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I made quite a lot of these already, but I’m so sure Emerie and Nesta won’t have the relationship I made up in my head and she won’t be half the comedic genius I pretend she is, that I wanted to share a few more detailed scenarios and add them to this other two: 1, 2. You know, just in case I don’t like ACOSF after 3 years of waiting and I have to prettend it doesn’t exsist.

The thing is, Nesta lives in the tiny one bedroom “apartment” above Emerie’s shop. They both live there, so Nesta doesn’t have to stay in Cassian’s house or in a canvas tent. Whenever Cassian wants to talk to Nesta and goes to the store looking for her, Emerie pretends she is busy and packes him off with an excuse. So Cassian says he needs to talk to her, it’s important, and even if they were just having tea, Emerie tells him Nesta can’t talk to him right now, she is having wild sex upstairs. “I can’t here a thing” he says. He knows Emerie is lying to him. “Maybe her mouth is bussy right now. You know ” she winks “ Wel… you don’t” she dares to touch his arm in consolation “But I’m sure you imagine”.

Mor doesn’t like Emerie. She thought they were sending Nesta to Illyria to get rid of her, not to double the trouble once she came back. So she straight up asks Emerie “Why do you feel the urge to be bitter all the time?” Because she is, she never misses the oportunity of adding a subtle insult.  “It’s a natural response to balance Nesta’s sweetnes”.

Once, Cassian was telling Nesta and Emerie “his brother” would come the next morning to do some paperwork in the camps and both Nesta and her were invited to have lunch with them in one of the houses. “The shadowy one or the sparkly one” Emerie asks. Cassian is taken by surprise becuase she is usully more hostil towards him and he thought she would say something like “fuck off” or “We would rather die”, and the finds the nicknames they have given to his brothers to be a little funny and absolutely fitting. He is intrigued and feels invited to go on the conversation “What do you call me?” He looks at Nesta, but she gives a quick look at her friend. That’s what Emerie wanted, she had intended to laugh at him all along, when she simply goes back to her book and all she says is “guess”.

And finally, whenever Feyre tries to get closer to Emerie by buying something from her store, Emerie will tell her the prize is “excacly the same amount the jewelry you are wearing is worth”. The first time she did, Feyre actually gave her the ruby necklace she was wearing, to prove she didn’t care how much money it would cost her to get to know her. But then she realized it was not a test, Emerie was simply making fun of her and about to make huge amounts of money.

Here are the other headcanons for ACOSF  Part 1 || Part 2

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I don’t understand why people are going on about how that waltz scene is Karma and Deserved Suffering for Cassian for ignoring Nesta when Mor was around when…

There isn’t a single trace of jealousy or self-hatred or derision on Cassian’s part in that scene? Have we lost reading comprehension? He is literally watching her dance with Eris with nothing but Awe and Admiration! Regardless of how the story will progress, ACOMAF ACOWAR and ACOFAS Cassian would have witnessed that from the shadows and not mentioned how Nesta glowed as she danced and conquered—he would have made at least one comment about how she wasn’t dancing with him because he’s low-born.

Say what you will about holding people responsible and withholding absolution (which I agree with to a degree) but I’m afraid most of you have missed the mark when it comes to a scene that not only shows us Nesta beautiful and confident and glowing once more, but also hints at character growth on Cassian’s part.

Homeboy is literally watching his (maybe) girl dazzle the room and pirouette during a complicated waltz and look damn right breathtaking while she does it—and he’s proud of her, proud of her confidence, proud of the fact that people have stopped dancing to watch her dance. Proud of the fact that he’s not the only one who’s noticed how daring and amazing she is.

So far, there isn’t a single negative emotion in this scene so why are we trying so hard to make it so?

Some of you really just want discourse for discourse and drama and it really shows.

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Just patiently waiting for February 16th

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I don’t understand why everyone thinks that Nesta was obligated to accept Cassian’s gift. Home girl just wants to be left alone and he’s overstepping this little thing called ✨boundaries ✨

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ACOTAR characters and their zodiac sign:

Feyre: Sagittarius ♐️

Rhysand: Scorpio ♏️

Nesta: Virgo ♍️

Cassian: Leo ♌️

Elain: Cancer ♋️

Azriel: Aquarius ♒️

Morrigan: Libra ♎️

Tamlin: Taurus ♉️

Lucien: Piscis ♓️

Amren: Capricorn ♑️

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I’m gonna say it.

The latest snippet I do not feel is Cassian going to be jealous or that Eris and Nesta are dancing because they like each other. It could be out of friendliness; the ball being held at Eris’s court; and/or people normally dance with the host especially if the host asks for a dance.

They could simply be friends. Cassian doesn’t seem jealous. He doesn’t seem mad at Nesta. I think it is just a beautiful dance and a way for us to see how Cassian thinks of or views Nesta. And to see how their relationship has or will change.

Eris and Nesta are probably friends/allies.

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*Inner circle debating who would win*

Rhysand: I would beat you.

Cassian: I would hold my own against you. Besides I have Nesta.

Rhysand: I have Feyre.

Cassian: I have Azriel.

Rhysand: I have Amren

Amren: Nope. I’m with Nesta. I’m not going against her.

Rhysand: *scoffs* Fine we have Mor.

Amren and Cassian: *look at each other* *mouthing* We win.

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You know how Cass fought Rhysand after he and feyre came back from the cabin.

If Nesta and Cassian are mates and Rhys says something about Nesta that causes Cassian to fight rhys. I don’t think he’d hold back… like especially because most of the things Rhys says about Nesta are rude. He’d for sure loose his shit (probably worse than Rhys in that situation)

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Sometimes I feel weird about describing the Nessian kids wings because of how sexualised they are through the fandom and even the ACOTAR characters

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I know a lot of people are angry because the new teaser has got them worried about Nessian no longer being endgame (they are dw, SJM said this is a Nessian book), I’m actually very excited to learn more about Eris.

I’m not saying I love the guy but his past sounds so interesting. A lot of people are saying they hate him and cannot stand him for what he did to Mor and he is an abuser. That is perfectly valid. However, I think he’s an interesting character and I am excited to learn about him from a new perspective because who knows? Also, I think he can potentially help Nessian find their way together.

Here’s to not judging a book by its cover (even though it ain’t cute) or it’s teasers! Let’s go in with positive thoughts xx

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Funny how I have never realised this:

How Feyre was so scared of darkness because it reminded her of her time Under the Mountain, how she couldnt breath, couldn’t stand to even shut the curtains. But then she ended up being mated to the High Lord of the Night Court who’s powers are literally darkness.

And then Nesta…. how she’s so afraid of fire, how she can’t stand to have it lit or to hear the logs snapping because it reminds her to her own traumas. How she literally sleeps under multiple layers of blankets rather than lit a fire. And somehow, she ends up being mated to a man who literally remind her of fire made flesh.

What sorcery is this?

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I’m seeing a lot of posts and opinions about Eris and Nesta, and I can definitely see where most of them are coming from. 

Let’s not forget that Rhys was an abuser as well (albeit with reasons). However, let’s not use that to justify Eris’s actions, because justifying abuse of any kind is completely unacceptable. 

Making comparisons between the two is fine, theories are fine, just keep in mind that abuse is abuse and should not be brushed aside. 

That’s it. Thank you.

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i’m having a full on nessian breakdown rn. i’m screaming because i am in love w cass and because i relate to nesta’s hurt so much that it is e x t r e m e l y weird to see a character so like me in a way??? and then my comfort character literally being cassian is sending me into hyper space because nessian. 

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🤍 thinking about 🤍

The new sneak peek of acosf

e-boy Az

Soft boy Az

Azriel playing the bass

Eris getting mesmerised by Nesta

Hipster Cass

Cassian playing the drums


Nesta and Lucien forming an alliance and calling out the IC

Lady autumn when she reunites with Helion

Nesta dancing

The orchestra version of ‘bust your windows’. While eris and Nesta dance

Jealous Cassian

Teasing Nesta

Nesta x Emerie

Cottage core Elain &Mor

Witch Nesta

Keir , Beron. Rhysand and death

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Idk about y’all but I’m excited to know more about Eris. He’s always intrigued me

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Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Eris and Nesta.

Brain: but Cassian is there too… watching them.


Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Cassian is watching Eris dance with Nesta.

Brain: Nesta is actually having fun dancing, she’s not in a corner sulking and hating every second that she has to stand there. She’s actually having fun. And she’s glowing.


Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Nesta is glowing while dancing. Nesta is having fun.

Please give me this book already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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