daisybrekker · 2 days ago
3 Brothers x 3 Sisters - Spicy😏
(By the amazing @jessdraw.s on Instagram)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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julemmaes · 2 days ago
I'm rereading acosf cause I should be studying and I need you all to remember this scene, thanks for your attention
Cassian pulled back, and remained that way long enough that she opened her eyes again to find his face inches from her own. “You’re not going to marry Eris,” he said roughly.
“No,” she breathed.
His eyes blazed. “There will be no one else. For either of us.”
“Yes,” she whispered.
“Ever,” he promised.
Nesta laid a hand on his muscled chest, letting the thunderous beating of the heart beneath echo into her palm. Let it travel down her arm, into her own chest, her own heart. “Ever,” she swore.
It was all he needed. All she needed.
Cassian’s mouth met hers, and the world ceased to exist.
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leesylou-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Elain Archeron 🌺
Character belongs to: A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J. Maas
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sydneymack · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cassian and Nesta - A Court of Thorns and Roses
Artist: @paintfaery for @novelwicks
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unhealthyfanobsession · 2 days ago
Guys this shit has been way too one dimensional lately. What is UP in this fandom. It’s always been a mess but come on. Literally everyone is out here claiming misogyny over people having a preference in female characters ….
You are going to prefer the woman you relate to and/or aspire to be like the most.
That’s ok.
That’s normal.
I’m fucking done with the narrative that to like a series you have to like every character and are somehow less a fan if you dislike certain characters or call out certain characters.
Characters, like people, are different. And readers, again, like people, have different preferences.
I don’t care who or what you like, don’t let anyone gaslight you like this. Be in whatever side of the fandom you want and don’t let anyone tell you that is *wrong*
It’s only wrong if you’re a dick to other people and what they like. Don’t attack anyone (and by that I mean don’t be rude to other real human beings, not don’t criticize inherently flawed fictional characters), the good Tumblr lord literally invented hashtags for this reason.
I will defend your right to attack every character I love and defend everyone I hate so long as you do it in the appropriate hashtags, don’t antagonize people on purpose, and don’t go on anon to send hate to others. That’s all we owe each other and it’s all we can ask for.
You aren’t a misogynist because you like one Archeron sister more than the others.
You aren’t a misogynist because the Valkyrie didn’t resonate with you.
You aren’t a misogynist because You dislike Mor and Amren.
You are only a misogynist if you think women should be treated in real life the way they are in these books. (fantasy is fantasy and it is fun and sexy and fine in FANTASY … but it isn’t real life and that is the point of ALL OF THIS!)
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lady-riel · 2 days ago
Cassian: *bumps into the wall and knocks a huge hole in it*
Azriel: *sighs* It’s fine. We’ll spackle it.
Gwyn: Is spackle some weird sex thing you bats do?
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honeybeefae · 4 hours ago
Revenge (Azriel x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary// Cassian and Nesta had used every surface of the House of Wind for their pleasure, not even considering that other people live with them. Azriel thinks it’s time the two of you give them a taste of their own medicine.
(I know this isn’t the Feysand x Bat Boys fic I promised but I hit a MAJOR slump in writing and decided to work on some smaller fics to get myself back in the mindset! It will be here soon though but for now, enjoy this smutty apology gift.)
WARNINGS// 18+ ONLY, Smut, Semi-Public sex, p in v, oral (female & male receiving), established relationship, table fucking, revenge fucking, choking, multiple orgasms, light dom/sub dynamic, shadow restraints, finger fucking, just filth. Enjoy!
Taglist: @whor-3-crux , @mystic-scripture , @lovelynesta
You were laying in bed with Azriel, windows open to let in the cool night air when the noises started. Azriel let out a frustrated sigh and ran a hand over his face which made you chuckle. 
“Do they not have anything better to do?” He grumbled while pulling you closer. You took in a deep breath, enjoying the smell of his freshly bathed body. 
“They’re newly mated, Az. I’m sure it’ll calm down.” You said as you trailed your fingertips over his chest. “Besides you know how they are. I’m sure the thrill of being caught is half of the fun for them.”
He raised up on his elbows to stare down at you, eyebrows raised in disbelief. “Angel we are also newly mated. But unlike my brother, I have respect for others and don’t need an audience to enhance our pleasure.” The last words had his lips curving up in a smirk that sent butterflies to your stomach.
When you went to respond a loud moan echoed throughout the house that had your mate rolling his eyes. If you were being honest, it did slightly get on your nerves for the simple fact that you ate off of the very table they were fucking on right now. You were sure that if they caught the two of you tangled together somewhere they frequented they would-
A dangerous idea stopped your train of thought immediately. Azriel immediately noticed the spark in your eyes and sat up straighter. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”
“Azriel, would you say you believe in revenge?”
“We’re terrible.” You purred as Azriel kissed his way down your neck in the library. He mumbled something you couldn’t make out before coming back up to your lips, tangling his scarred hands in your hair as he took control of this kiss. Both of your tongues danced around each other while small jolts of pleasure went down to your sex.
One of your hands curled into his hair and tugged so you could attack his throat, biting gently on his pulse which had him growling lowly. “You’re playing dirty, Y/N.”
You couldn’t stop the grin as you kissed back up to his face. “Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing, my love?” You teased before letting out a gasp as he rutted into you, feeling how hard he was. 
The bookshelf behind you creaked when you were pressed further into it. Cassian and Nesta had arrived at home about an hour ago and if they followed their routine, they would be in the study directly across from the library.
“If this plan of yours is going to work I’m going to need you to be louder.” Azriel said as he began to undo the ties of your dress. 
You turned around so that you were facing the books, pushing your ass out teasingly, to give him better access. “I suppose you’re going to have to give me a reason to be loud then.” 
Azriel was not one to be teased or challenged…especially during sex. As soon as the words left your mouth you knew you were in for it. The room was quiet for a few moments until a loud rip reverberated around the room. 
Your dress, or the scraps of it, fell to the floor at the same moment that his large hand covered your throat and yanked you to his body. He choked you just enough to make your eyes widen while his other hand splayed out on your stomach. 
“How about I give you three?”
Suddenly the hand on your stomach went to your bare pussy and began to rub fast circles on your clit, making your back arch in pleasure. You tried to grip his arm but found your arms restrained at your sides, his shadows softly caressing your skin. 
Fuck you were really in for it.
Azriel was unrelenting in his motions as he wound your body up in minutes. He was still dressed in his leathers and you could feel him grind into your ass as your whimpers grew louder. “Does that feel good? Are you going to cum on my fingers? Make those pretty little cries for me?”
Your thighs were starting to shake from just how good he was making you feel. He had wasted no time in bringing you to the peak and just as you were ready to fall over the edge, he moved those fingers into your hole. 
The hand around your throat moved up until you were tilted back to stare up at him, those hazel eyes dark with arousal as he fucked you with his fingers. His thumb began to rub your clit once more and you swore loudly, feeling your walls start to flutter around him.
“Fuck, Az, fuck, please!” You panted while trying to keep eye contact with him. “I can’t, I can’t hold it.”
“Let go, angel. Take what I’m giving you.” Azriel purred before curling his fingers, hitting your spot with expert precision. You cried out his name as you came around his hand, hips desperately grinding down in an attempt to prolong your pleasure. He kissed you passionately as you started to come down, hips still grinding into you.
When you opened your eyes again you whined at the empty feeling of your cunt, turning back to press your body up against his. Azriel’s eyes lit up with wicked seduction as he pried your lips apart with his thumb and made you lick your juices off his fingers.
You fluttered your eyelashes at the Spymaster while swirling your tongue around and around, giving a gentle suck before he pulled them out. 
“Good girl.” He praised as he stroked your cheek affectionately before gesturing to the table by the window. “Now go sit on the edge and spread those beautiful legs for me.”
You didn’t need to be told twice, practically sprinting over to it and hopping up to do as he ordered. Both of your thighs were slick with your orgasm and you could see them glisten in the late rays of the sun. 
Azriel began to stalk towards you slowly while untying the strings of his pants. The light coming from the windows framed him perfectly, his wings casting a large shadow over the rest of the library that made it seem like you were the only two in the world. 
He stopped in front of you, placing both hands on your thighs, and sunk to his knees. Your hands were gripping onto the edge of the tablewhile your chest heaved in anticipation. 
“Are you ready to cry for me again, Y/N?” Azriel mused as he peppered kisses on the inside of your legs. When you didn’t reply immediately he nipped your skin, making you yelp. “I expect an answer when I ask a question.”
“I-” You started to say before a shuffling sound outside the door made you still. Azriel heard it as well, smirking as one of his shadows curled up to his ear to whisper secrets only he could hear. 
“We have an audience. Let’s not keep them waiting.” He rumbled before shoving you backwards and wrapping your legs around his shoulders. You had no time to recover as he began to devour your cunt, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth over your already sensitive clit before going down to dip into you.
You hadn’t even realized the moan you had let out until you heard your mate chuckle. Both of your hands were gripping the table until your knuckles were white while your eyes rolled back in ecstasy.
Azriel was a man of many talents but you always thought the best was how well he could eat you out. He greedily sucked all you had for him down and then took more, that long tongue being able to reach all the places you never knew existed.
He hummed around your clit and you clamped your thighs against his arms, crying out his name as wave after wave of pleasure washed over you. “Ooooh Az…” You whined, not being able to focus on anything other than the pleasure he was giving to you.
Until you heard a schlik sound underneath you that sounded like skin against skin. It didn’t take long for your lust hazed mind to realize that he was touching himself while tongue fucking you.
It was the most erotic thing and you started to roll your hips into his face, nails scrapping against the wood as you praised him loudly. “Are you touching yourself for me, Az? Fuck, such a…a good boy.”
Both of you liked to switch roles when it came to sex and this was no different. Although he had you pinned to the table you could hear his moan at your words, speeding up the hand around his cock while also focusing all his attention on your clit.
Your second orgasm creeped up on you and was just as violent as the first. It had your voice going hoarse as you wailed for your mate, feeling your juices sliding down your ass. Azriel drank it all down like a man starved and when he pulled away you could see the wetness that coated his lips and chin.
The second he stood up you hurriedly scooted off of the table to fall on your knees, drooling at the sight of his cock. He had denied you for too long. You wasted no time in grasping it and pulling him to your mouth, taking him all the way down in one swoop.
“Shit, Y/N.” He sighed as he gathered your hair in his hand and pulled it tight. 
You gave a gentle kiss to the tip when you came back up, staring up at him with adoration. “Let me take care of you.” You crooned before going back down, cupping his balls and setting a steady pace.
Azriel’s wings flared in pleasure as he helped guide your head. He was already close to the edge from earlier and you wanted him to cum down your throat, to hear him growl out your name in euphoria.
He tasted of pure male musk and it made your head spin, your spit coating his dick. You felt him start to tense up and when you went to swallow him down again he roughly pulled you back.
“No.” Azriel huffed, chest rising and falling in quick pants. “I want to cum inside you, fill you up.”
You didn’t get a say because he hoisted you up and flipped you back around until you were stomach down on the table. He wasted no time in lining up with your entrance and, without warning, filled you with one thrust.
“Fuck!” You cried out as he set a brutal pace, wrapping your hair around his hand again and yanking until you were looking up at the ceiling. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as did the smell of sex. 
You were so sensitive already and with the stretch of his cock inside you knew he would make you cum again quickly. Your tits bounced earnestly as the table creaked underneath you, moaning at the heat of him inside of you.
Tears began to form in the corner of your eyes from the pain and pleasure, moans and curses freely flying out of your mouth. Azriel noticed and chuckled darkly, giving your hair a harsh tug that had you seeing stars.
“Look at you, angel. You’re taking me So. Fucking. Well.” He groaned before pulling out completely. You immediately started to protest until he hoisted you up and reentered you in seconds, fucking into you while standing.
The new angle allowed him to hit a spot that only he could reach, your arms wrapping around his neck immediately as you sobbed into his neck. You were so close, the fire inside your belly turning into an inferno, you just needed a little extra push.
Azriel knew what you needed and as he bounced you on his cock he let his shadows curl around your throat while cooing into your ear.
“Cum on my cock like a good girl, Y/N. Scream out for all of Velaris so they know who owns you.”
All you could see was white as your last orgasm shuttered through your body. Your body went limp in Azriel’s hold as he followed you in pleasure, both of you calling out for each other. You felt his cum fill you until it gushed out and you could’ve sworn you soaked the carpets from how hard he had made you cum.
Your entire body was shaking as Azriel slowly pulled out of you, admiring the way he dripped out of your used cunt while you came back to the present. He gave you a soft kiss on your temple and told you to sleep, smiling tenderly as you didn’t even hesitate to listen.
He cradled you in his arms and walked towards the door, opening it with one hand swiftly to reveal Cassian and Nesta leaning on the doorframe. They both turned red and sputtered out apologies, looking everywhere but them as Azriel walked you both back to your room.
It seemed like nobody learned their lesson.
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vidalinav · a day ago
Can you give us a snippet of Cassian’s reaction to finding out Rhys killed Nesta in your fic? Pls I’m begging 🥺
Cassian grips his chest but there’s no wound. There’s no gaping black hole where his hand slips through to feel the bloody warmth of an aorta. His heart beats and beats and nothing is amiss at all.  
But something is missing. Something is off.  
He can’t quite tell what it is. He’s standing in the House, almost to the door, his fists already bared and red. His mind wanders a mile a minute and Cassian thinks on what he’ll do as he moves. He’ll pick Nesta up, drag her away from them all, to the mountains where the height might make her remember how easy it is to fall.  
He’ll take her where she's safe from herself. Nesta will scream about it, he’s sure, but no one will hear her in the middle of the woods and when the days are up and her throat is aching and scratching, then he’ll tell her all the ways she shouldn’t punish people for loving her.  
He loves her so damn much already; he can barely breathe. He can barely think when he’s with her, and he can barely speak when Feyre’s voice rumbles through his mind with her name.  
Nesta. Nesta. Nesta.  
What has Nesta done now?  
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shadowsandbloom · 2 days ago
The deleted Nessian and Azriel threesome gives me nightmares. I‘m so glad she didn’t put it in the book. Just imagine the utter mess we would be in because of it. Do you think people would‘ve shipped Nesta and Azriel?
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nessiandaily · 2 days ago
Nessian's daughter⚔
Tumblr media
art: b00k.trash [instagram]
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casuallivi · 2 days ago
Cassian: Hey can I sit there?
Azriel: That's my lap.
Cassian: So?
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broodybatboy · 13 hours ago
Therapist: Hello Azriel! Let's start with an easy one: how would you describe yourself?
Azriel: Vaguely broody. Deeply unsettling.
Cassian: *noises of protest*
Rhys: I mean... he's not wrong.
Cassian: *scoffs*
Cassian: Azriel is brave, super smart, and devilishly handsome. He has so much capacity for love.
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bi-carli · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sapaul · 2 days ago
I hope SJM sees fan art of feysand, nessian, and elriel together and smiles because of how good they all look together. She can give herself a pat on the back for a job well done on the 3 brothers x 3 sisters.
Tumblr media
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highladyofautumnn · a day ago
i feel like nesta archeron and eris vanserra would have the same dynamic as rose calloway and connor cobalt. mean girlfriend x rich narcissistic boyfriend who is OBSESSED with girlfriend?? i like nessian but the neris potential-
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unhealthyfanobsession · a day ago
In Defiance of the Stars Chapter 14
“Time for that delayed flying you promised me, Nes?” It was like Cassian had known her for years instead of weeks. Like he knew that she wanted to admit those truths but not be made to discuss them. Freeing herself even as she trapped them both in this great, wide void until she could decide exactly how to handle the situation.
Nesta looked up at the imposing rockface and then back to the large male, wings extending like an open invitation.
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lady-riel · a day ago
Nesta: *freaking out right before the mating ceremony*
Gwyn: Relax, Nesta, the hard part is already behind you. The mating ceremony is just a formality.
Nesta: *hyperventilating* What part was the hard part?
Gwyn: Fitting his cock inside of you.
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leesylou-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Elain WIP
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fatimafares123 · a year ago
Now YouTube has a habit of recommending me the weirdest stuff recently, but today i got this on my recommendations
Tumblr media
And about halfway through listening to this, I went and read the comments, literally I could not stop reading I was there for hours, here are some of my favorites
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cassianandfenrysaremyboyos · 8 months ago
Nothing sexier then a fictional man suddenly noticing an injury on their love interest and going unnaturally still, their eyes darkening, their voice hardening with deathly quiet as they say "who did this to you?"
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