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#cassian and nesta
notmewrongbitch · an hour ago
I bet if Nesta had actually learned to master her powers she would have saved Feyre with the snap of her fingers
Fuck it. I'm writing this
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dfendyrr · 3 hours ago
Cassian, smiling creepily: Wanna hear some dark humour?
Nesta: [raises brows]
Cassian, turning the lights off: Knock knock...
Nesta: Turn the damn lights back on.
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darklove9314-blog · 3 hours ago
Listening to the audiobook for A Crown of Gilded Bones while trying to write my next chapter for Symphonia all while my husband is sick, yeah this should be an interesting day.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 4 hours ago
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the High Lord of Night’s official policy that any price is worth paying to ensure that the 5-7 (depending on the day) people he cares about are alright:
Tumblr media
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gwynriel-owns-me · 5 hours ago
Nesta Archeron and Poppy Balfour would be best friends change my mind.
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Bat Boys with their mate/love interest as Mr Darcy moments in Pride and Prejudice (2005).
Rhysand in ACOMAF: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Cassian in ACOFAS and ACOSF : 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Azriel with Elain in ACOSF:
Tumblr media
  Azriel with Gwyn in ACOSF:
Tumblr media
    Bonus 1. Mor when she meets Feyre:
Tumblr media
  Bonus 2. Headcanon of Az post ACOSF:
Tumblr media
Az whenever he practices asking Gwyn out with his shadows. Az is Bingley, the shadows Darcy.
 (I’m so sorry for this crack post but it needed to be done! now take my laptop away from me, I beg you)
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cinearia · 15 hours ago
I understand some people don't ship them, but I would LOVE see Lucien and Nesta as a couple, as I would also like them to be just good friends. Idk, i just shipp them.
Like, FOR ME, in one way or another, they would have a really good connection. Their personality combine so much. Nesta deserves someone better than Cassian in ACOSF and Lucien is one of the few men in ACOTAR who is disgusted. They seem to have the kind of relationship that they can either fight each other or get too well.
The ONLY thing that leaves me behind is the age gap between them, I always thought Lucien was younger, like Tarquin’s age more or less, but I don’t even know his exact age yet.
And since SJM originally intended for them to be mates before change, I don't find it that hard to see a way where they would be lovers. It makes me wonder what it would have been like if she hadn't changed, because according to her, "they would shred each other to pieces, and not in a good way - like in the kind of way that would only worsen the deep, unhealed wounds they both have ... ",
while with Nessian was "i literally could not keep them each other's throats, in the best way possible"
I mean, how ?? How would it have been Nesta x Lucien ?? And how toxic that would have been, like, genuinely asking. Because I can see them getting along. But I could be wrong too, Idk.
(And if Cassian was "in a good way", I don't even know what it would be like with Lucien in SJM's view, but okay, she's the author, which... It's good, actually. One less character ruined)
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arinbelle · 15 hours ago
A very long unnecessary rant on ACOSF that no one needs to read
Disclaimer: I liked ACOSF. I also hated ACOSF. I love Nesta Archeron and always will. I still stan and support Nessian so if you don’t this post may not be for you.
So I realized my biggest problem with ACOSF. And yes, I have quite a few overall ones, but my biggest one is that it basically feels incomplete. Now I know we already all agreed that it was rushed in the ends. Now let me elaborate.
It feels unfinished in that it feels like Nesta did not heal. And I say that as politely as possible. Because yeah, I loved ACOSF for like a week straight but then I kept rereading it and realizing some of its flaws. For example, and this one irks me THE MOST. I didn’t care that Nesta finally mourned her father’s death or even felt bad about her behavior. Because that spoke to me about the goodness of her heart deep down. What bothered me was in the end when she says that she didn’t deserve her father’s love when he died for her but she’d keep fighting each day to be worthy of it. That’s not how parents work. It’s called unconditional love for a reason. You don’t “deserve” your parent’s love. You don’t earn it. It simply exists for you and is given to you. There is no, “Well I was a brat growing up and i was angry at him most of my adolescent life so now when he died for me, I didn’t deserve his love or anyone else.”
Like NOOO Nesta, you deserve so much, and your dad’s love is just the tip of the iceberg on what you deserve.
Now. Lemme get into the “trauma.”
...WHERE DId IT GO?!?!
I know it exists. Believe me, I, the person who read ACFAS at leat four times a month for three years until we finally got ACOSF knows that Nesta is traumatized. I know she’s dealing with a lot and I get that not everything will be addressed. But we could have addressed a little bit. Maybe even more than just the fire. Like where is the Tomas resolution? Where is the I’ve basically drank for the past year and now I don’t have withdrawal effects? Where is the I’ve been sleeping with strangers almost every night, drunk, and it’s just never addressed outside of brief internal monologue of “Oh yeah, I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore.”
Like, yes, me too Nes. I’m also glad you’re not doing all those things anymore becuase they were hurting you, but why did we never get any context on WHY you chose to do them in the first place.
Basically, I don’t think you can just not drink alcohol like this after a year of drinking nonstop, without any withdrawal or even some moments of weakness or hints of relapse. And I don’t think Nesta is healed, nor do I think she’s on a good road to being healed. Why? Because she’s not doing it for herself. It is stated over and over that Nesta thinks Cassian is an amazing person. And yes, I love that. I love how she adores him and thinks he’s a great guy. And he is! But so is Nesta, yet no one but Cassian sees that, not even Nesta. 
So, what conclusion do we then get? We get an ending where our main character began with anxiety and depression and decided in the end that she wanted to live and experience life, under the idea of living FOR the good people in her life, and trying to be WORTHY of THEM. I’m tired of that trope, she can live for HERSELF and also love her family and mate just as fiercely. 
In fact, I think if this story were realistic and set in the real world (so minus the magic stuff), post-ACOSF life would implode around Nesta, and pretty quickly. And I don’t just mean Nesta, I mean Nesta’s relationship with her sisters (which is never fully resolved or addressed either). And I mean Nesta and Cassian’s relationship. Sorry but it’s not going to last. And I want it to, and so does Nessian. But with the way ACOSF was written, with the way that Nesta is not at all in the healthiest mind set she could be in even in its end, and because she is closest to Cassian and puts all of her “ideal person” beliefs on him, that is the relationship I see falling apart first. Now, I don’t think they’d break up forever, I’m just saying, there’s a lot of unresolved trauma on both Nesta and Cassian’s part,  a lot of unsaid things that NEED to be said between them, and so they would need to either have a very long winded conversation on what needs to change for both of them, or they take a break and grownindivdually and later rejoin.
And I’m going to write a fic about it bc I have too many feelings to express in just one post. Okay I’m done.
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tiny-g0d · 16 hours ago
no one asked for this, but i needed it:
every nessian sex scene from acosf:
(with links)
Chapter 19
Chapter 22
begins after "Turn a blind eye, chaperone.”
Chapter 26
begins after "She’d do anything to get rid of that look in his eyes. Even for a few moments."
Chapter 37
begins after "A knock sounded on her door...”
Chapter 41
begins after "Cassian knocked on Nesta’s bedroom door at the House after dinner."
Chapter 51
Chapter 58
begins after "He opened his mouth and tried to speak."
pls lmk if i missed any, or if i should add in the shorter bits.
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kaciefaithkress · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
My mom teaches middle school English and Literature classes and often has me draft vocabulary questions for her. I take creative liberties.
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marygrey · 20 hours ago
Ok, I want everyone’s hot takes on what the next ACOTAR book is gonna be about... wrong or impossible ideas only...
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juusworld5728 · 21 hours ago
Unless SJM explicitly states that there is a psychologist in Velaris that can diagnose a fae with certain things and that the characters in this city will be getting a full on diagnosis by said psychologist in the book, please refrain from diagnosing characters.
Bonus for people that diagnose shit that isn’t even there or doesn’t pertain to what you are “diagnosing.”😀
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ACOMAF: Nesta steals power from the cauldron
Me: oh DOPE I can’t wait to find out what that power does in the next book!
ACOWAR: the power is death. Maybe, probably. She might be able to do something with a wall... nope wall is broken. She felt it though. Also she can blast white death just like the Illyrians? But it’s different? Ice flames, apparently?
Me: man that’s cool, can’t wait for the post war book when we really dive into what this does and she gets control of it!
ACOFAS: Nesta is very depressed. Power nowhere to be seen. Oh wait... sometimes it breaks things when no one is around?
Me: Ok. Fine. I get it. Saving the big complicated explanation of life and death and the cauldron and all the things this power can do for Nesta’s book. That’s fair. I’m excited to finally know though!!
ACOSF: The power IS death.
Me: Cool. What does that mean?
ACOSF: It makes silver flames in her eyes and grey dream mist. Cassian finds this hot.
Me: Right. Yeah. But what does it DO?
ACOSF: She can find trove items with it. And Make things.
Me: That’a an interesting side thing. But what is it ACTUALLY?
ACOSF: The power is now gone.
Me: 👁👄👁
ACOSF: NOT ALL OF IT THOUGH! Plus there’s a fun new connection with the mother!
Me: ohhh ok. So... in the NEXT book we’ll really get to know what it is/was?
Tumblr media
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aquafaith · a day ago
I wish Cassian and Nesta weren't Mates.
Not only do I think the bond is overused at this point, (and problematic as a concept), I feel like their connection would've been much more special, had it not been the Bond. I feel like Rhys and Feyre were forced together by the bond, and while we do get to see Nesta and Cassian's relationship develop more than theirs ever did, it would've been so nice for them to end up choosing each other. To show they don't need a Bond to be truly, deeply in love. To show not every woman Needs a Man Destined For Her, and can make her own choices. To show that men can think of women as more than just Sex. Romantic/sexual love is beautiful when done right, and the Bond often feels like a cheap and lazy cop-out instead of actually writing love and passion between your couple.
I'd also love to see a rejected mating bond (but Lucien is the last person who deserves it), so it would've been so creative to see Cassian or Nesta lumped with a mate they didn't want because they wanted each-other. There's conflict there, and I feel like that's what SJM originally intended for Feyre and Rh*s.
I want these characters to fall in love, not feel obligated because of a Bond.
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korolrezznis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
6. a court of thorns and roses by sarah j maas
“Only you can decide what breaks you, Cursebreaker. Only you.”
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duskandstarlight · a day ago
I am quite curious if we are ever going to get wingplay in e&l??? 👀👀👀👀👀👀
I’d probably die ngl, but the idea of cassian trusting nesta with his wings?? The vulnerability?? The feeling KNOWN?? I might be a drama queen bc angsty/emotional smut might be my kink lol.
Anyways, can’t wait for the next chapter!!
Ps: have you preordered the crown of gilded bones?!? That’s probably my sole reason of excitement until e&l in finals week lol
Well, I don’t want to give anything away, so I’m not going to confirm or deny here. You’ll have to sit tight... 😉
I can’t pre-order ACOGB or even buy it right now. Jennifer doesn’t have a UK publisher and so prints on demand with Amazon. I’m waiting like a keen look for the paperback button to appear on Amazon UK so I can get it ASAP! I AM SO PSYCHED FOR IT THOUGH! I just reread the whole series to refresh my memory. And... Casteel 🤤
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