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moodymelanist · a day ago
Paint it Red Chapter Four - Nesta
Tumblr media
Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you've all been enjoying your weekends so far ❤️ as promised, here's chapter four, and we're back to the lovely Nesta's POV for this one. and let's hope Tumblr stopped doing that annoying glitch where it layers text from people's posts on the dash...
Read chapter four on ao3 here! kudos, comments, reblogs, and likes all seriously appreciated! ❤️
Story Warnings: Major Character Death, Violence, Eventual Smut
Word Count: 6,150
Cassian was willing to drive Nesta most of the way home, stopping about a block away from her building with promises to text her after he’d done his own research. She nodded and told him she’d see him around before walking back to her building without incident.
The night had taken its toll on her, so instead of heading upstairs and collapsing into bed, she decided to take the elevator to the basement and get something to eat. Or drink, depending on how you looked at it.
The feeder floor was relatively quiet save for two familiar redheads bickering in old French. Eris and Lucien both turned as Nesta approached, pausing whatever argument they were having to say hello.
“Nesta, ma chérie,” Lucien greeted her with a wide grin, his French accent strong as ever. He and Eris were the only two Vanserra brothers to escape the French Revolution over two centuries ago, their accents sounding ridiculous in modern times. “It has been too long.”
Eris rolled his eyes. “Bah, she has no need of us now.”
“I’ll always have a soft spot for you two,” Nesta promised. She gave Lucien a quick squeeze before reaching over to pat Eris on the arm. “Why wouldn’t I need you anymore?”
“I hear you have been spending time with un Illyrien.” Eris paused to exchange a knowing look with his brother before continuing. “He is trés beau, no?”
“It’s not like that,” Nesta protested, frowning at them. There was no denying how handsome Cassian was, but that wasn’t why she was spending so much time with him. “Did you also hear that Tomas is back?”
“I might have,” Lucien admitted with a little shrug. “What, are you going to team up against him? That would be… comment dit-on… suicidal.”
“Then I’ll rest easier knowing he’s not terrorizing anyone else,” Nesta retorted. “He needs to be stopped.”
“Maybe so,” Eris said. “I hope you and your Illyrien will be enough.”
“Emerie and Gwyn are helping too,” Nesta informed them. She ignored Eris’ teasing – Cassian certainly wasn’t hers, not by a long shot. “I would be forever grateful if either of you wanted to volunteer.”
The Vanserra brothers both made irritated noises from the back of their throats, Lucien speaking first. “I love you, but no. Absolutely not.”
“I like my head where it is, thank you,” Eris added with a shudder. “Tomas is one thing, but I hear he is spending time with Amarantha and Briallyn. They are vicious.”
“And you’re not?” Nesta countered.
Lucien chuckled, revealing his fangs. “Why, of course we are. But I do not want to fight. Jesminda and I are leaving for vacation soon.”
Jesminda was Lucien’s long-time partner, a beautiful Indian woman he’d Turned at some point after he’d fled France. Nesta wasn’t quite sure how old Jesminda was; just like in human society, it was impolite to ask just how old someone was. If Helion didn’t have Lucien doing something for him, it was a safe bet he was with Jesminda.
“How convenient,” Nesta replied dryly. Lucien just winked at her before pulling out his pocket watch, a relic from his time in the aristocracy.
“She’s expecting me,” he replied. He turned to his brother and showed Eris the time. “Maman is expecting you as well.”
“How is it the people say au revoir now?” Eris asked. He put on his best American accent. “See ya later, alligator.”
Nesta rolled her eyes but gave them both hugs and kisses – even though they weren’t going to help her with Tomas, they were still her friends. Plus she didn’t want either of them to hold a grudge against her; they both had impeccable senses of fashion. Who else would she turn to when she needed a new outfit?
Once the Vanserra brothers left, it didn’t take very long for her to sort out her dinner situation. She was assigned one of the newer feeders, a middle-aged woman named Arin who instantly perked up when Nesta walked into the room.
“Make yourself comfortable,” Arin said, smiling dopily as Nesta sat down.
Vampire endorphins were a powerful and easily addictive drug, one that made some humans so desperate for the high they became feeders. Nesta never questioned where Helion found these kinds of people – they seemed happy enough being here all day, and she knew they were paid well to keep their silence.
Arin released a little gasp as Nesta leaned forward and bit down. Blood exploded into her mouth, hot and rich as she swallowed it down. She hadn’t realized how thirsty she was until now and she gulped greedily, warmed from the inside out as she continued to drink.
After a minute or so she pulled away, making sure to stop herself before she got too carried away. She licked over the wounds to speed up the healing process before grabbing some nearby wipes to wipe at her lips – there was no clean way to suck blood out of someone’s neck.
“Thank you, Arin,” Nesta murmured. She was always polite even when the feeders were off in their own world and weren’t paying attention to anything except their own high.
When she made it back upstairs, Nesta could tell she wasn’t alone in the apartment like she’d hoped. She sniffed right outside her door, relaxing as she recognized the scent of solid gold and saffron.
“A pleasure as always, Helion,” she called out as she walked inside her apartment.
Helion turned at the sound of her voice, his body adorned with his usual jewelry. Rings, arm bands, earrings – whatever it was, he was wearing it. Her favorite had to be the golden cuff that circled his right arm in the shape of an evil eye, the metal contrasting wonderfully against his dark skin.
“The pleasure is all mine,” he replied, smiling up at her from where he was lounging on her couch. Other than the jewelry, he looked casual in a black undershirt tucked into a matching pair of black slacks.
“Not that I don’t appreciate your company,” she said, settling onto the couch near him. “But is there a reason you’re here?”
Helion tsked. “Always so direct. We can’t make small talk first?”
“Just because we’re immortal shouldn’t mean we waste time,” she countered. “What’s going on?”
“My son had some interesting news about you,” he answered. He hadn’t fought as hard as Lucien to keep his accent over the centuries, but the Persian lilt of his words still lingered. “Something about a suicide mission.”
“It’s not a suicide mission,” she corrected. “It’s revenge. Lucien is just being dramatic.”
“I don’t think he’s being dramatic if Tomas is involved, azizam,” Helion replied, his voice soft. “I won’t ever forget what your corpse looked like.”
Nesta felt a lump in her throat, but she wasn’t sure if it was from Helion calling her my dear in Farsi or the reminder that he’d seen her dead body. “That’s why I have to get involved, Helion. This is my one chance.”
“I know.” He leaned forward and placed his hand on her shoulder. “I just worry about you, my sweet Nesta. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Nothing will happen to me,” she told him. “I’m being careful.”
“I wouldn’t call playing around with Illyrians being careful.”
“It’s not like that. Tomas isn’t just a danger to me, he’s a danger to everyone. Our interests are aligned.”
Helion studied her as he sat back, taking his hand off her shoulder. “There are billions of humans, but only one you. I don’t want you to get hurt chasing vengeance.”
“I already told you I wouldn’t get hurt,” Nesta replied. “I don’t have a death wish.”
“I wasn’t talking about getting physically hurt,” Helion said gently.
Nesta made a face, frowning at him. “I already told you it wasn’t like that. We’re just… business partners.”
“I’ve seen photos.” He paused to give her a knowing smile. “I wouldn’t be just business partners with a man like that.”
“I’m not his type,” she responded, thinking back to the first night she’d met Cassian. “Besides, getting to Tomas is too important.”
“You’re not his type?” Helion scoffed. “He’s a liar, cultural differences aside.”
“I appreciate the vote of confidence, but that’s not why I’m spending time with him,” she maintained. “Not everything is about sex, you know.”
“Maybe not now, but I know these things.” He shrugged. “Let an old man have his worries, azizam.”
Helion didn’t stay much longer after that, leaving Nesta to go to bed with his worries on her mind. Cassian certainly was attractive, that was true, but killing Tomas was the ultimate goal. She wouldn’t let her vengeance be taken from her for a quick fuck, no matter what anyone seemed to think. Not Lucien or Eris, not Helion, not any of the vampires she knew.
Despite her frenzied thoughts, it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. She dreamed of her early days as a vampire, when her bloodlust fueled everything she did, when Helion tried desperately to teach her to control herself. She’d walked around in a near-constant state of rage at Tomas then.
Maybe even her unconscious recognized she finally had the opportunity she’d waited her entire vampiric life for.
When she woke up the next evening, she immediately heard giggles coming from Emerie’s room. That blonde vampire must’ve been back – Nesta only heard Emerie sound like a lovesick schoolgirl when she was around her girlfriend. Gwyn’s room was down the hall, but from the tossing and turning coming from there, Nesta figured she was still asleep.
She made her way to her bathroom and turned on the shower, shedding her pajamas as she waited for the water to heat up. She didn’t technically need to take a shower the same way she did while she was human, but standing under the warm water always made her feel more awake. Since her hair didn’t grow, she didn’t have to worry about getting rid of her body hair, but she made sure to wash her face and body. It still made her feel refreshed even though she didn’t sweat.
Once she was finished in the shower, she padded back to her room and checked her phone. Cassian had texted her a few minutes ago and her stomach did a little backflip at seeing his name on her screen, even if they were only business partners.
Cassian, 11:37 PM
Ready to compare notes when you are.
Maybe train a little if you’re up for it.
She was unsure of what exactly to say back – she hadn’t texted anyone other than vampires in at least a year or two. How much had texting etiquette changed since then? She didn’t want to make a fool out of herself.
She figured it wouldn’t hurt to let his message sit for another few minutes while she moisturized. She didn’t want to look – what was it the kids were calling it these days? – too thirsty. She chuckled at her pun before sending a quick response.
Nesta, 11:45 PM
Where would you like to meet?
Cassian, 11:45 PM
If you’re comfortable, my place works fine. My brothers are scheduled for patrol next week if you want to come over while they’re out.
Nesta, 11:46 PM
That’s alright with me. Where do you live?
Cassian responded with his address, and Nesta was pleased to see it was only fifteen minutes away from her. They worked out the details, and just like that, she had plans with a vampire hunter. If the situation hadn’t been so dire, she would’ve laughed.
The next few days bled into each other. She tried to distract herself by launching into the newest Sellyn Drake book, but even that didn’t hold as much excitement as it usually did. How could she sit around, having the audacity to be bored, when innocent people were dying?
She tried to rationalize her feelings by telling herself that whenever she stopped Tomas, she would be saving a much larger number of lives. It worked somewhat, but not enough to completely ease her conscience. She knew that would only happen when he was a pile of ashes.
Nesta felt almost relieved when Friday came around and Cassian texted her to confirm she was still coming. She told him she’d be on her way shortly and threw on a matching exercise set, deciding to throw on a hoodie at the last minute so she wouldn’t look too odd.
Not wanting to risk running into any more of Tomas’ vampire friends, she decided to drive instead of walk. She borrowed a tiny leather backpack from the front closet, hoping Gwyn wouldn’t miss it too much, and tossed a couple of things inside before heading to the garage.
It was a short trip to Cassian’s apartment building and he was waiting for her inside the lobby once she’d parked. He looked as attractive as ever in a tight black shirt and matching shorts, his muscles on full display even when he was fully clothed.
She walked in through the first set of doors and waited patiently as he got up to let her in. “Cassian.”
“Nesta,” he replied evenly. She followed him to the elevators and they didn’t speak until after he’d pressed the button for the seventh floor. “Glad you could make it.”
“Thank you for having me,” she said back. “How long do we have?”
“We should have an hour or two like I told you,” he answered. The elevator opened up onto his floor and she trailed him to the only apartment, somehow unsurprised that he apparently lived in the penthouse suite. Rhys seemed like the kind of person who’d grown up with money, hunting vampires for a living aside, and Nesta figured he wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.
“Aren’t you going to invite me inside?” Nesta asked, pausing just outside his apartment door. Vampires didn’t really need permission to enter anyone’s private residence, but she thought it’d be fun to mess with him.
“I thought that was just a myth,” Cassian replied. He turned to look at her in confusion as his dark brows furrowed together, and she noticed a thin scar running through his right eyebrow. It only made him even more attractive to her.
“Us sparkling in the sunlight is a myth,” she said, scoffing. She somehow managed to keep her face blank as they stared at each other. “It’s only for private residences. Just invite me in, we don’t have all night.”
“Fine,” he huffed. “Nesta Archeron, I’m inviting you inside.”
She walked over the threshold before she realized he’d used her full name. “How do you know my last name?”
“I never said I would only focus my research on Tomas,” he responded as he led her to an outdoor training area. “You know what happens when you assume, right?”
Nesta had several things she wanted to say in response, but considering Cassian was opening his home to a vampire for the first time, she decided to hold her tongue. Instead, she whistled lowly as she looked around.
“Nice setup,” she complimented, her eyes roaming the space. A tiny section of the balcony was reserved for pleasure, but the rest of it had clearly been designed to support Illyrian training. There were a few racks of practice weapons, neatly organized next to what looked like boxing equipment. A couple of large mats were laid out on the ground, probably for sparring, and there was even a speaker if anyone wanted to play music.
“Thank you.” He motioned for her to follow him, the two of them making their way to the tiny recreation area toward the front of the balcony. There were several comfortable looking chairs and couches assembled in a semicircle with a fire pit in the middle, which she was glad to see wasn’t currently lit.
Nesta sat down in one of the chairs while Cassian took the one opposite her. “What did you find?”
“The kinds of things you'd expect,” he replied vaguely. He reached for a tablet she hadn’t noticed and tapped the screen a few times before handing it over, his fingers hot against hers. “Violence, violence, and more violence.”
She wasn’t surprised as she read over what he’d found on Tomas. Her ex-fiancé spent most of their decades apart in New York and left a gruesome trail of bodies behind. Shock and anger flared through her as she recognized her friend Clare as one of his victims, her golden-brown skin noticeable even in the black and white photo. She’d known Clare had died young, but… this was something else entirely. Another wrong she had to right.
“Your record keeping is impressive,” she said after a moment. She continued reading, fascinated at how detailed and organized their records were from that time. Whoever had taken notes on Tomas’ many murders had been comprehensive, even going so far as to measure the length, width, and depth of his bites. “Did your community manage these records?”
“No, Ironcrest manages the tri-state area,” Cassian answered her. “We have a shared network of all kinds of data, though. It wasn’t hard for me to find once I had more details on Tomas.”
“This is incredible,” Nesta complimented. “I didn’t know Illyrians had this kind of thing.”
He smiled thinly. “Have to stay ahead of the creatures of darkness somehow.”
“Most of us aren’t like Tomas, you know.” She wasn’t sure where the urge to try and convince him of that had come from, but she figured it wouldn’t hurt. “A lot of us didn’t ask to be Turned. We’re just trying to survive, same as you.”
“Considering I don’t need human blood to live, I don’t think it’s quite the same,” he countered. “Wanting to be Turned or not, your kind continues to plague the Earth. Until you’re all gone, none of humanity is safe.”
Nesta raised a brow. “I don’t spend my time bothering humans. I make a point of feeding only on willing participants. Am I still part of the plague?”
“Yes,” he said stubbornly. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at his black and white thinking – she’d met plenty of humans sympathetic to the vampire’s plight. “If you’re a vampire, you’re part of the problem. We’re not meant to live forever and watch the world pass us by.”
“What, I’m supposed to off myself because you think I’m a freak of nature?”
“That’s what Illyrian doctrine tells us.”
“And what do you tell yourself?”
Cassian studied her for a few moments. “That maybe it’s more complicated than that.”
Nesta decided she’d take her small victory. Nodding, she handed him back his tablet and stood up. “That’s good enough for me.”
“Where are you going?” he asked, confused. She felt his eyes burning holes into her back as she walked over to the training area, taking off her shoes to stand on the mats.
“Didn’t you want some pointers?” she teased. She unzipped her hoodie and tossed it to the side, revealing her black sports bra while patiently waiting for him to get up. “We don’t have all night, doll face.”
“Whatever you say, sweetheart,” he retorted cheekily. He took off his shoes and pulled off his shirt to mirror her, folding it neatly and placing it on top of a nearby cooler while she did her best not to ogle him. He had muscles she didn’t even know existed, her favorite being the prominent v-cut practically pointing between his legs. Even sexier were the dark swirls and whorls of his tattoo, which she’d only seen bits and pieces of until now.
“Try and hit me,” she told him as he lightly stretched his arms and legs. She didn’t need to do the same considering how much it took to physically tire her, so she settled for watching his muscles move instead.
“What?” he blurted out, surprised.
Nesta held back a chuckle. “Did you think we’d be standing here talking about our feelings?”
“Of course not.” Cassian shifted on his feet, making no moves to strike her like she’d asked. “You’re just so… small? I feel weird about trying to hurt you.”
Nesta couldn’t help but snort at his reservations. Vampires became more physically powerful the longer they stayed alive, especially as they learned to fight and keep their tempers in check. “I’ve been a vampire for 81 years. I’m pretty resilient.”
“I know that logically, it’s just…” he trailed off. “I don’t know. I’ve never sparred with a vampire before. It’s strange.”
“It certainly is,” she agreed. If someone had told her she’d be standing with an Illyrian vampire hunter, let alone sparring with one, she would’ve laughed in their face. Yet here she was. “Just try and hit me, Cassian. I need to see where you’re at and I promise it won’t hurt me nearly as much as it’ll hurt you.”
He lunged forward as soon as she’d finished speaking, apparently over his reservations about trying to hit her. She used her speed to get out of the way and moved behind him with a little giggle.
“Not bad,” she said. He whirled on her and attempted to strike again with an open palm, but it was nothing for her to twirl out of his reach. Mindful of her strength, she used her momentum to bring her leg up and kicked him gently in the side with her right foot.
“What is that, capoeira?” he asked while he reset his stance.
“Good eye,” she replied, impressed. Helion had suggested it decades ago when he’d taught her to fight, her years of dance classes making it an ideal choice for her. “Try it again, but don’t hold back.”
Cassian went for her legs this time, which she dodged by leaping over him into a forward handspring. She heard him start running towards her and turned around just in time to dig her feet in, bracing herself against his weight. He grunted from the impact, wrapped his arms around her waist, and tossed her to the other side of the mat.
She twisted herself mid-air, landing on her feet with a grin on her face. His back was still to her and she sprinted over to him, threw herself onto his back, and wrapped her hand lightly around his throat. “Never turn your back on your enemy.”
“It’s not my fault you move so damn fast,” he grumbled. “You want to go again?”
With her hand on his neck, Nesta could feel Cassian’s heart pounding, could hear his labored breathing. His throat was completely exposed to her like this and she was far too close to him. What was normally easy enough for her to ignore was suddenly overwhelming and she forced herself to drop down to the ground and walk away. “Give me a second.”
“You alright?” he asked, his voice rising in concern. She made herself turn away altogether, knowing that if she kept looking at him, she’d do something equal parts dangerous and idiotic. Taste him. Taste him. Taste him.
Instead, she nodded jerkily and forced herself not to breathe so she wouldn’t get another whiff of his scent. If she thought he smelled good before, he was almost irresistible to her now. He took looking good enough to eat to a brand-new level. One half of her was screaming to sink her teeth into his neck and never stop while the other, more rational half knew she should get away from him while she still could.
It certainly didn’t help that she hungered for him in more ways than one, whatever she told everyone else aside. He looked absolutely delicious covered in a thin sheen of sweat, his muscles gleaming in the moonlight like he was some kind of god. Just watching his chest rise and fall as he caught his breath made her mouth water. Was it really possible for someone to have so many abs?
“See something you like?” Cassian teased, smirking at her. She’d never been more thankful that she couldn’t blush anymore as she realized she was openly staring at him, and schooled her features into a fierce glare instead.
“Shut up,” she grumbled. He laughed and it was enough to distract her from the intense bloodlust that had gripped her only moments before. She still wasn’t sure why he’d had such an effect on her, especially considering she’d fed the night before, but she was glad the moment had passed. “It’s not my fault you look like… that.”
“Like what?” he asked, walking over to grab a bottle of water from the cooler. She resisted the urge to throw something at him – other than herself – as he poured some of it down his body with a groan bordering on obscene.
“Stop being difficult,” she sniped. Her insults had lost their venom towards him, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t poke fun at him when she could. “Someone’s clearly starved for a woman’s attention.”
“Maybe I’m just starved for your attention,” he replied with a wink. She rolled her eyes, watching as he finally brought the bottle of water to his lips and drank. She might have stared a little too long as his throat bobbed up and down, but that was neither here nor there.
Nesta tilted her head as she heard footsteps approaching from the hallway. “I thought your brothers wouldn’t be home until later?”
“They’re not supposed to be,” Cassian said. He cursed under his breath and walked back over to the couch where they’d started their evening. “Put your hoodie back on.”
She did as he asked, slightly disappointed when he put his shirt back on. “Should I hide or something?”
“No,” he told her, squaring his shoulders like he was preparing for a fight. Considering how things had gone the last time Nesta saw Rhys and Azriel, it was probably the best course of action. “This was bound to come out sooner or later. Just try not to draw more attention to yourself while I handle this.”
He finished the last of his water and took a few steps in front of her just as Rhys and Azriel came outside. She would’ve laughed at how quickly Rhys’ expression turned murderous had she not been the subject of said glare, but she kept her eyes firmly on Cassian’s back to avoid causing any more trouble than necessary.
“Are you serious?” Rhys exclaimed, his eyes furiously darting between Cassian and Nesta. “It’s bad enough that you decided to work with her without saying anything, but to bring her into our home?”
“What, did you want me to go to her place?” Cassian fired back. “Walk right into their lair and get myself killed?”
It’s just a regular apartment building, Nesta thought as she waited for Rhys’ response. It’s 2021, for God’s sake. Do they think we sleep upside down like bats or something?
“This is already enough of a suicide mission,” Rhys hissed, pulling Nesta’s attention to him. “Anyone could have seen you!”
“Nobody saw us,” Cassian interjected. He took several steps forward and got dangerously close to his brother’s face. “Do you think I’m an idiot?”
“Yeah, I do.” Rhys didn’t back down, walking forward and closing the gap so he was chest to chest with Cassian. “Do you even use your brain, or are you so preoccupied with trying to get into her pants –”
“Enough,” Azriel snapped, forcing himself in between them. Rhys and Cassian immediately dropped their argument and turned to look at him in surprise; Nesta got the sense that Azriel rarely raised his voice, so this had to be serious.
“Kallon was murdered,” Azriel continued. He looked down at his phone again before lowering his voice to his usual volume. Nesta couldn’t help but look back to Cassian in shock – he’d given Amarantha that name a few days ago, and now Kallon was dead. “Bal, too.”
“Fuck,” Cassian groaned. He raked his hands through his hair and muttered a string of Illyrian curses. “Fuck, this is bad.”
“No shit,” Rhys said, but his voice contained significantly less venom than it had a few minutes ago. “Do their parents know?”
“If it’s in the database, they could find out at any time,” Azriel responded. He shifted his hazel gaze towards Nesta. “What do you know?”
“It was probably Tomas,” she answered, happy to finally be useful. She took a couple of cautious steps forward so she wouldn’t have to yell, but not so close to make Rhys and Azriel uncomfortable. “He told me he’d kill someone every day I didn’t go back to him. Maybe he caught them together?”
“Have you considered going back to him and saving people from suffering?” Rhys asked scathingly. “Assuming your demonic little brain is even capable of empathy.”
“Rhys,” Cassian snapped. “I’m the one who got them killed. Not her.”
Rhys turned his attention to Cassian. “What are you talking about?”
“Tomas sent two of his little friends after Nesta,” Cassian explained. “We were talking strategy the other day and they ambushed us. One of them wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave her a name.”
“And you said Kallon,” Rhys guessed. He cursed under his breath with the same words Cassian had uttered a few minutes prior. “As bad as this is, I’d rather lose him than you, brother.”
“Thanks,” Cassian replied, his voice a little stiff. Nesta assumed Kallon hadn’t been well-liked from the way the Illyrians spoke about him, but it didn’t make his murder any less horrific. “Bal was a good kid, though. He didn’t deserve this.”
“A kid?” Nesta exclaimed in shock. Tomas was cruel, but to kill children…
“Balthazar wasn’t actually a child,” Azriel clarified. He exchanged a look with his brothers before continuing. “He hadn’t completed the Blood Rite yet, so he wasn’t considered a full warrior.”
“I see.” She wasn’t sure if it was proper for her to express her condolences, but it seemed the right thing to do even if it wasn’t technically her fault. “I’m sorry for your loss, but Tomas and his friends won’t stop unless I – we – do something. It doesn’t matter whether I go back to him or not. That’s why my friends and I came to you all in the first place.”
“You were so convincing with your hand around my throat,” Rhys responded dryly. He rubbed his neck with his hand, drawing Nesta’s attention to the new silver necklace that he wore. “Was trying to kill me supposed to sway me to your cause? Or was it almost getting my brother killed not once, but twice now?”
She hissed at him but made sure to keep her fangs hidden. “You tried to attack Gwyn. I was just defending my friend.”
“And technically she never tried to kill me,” Cassian pointed out. “I just have a bad habit of getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“All this arguing is pointless,” Azriel intervened. He was right; they shouldn’t keep wasting time when stopping Tomas depended on it. “If people are going to keep dying – and Nesta is clearly telling the truth – we have a duty to get involved, Rhys. You know that.”
“We have a duty to get involved, not to accept vampire help,” Rhys argued. “Imagine what will happen when word gets out about us working with the enemy.”
“Imagine how many more people will die if we try to go after him without vampire help,” Cassian countered. “Tomas isn’t one of these newly Turned vampires who doesn’t know what they’re doing. He isn’t someone to be fucked with.”
“He killed me, you know,” Nesta interrupted, her voice soft. She wouldn’t normally offer this kind of information freely, but the three Illyrians had done their research on her – it wasn’t something they didn’t already know, but perhaps hearing it from her directly would help. “He drained me and left me for dead in an alley in 1940. He was a monster then and he’s even worse now.”
Rhysand’s gaze softened subtly, just enough for Nesta to know she’d won. “I’m sorry that happened to you.”
“Me too,” Nesta said. “I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. This isn’t the life I would have chosen for myself, not by a long shot, and we can stop him from ruining other people’s lives if we work together.”
“You already know I’m in.” Cassian walked over to where she was standing, physically uniting them. “What else do we have to lose?”
“Famous last words,” Azriel muttered. He studied them for a few moments before shrugging and turning to Rhys. “The enemy of our enemy is our friend right now. We might as well take advantage of that, personal grievances aside.”
Rhys threw his hands up in the air and made an irritated noise in the back of his throat. “If my father finds out about this…”
“He won’t,” Cassian vowed. “Not unless someone tells him, and I have no intention of doing that.”
“Me either,” Azriel added. “As long as we’re not obvious about it, it should be fine.”
“I guess it’s better to ask forgiveness than to get permission,” Rhys eventually agreed, crossing his arms as he stared his brothers down. He turned his violet gaze to Nesta with an unpleasant look on his face. “I’m in, but only to keep my brothers from being even more idiotic. Make sure you tell your friends not to be careless about this.”
“They won’t be,” Nesta reassured him. She itched to rise to Rhys’ bait and defend her friends, but considering they needed to work together, it probably wasn’t the best move to react. “Just don’t be too hard on Gwyn. She’s still adjusting to all this.”
“That won’t be a problem,” Cassian said. He grinned at Azriel, who was already grimacing as if he knew the exact joke Cassian was about to make. “I’m sure Azriel wouldn’t mind being hard on her, though.”
Nesta didn’t even attempt to hide her snicker. “I’ll pass the message along.”
“Please don’t,” Azriel tried to protest, but it was too late. Cassian and Nesta were smirking at each other, and she was confident he’d already come up with a dozen scenarios to leave Azriel and Gwyn alone together. Even Rhys couldn’t hold back a tiny smile.
The amusement faded as Rhys’ phone rang, Cassian and Azriel shooting their brother a grim look as he walked away to answer it.
“What’s that about?” Nesta asked curiously. Rhys and whoever he was talking to spoke in rapid-fire Illyrian, and although she could hear the words easily, she couldn’t comprehend a lick of it.
“Just because you’re here doesn’t mean we need to tell you everything,” Cassian answered, smiling tightly at her.
Nesta nodded, making a mental note to ask Emerie if she wouldn’t mind teaching her some Illyrian when she got a moment. Nesta was good with languages, but she’d never had a reason to learn this particular one until recently; it sounded similar to Serbian, and considering she knew Russian, it hopefully wouldn’t be too difficult. “I understand.”
Rhys returned to the group after a moment, his face grim. He exchanged a few words in Illyrian with his brothers – Nesta managed to catch Kallon and Balthazar between all the words she didn’t know – before turning and walking back inside the apartment. Azriel nodded at Nesta and Cassian before walking back inside, leaving them alone on the balcony.
“Everything okay?” she asked softly.
“It will be,” Cassian answered after a moment, his expression grim. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, sweetheart.”
Nesta certainly wasn’t worried about his brothers, but as she continued sparring with him, her ears picked up on what sounded like weapons being packed and casual clothes being traded for heavy duty gear. As she dodged one of Cassian’s hits, she could only hope his brothers wouldn’t get themselves killed in search of revenge.
“They’ll be alright,” she offered as Cassian walked her to the elevators. They hadn’t gone much longer after Rhys answered the phone, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out what Rhys and Azriel were about to do. As idiotic as she thought their mission was, Nesta was still rooting for them a little bit – if they managed to kill Tomas or one of his friends, it would certainly make her life easier.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied, but she noticed that his shoulders relaxed minutely at her words. He undoubtedly believed his brothers would come back safe, but she figured hearing the words out loud only helped his confidence in them. “But you really should mind your own business.”
“Lucky for you, you are my business now.” Nesta smirked at him as she stepped inside the elevator. “See you around, doll face.”
Tag List (lmk if you want to be added/removed): @live-the-fangirl-life | @nessiansimp | @bookologist | @simpingfornestaarcheron | @sayosdreams | @dealingdifferentdevils​ | @rowaelinismyotp​​​ | @arinbelle​​​ | @swankii-art-teacher​​​ | @angelic-voice-1997​ | @teagoddess99​​​ | @dontgetsalmonella​​​ | @champanheandluxxury​​​ | @chloepereyra​ | @bookstantrash​​​ | @houseofcalores​​​ | @lysakirova​​​ | @generalnesta​​​ | @gwynberdara​ | @sv0430​​​ | @catplayinvioline​​​ | @julemmaes​​​ | @secretlovelybeauty​​​ | @flora-shadowshine​​​ | @imsointobooks​ | @sophilightwood​ | @lemonade-coolattas​​​ | @sarcasticsugarcookie​​​ | @sjm-things​ | @hellasblessed​ | @silvernesta​​​ | @vidalinav​​​ | @dealfea​​​ | @booksstorm​​​ | @planet-faerie​ | @luivagr-blog​​​ | @a-court-of-valkyries​ | @perseusannabeth​​​ | @confusedfandomslut​ | @iddragyouwithme​ | @brieq | @starksravings
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harperbrynne · 2 days ago
Just thinking about how battle is a symphony to Cassian and ballrooms are a battlefield to Nesta:
“For [Cassian], that’s what battle is. A symphony.” (ACOWAR, Pg509)
“[Nesta] made ballrooms into battlefields and plotted like any general…” (ACOSF, Pg467)
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romaisamaria · 7 months ago
Cassian: Doesn’t count when you use your hands to do most of the work.
Nesta: I bet that isn’t what you’ve been telling yourself at night.
Cassian: Is that what those smutty books teach you? That it’s only at night? It could be anytime—dawn’s first light, or when I’m bathing, or even after a long, hard day of practice.
Nesta: Sounds like you have a lot of time on your hands, Cassian.
Tumblr media
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ladylochan · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
@fangirlishwandering said:
Don’t imagine Nesta and Cassian lying down in bed, their bodies together with her head on top of his chest.
Nesta reading a romance book using Cassian’s raised thighs as support so all she has to do is flip the page when it’s time, and Cassian reading some paper reports.
Nesta falling asleep as she tries to keep reading, but Cassian’s steady heartbeat lulling her to sleep. Cassian notices.
“Not giving you enough angst, Nes?” He murmurs as he gently grabs the book, puts it down and lets her sleep on him as he finishes reading those reports.
Well...I did imagine and now here we are. Thank you for describing such a lovely, gentle, domestic scene in such vivid detail ❤️
(Art by me. Please do not repost elsewhere.)
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champanheandluxxury · 6 days ago
~ Nesta's cellphone is ringing ~
Nesta: Hello
Kidnapper: I took your favorite person!
Nesta: GWYN??!?!?!?!?
Emerie: Bestfriends my ass!
Elain: And she still claims she doesn't have a favorite!
Feyre: Fuck off Nes
Kidnapper: Listen lady, there is a Cassian here and he is crying.
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mercurianbisous · 3 months ago
ACOTAR men as fathers, my personal headcanons
brace yourselves 🤧
soft dad™️
forces feyre to be the “bad guy” because he lets his kids get away with literally everything
he spoils them to death too
“feyre, darling, look at their faces... how can i say no?”
feyre is 101% done even if she secretly finds it cute (and hot)
mother hen mode activated 24/7
forces helion to put shields around his kids when they’re younger
he definitely reads them to sleep
and falls asleep on the floor next to them to make sure they’re safe
cassian is 100% a girl dad
there’s no other possible option and I won’t elaborate
he has big bear energy too
gives the best comforting hugs
and he loves his girls so much
he would make sure they’re properly trained since they’re young
when his girls start flying, he freaks out for a second before tears of pride and happiness start rolling down his cheeks
because his princesses can fly
he’s definitely not ok for a few days after that
overprotective? check
isn’t shy to talk to his daughters about anything, from periods to safe sex
will beat up anyone who even looks at his girls the wrong way
the sarcastic, sass-master dad
but when he turns serious, he’s scary as hell
can’t function without morning cuddles from his little ones
he’s surprisingly the clingy parent
gets pissed off when his kids miss a day of training
and makes them sweat the following day
“uncle cass is a better teacher!!”
“ok that’d be 200 more pushups”
sings their babies to sleep
would 100% tuck them inside his wings protectively
his shadows are wrapped around his kids
very much like rhys, he lets his kids get away with anything
although he’s a bit more into discipline
proud dad mode activated 24/7
he’s definitely a soccer mom kind of dad
puts extra effort into making sure his kids are loved and never ever doubt that
because he didn’t have a great childhood himself and he doesn’t want his babies to go through the same
surprisingly good at giving advice too
all his nieces and nephews go to him when they have an issue
because he always knows what to say
if him and amren ever have kids, he’d be the softie dad
even more than rhys
he’s not that overly-protective
amren eats up that role completely
he bothers his kids with hugs and kisses when they’re around their friends
“dad!! stop!! that’s embarrassing!!”
*kisses them harder*
definitely cries at his babies’ accomplishments, no matter how big or small
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acomaflove · 12 days ago
Cassian: FEYRE. Tell your sister to be nice to me.
Feyre: What did she do?
Nesta: Absolutely nothing.
Cassian: She threw a KNIFE at my HEAD.
Nesta: I knew he would catch it.
Feyre: To be fair, you have great reflexes.
Feyre: You always told me an attack could come at any time.
Cassian: *leaves*
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withering-spring · a month ago
[ACOSF Spoilers]
Okay so there are so many reasons why I fucking adore Nesta and Cassian, but my biggest is that Cassian doesn’t love Nesta because they’re mates, or because he has to. He loves Nesta because she is Nesta.
Cassian leaned to whisper in her ear, “The first time I saw that look on your face, you were still human. Still human, and I nearly went to my knees before you.
Yes, Cassian does admit that he knew they were mates the moment they met, but he appreciated her for her fierceness, her wrath, and her will. He admired her beauty, yes, but it was the darkest parts of her that immediately caught his attention, and never let go.
Cassian doesn’t just love the “good” parts of Nesta, either (i.e her strength, wit, beauty), but also the flawed, more jaded parts of her character as well. He loves her brashness, her temper, her fire. He loves her even when she is selfish and cruel and terrified. I love Feysand, don’t get me wrong, but I think a lot of their relationship is based on very superficial things such as the whole idea of Rhys essentially saving feyre. Nesta didn’t want to be saved, so Cassian didn’t save her, he helped her overcome her fear and trauma. He made her whole again without “fixing” her, because he was the only one who didn’t think her broken. What the IC saw as weakness in Nesta, Cassian saw as virtue. Nesta wasn’t allowed to be traumatised the way Feyre and Elain were. She wasn’t supported or helped or loved. No one reached out except him. Feyre especially enabled her for months, and then decided to judge her and accuse her and do to Nesta exactly what Tamlin did to herself. She, as well as the rest of the IC, are hypocrites.
Then there’s the argument that Nesta treated Cassian unfairly.
Nesta had loved Cassian since she'd first laid eyes on him. Had loved him even when she did not want to, even when she had been swallowed by despair and fear and hatred. Had loved him and destroyed herself because she didn't believe she deserved him, because he was all that was good, and brave, and kind, and she loved him, she loved him, she loved him
She did treat him unfairly, 100%, but Nesta was suffering immensely with BPD, trauma, and alcohol abuse. When she was pushing Cassian away, it wasn’t to hurt him, but to punish herself. Unlike everyone else, Cassian saw that, knew that, and did everything he could to stop her hurting because he loved her and had from the start. Even when he believed her to be selfish and conceited and unkind (as of acomaf).
But, off of that point, there are multiple occasions where Cassian treats Nesta poorly also, mostly in regards to Mor (who I’m not even going to get into rn). But, when Mor is around, Cassian is embarrassed to be seen close to Nesta, and distances himself from her, ashamed of his feelings but disregarding hers too.
Nesta and Cassian, to me, have the strongest, purest, and most compelling journey throughout the series because of everything they had to overcome within themselves. Rhys and Feyre go through countless outside enemies (and yes, Feyre’s depression, too), but Nessian’s battles are internal, and they have to truly find themselves before they can find each other, and that is what is beautiful about their story.
Cassian loves all of Nesta, and Nesta loves all of him. Their love his not conditional, nor superficial, and it is the realist of the entire ACOTAR series.
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spoilersteph · 4 months ago
Cassian: Whenever Nesta gets mad at me, I tighten all the jar lids in the house so she’ll have to come talk to me again for help.
*the sound of glass shattering somewhere in the House of Wind*
Cassian: It hasn’t worked yet, but someday it will.
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generalnesta · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Credits to @velqris on ig for this amazing Nessian comic
Nesta simping for Cassian is my new favorite thing
And look at those wings🥺
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live-the-fangirl-life · 24 days ago
Wing Woman
Nesta Archeron x Cassian - Trick or Treating
While Nesta is handing out candy on Halloween, Cassian shows up with a little extra help to ask her out.
Tumblr media
Masterlist | Read on Ao3 | Halloween Collection
Warnings: Language
2024 words
“Trick or treat!” A chorus of small voices yelled as soon as Nesta opened the door.
She plastered on a smile that was more of a grimace, and grabbed a handful of candy from the bowl so she could hand out chocolates to the group of children dressed up in costumes on her front porch.
The leaves on the trees had turned a dark red, creating a crimson canopy over the street. In the dim light of the jack-o-lanterns it almost appeared to be dripping blood which Nesta saw as perfectly fitting for Halloween.
As soon as the last kid turned around, she shut the door and leaning back against it, rubbing a hand down her face as she flung her tall, pointed hat onto the couch.
A rush of movement made her open her eyes to see Feyre run down the stairs and hastily throw open the closet door to grab her jacket that she attempted to put on while simultaneously tying her shoes. It wasn’t very effective.
“Nesta, hey,” Feyre said startled and wide-eyed, trying to keep her breathing steady as she inched towards the door. “You’re here.”
Holding in her smirk, Nesta raised a brow at her youngest sister who was obviously trying to look nonchalant as she attempted to flee their house.
“I am here. You told me you wouldn’t be because you had some…” Nesta trailed off, feigning forgetfulness as Feyre sputtered for a response.
“Studying! I have important studying to do tonight, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be going.”
Nesta didn’t hold back her eye roll this time, “Studying? It’s Halloween and it’s a Friday night.”
Feyre ignored her, but Nesta could see a faint blush creep up her face as she rushed out the door. “Bye! Have fun with the candy.”
When Elain had insisted someone had to be at the home they shared to hand out candy for trick-or-treaters, Nesta was less than thrilled. Feyre immediately claimed she couldn’t do it, and Elain then said she and her boyfriend, Lucien, had been invited to his family’s party. Which meant that it fell on Nesta to put on the costume and stand around handing out candy to sugar-filled children. When she rolled her eyes and asked why they couldn’t just leave a bowl of candy out on the porch, Elain claimed only lazy neighbors do that.
It wasn’t that Nesta disliked Halloween—she adored it, really. It wasn’t even all the kids because she liked that too; sometimes the costumes were downright spectacular. No, her disdain came more from the forced cheerfulness she had to exude every single time she opened the door. It was exhausting.
The first half-hour hadn’t been so bad, but then the sun finally went down, and all the kids came out in force. It felt like she hardly got a minute or two of reprieve before she had to put her witch’s hat back on and coerce a smile when all she wanted to do was fling herself on the couch, turn on some cheesy, steamy movie, and have a glass of wine.
The doorbell rang again and Nesta groaned as she reached for the hat she’d tossed aside earlier before opening the door. She wasn’t expecting who she saw, but she supposed she shouldn’t have been so surprised.
A large, overgrown bat stood on her front porch, taking up almost the entire front steps. A tall, tan, and tattooed, overgrown bat with a shit eating grin.
“Cassian,” Nesta leveled an unimpressed look at him as he climbed the steps. “Aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?”
She took in his all-black attire from the worn black boots and black jeans to his black t-shirt stretched over his chest and his black leather jacket. All pulled together by the large, plastic black bat wings that sprouted from his shoulders. She could just make out the thin elastic straps around his shoulders holding the wings on.
“Not excited to see me, Nes?” he grinned impossibly wider. “And who says you’re ever too old to go trick-or-treating?”
Nesta arched a brow, trying her best to look unimpressed until she spotted a second, smaller pair of wings peeking out from behind his legs.
She looked down to a see a young girl, maybe six or seven, with long, black hair and violet eyes. She wasn’t hiding or huddled behind Cassian, but he was so large that it appeared so. That is, until she stepped out from behind him and pushed her way up the step. She was dressed similarly to Cassian with an all-black ensemble and plastic bat wings that looked almost as tall as her.
“Trick or treat!” she grinned widely, not sparing her apparent guardian a second glance.
At Cassian’s exaggerated annoyance and the little girl’s eye roll, Nesta chuckled and held out the candy bowl so the little bat could grab what she wanted.
“Who’s this?” Nesta directed the question to Cassian seeing as the girl was too enthralled with the candy she’d just picked.
Cassian grinned and ruffled the girl’s hair, causing her to laugh at him and duck out of the way. “This baby bat is Seraphina,” when she glared at him, he chuckled and corrected, “Ser, sorry. She’s Rhys’s little sister.”
“Rhys was supposed to take me out trick or treating this year, but he said he had to study.” Ser said.
Nesta’s brows flew up as she looked at Cassian who was smirking. “Study? Really?”
Cassian smirked even wider, “What, Nes, you think Rhysie isn’t actually studying?” he asked with mock surprise, quiet enough not to draw his sister’s attention
She snorted and rolled her eyes, “Not unless Study is code for hooking up with my sister, which I’m certain it is.”
Cassian tossed his head back and laughed loudly and Nesta tried her best not to smile at the sound of it, but she got her expression under control before he looked back at her.
“Wait a second,” Nesta crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at Cassian who didn’t balk from her glare. “You all live on the other side of town, why are you two here? Aren’t the fancy houses with the good candy over there?”
Cassian rubbed the back of his neck looking sheepish before regaining his smug attitude, “Aw, you know where we live? I think you’re a little obsessed with me.” His wide grin was maddening.
Rolling her eyes again, she scowled, “I’ve picked Feyre up from a study session once or twice. I know that it's almost twenty minutes to drive from there to here.”
“We’re here,” Ser’s voice cut in, “because Cass is desperate, and in love with you.” She said it casually, looking a cross between annoyed and disgusted.
Nesta’s brows flew to her hairline as Cassian gaped at the little girl before he stammered, “I—, that’s not—, Phina—, I mean—, what she meant was—, Fuck—, Nesta—"
Maybe it was because she’d never seen Cassian so flustered, looking like a deer caught in headlights and genuinely apologetic and stunned, but Nesta surprised them all as she laughed.
“Is that so?” Nesta leaned against her door and looked at the girl for answers, ignoring that surprised look that crossed Cassian face. He probably expected her to yell at him or slam the door in his face or call him an insufferable brute as she often liked to. He wasn’t expecting the small smile that tugged at her lips.
“Mhmm,” she nodded rapidly, shaking the wings strapped to her back, “He said that if we came here and I helped him then he would buy me a caramel apple because he knows those are my favorite.”
Nesta’s eyebrows were still high as she glanced at Cassian before the little girl plowed on.
“And,” Ser stepped closer to Nesta but whispered loudly enough so Cassian could hear, “I told him that if he needed my help to get a date then she was probably too smart and too pretty for him anyways.”
Nesta snorted loudly. Cassian pretend growled and swooped down to lift the little girl up and toss her over his shoulder. She was giggling and it only got louder as he proceeded to tickle her, “You think that’s funny?” he asked, keeping up his attack, “I confide in you and you go ahead and call me out in front of the pretty lady?”
Nesta knew Cassian was a big softie despite his size and roughened appearance, but she’d never seen him like this. He grinned but feigned betrayal as he hoisted Seraphina over his shoulder to carefully set her back on her feet.
Nesta didn’t hide her smile at the sight.
Once the two bats had calmed down, Cassian caught her eyes before nudging Ser’s shoulder and giving her an encouraging nod. The girl just rolled her eyes but took a deep breath and readied herself for what Nesta could only predict was some rousing speech.
She cleared her throat and looked up at Nesta with her best sweetheart eyes, “Nesta Archeron,” she began and Nesta snuck a glance to see Cassian watching the little girl while mouthing along to the words she spoke, obviously having coached her on what exactly to say. Nesta found it charming but reigned in a smile as she refocused in the girl in front of her.
“Will you allow Cassian the honor of taking you out on a date? He’s really nice, he’ll make you laugh, and he,” he paused and furrowed her brows, “he, uh…” she turned towards him and gestured for him to come closer.
Cassian quickly leaned down and whispered something into Ser’s ear that caused her to roll her eyes and scrunch her nose is disgust, before standing back up and allowing the girl to continue.
She sighed, still looking grossed out about what she had to say, “And he knows you think his butt is cute.”
Nesta choked on a laugh which seemed to stoke Cassian’s grin, but Ser wasn’t finished.
“If you say yes, Cass promised me a caramel apple.”
Cassian pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation but Nesta grinned, far too amused with his annoyance. Huh, maybe this is how he felt every time she huffed away at his antics. At least this time he seemed to be the one frustrated.
“Ser.” He groaned.
But Nesta was crouching down to be eye level with the little bat. “I do recall you mentioning a caramel apple.” She looked up at Cassian and asked, “You’re resorting to using your friend’s little sister as your Wing Woman to get me to agree to go out with you?”
“Worth a shot.” He said, that damned smirk resurfacing. He stepped behind Ser and rested his hands on her shoulders. “And you haven’t answered this sweet, adorable, little girl’s question that she so kindly asked you.”
Nesta was impressed with the intensity of Seraphina’s eye roll. Nesta dragged her eyes from a grinning Cassian whose expression, while cocky, also looked sincere and a little nervous, down to Ser who mouthed the words caramel apple.
Nesta laughed. It was a loud and happy sound and if her eyes hadn’t shut then she would have seen Cassian’s grin fall into a wide, almost reverent smile. When she managed to take a breath, Nesta wiped a tear from her eye and smiled.
She leaned towards Ser and told her, “You’ve been a wonderful Wing Woman, but the big bat over here was actually doing just fine on his own.” She stood up and smirked at Cassian. “Pick me up tomorrow at eight. I expect flowers.”
She stepped back towards her open door and said to a jaw-dropped Cassian, “Don’t forget her caramel apple.”
With a final wink in his direction, Nesta walked back inside her house and shut the door.
As she pressed her back against the closed door, biting her lip to keep from smiling too hard, she heard a loud Whoo! and giggling before two sets of footsteps hurried down the front porch.
She could’ve sworn she heard Cassian promise to buy Ser all the caramel apples she could want.
@acourtofsnakes @allthebooksunderthemoon @astra-ad-mare @becarefuloflove @booklover41802 @charlizeed @cookiemonsterwholovesbooks @danibutterr @doubt-less @emily-gsh @enormousbooklover @foughtconquered @fromthelibraryofemilyj @hakunamatatazz @i-have-but-one-brain-cell @in-love-with-caramel-macchiato @jorjy-jo @lemonade-coolattas @mariamuses @mayhemories @midsizewitch @miserablesmusings @morganofthewildfire @nehemikkele @rowaelinismyotp @rowansfirebringer @sayosdreams @sheharahu @sleeping-and-books @stardelia @story-scribbler @superspiritfestival @themoonthestarsthesuriel @swankii-art-teacher @tomtenadia @westofmoon @whimsicallyreading @moodymelanist @angelic-voice-1997 @realbookloverproblems @gracie-rosee @julemmaes @yesdreamblog @the-regal-warrior @rowanaelinn @thestoriesyoutell @autumnbabylon @sunflowermoonshinewrites @maastrash @annejulianneh111
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romaisamaria · 8 months ago
Nesta: “You’re an arrogant bastard.”
Cassian: “And you’re a haughty witch. We’re evenly matched.”
The Cauldron, fully aware why they’re mates:
Tumblr media
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incorrectacomafquotes · a month ago
Nesta: It’s called cauliflower, not ghost broccoli.
Cassian: I know what I saw.
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champanheandluxxury · 6 days ago
Azriel: Let's play fuck, marry and kill
Cassian: I will marry Nesta!
Azriel: But I haven't said any name yet
Cassian: I will marry Nesta.
Azriel: But Cassi-
Cassian: I. Will. Marry. Nesta.
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talkfantasytome · 8 days ago
#Kinktober #Nessian Here's a prompt! Nesta is now leading the Valkyries. She's the one training the next gen. (Maybe with Gwyn and Emerie?) And after a loooong day training, Cassian wants to treat her. ;) Maybe multiple times. Who knows. *wink*
Oh nonnie, I do hope you enjoy this. We all know I like to have some fun with interpretations...👀
Tumblr media
Nesta has a long day and comes home to an empty apartment. She assumes Cassian must just have plans for the night, and she's not entirely wrong...
Warnings: Smut, what did you expect? Also, light roleplaying. 😉
Word Count: 2,903 | Autumn in Velaris Series | Read on AO3
a/n: We all know I like my double entendres...and treat can just mean so many things. 👀 Did I also go a bit soft and fluffy at points? Why yes, yes I did. Because Nesta had a long, difficult day, and Cassian is first and foremost a simp.
Another one I didn't take time to edit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
Nesta flopped down onto the bed, groaning into the mattress at the general exhaustion she felt all over.
She'd just spent an hour working out and then another hour teaching her Valkyrie Self-Defense class for women. Now she wanted to just pass out, but her stomach seemed to have other plans. So, after a minute laying down, she got up and went over to the dresser, pulling out a pair of lounge leggings and one of Cassian's shirts.
After her quick change, she went back out into the kitchen, her brows scrunched at the plate covered in tinfoil on the island counter. Cassian hadn't told her he'd be out, but a night alone wouldn't be the worst thing. She could eat, maybe take a bath, and then get to sleep early before Cassian showed up, likely wanting to talk or watch a movie or something.
Hopping up on one of the bar stools, Nesta pulled the plate toward her, smiling softly at the note left on top of it.
Hey babe! Sorry I'm not home, something came up that's taking me away. I'll be back soon, but I made your favorite as a little treat since I know Thursdays are so long. Love you!
Based on the heat radiating from the plate, she knew that was a lie. Her favorite was chocolate cake, and this was clearly an actual dinner.
She lifted the tinfoil to find a single serving of New York Strip over a piece of garlic bread, fingerling potatoes with harissa sauce, and asparagus. And extra harissa because he knows she likes to dip her asparagus in there too when she can, regardless of how healthy it really is.
After her last few hours, she deserved it.
Fork and steak knife in hand, Nesta dug in, groaning slightly at the flavors. Cassian always cooked their steak perfectly, just on the rarer side of medium-rare, the meat red in the middle and juicy.
Everything about the dinner was just right. It was even still practically hot, as if Cassian had left it out only a couple minutes before she got to it. Nesta must have literally just missed him. And as nice as it was to have a bit of time to herself, by the end of the meal, she was starting to wish she hadn't. Maybe she'd have been able to convince him to stay.
She was just washing her dish when a knock sounded at the door, startling her slightly. She wasn't expecting anyone, and she really didn't want to deal with some random person at the moment.
Yawning as she walked, Nesta reached the door and opened it, pausing in place and gaping at the sight.
There, in front of her, stood Cassian. Dressed ridiculously in a white, collared, short-sleeve shirt tucked into white slacks - though, the coloring did make his own skin seem to glow. He was looking down at a clipboard, some fold up table thing held by a handle in his other hand.
"Are you Ms. Archeron?" he asked, looking up from the clipboard, putting on a near perfectly composed face, as if they'd never met. But she could see the mischievous glint in his eyes.
"Cassian, what ar-"
"I'm sorry, miss, but my name isn't Cassian," he explained, interrupting her question. "I'm Jackson, here to give you the full body massage I was hired for." He lifted up the hand that was holding the table, as if that would prove his point, and Nesta had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing. "May I come in?"
"Oh, of course!" Nesta stepped aside, allowing her boyfriend, who she shared this apartment with, into their living room.
"Would you like me to set up in here, or in the bedroom?" She met Cassian's eyes again, smiling slightly at the lengths he was going to for this…for her.
Nesta always did love a good role-play.
The anticipation rejuvenated her, at least enough to try and play along. Plus, it seemed she would get a massage out of it, which would be perfect. She could already feel some soreness building.
She considered for a moment. The bedroom would be easier, in the end, but she'd never let a truly strange man in there. And if she wanted to do this right…
"In here would be best, please," she responded. "I wouldn't want my boyfriend to get upset about me letting another man into our room. He can get jealous."
The light in Cassian's eyes seemed to grow brighter at her words, his lips curving upward just slightly even as he attempted to keep on his mask.
"Understood," he offered, nodding softly. "I get that a lot. Apparently, many women think I'd pose a threat to their partners." He flashed her a grin as Nesta rolled her eyes.
It seems ego was one thing he and his new character had in common.
"Now, you will need to strip down," he added, shaking out an ivory sheet. "You can do so in your room, of course, and then just wrap this around you when you're ready to come out."
"So you're not going to try to take a peek?" She stared up at him, her own eyes lit with wicked delight.
"I can assure you, I'm very professional," he replied in a guttural voice that had Nesta's toes curling.
"Hmmm," she sighed, walking over to him and taking the sheet, making sure her fingers brushed his. "We may have to change that."
Nesta didn't miss the way Cassian's pupils dilated, and she could feel those eyes focused on her as she walked into their room. She came back out a minute later, completely naked underneath the sheet, which she was now noticing was definitely more sheer than an actual masseuse would provide.
Hazel eyes trailed down and back up her body slowly as she strutted toward the table, fixating for a prolonged moment on the now loose waves of golden brown. She didn't want to make this too easy for him.
"Lay down up here." Cassian patted the set-up table, cushioned on top, as he spoke. "Head in the head rest."
Nesta nodded and then sat down on it before laying back, eyes on the ceiling, arms to the side to make sure he could see what was on display beneath the translucent fabric.
Cassian coughed, frozen slightly as he clearly tried to steel himself. "On your stomach," he rasped, noticeably staring at where her nipples were visible through the material.
"Oh, my bad," she sighed, knowing exactly what she'd just done. It was all part of the game, trying to see who would break first. And Nesta desperately needed the win.
"Okay, Ms. Archeron. I'm just going to ask you to remove the parts of the sheet that are underneath you, so I can adjust it as I work."
Nesta nodded and did as requested - only, it seemed one side was much longer than the other, and it may have had enough weight to cause the entire sheet to slip right off her. "Oops," Nesta offered, looking up at Cassian with apologetic eyes.
Cassian ground his teeth as he tried not to look, failing quickly. He muttered something incoherent and then leaned over, picking up the sheet and resting it over her body lightly.
"Not a problem, ma'am," he breathed, swallowing as he turned and started to rub some oil on his hands.
Once he was at her side, Cassian folded the sheet so that her entire back was exposed and started rubbing softly, his fingers deftly working her muscles, the touch of his skin on hers adding a heat that shouldn't have been there so soon.
"Oh, gods," she moaned involuntarily, feeling Cassian's hands pause for a just a second before resuming. Of course, her reactions were the key. They'd always driven him before, she should've known that from the start.
"You're very…tight, Ms. Archeron," he sighed, rubbing his hands a bit harder on a particularly large knot. "I'll need to get on the table to put the right pressure down, if that's okay with you."
"Please, do." Nesta nodded in the headrest as she said it, quite certain she could see in her mind the exact smile Cassian was wearing at her response.
She felt the warmth of his body around her hips as he straddled her, kneeling on the table to keep his weight off of her. At this new position, he really was starting to put more into his hands movements, but he could also touch her back in different ways, and it felt divine.
It felt even better when he leaned in and she felt a hardness brush softly against her. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt a pounding begin in her core, a desperate need building.
"Is that part of the massage, too?" she asked through a smirk.
"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about." His words were low, spoken through gritted teeth, as if he were focusing on trying to…soften the situation.
"Don't you?"
"We're not that type of business, ma'am," he explained, but Nesta could hear the rasp in his voice. The desire he was attempting to hide for the sake of the game.
She exhaled loudly, lifting her head and propping herself up on her elbows as she looked behind her. "Well, that's quite a shame. I certainly wouldn't be opposed."
His eyes met hers, and she didn't miss the way they widened, the sparkle of lust dancing between the flecks of gold.
"You know, I have been feeling very tense lately," she added as an idea popped into her head. There was one thing, beyond everything else, that Cassian couldn't resist. "Would you be able to take a look at it…Jackson?"
He nodded, pushing himself off the table. She flipped herself over, making sure the sheet continued to cover her, as a client typically would, and then she started to pull it up, up, up.
"The general, er…vulva area," she explained, her voice soft. "I've been feeling quite tight and sore there recently."
Cassian swallowed, his eyes immediately snapping to the area as the sheet lifted. She thought she heard a slight whimper in his throat that he attempted to choke down before meeting her eyes again. "Ms. Archeron, I'll admit, that's not an area we typically work."
"But it is a full body massage, is it not?" she cooed, batting her eyelashes. It likely didn't have the effect she planned, considering the wicked smile she was also wearing. "Are you not willing to make an exception for me?"
His gaze remaining locked on hers, he flashed her that cocky half-smile and nodded. "I think, for you, it's one I'd gladly make."
Nesta's own grin widened as she spread her legs a bit, waiting.
Cassian's hands started on her legs, his calloused fingers oxymoronically soft and rough against her skin in a way that had her inhaling deeply. He took his time traveling up her legs, Nesta's anticipation growing with each second as she waited, secure in the victory that was about to come.
He stroked up and down her thighs, his thumbs drawing circles on the inner side, just how he knew she liked it, and Nesta felt another moan be released. Cassian teased her at the top of her thighs for a moment, but tonight was clearly about her, because it was less than thirty seconds before he had his hands resting on her hips as he stroked her outer folds. Typically, he preferred to tease her for well over a minute.
When his thumbs traveled further inward, she heard a whispered, "Shit," from Cassian as he registered exactly what he'd been doing to her.
"Is everything okay, Jackson?" she queried, noticing that he'd stopped his ministrations, her face the epitome of innocence.
"Of course, Ms. Archeron," he replied, his voice strained.
"Oh, good. I wouldn't want to hurt your…professionalism," she teased, meeting his eyes again and biting her bottom lip just the way he liked it.
His stare flicked to her mouth for a moment, his cheeks flushing a pale pink. But then something shifted, his eyes focusing into a determined look as he moved them down her body and started again. He turned to face her, using just one hand now as he started to rub a wide circle around the area, narrowing its diameter with each full rotation.
Nesta's moan was much louder this time as his finger brushed across her center. She could feel the pressure already building within her as his strokes turned from a massage to something far more focused on her pleasure. He put weight on it just as he knew she liked, focusing on pressing around and across that one spot.
"Cassian," she sighed loudly, practically whining, unable to say another name in a moment like this. Not as she felt herself on the verge of shattering. No one ever made her feel this good. Even before they got together, when she was trying to distract herself with other men, it was always his face she imagined. And far too often it was his name on her lips as she came with another man inside her.
A fact she still hadn't told him.
"Right here, baby," he breathed, his free hand brushing some loose strands of hair behind her ear as he looked into her eyes. Without stopping his fingers he leaned in and kissed her deeply. Nesta's own hands slid into his hair just as his tongue met hers, holding him close.
And the circles continued. Harder, faster, never faltering. Cassian didn't need to enter her for this. He knew that by now as well as she did. The right pressure, the right spots, Nesta would be seeing stars and still wake up pleasurably sore in the morning. And Cassian was the king at finding every point on her body that would make Nesta writhe.
He tore his lips away from her mouth and started nipping his way up her jawline as Nesta began to pant, sitting right at the edge of something incredible. And as he lightly bit down right where her neck and shoulder meet, Nesta broke, shuddering as she gasped wildly. She could feel herself clenching around nothing, her legs trembling as Cassian's ministrations saw her through the throes of her orgasm. His kisses were soft as he worked his way back up her neck and toward her mouth.
By the time their lips met, his finger had slowed down, but her heart was still racing, still jumping for joy at Cassian's love for her.
When he pulled away, Cassian caressed her cheek softly, his eyes gentle and shining, as if he was basking in her love as much as she was his. He pressed a kiss to her forehead and then stood up straight, taking her with him and cradling her in his arms. She couldn't help but wonder if he'd been able to somehow see that her legs were too weak to carry her in that moment, after what he'd done.
"What's next on your agenda?" she asked softly as he carried her into their room and laid her on the bed tenderly.
He chuckled softly and kissed her temple again before going into the bathroom, coming back out a moment later with a damp cloth.
Sitting beside her, he gently cleaned her up, careful with the still-sensitive area.
"Now, we go to bed," he revealed, his tone soft.
Nesta's brows furrowed. "What about you?"
"I didn't have such a difficult and tiring schedule today." He finished with the cloth and threw it into the hamper before moving toward their closet.
Quickly, Cassian changed into a pair of sweatpants, giving her a flash of his perfect ass just before sliding them on.
Like every night, he left his torso bare as he came back to their bed, a pair of sleep shorts and that same shirt of his she'd been wearing earlier in his hands.
He helped her into the clothes, asking as minimal effort from Nesta as possible, as if he expected her to be barely able to use her muscles after everything.
Cassian wasn't entirely wrong. Almost as soon as she'd hit the bed she started to feel the exhaustion of the day. As if Cassian's gift had taken the final scraps of energy remaining in her body.
Once she was fully dressed for bed, he pulled back the sheets from under her and then lifted them over her body before climbing beneath them himself from the other side and shutting off their lights.
Nesta turned to face him, attempting to scoot closer and failing drastically as her body refused to do more. Cassian huffed out a small laugh and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his body. Her own arms snapped around him instinctively as she nuzzled in, Cassian resting his head on hers.
"I could help with that," she offered through a yawn, unable to miss what was pressing against her hip.
"You already are," he breathed, kissing the top of her head.
Nesta was sure she had something to add, was sure her brain told her mouth to speak, but it seemed no part of her body was listening, instead forcing the last working part of her into the lull of sleep they'd already accepted.
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