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#cassian x nesta

Something I’ve noticed with overzealous nesta antis, is that they have a tendency of saying “I also come from a situation similar as feyre where I was treated horribly by etc”. Showing that they project their trauma on nesta and want to see her crash and burn which would be symbolic to their own ‘abusers’ defeat. But all I have to say is, baby this is fiction. Nesta cannot account for your every individual trauma and never will. Take a step back and acknowledge that and dont seek retribution from a fictional narrative because it will never come. Just heal.

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Once Nesta starts to heal I know her sass is going to be off the charts. She can literally roast and destroy anyone’s ego. Her most iconic lines are her the ones with her sass.

“It doesn’t look like you’re exercising anything other than your mouths”

“Why should I be scared of an over sized bat who likes to throw temper tantrums”

“I don’t care” (That scene in ACOWAR when Helion was lusting over her)

“Or that blonde one who won’t shut up” (As a response to Feyre making it seem like Cassian is the only one who should be allowed to train her.

“Have You” (When Cassian asks her if she’s been with a Male before)

I can’t wait for all the lines we’re gonna get. I’m ready for my queen to fuck shit up.


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It’s fine if you dont vibe with a character and you may disagree with one who does, but the level at which some nesta antis go to invalidate nesta stans is wild to me. Its borderline obsessive, I have to laugh. I’ve seen wild things like ‘nesta woud be a trump supporter’ 'she doesnt deserve cassian’ 'shes a useless character’ 'she should die’ etc. Those are the makings of a secret stan and you cant tell me otherwise. No one can occupy that much of your mind unless its love😂

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All I want in ACOSF is a flashback moment where we get to see the battle with Hybern from Nesta and Cassian POV.

Because I need to know what Nesta’s thoughts and feelings were when she decided to use her body to protect Cassian. For her to finally admit so openly that she cared for him. That she would rather die than leaving him alone to face Hybern.

I need to know what Cassian’s thoughts were five seconds before promising her that he will find her in the next life. Before coming to terms that they would die together. I need to know what he was thinking while he kissed her. I need to know why the fuck he walked out of there and left Nesta afterwards.

I need to know what Nesta felt when she cried for Cassian. When she watched him broken, hurt, crawling to get to her. I need to know what she felt seeing him like that. And then once she knew they were safe, I need to know what she felt seeing Cassian leave with Mor and Az and never turning back. As if the kiss and the promise that came with it never happened.

I need that scene to be replayed from their own feelings and thoughts and not through Feyre’s eyes.

ACOSF will have approximately 780 pages. I need at least 80 pages to be just that scene. I fucking need it.

I think is a very unresolved conflict that needs to be addressed in ACOSF because they’ve never talked about it. And if there’s any hope of them having an open and trustworthy relationship in the future, they need first to lay out all of the shit they’ve been holding back for the past two years.

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I think it is obvious to everyone that decision had nothing to do with Nesta’s mental health and more about forcing her to conform and assimilate. The inner-circle has this very toxic mindset that if everyone just pretends to be okay, then everything is fine. Which is why they hate Nesta. She isn’t going to put on a fake smile for someone else’s sake. The inner-circle makes hiding your pain seem righteous and Nesta is in the wrong for expressing her negative emotion but not just Nesta. Mor and Elain don’t do it as often as Nesta does but the few times they have they are framed as being too “unreasonable” as well. Like Mor getting angry at Rhys for taking away her safe space and Mor getting angry at Feyre for not telling Mor her whereabouts, then forcing her to come out and ridiculing her for it. Elain is so sweet and literally asks for nothing from Feyre through Acomaf and so on, but still gets framed as being irrational for saying no to Lucien. The ongoing theme seems to be to suck it up and do what makes others happy instead of taking care of yourself and the universe just might reward you. 

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NESTA IS NOT OLIGATED TO CHOOSE CASSIAN. A women has a right to say no to a man. And vice versa. If she says she doesn’t want him but Cassian keeps chasing after her than that’s his problem. I’m sick of people saying I hope she treats him better in the next book. She says no, Cassian keeps coming after her and somehow Nesta is described as mean and toxic. She sets him straight and says no. Its not even like Azriel and Mor. But of course Nesta is always the bad guy in the situation. I’m honestly over this fandom.

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