
"Please," she sobbed, gasping when Cassian guided her chin up and back so that she was looking straight at Rhys,
"Look at him while you let both of us fuck you," she did, she looked Rhys in the eyes as he smirked, deliberately stroking himself to match Cassian's rhythm inside her,
"Please," she gasped again, she needed to come, right now, and she wouldn't, couldn't until Rhys did something, Cassian and Azriel could fuck her all day, but if Rhys stayed over there, she'd never be able to climax. It was so close, so close, but just out of reach. Azriel's hands were still on her wings when Rhys stood and made his way over to them, wiping away the tears pooling in the corners of Feyre's eyes,
"Tell me what you want," he whispered, stepping back just out of reach as she reached out for him, screaming in pleasure when Cassian and Azriel both slammed into her at the same time, "Use your words, darling," he hummed, and Feyre sobbed again,
"Please, I, please," she managed, "Can I-" she broke off when Cassian dropped a hand to her clit, it was too much, and she couldn't even climax, she sobbed again, tears starting to fall down her face as Azriel spilled inside her, but he made no move to pull out, he was content to let her sit on his cock as long as it took for Cassian to come as well. Azriel banded his arms around her chest, supporting her as she desperately reached for Rhys, her fingertips just inches away from him as he watched, "I want to come." She whispered,
"What was that?"
"Rhys, please," she gasped, "Can I come?" Feyre sighed as Rhys shuffled along the bed to sit behind Azriel, cupping Feyre's face in both hands as he kissed her, deep, claiming, and finally said those words she needed,
"Come for us, Feyre." She did, right then, her vision failing as she screamed and cried at the overwhelming pleasure washing through her. Cassian kept working her slowly through it as he came moments later, brushing her hair to one side to gently kiss the side of her neck as she came down from her high. She blinked to clear her vision, and mumbled a 'thank you' to Azriel as he helped her climb into Rhys' arms. She buried her face in his chest, but her head shot up at the sound of a low moan across the bed. Rhys turned her in his arms, still rubbing her sides as Azriel smirked, shoving Cassian's face into the mattress as he pumped his fingers into his ass. Cassian wriggled, and tried to dislodge Azriel's hand on his head, but finally fell still, earning a dark chuckle from the shadowsinger,
"Stop that," he hissed, slapping Cassian's hands away when he tried again to lift his head. Feyre glanced back at Rhys when shadows wound around Cassian's hands, pinning them behind his back, and she laughed at Cassian's muffled complaint that quickly changed to moans with the addition of a second finger.
"Alright, darling?" Rhys whispered, "I know that was a lot,"
"That was great," Feyre breathed, "But now I want you. I always want you."
"Of course, you do." Rhys laughed, and Feyre scowled, but rolled her eyes,
"You always want me."
"Can you blame me?" He murmured, palming her breasts as she watched Azriel slide into Cassian, and she let out a moan as Rhys pinched a nipple, then slowly rolled her hips back against him, "I want to be inside you," He growled, and Feyre raised an eyebrow, slowly lifting her hips to lower herself onto him, his groan of pleasure sparking a deeper satisfaction than anyone else could ever give her.
Feyre ground her hips down against Rhys as he kissed and sucked at her neck, biting down at the junction between her neck and shoulder. She tipped her head sideways, moaning softly as he sucked a mark into her skin, groaning out her name as she rolled her hips down onto him. Feyre's rhythm faltered at the sound of a louder groan from Cassian, his head now tipped sideways as he panted, squeezing his eyes shut.
Go touch him. Rhys murmured into her mind, and Feyre laughed, crawling across the bed, and brushed Cassian's hair away from his face,
"He looks pretty like this," she chuckled to Rhys, and laughed at Cassian's weak attempt at responding, Azriel grinned, and slowly rolled his hips before pulling all the way out, and slamming back in to the hilt. At the same time, Feyre grasped the base of Cassian's wings, and he whimpered, actually whimpered, before spilling himself on the sheets beneath him. Feyre still didn't let go of his wings, zoning out of the room around her as she searched for the spot that would make him scream her name. She didn't notice when the shadows around his wrists released him, only realizing when he surged forwards, flipping her underneath him, and pinning her wrists over her head,
"Cruel High Lady," he crooned, chuckling as she tried to twist away, but she fell still when he nudged her legs apart, sliding a knee upwards between them. Feyre gasped as he rubbed it back and forth, grinding against him as she chased another high, and gasped when darkness descended around her face, and something else pinned her hands still, shadows, Azriel was deliberately blinding her. She tested the bindings of the shadows, and couldn't move an inch, especially with Cassian redoubling his efforts to bring her to the edge.
Words were absolutely beyond her as Rhys slipped into her mind, wringing a new pleasure from her as he caressed her mind, his essence melding into hers until she couldn't tell where she ended and he began. She sobbed his name again and again, out loud, in her mind, she didn't know, she only knew the pleasure washing over her in waves, the pleasure from herself, and Rhys's own pleasure as he stroked himself at the sight of her trembling in Cassian's arms another tear slipped down her face as Cassian switched his attention from her body to her wings, and the only thought she could form was the command for her wings to vanish, with three males, anything involving her wings would be too much, and Cassian merely moved back to her sex, wringing another climax out of her with his fingers.
She knew that she must be trembling and whimpering, but she didn't care enough to try and stop, she just cared when Cassian slowly slid into her, and her hands released so that she could grip his shoulders as he flipped them over. She'd barely taken a breath before someone pushed into her ass, Azriel, and she gasped when he gripped her hair, and pulled her head up, only for Rhys to tip her chin up. She opened her mouth, breathing through her nose as he slid in. She carefully timed her breaths to Rhys' thrusts, but choked when Azriel thrust into her, shoving her further onto Rhys' cock. With Cassian pounding into her from beneath, there was no way she could keep a rhythm. She let go, let them guide her, let them bring her to climax, once, twice, thrice before each spilling inside her one after the other.
Feyre collapsed onto the bed, the males' release still dripping out of her as she struggled to fill her lungs. Rhys gently tipped her head back, rolling her onto her side. She grasped for his hands, clinging onto him as she gathered herself back together. She half registered someone gently cleaning her up, and mumbled something incoherent as she pushed herself up into a seated position. She laughed as three pairs of arms and wings wrapped around her,pulling her back onto the bed. Cassian complained that he was being left out as she nestled into Rhys' side, quickly snuggling into the bed between them, with Rhys in front of her, and Azriel pressed against her from behind. She draped an arm across Rhys to find Cassian, and snorted with laughter when he stretched a wing across the four of them, the darkness quickly sending her to sleep.
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simpingfornestaarcheron4 hours ago
I鈥檓 having a mental breakdown over MARRIED!NESSIAN 馃槶馃槶 Cassian meeting new people and introducing Nesta as his WIFE!!! Cassian, who thought that no one would want to marry a low born bastard like him!!馃ズ but Nesta didn鈥檛 care about that, she didn鈥檛 want a prince she wanted HIM!!馃ズand Nesta, who thought she was gonna marry for money and never for love!! when people looked at her they only saw her family鈥檚 money and her body, but Cassian saw HER!! And yes, he was an asshole at times but he wanted her with all her sharp edges and her bitchy attitude!!馃ズ They chose each other!! It wasn鈥檛 just the mating bond, they fell for each other when she was still human!!馃ズ And now they鈥檙e mated and MARRIED!!馃ズ
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ofcourseus4 hours ago
Things I can imagine gwynriel doing:
- Gwyn threading her fingers through Azriel鈥檚 hair as he slowly closes his eyes
- Them hugging and Azriel leaning down to rest his forehead against hers
- Gwyn walking away with a tiny smirk the first time she says something explicitly flirtatious to Azriel (and azriel staying frozen, blinking after her before jogging to catch up)
- Lots of late night sparring and taunting
- Gwyn tripping Azriel after he beats her at sparring, (just because), and him turning around to glare, pretending to be annoyed
- Gwyn cooing at baby Nyx as Azriel holds him awkwardly, like a ticking time bomb
- Azriel smiling softly at Gwyn as she plays with Nyx
- Azriel and Gwyn roasting Cassian together
- Gwyn and Nesta teasing Azriel together
- Gwyn reaching across the bed to hold Azriel鈥檚 hand when she鈥檚 asleep 馃槱馃槱馃槱
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jxmiehxrondale5 hours ago
Cassian: If I punch myself and it hurts, am I strong or weak?
Azriel: Strong.
Mor: Weak.
Amren: An idiot.
Rhys: And a coward. Use a knife.
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ginginpotter5 hours ago
鈥淕wyn鈥檚 doing well,鈥 Cassian said, nodding to the archway where the priestess had disappeared. 鈥淪he鈥檚 a nice girl.鈥
Nesta had learned that Gwyn was twenty-eight鈥攊ndeed, just a girl to him.
It鈥檚 clearly written in Acosf that Gwyn is 28
The fact that SJM even had to confirm it says a lot
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I鈥檓 just so obsessed with the Rogue One characters
They would all be perfect for limited shows
Bodhi鈥檚 show about him meeting Galen and learning about the lies of the Empire. He鈥檚 a man who鈥檚 been fed propaganda and he鈥檚 waking up. He鈥檚 waking up and he鈥檚 angry. He鈥檚 ashamed of himself. He wants to fix his wrongs. The show ends with him ending back home on Jedha to meet Saw with the message with him.
Baze and Chirrut鈥檚 show. It could start from so many places. The possibilities. It could be from Order 66, from when the Empire is taking the crystals and destroying the city. With flashbacks to their lives. About how Baze is loosing his faith, about how Chirrut鈥檚 faith only grows stronger. It could end with them at the temple, maybe right before Jyn shows up.
Jyn鈥檚 show, it could start off right when Saw leaves her. And we could see flashbacks of her life as a partisan, as a child soldier, and we see her life on her own. How that loneliness affects her. As a smuggler, and her getting captured and the stuff that happens at Wobani. It ends with her going to sleep and we see water leaking. Show that it鈥檚 the night before Rogue One starts.
And god Cassian and K2鈥檚 show is the SW project I鈥檓 most hyped for with Rogue Squadron(While I鈥檓 hyped for the Kenobi and Ahsoka show) I鈥檓 just so happy that we get to explore the dark, grey morality of the rebellion. How it鈥檚 not all good. And this show has so many possibilities.
It could start with Cassian as a child, him in the fight at 6, or it could start with him on a mission and he鈥檚 having a flashback. He鈥檚 a spy and this show can lean in that aspect so much. We could see the dark side of the Rebellion in much more depth then we could in Rogue One. Remember when he straight up shot a man in the first 5 minutes telling him 鈥渋t was okay鈥 because it was that or capture???
We could see the toll of that side affect Cassian mentally. Because as he said 鈥渆verything I did, I did for the rebellion鈥 he has blood on his hands and he tries to go to sleep saying that it was necessary. He was a child soldier who was shaped by 2 wars, and wars shouldn鈥檛 be fought by children, but Cassian did. And we should see the effects from that, the ripples. We could see his family before it was ripped apart. We could see him could see him building and gaining a friendship with K2.
We could see K2 learning human interactions, the huge shift from Imperial to Rebellion in the Andor show. On how he鈥檚 been given free will and what to do with that
This show could end on so many notes, where he鈥檚 been called in to debrief someone and he finds out that their name is Jyn Erso, he鈥檚 getting an alert that he鈥檚 meeting someone and we find out it鈥檚 the dude who told him about the Death Star, where he鈥檚 been alerted that the Rebellion has a prisoner from Wobani. Either way the show has a huge chance on ending right before the events of Rogue One kicking into action. And that鈥檚 such a somber note.
It鈥檚 beautiful, unlimited possibilities that are a goldmine for Star Wars.
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doptimous6 hours ago
Tumblr media
They had thought themselves safe within the confines of the library, the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the gardens below. They used it often when the sheer need to be together was too much to ignore. It had always proven a sanctuary before - there was no reason to believe otherwise this time around.聽
from If you love me, don鈥檛 let go by @oh-nostalgiaa
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capesandshapes6 hours ago
Reading the scene where Nesta met Emerie again and realizing that she really had no agency and couldn't even buy the things she actually needed after saving the whole country because she made Rhysand mad is so heartbreaking.
Like even knowing that Cassian would definitely take her out to the market in a heartbeat and buy her whatever she wanted doesn't fix it, because you know Nesta is too prideful to admit when she needs something and there are certain things she would buy that she'd never let him know
I like to imagine that somewhere along the line before the whole birth scene, Cassian cornered Rhysand and was like, "no, you're going to start paying her again-- in fact, you're going to pay her more for this whole dead trove thing." Because the book credits they bought her were nowhere near enough, and Nesta deserves as many sets of winter leathers as she wants.
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batboyazriel6 hours ago
Famously In Love Chapter Eleven: Nesta
Genre: Modern AU, YouTuber AU, Romance
Relationships: Feyre Acheron x Rhysand, Elain Acheron x Azriel, Nesta Acheron x Cassian (this story is told from all six POVs)
Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Death mention, Abuse (child, physical, and mental), alcohol mentions
Description: 聽Feyre, Elain, and Nesta Acheron are popular YouTubers with their channel Sisters Three. One day they received requests for them to react to three brothers that have reacted to their own videos and it throws them into a whirlwind of new friendships and possibly a new romance. Will old flames come back to haunt them and how will people react to their new relationships with each other?
Tagging: @elriel4life @courtofjurdan鈥
Tumblr media
She didn鈥檛 know why she had agreed to come to the Knight brothers鈥 dinner that Friday. 聽Maybe it hadn鈥檛 taken much to convince her that she wanted to go. 聽Maybe she wanted to see Cassian鈥檚 stupid smirking face.
No. 聽No, she didn鈥檛 want to see him. 聽Not one bit. 聽In fact, she should have stayed home to finish the book she was reading for her channel.
Elain practically bolted for the front door of the Knight brothers' home, she was the only one out of the three that had been here before. 聽Azriel was already there waiting for her as she quickly showed him the cactus he had left at their house the day before. 聽The two of them were smiling and Nesta eyed them suspiciously. 聽What the hell had gone on at dinner the night before?
She stepped inside and found two other women talking quietly amongst themselves. 聽There was a dark-skinned man talking with Cassian. 聽She quickly looked away before she caught his gaze. 聽Feyre and Rhys had gravitated toward one another and were talking leaving Nesta lingering awkwardly in the entryway.
鈥淣ot gonna lie,鈥 she heard his voice and looked up to see Cassian sauntering toward her. 聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think you would come.鈥
She shifted on her feet, resisting the urge to run from him and his spicy cologne. 聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 have a reason not to come,鈥 she said. 聽鈥淧lus I figured you鈥檇 have something smart to say if I didn鈥檛.鈥
He chuckled and her breath hitched as the sound washed over her and she tried to keep herself from shivering. 聽How could one man have such an effect on her? 聽鈥淚 probably would have teased you some, but I鈥檓 glad you came.鈥
The blonde woman Nesta had seen when she had entered the home practically shoved Cassian out of the way, 鈥淪top hogging her, Cass!鈥
鈥淛esus, Mor!鈥 聽He shot a glare at the woman. 聽鈥淭ry to act like a fucking adult for once.鈥
She flipped him off and then looped her arm through Nesta鈥檚 who instantly stiffened at the contact. 聽鈥淒on鈥檛 let Cass tease you too much. 聽It just spurs him on.鈥
Nesta glanced back at Cassian who was glaring at Mor, but his gaze softened when he noticed Nesta looking. 聽鈥淒on鈥檛 worry I鈥檓 not that easy.鈥 聽The sound of Cassian鈥檚 chuckle followed her as Mor led her into the kitchen where Amren had managed to herd Nesta鈥檚 sisters away from their Knight brother of choice.
鈥淚t鈥檚 about damn time the women outnumber the men in this house,鈥 Mor said as she flipped some of her hair over her shoulder and took a glass of wine from Amren鈥檚 outstretched hand. 聽鈥淚t鈥檚 just been Amren and I for so long that I鈥檓 happy that the three of you are here now.鈥
鈥淵ou can thank the boys for us tumbling into your lives,鈥 Feyre said with a chuckle. 聽She seemed to be the one out of the three sisters to be most at ease. 聽Nesta was a little jealous of how easy it was for her to adjust to new people and situations. 聽鈥淚f it hadn鈥檛 been for that video of them reacting to us I doubt we would be here.鈥
Amren snorted, 鈥淩hys would have messaged you eventually because he was already in love with your artwork and videos. 聽He鈥檚 just too shy to admit it.鈥
鈥淣ow, now Amren,鈥 Rhys appeared in the doorway, leaning against it with his arms crossed. 聽鈥淚t鈥檚 not nice to spread rumors.鈥
Amren sneered at the man in question, 鈥淲e鈥檙e having girl time, get out.鈥
鈥淲hose house is it?鈥 聽Rhys seemed unbothered by the prickly woman before him.
鈥淥ut!鈥 聽Amren ordered and pointed her finger at him until he carefully peeled himself off the doorframe and disappeared around a corner. 聽鈥淣osy bastard.鈥
鈥淚 heard that!鈥 聽He shouted back which made Feyre chuckle.
Nesta watched the way her sister鈥檚 face lit up during that brief interaction with Rhysand. 聽She remembered how he had been when he had seen the article about Feyre as well. 聽He hadn鈥檛 seemed concerned with the contents of the article and more about how Feyre was doing. 聽Azriel had been the same, she hadn't sensed anything off about the men her sisters seemed to be interested in. 聽She didn鈥檛 get the same feeling in her gut as she had with Graysen and Tamlin. 聽They had made her skin crawl and her stomach churn whenever they smiled. 聽She knew they were bad news the minute she set her eyes on them.
Then there was Cassian. 聽She had been trying desperately to keep her walls up around him. 聽But when she had walked into that coffee shop and saw him sitting there with Ianthe she had seen red. 聽Then she noticed how uncomfortable he looked and she knew she had to do something. 聽It felt good to run that blonde bitch away from him.
Ianthe had pretended to be Feyre鈥檚 friend and be there for her, but in all reality, she was fucking Tamlin behind Feyre鈥檚 back. 聽When Feyre found out she had been devastated, but Tamlin wasn鈥檛 about to let her go. 聽It had taken both Elain and Nesta to drag Feyre from the house, screaming at Tamlin to stay the fuck away from them. 聽It wasn鈥檛 too long after that he had decided to galavant across the world on some sort of bullshit tour.
Someone was shaking her and Nesta looked to see Elain trying to get her attention, 鈥淵ou okay?鈥
She nodded, 鈥淛ust lost in thought.鈥
鈥淲e鈥檙e a lot, I know,鈥 Mor said with a smile. 聽鈥淲e kinda come on a little strong when you first meet us.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not that, I鈥檓 just鈥 I鈥檓 not used to being around new people,鈥 Nesta admitted. 聽鈥淢y idea of a good time is being curled up in my room with a book.鈥
Amren snorted, 鈥淚鈥檓 surprised you hang around Cassian then. 聽He鈥檚 loud, brash, and obnoxious. 聽Though he does have this side to him that not a lot of people see outside of this group.鈥
Mor nodded, 鈥淐assian鈥檚 a softie once you get to know him. 聽He just likes to act like he鈥檚 got swagger and this bad boy reputation.鈥
Nesta thought back to their conversation where they talked about things that comforted them and how he liked to watch Lilo and Stitch when he needed something to comfort him. 聽鈥淲hat was he like as a teen?鈥
鈥淲ell I didn鈥檛 know him then,鈥 Amren admitted. 聽鈥淲e only met a few years ago and it was a complete accident. 聽I鈥檓 sure you are all very aware that I do not have a channel. 聽We met under less than savory circumstances, but we鈥檝e been friends ever since.鈥
Nesta wondered what those circumstances were and made a mental note to see if Cassian would tell her later. 聽He didn鈥檛 have to tell her of course, they were still newly acquainted after all, but she couldn鈥檛 lie and say that she wasn鈥檛 curious about what had happened.
鈥淧izza鈥檚 here,鈥 Azriel seemed to have materialized out of nowhere. 聽鈥淟et鈥檚 eat.鈥
The women followed him into a dining room that was large enough to seat them all. 聽The sisters sat next to their Knight brother of choice and a box of pizza was passed around. 聽Nesta noticed three other boxes and wondered how much food this group could pack away. 聽Conversations flowed and Nesta found herself laughing at the antics of the group. 聽They were a small family and they let their hair down around one another.
She especially loved it when the brothers tried outdoing one another with embarrassing stories.
鈥淚 think my favorite is when Rhys鈥檚 mom almost caught Cassian with a girl in high school,鈥 Mor said. 聽鈥淚 happened to be visiting for a bit and Cassian, ever the dumbass had snuck a girl in. 聽Rhy鈥檚 parents were supposed to be out for most of the night, but part of the evening had gotten canceled. 聽They came home and if it hadn鈥檛 have been for me he would have been in deep shit.鈥
鈥淟isten, listen,鈥 Cassian said, quickly glancing at Nesta who was looking at him expectantly, an eyebrow raised. 聽鈥淲e had been going out for a few weeks and we wanted to go to the next stage of our relationship. 聽Albeit I was an idiot back then so this may not have been my finest hour.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so lucky my sister didn鈥檛 know,鈥 Rhys chuckled. 聽鈥淪he would have told on you so quick.鈥
鈥淵ou have a sister?鈥 聽Feyre asked and the air in the room suddenly changed.
鈥淚 did,鈥 Rhys responded. 聽Nesta watched him try to hold his composure. 聽鈥淪he passed away a few years ago.鈥
Nesta found herself glancing at Cassian who was suddenly focused on his pizza. 聽Amren was the one that saved the moment and brought them back to a semi-normal conversation. 聽Cassian though quietly excused himself from the table and disappeared around a corner. 聽Before she could reconsider she got up and followed him. 聽If the others noticed they didn鈥檛 comment on their friends鈥 sudden departures.
She found him sitting outside staring up at the sky. 聽鈥淚 hate living in the city, it鈥檚 too hard to see the stars,鈥 he said as he heard her approach. 聽She took a seat beside him, pulling her knees up to her chest. 聽鈥淔arren - Rhys鈥檚 sister - was only eighteen when she died. 聽Her and Rhys鈥檚 mom were killed by a drunk driver." 聽He let out a breath and squeezed his eyes shut, "This is the second time this topic has come up this week and it鈥檚 just鈥 hard to think about.鈥
鈥淎mren mentioned that you all met under less than savory circumstances, does this have anything to do with that?鈥 聽Nesta asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper.
鈥淚鈥檒l tell you if you promise not to tell Feyre, this partly has to do with Rhys鈥檚 past and he should be the one to tell it to her,鈥 Cassian鈥檚 hazel eyes met hers. 聽鈥淚 won鈥檛 tell you unless you swear not to mention it.鈥
鈥淚 swear,鈥 she said even though she wondered if he would tell her something that she should inform Feyre of as her older sister. 聽She still had a duty to protect her sister if it came down to it.
Cassian looked out over the city, they were far enough away that they could see the city sprawled out before them. 聽鈥淲hen Adeena and Farren died we all handled it in different ways. 聽I often found myself locked in my room with the music too loud and a bottle of some kind of alcohol. 聽I just wanted to be left alone to bury my emotions under a blanket of booze. 聽Az started working out and fighting in an MMA class. 聽And Rhys鈥 well Rhys took to partying. 聽There was this woman named Amarantha, she was older than Rhys and she had known his father. 聽She actually despised Rhys鈥檚 mom and it wouldn鈥檛 surprise me one little bit if she weren鈥檛 happy to see Adeena dead and gone.
鈥淪he found Rhys out one night, girls all around him. 聽I don鈥檛 know how, but she managed to get her hooks into him. 聽Az and I didn鈥檛 even realize it was happening because we were too into our own depressive states that we didn鈥檛 notice or even care. 聽Mor was the one that figured everything out, she was always close with Rhys, the two were always running around together when they were kids. 聽She told us who he was hanging out with and we knew that we had to intervene. 聽The woman was trying her damndest to destroy him. 聽Amren is a jewel dealer and had actually seen Rhys at Amarantha鈥檚 house. 聽She told us that he spent most of his time there.
鈥淲e tried for weeks to get him to come out and talk to us, but he refused, or at least that鈥檚 what Amarantha told us. 聽Finally, Amren, feisty as ever, shoved her way in, all of us following suit. 聽Mor practically dragged Rhys鈥檚 drunken ass out of Amrantha鈥檚 house, cursing him the entire time. 聽Az and I made a deal with one another that we weren鈥檛 going to leave Rhys to deal with his emotions like that again. 聽We were brothers after all and we should have been looking out for one another. 聽Rhys started seeing a therapist after that, we all did. 聽He still goes on occasion to deal with what he did. 聽Some people that didn鈥檛 like Rhys鈥檚 father used to call him her whore. 聽Said he was just like his father.鈥
鈥淲ho was his father?鈥 聽Nesta asked, her heart broke a little for the three brothers and the pain they must have gone through when all this happened.
鈥淎drastos Knight, the most selfish, arrogant, son of a bitch you鈥檒l ever meet,鈥 Cassian said. 聽鈥淗e鈥檚 in jail right now for murder. 聽Adeena had divorced him before that ever happened actually and got her kids out of the house. 聽That鈥檚 when she took us in. 聽He wasn鈥檛 the nicest person in the world.鈥
The name sounded familiar and when it finally clicked in Nesta鈥檚 head she said, 鈥淗e murdered Tamilin鈥檚 family.鈥
鈥淪ay what you will about Adrastos, but he did love Adeena as much as he could,鈥 Cassian said. 聽鈥淭amlin was the drunk driver that killed Rhys鈥檚 sister and mother. 聽He got off scot-free, but all anyone ever remembers is the crazy man who murdered his entire family and left him alive. 聽We think it was some sort of retribution, let him have survivors guilt or something.鈥
Nesta had to confess she hadn鈥檛 known that about Tamlin, she never really wanted to give him the time of day let alone learn more about him. 聽鈥淭hat鈥檚 probably why he was talking shit about Feyre the other day. 聽He doesn鈥檛 like that she鈥檚 now hanging out around Rhysand.鈥
鈥淧robably,鈥 Cassian agreed. 聽鈥淢y brother is a good guy, he would never hurt Feyre. 聽He just went through a rough patch in his life.鈥
Nesta watched his profile, saw his eyes surveying the scenery before them. 聽鈥淭hank you for telling me,鈥 she said.
He finally looked at her, his gaze softened as he took in her features, 鈥淐ome on, let鈥檚 go in before they send a search party for us.鈥 聽He offered her his hand and helped her off the ground before the two of them headed back inside to see what kind of trouble the others had gotten themselves into.
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misunderstoodcreatures6 hours ago
Open To 鈥擣/NB (27+ only for anything romantic) @sympathyforawolf鈥 Description: Your muse shared sharing a wall with Kyle. He鈥檚 the quiet mysterious type that hardly ever says a word to you until one day he checks on you after hearing you fighting with your s/o, maybe even offer to rough them up as a joke ( except maybe not really joking).
聽 Kyle was staring up at the stars absently, smoking a cigarette against the wall of the building鈥檚 communal balcony, until sound of the door opening drew his attention. He turned to see his neighbor stepping out into the cool night, watching her silently for a moment as his mind flashed to the shouting he鈥檇 heard through the wall not even a full half hour earlier. It sounded serious and he鈥檇 been half-tempted at the time to knock on her door just to make sure she was fine. They鈥檇 never said more than two words to each other in passing but something in the other person鈥檚 voice had put Kyle on edge and compelled him to want to make sure she was alright. 聽
Tumblr media
聽 鈥淗ey,鈥 he said softly, making his presence know. 鈥淐ome to look at the stars?鈥 He asked, making small talk to try and gauge how fine she was doing.
Wanda was genuinely tired of everything. She had struggled with life since age ten and even though she tried, god knew she tried to keep positive it was becoming harder and harder. Some people just couldn't catch a break she figured. When she started working at the pattiserie and met Jacob she really thought he was the one. He was charming, giving, his smile made her feel stupid butterflies. She really thought he was the one after a string of bad choices but, once again, her prince charming turned into a frog. Jacob had his own demons and a having a nice future with her was not part of his vendetta. And she couldn't blame him because he had always been clear about it, she was the idiot that thought love could be more important for him that setting things right.聽
The argument was louder than she had thought possible and for a split second she was scared he'd attack her. And she guessed Jacob scared himself because his tone shifted, he said he'd pick his things the next day and he left. Wanda knew she'd cry a lot about it but in that moment she had to leave the small place they had called home. Putting a knitted sweater on, she grabbed the matches and her little box of joints and headed to the comunal balcony, hoping no one was there. Her neighbor's vouce startled her, even more so when she figured he probably heard the entire ordeal. Sighing she nodded and walked towards him.聽
Tumblr media
"Hey," she whispered at him before looking up the stars. "It's a really lovely night," she whispered looking back down at him pursing her lips together.
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nikethestatue6 hours ago
Teach Me To Fly
Elriel Month - Day 18
Teach Me To Fly - the Beginnings
No Elriel. Only batboys. ** Lots of swearing and mentions of abuse / child abuse
He'd never flown before.
Now, his lungs were overwhelmed and aching from all that fresh air that was lacerating his chest, but he loved it. He gulped it down. He choked on the air and he loved it. The air, it was light and sun and wind and beauty. So much beauty. So much color. He guessed that they were flying over Illyria, its rugged, wild expanse dotted with craggy mountains, deep gorges, green valleys and an odd settlement and training camp here and there. After the endless darkness of his life, his eyes hurt from all this bright gorgeousness, but he didn't care. Like he didn't care about the cold that was lashing his too-skinny body, and the blustery wind in his hair and face.
His father banked suddenly, shooting down so quickly, the wind whooshed in their ears. The descent took only a few minutes and suddenly, the ground was uncomfortably close and鈥 and鈥 and鈥
They didn't fall. His father straightened and landed on his feet, dragging him up, holding him by the collar of his jacket. 鈥淪tand up straight,鈥 he hissed. A slap on the back of his head.
An enormous male approached, his cruel, hard face lacking all expression, as he gazed over the two of them, until his pale gray eyes settled on the boy.
"So a shadowsinger, huh."
The father pushed the boy towards the towering male and said, "All yours, Devlon."
"What do we call this curious specimen?" inquired the one called Devlon.
鈥淲hat a scrawny piece of nothing this Azriel is,鈥 muttered Devlon. His eyes tracked the dark shadows that swirled around the boy and then he jerked his chin towards the muddy sparring ring behind him. "Get in the ring, Az-rie-l."
Azriel's blood chilled, and in a panic, he turned around, to ask his father what he鈥 But his father was no longer behind him. His father was but a speck of dark up in the sky. Azriel didn't know it then, but it was the last time he saw his father.
The shadows swarmed and caressed him, offering a measure of comfort, whispering to him to not be afraid. But he was. He was very afraid. Behind him, Devlon pressed his enormous hand over his head and said, 鈥淟isten here, Azriel. I don't care that you are a shadowsinger or that the High Lord himself heard of your miserable little self and requested that I waste my time with you, in my camp. I don't want you. I don't need you. I have enough special little boys with special little powers to last me a lifetime. You get your skinny ass in that ring and show me what you've got. Though I doubt that you've got much of anything. "
Azriel landed face first in the reeking mud, once Devlon shoved him through the wooden planks that served as a fence, and absurdly, Azriel wondered how he would wash his tunic, and where he'd find soap. Once a week, he always washed his clothes in a big tub, when his mother picked him up for their allotted hour. He didn't like being dirty or unclean. Now his threadbare tunic was soaked in grime and this was not how he wanted to start his first day of freedom.
When he rose to his feet, he was faced with a boy 鈥 the biggest boy he'd ever seen, if he were being honest. The boy, whose face was young couldn't be much older than him, but he was already covered in corded muscles all over his chest and his unbelievably wide shoulders. His arms were enormous, biceps the size of apples, sinew rippling beneath tanned skin. The boy cracked his knuckles and sized Azriel up and down with an amused grin.
鈥淪orry about the pretty tunic,鈥 taunted the boy. There was no real menace in his voice, or on his open face 鈥 if was almost friendly, the gaze curious, as he watched the shadows fluttering around Azriel's form. "Do you want to just give it to me, or do you want to fight for it?"
What? This gigantic boy wanted to fight ? Azriel swallowed, his chest feeling hollow. Azriel had no muscles. He hardly had skin to cover his bones. He could count every rib under his concave chest.
"What can you do with your pretty shadows?" asked the larger boy. "Do they fight for you?"
The shadows actually buzzed incessantly into Azriel's ear, overwhelming him with too much information about the camp 鈥 age, height, weight, backgrounds of hundreds of boys 鈥 and he just wanted to swat them away, but didn't dare, for fear of looking even stranger than he already did.
The boy clenched his massive fists 鈥 wrapped in swathes of dirty cloths 鈥 and raised them, soliciting cheers and cries of encouragement from dozens of other boys, who now circled the ring, ready for the show.
Cassian! Cassian! Cassian!
And then Cassian attacked. The movement of his fist was so fast, so precise, so horrifically sharp 鈥 it was almost elegant, were it not for the burst of overwhelming pain that exploded in Azriel's head.
Azriel flew. Actually flew across the ring, landing ass first in the mud, sending an avalanche of splatters flying around and causing the boys to yell and curse at him for it. His ears rang. His vision split. And the shadows swarmed and swarmed, trying to soothe and protect him from this new pain.
Cassian sauntered over and Azriel cringed at his approach, but the hand extended forth and Cassian helped him get up. Azriel's legs trembled like those of a newborn fawn.
"Alright, shadowsinger?" Cassian grinned, relishing in the yelps of praise and wild cheering from the others. Azriel looked around, his gaze snagging on another tall, slender boy 鈥 the only one who wasn't cheering. He was handsome. Among the sea of 鈥嬧媐aces, his stood out, tall and still and confident, as did his nonchalant pose, strong arms folded on his chest, and a huge pair of wings behind his back. They might have rivalled Devlon's in size.
"Cass," the boy motioned with his head, indicating that Cassian was done for now. Surprisingly, Cassian listened. Obeyed .
"You are not even going to fit into his fucking tunic," muttered the boy. "What do you need it for?"
"It's the principle of the matter!" announced Cassian.
"Who knew you were so principled?" shrugged the other.
Still dizzy, Azriel just stood there, swaying, listening with incomprehension.
This was about his tunic ? Blood dripped down his face, pouring out of his nose.
Devlon stomped into the ring, mud squelching under his boots. Again, he grabbed Azriel's collar and almost lifted him off the ground with his one hand. 鈥淟ike I thought,鈥 Devlon snarled. "Useless. Fucking another useless bastard. At least that bastard, 鈥漚nd he nodded towards Cassian's direction,鈥 will make himself useful on the battlefield. Are you fucking crying? "
Azriel wasn't crying. Azriel never cried. Never. Ever.
"At least show me how you fly," groaned Devlon with disgust.
Azriel panicked. As did the shadows. They swarmed like a thunder cloud around him, around Devlon, attempting to rip Azriel from the male's grasp, but to no avail. "What the fuck is this?" Devlon ground out, barely able to see anything around him from the shadows, as he dragged Azriel behind him.
"You stop that, you little prick," he ordered.
鈥淒evlon,鈥 came a cautionary call out, and Azriel glanced back, seeing as it came from the tall boy with the large wings. The boy moved quickly, smoothly, following them closely, watching the unfolding events with a pair of bright, unusually colored eyes.
鈥淪tay out of it,鈥 ordered Devlon and that was the last thing that Azriel heard, before being tossed over the edge of the mountain, and into the open space beyond.
This is how he was going to die.
Truthfully, that's not how he imagined it. He always thought that his brothers would murder him. Perhaps his father would beat him to death. But he didn't think that he'd die because he didn't know how to fly.
His useless wings flailed pathetically behind him, fluttering in the wind. Stupidly, he whipped his arms about, as if that would help him and slow the inevitable. He didn't really want to die, even if he wasn't sure why he wanted to live.
He kept plummeting forth, breathing in the last moments of freedom. Even in his fright, the sense of space, the lashings of air were exhilarating. So beautiful. Freedom was so beautiful. If he was going to die, at least he would die well.
He closed his eyes, preparing for death.
A whip of dark air, scented with citrus and the sea, swept him in a whirlpool, a strong arm grabbing him about the waist, and in the next moment鈥 he was standing back at the precipice of the mountain.
"Rhysand, you fuck!" Devlon was apoplectic, now surrounded by other men, and all the boys behind them, gawking. Cassian was upfront, arms crossed, a frown on his face.
The tall boy 鈥 the one who saved him 鈥 only shrugged indifferently.
鈥淒evlon, while we always delight in your little initiations,鈥 said the boy, and Azriel's eyes bulged at the tone that he took with the Commander.
鈥淚t's Lord Devlon, to you, you fuck,鈥 snarled Devlon.
Rhysand shrugged.
"Then it's Lord Rhysand to you, as well."
The two stood still, facing each other, Rhysand giving off tremors of some hidden power the likes of which Azriel couldn't even imagine. His shadows whispered frantically鈥 power, power, power 鈥
"You know you can't winnow in the camp," said Devlon icily, barely maintaining his composure.
"You know you can't murder new recruits," reminded his Rhysand, as he began to unbutton his shirt casually. Once the shirt was off, he stood still, while Azriel watched in horror as Devlon was handed a whip.
鈥淚'd love to bandy civilities with you, Devlon,鈥 said Rhysand indifferently, 鈥渂ut I have things to do. Mete out your silly punishment and we'll go our separate ways. "
The whip landed between Rhysand's wings with a wet splat, splitting skin at once. Azriel saw that his back was crisscrossed with old scars, some healing, some newer. Rhysand barely reacted. Three lashings later, and then Cassian came over.聽
The crowd dispersed, the day's entertainment over.
"Rhys, what the fuck?" muttered Cassian, wincing at the damage on Rhysand's back. "Let's go get this looked at."
鈥淚t's nothing. I don't want my mother fussing, 鈥漵hrugged Rhysand.
The two of them turned to Azriel at last.
"What's you name?" Rhysand asked.
鈥淲hat do the shadows do? Do they talk? Can they kill people? Can they kill Devlon? " asked Cassian, his hazel eyes lighting up with savage delight as he watched the shadows.
Rhysand rolled his eyes at that. "Do you speak?" he pushed.
Azriel did. Not a lot. Mostly to the shadows. So, his tongue moved in his mouth, making unfamiliar sounds, and it was an effort. "Azriel".
鈥淲ell, Azriel, welcome to Woodhaven,鈥 said Rhysand cheerfully. 鈥淚 am Rhysand. This is Cassian. I believe you two are already acquainted. "
鈥淵ou should learn to fight,鈥 said Cassian meaningfully. "You are kind of wimpy for an Illyrian."
The questions came fast, 鈥淗ow old are you? Why are you so skinny? Why are you pale like that? "
鈥淓leven,鈥 Azriel finally got a word in.
"How are you eleven ?!" exclaimed Cassian, "you look like you are fucking eight!"
Azriel couldn't say anything to that.
鈥淚 am ten,鈥 said Cassian. "He is nine. You look like a wilted string bean. "
Rhysand, though the youngest, spoke with an authority of a forty-year old male, when he stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at Azriel with some strange curiosity. Rhysand's eyes were purple. His face, cold, hard and beautiful, did not match his age, or this environment.
"Do you fly?" he asked simply.
Azriel flushed, embarrassment eating at him, sweat suddenly coating his body.
鈥淔uck me,鈥 groaned Cassian, his expression full of wonder and horror. 鈥淗ow do you live not knowing how to fly? It's like living and not knowing how to jerk off! "
Rhysand, as expected, rolled his eyes at that.
"You seem like you have some experience with that," muttered Azriel, still flushing. Cassian glared at him and then threw his head back and roared with laughter.
"I like you, shadowsinger."
He slapped Azriel's back, almost causing him to fall over.
鈥淲e'll teach you to fly,鈥 said Rhysand at last. 鈥淚t will be hell for you. But you'll fly. "
Tumblr media
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fairytalesofthewind7 hours ago
What are you to Azriel?
I took the liberty to add another prompt to this:聽
11:聽Morning kisses that are exchanged before either person opens their eyes, kissing blindly until their lips meet in a blissful encounter.
Request are open!聽
Request: anything Azriel x y/n: if you need a prompt do y/n and Az living together and cute domestic fluff
* Female reader
Word count: 1533
It was days like these your mind wandered a lot. The silent and calm days that didn鈥檛 give you another choice but to ponder about everything. The question that kept getting circled back around your head was 鈥渨hat exactly are you to Azriel?鈥
In the first place, you were his spy.
At first, you didn鈥檛 want to get involved in anything that associated with the shadowsinger. Because everything associated with him had a direct link with danger, and you have tried your entire life trying to avoid it. You have tried 鈥揳nd failed- to keep secrets so that you wouldn鈥檛 need to leave the fake safety net you created.
You didn鈥檛 make any friends. There was no one getting close to you because they might find out that there was something different about you. They could find out how you know certain things you shouldn鈥檛 know. They might find out how you seemed to anticipate everything around you. And they might find out about how you seemed to know everyone鈥檚 secrets and how you hid so that no one would find out yours.
But Azriel somehow managed to found you. You knew the moment he had found you of course, you had seen him coming to you in a vision. He had told you that he knew what you were, he knew that you were a Seer.
You had put yourself in situations in which he could not visit you to tell you this. You went to places you never went to out of precaution. Instead of buying your supplies at the small shops in your area, you went to the market place where it was swimming with people. Instead of always being alone you offered to keep your older neighbours company. Instead of eating alone in your apartment, you ate in the restaurants in the city.
It seemed that after a while, Azriel had lost his patience. He knew what games you playing and had have enough of them.
You were sitting at a caf茅 drinking tea when he had showed up. The weird thing was that you hadn鈥檛 seen him coming. Neither literally, nor 鈥榮piritually鈥. And that resulted in you spilling your tea over yourself.
He had handed you a few napkins and without saying anything, sat down. 鈥淚 think that we both know it is time to talk.鈥
鈥淚 think we do need to talk yes, you should apologise for making me spill this tea over myself.鈥 Azriel had simply responded to that with saying that it was your own fault and that you knew damn well what they should talk about. It seemed that you had really hit some nerves by avoiding him for the past couple of days.
He did give you a choice whether you were going to work for him or not. But the damage had already been done. The inner circle already knew about you. They were going to need help some day in the future and they would come to you.
You had a 鈥榗hoice鈥, you could join them now or later. But that hesitancy could get you deemed as an enemy. Why wouldn鈥檛 you want to help your court? You set aside your fears and decided you would join Azriel.
After that, you became his adviser.
You became the Inner Circle鈥檚 adviser. In the beginning of your employment they only came to you if it was very dire. Asking you advise about to handle certain situation with other High Lords and Ladies.
Azriel visited you if he needed intel on other Courts. You simply had to take a peek into a location he gave you on paper and you would have to describe what you would see.
And sometimes Azriel didn鈥檛 give a map and simply waited for you to have vision. Sometimes he winnowed you somewhere. The places you went to were those of important people; lords and ladies, and sometimes even a High Lord.
Eventually the Inner Circle didn鈥檛 just visit you for valuable information, they also came to you for insignificant things. It had started with Morrigan, she had waltzed into your place demanding which dress would rouse her father the most.
You were his friend.
After a while the Inner Circle wouldn鈥檛 even come up with an excuse to visit you anymore. Azriel tried to in the beginning, claiming to be asking for information that even seemed irrelevant to you. Eventually he gave up and visited you as he pleased.
You two would have late night tea parties. You would try to discuss certain things but you always seemed to drift away from serious conversations to laughing with each other.
You and Azriel built up a beautiful friendship with each other. There was a lot of trust, honesty and support for each other. And eventually also romantic love.
You told each other your secrets. Both of you seemed to have a lot of them. Azriel told you everything starting from the beginning. His upbringing with his former family and how he grew up in the Illyrian camps with his real family. He told you about Rhysand鈥檚 mother 鈥 his mother also, about how he got his powers, how he learned to fly, how he won the Blood Rite with his brothers鈥,
You told each other everything.
You were his family.
You had a special place in his heart, just as he did in yours. You were very important to him. Azriel caught himself thinking about you a lot. He cared about you a lot. He loved you.
You spent a lot of time with each other. You helped each other when either of you were in need. Eventually both of you realised that neither of you could go on without the other. You were each other鈥檚 family.
You were his lover.
After a lot of dancing around each other on your tiptoes, something finally happened on an ordinary day. On one of your late night tea parties.
You had spilled tea over yourself 鈥搚ou seemed to have a knack for that. Instead of just handing you the napkins and just standing there like the first time, Azriel helped you. He quickly helped you pull of your blouse so that the hot tea wouldn鈥檛 seep onto your skin. He used his handkerchief to wipe the tea that did manage to seep through your blouse. And after few seconds you both seemed to realise the position you were both in.
Azriel was hovering over you with his hand (and handkerchief) on your chest while you were sitting in a chair, nearly naked from the waist up. You blushed scarlet red but you didn鈥檛 do anything because you didn鈥檛 want to break this up.
Eventually Azriel leaned down slowly, giving you a silent choice. You found this choice to be easily made as you leaned up to connect your lips.
The choice of being is lover was also easily made.
You were his mate.
But of course, you had seen this coming. You had been dreaming of the night of the bond snapping into place for days before it actually happened. You were happy that Azriel didn鈥檛 live with you because you had cried a whole night out of pure happiness.
It didn鈥檛 happen in a special place. It didn鈥檛 happen at Nightfall, but rather just before that.
Azriel was coming to pick you up and fly you to The House of the Wind. You were looking behind you in the mirror as you saw him approaching from the balcony connected to your room. He walked up to you to greet you with a kiss and took a good look at you.
You tried to pick up your earrings without showing your shaking hands, but Azriel saw it anyways. He only mistook the reason for your nervousness. He thought it was because this would be your first Nightfall together, and not because of what was going to happen very soon.
As he finished putting your earrings on for you, you both took a second to look at each other in the mirror. He put his arms around you and rested his head on your shoulder. Into the mirror he gave you a smile, his expression quickly changed from loving to shocked to loving again.
It was safe to say that they were a bit later to the party than expected.
You were his wife.
You heard about how Rhysand and Feyre not only completed rituals from Prythian but also those from the mortal lands.
Azriel had thought it had sounded nice. He greeted you with 鈥榤y lovely wife鈥 a lot, it was always followed with a kiss.
You were his everything.
He loved you. It was as simply as that.
And he proved it to you every day. The day started with morning kisses before either of you had really opened your eyes. Kissing blindly until your lips met in a blissful encounter. Throughout the day it was difficult to leave each other鈥檚 sight, so most of the time you don鈥檛. And at the end of the day, you made sure to prove your love to each other by not only giving your soul and heart to each other but also your body.
Thank you for the request @reneerara !聽
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livelyblu7 hours ago
i think we all can agree that 'this is me trying' by taylor is definitely a nesta song
"And maybe I don't quite know what to say, But I'm here in your doorway"
Nesta showing up at Feyre's new home
They told me all of my cages were mental, So I got wasted like all my potential, And my words shoot to kill when I'm mad, I have a lot of regrets about that
so so obvious
Pourin' out my heart to a stranger, But I didn't pour the whiskey
nesta as the various taverns
And it's hard to be at a party, When I feel like an open wound, It's hard to be anywhere these days, When all I want is you, You're a flashback in a film reel, On the one screen in my town
nesta on the winter solstice
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flowerflamestars7 hours ago
Shoreless Sea snippet
鈥淵ou tried to get him out,鈥 Nesta said, throat burning, 鈥淏efore Rhysand put a sword in his hand and sent him off to fight a true immortal?鈥 聽 Azriel, carding what looked like red-tinged gravel out of his thick hair, grimaced. 鈥淣o.鈥 鈥淣o?鈥 鈥淣esta.鈥 Annoyed at the depth of his tone and nonetheless grateful for it- Az, back in hated black armor she鈥檇 honestly thought he鈥檇 burned- Azriel, who knew exactly what she was feeling and was far too kind to say it aloud- Az, her friend, the only member of the Night Court who鈥檇 ever apologized to her. 聽 Nesta breathed out, salt clinging to her own skin the smallest refuge in overwhelming copper. 聽 鈥淏andage your fucking head,鈥 Nesta grumbled, setting down the crystal bottle in favor of shoving medical supplies his way. 聽 聽鈥淚鈥檓 having dinner with your husband and I do not want to listen to him complain about this.鈥 She pointed a vicious finger before he could open his mouth, 鈥淎nd salve your hands, you look like you tried to punch a boulder to death. Then, you can tell me what the hell happened.鈥 聽 The spark caught. 聽 Murderous coldness melting away until Azriel looked a little more like the breathing, laughing, happy man she鈥檇 grown to know. An uptick of his full mouth- not the absolutely shitheaded grin, but its tiny descendant. 聽鈥淣eeds stitches.鈥 聽 She thought about getting Elain, whose needle proficiency put Nesta to shame. 聽 Azriel had come straight to her- not Lucien. Waited bleeding before Nesta鈥檚 door with the knowledge unspoken she鈥檇 understand why, share the same aching frustration. There was nothing about either of them that Elain or Lucien didn鈥檛 love in different ways, but neither shared the inclination to keep pressing on a bruise until yellowed tenderness became a true and purple pain all over again. 聽 Nesta stood. 鈥淭ell me it鈥檚 not a mess.鈥 聽 Azriel shook his head, matted curls falling into his eyes. 鈥淐lean. Straight split on impact.鈥
Three nauseous silken loops pulled tight before he spoke again, grave. 鈥淩hysand is getting impatient. Something is starting to go鈥rong, in the Hewn City- he鈥檚 going to have to choose where to concentrate his forces.鈥 聽 No point in asking how Azriel knew the feelings of the man who鈥檇 once owned him absolutely in loyalty. Wind and darkness spoke to the world鈥檚 sole shadowsinger wherever he was, Night鈥檚 north particularly prey to tenebrosity. 聽 聽 鈥淗e鈥檚 going to end it.鈥 Nesta said, flat.
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