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ACOWAR Nessian will always be superior.
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Cassian: “I see. I get a little too close and you shove me away again. Back to where it’s safe. Better to marry a viper like Eris than be with me.”
Nesta: “I am not with you, I am fucking you!”
Meanwhile outside the bedroom:
Tumblr media
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literally anything cassian - headcanons, blurbs wtv u want just cassian 💫💫😵😵
ab riding…as requested ;)
“Oh gods,” You moan out softly, linking your fingers through Cassian’s. You’re squeezing his hands, pinning them down by his head. Cassian allows it, the large male beneath you is getting off on how you’re using his body for your own pleasure. Cassian wets his lips with a flick of his sinful tongue, taking in the erotic sight before him, “Does that feel good, sweetheart?”
You nod, releasing a long whine. It does. Your clit glides perfectly along his sculpted abdomen with each roll of your hips, sending jolts of pleasure rippling across your body. “So good. Feels so fucking good, Cass.” You hadn’t expected it to. You were surprised when he suggested it. Pulling you into his lap, Cassian’s huge hand wrapping around your throat to ensure you knew he was serious. He kissed along your jaw, nipped at your earlobe before whispering that he wants you to hump his stomach like a needy whore, wants you to cum all over him, get him all wet with your sweet juices.
“I knew it would,” Cassian grins, eyes dropping from your blissed out face to where your cunt is sliding back and forth over his stomach at a pace that has moans flowing past your lips. “And look at the mess you’re making, dolly. Marking me with that delicious scent of yours,” His mouth is watering, begging for a taste as you smear your slick arousal over him, “Gods, you’re just always so wet aren’t you, sweetheart?”
“It’s all for you, General,” You’re panting between moans, drawing closer to climaxing as you rut against him in a way that has your cunt clenching. “Always you. Fuck, one look from you and I’m soaking my panties. Only for you.”
Cassian growls, “That’s right. You’re my perfect little doll.” Cassian keeps his hands by his head when you let go to slap your palms against his chest, digging your nails into his skin, losing control. You’re biting your lip hard, muffling a mewl that wants to escape. Your brows are furrowing, needing the release. Cassian can practically see the climax shimmering behind your eyes. He’s retraining himself, holding back from grabbing and using your pretty body. Cassian wants you to cum first before he can taste you…before he can fuck you the way he wants. The way he needs. He needs you trembling on the tip of his tongue. Needs you crying out and clawing at him simply because his cock feels too good so deep inside you. “Say it, sweetheart. I want you to say it before you can climax. What are you?”
“I’m-” You whimper. You’re so close. Dangling off the edge. Heat is bubbling beneath your skin, waiting for that spark to set it alight. You swallow thickly, looking down at Cassian, “I’m your p-perfect little doll.” He grins, clearly pleased. His eyes trail torturously slowly down your body and back up. “Good. Cum for me. Let go, sweetheart.”
Another roll of your hips and you’re unravelling. Gushing more juices that mix with the slick mess already covering Cassian’s stomach. Your head falls forward as you ride out the intense feeling, soft whimpers falling from your lips. Your thighs tighten at his waist, your body slowing to a stop.
Cassian’s hands find your hips, thumbs stroking over your warm skin. “There you go. M’proud of you, sweetheart.” When you look to meet his gaze, you catch a mischievous glint in his eyes that make your breath hitch. Oh, he’s nowhere near done with you. You should know it takes a lot to fulfil his hunger. His grip tightens on your hips.
“Now, sweetheart. You’re going to come up here and sit that messy little cunt on my face. I want to play with you some more.”
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People keep making the argument that Nesta wasn't actually imprisoned in the House because she could have left at any time.
Two things I have to say about that.
1. Really? If Nes had asked Cass to fly her down to Velaris so she could drink and sleep with some random stranger, do you honestly think he would do it? No. And even if he did, Feysand would find a way to intervene and stop it. Nesta was only allowed to leave the House when she needed to risk her life to save the IC's butts.
2. If that's the argument one wants to make then I could also make the argument that Feyre wasn't actually imprisoned in the manor because all she had to do was wait for Tamlin to get home and then ask him to drop the shield around the house so she could leave.
Feyre pulled a Tamlin by locking Nesta in the House. Just admit it.
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shadowsingerspriestess · 22 days ago
Azriel: I’m sleeping with several daggers under my pillow
Rhysand: Weak, I’m sleeping with swords
Cassian: You’re both pathetic
Azriel: What are you sleeping with?
Cassian: Nesta
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incorrect-random-fandom · 3 months ago
Nesta: When I first met you, I thought you were weird and annoying.
Rhys: And?
Nesta: You are.
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Height in ACOTAR
Recently I had some conversations about the height of the characters in ACOTAR and I found the topic so interesting that I decided to make a post based on my interpretation of what I read in the books. Let's go ☺️
The Archeron Sisters
Tumblr media
Throughout the series and in the various physical descriptions we've had, according to my memory, there wasn't a numerical perspective on the height of any characters, except for this passage in ACOSF:
Tumblr media
Through this passage we can interpret that Nesta isn't a short female, and that she's at least 5cm taller than Feyre (I will convert to centimeters because the measurement system in Brazil is different).
Unfortunately, I don't remember of a mention to Elain's height, but I think she would be a little shorter than Feyre or even at the same height something between 160cm or 165cm.
Having Nesta as the tallest among the Archeron sisters, with 170cm. I thought about this height because it's minimum for a model and it would be an overall perspective of a tall woman.
The Valkyries
Tumblr media
Another mention related to height made in ACOSF is directed to Gwyn, being described as taller than the average for a Fae female.
Tumblr media
From Gwyn's description it's clear that she's the tallest among the Valkyries, but as for Emerie's, I wasn't sure about how her height would be. In her description Nesta said that despite being Illyrian, by the color of her skin, it's likely that Emerie has a Dawn Court bloodline. Making her not only Illyrian, but also High Fae for a distant heritage.
Overall Illyrians are naturally taller than High Fae, so I figured that Emerie would be a tall female, but not too much. Ranging from 170cm to 175cm.
The Bat Boys
Tumblr media
Cassian was always described as the tallest one, not only among his brothers, but also in comparison to other Illyrians. I figured that 200cm would make him tall enough to stand out and it would be the minimal height to make his interactions with other characters possible.
Honestly I don't remember an exact description of Rhysand and Azriel's height, only that Cassian is taller than both of them. However some people mentioned that it was said in the books that Az is taller than Rhys. I don't remember that, but I will consider possible, since Rhysand is mixed.
Something that we need to think about Rhys is that it was confirmed in ACOSF that he was born without wings.
Tumblr media
This information is important because it demonstrates that Rhysand inherited more High Fae traits than Illyrians. Therefore, I belive that it's possible for Azriel to be taller than Rhys, because as I said the Illyrians are naturally taller.
Remembering that these are only interpretations, where I understand that Az should be 190cm and Rhysand 180cm. But maybe they have the same height, something around 185cm, both situations are possible.
The Inner Circle
Tumblr media
Respectively between males and females, Cassian and Nesta are the tallest in the Inner Circle.
As for Mor, I don't remember any descriptions of her height, but as Mor is a pure High Fae, I would say that her height can vary between 165cm or 170cm. In the books it's described that Amren is so short that she could wear children's clothes, like Rhys mentioned about the leathers she used in ACOWAR.
From this perspective 145cm is a reasonable height. I know that it's a surprising height for a grown woman, but I have people in my family in a similar situation, like my grandma with 145cm or my sister with 148cm. So yes, it's possible.
And now that we've described the height of most characters. Here we have the height difference of some shipps:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed it, I am available to answer your questions ☺️
✍🏻 Full Masterlist
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champanheandluxxury · 6 months ago
Gwyn: how's the mom life going?
Nesta: it's alright, I just didn't expected all the crying
Emerie: but aren't newborn babies supposed to cry all the time?
Nesta: oh the baby is fine, I'm talking about Cassian
Nesta: he has been like that for 3 days now
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broodybatboy · 3 days ago
Nesta: *carrying all the groceries*
Cassian: *holds out a hand to help*
Nesta: *aggressively moves all the groceries to one hand*
Nesta: *holds Cassian's hand instead*
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rhysandsdarlingbitches · a month ago
So you are telling me the tension between Kathony doesn't match the tension between Nessian??
Nuh uh, not having that.
"Nesta fell back a step, leading him, them, into the dance, and Cassian went with her."
Tumblr media
"His eyes did not, would not, leave her face."
Tumblr media
"He spun her, and she whipped herself around, his arms waiting to catch her."
Tumblr media
"The world faded away."
Tumblr media
"The music was no longer the most beautiful thing in existence. He was."
Tumblr media
"Nesta couldn’t stop it then. The answering smile that bloomed through her at last, stealing across her face, bright as the dawn."
Tumblr media
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courtofsunandshadow · 2 months ago
Cassian: Hey Gwyn, why did the chicken cross the road?
Gwyn: Idk, why?
Cassian: To get to the loser’s house!
Gwyn: 🙄 Good one, Cass.
Cassian: Hey Gwyn
Gwyn: ..Yes
Cassian: *knock knock*
Gwyn: Who’s there?
Cassian: The chicken.
Cassian: 😬
Gwyn: I won’t punch you.. under ONE condition
Cassian: *laughs* What’s that?
Gwyn: Go say that joke to Nesta
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theladyofdeath · 2 months ago
Isn’t She Lovely {1}
Summary: Cassian, a single father, tries online dating for a one night stand and gets more than he bargains for. Nesta, a former professional ballet dancer, opens her own studio in her new hometown of Velaris and finds that she knows one of her students’ fathers from a night of utter regret.
Warnings: Mature content throughout. Language, sex, drinking, etc. NSFW.
A collab with @snelbz
A/N: Since Shelb became a mama and I started my teaching job, we hadn’t been able to write much. Now, we’re feeling good with where we are at and were able to pick up writing again not long ago - which we had missed soooo much. This is our first series since our little hiatus. I hope you all enjoy! We would love to know what you think. Chapters will be posted every Sunday and Wednesday. This is only a 10 part mini series!
Tumblr media
Nesta felt ridiculous, but if nothing else she needed to get laid.
To say it had been a while was an understatement and she hadn’t had the time or energy since moving to Velaris to go out and find someone the old fashioned way. It used to be easier, she swore, in high school and college to come across a cute guy and hit it off. Now, as she neared her late twenties, dating became more and more difficult.
When Feyre had suggested a dating app, Nesta thought it had been an absurd suggestion. She hadn’t let her little sister know that she downloaded said app as soon as she got back to her little house on the outskirts of town. Now, two days later, she had been matched up with and was on her way to meet a man for dinner. He was an incredibly attractive mechanic whose hobbies included restoring old cars and playing the guitar. He was twenty-eight and had abs for days, judging by his profile pictures. He seemed nice enough in the few messages they had exchanged.
For safety, though, Nesta pulled out her phone and texted her other sister, Elain.
Going on a blind date. If I go missing, we were last seen at Monelli’s.
As she parked her car in the lot behind the restaurant, Nesta’s phone vibrated.
Feyre will be pleased.
With a roll of her eyes, she was hopping out of her car and walking to the front set of doors. Monelli’s was known for their incredible Italian food and gorgeous building - a historic two story place that had been refurbished to its former glory.
It was bustling with people but for a Friday night, Nesta was not surprised. It did make it more difficult to find her date, though. She hoped she hadn’t been catfished.
That would be mortifying.
After a deep breath, Nesta entered through the front doors and walked up to the hostess.
“Good evening,” she smiled. “How many?”
Nesta hesitated. “Actually, I’m waiting for someone. Has a tall man with long, brown hair and hazel eyes come in?”
The hostess nodded over toward the bar. “He’s waiting there. I told him it’ll be about fifteen minutes for a table to open up.”
After waiting for a server carrying a tray laden down with plates piled high in delicious pastas and breads and salads, Nesta crossed the threshold into the bar. She paused, glancing down at herself. She felt absolutely ridiculous, like everyone was staring at her, which she hated unless she was on stage, lost in the music. When she danced, she couldn’t care less who watched as the rhythm flowed through her, as the beat of the song matched the beat of her heart. But right now, as she was about to go on her first normal date since she’d broken up with her piece of shit ex?
Yeah, the eyes she could feel lingering on her as she stepped into the crowded bar made her self-conscious. She never would have worn the red dress on any other occasion, never wore anything as tight or with a slit up so high on her thigh that she had to be careful how quickly she walked, lest she become a different kind of dancer entirely.
Looking around the room, ignoring the few sets of eyes she felt settle on her, she finally spotted him.
He had his back to her as he reached for his glass of whiskey, neat.
He wore fitted navy slacks with a white button down, the sleeves rolled up to reveal dark ink displayed across his forearms. That long, thick hair of his was tied at the nape of his neck.
After a moment of watching, observing, she was sitting on the stool beside him. “Cassian?”
His eyes snapped to hers, then down her body before he met her gaze once more. Nesta held her chin up high, pretending that the inside of her body wasn’t going absolutely insane.
He was far more attractive in person, and his pictures were gorgeous, so that was certainly saying something.
“Nesta,” he said, his voice low.
He held out his hand.
Nesta took it.
He brought it to his lips, his eyes remaining locked on hers.
“Nice to meet you,” he said, and before she could reply, he asked, “Drink?”
“Please,” she said, as he waved the bartender over. Nesta ordered a safe glass of white wine.
“You look gorgeous,” he said, and Nesta cleared her throat.
“Oh, thank you,” she replied, and a moment passed before she even thought to tell him that he looked nice, too. Deciding that the moment had passed and it was too late to tell him as much, Nesta said, “I’m glad we got to meet on such short notice. I hated to rush our meeting but this next week was going to be a little hectic for me.”
Cassian shrugged a single shoulder as a glass of wine was set in front of Nesta. “I don’t mind. Tonight worked well.”
He was right, it was like they were meant to meet. She’d been planning to have dinner with her sisters, but both of them had made last minute plans that morning, Elain with Nuala and Cerridwen, Feyre with her fiancé. Which left Nesta with nothing to do on a Friday night.
Until she got a message from the gorgeous man she’d matched with on that ridiculous dating app the evening before.
He’d sent a cliché opening message. She’d harmlessly flirted for a minute, and when he’d asked if she had anything special planned for tonight, she asked him to dinner.
He hadn’t responded for an hour or so, but it was the middle of the day on a Friday. Most people were at their jobs, Nesta reminded herself. But when he did, he’d accepted her offer, asking her to meet him at Velaris’ most popular restaurant.
“Nazari, table for two?”
Cassian looked over his shoulder at the hostess and stood. “Looks like our table is ready.”
Nesta nodded and stood, taking the hand that was offered to her. His skin was rough but his grip was gentle. She couldn’t help but imagine for a split second what those hands would feel like on the rest of her body.
They followed the hostess to their table and Cassian pulled out her chair like the perfect gentleman. Once she was seated, he sat opposite of her and thanked the hostess for their menus before she scurried off.
After a sip of whiskey, he opened up his menu and began looking through it. Nesta did the same, although she already knew what she wanted. The shrimp scampi was to die for.
“Been here before?” Cassian asked, eyes still on the menu.
Nesta nodded. “A couple of times. You?”
“Long time ago,” he replied.
The conversation fell away so Nesta pretended to search her menu anyway.
Five minutes later, the server appeared and Nesta ordered her pasta. Cassian ordered a rare steak with a side of penne topped with Monelli’s famous, special sauce. “You like meat?” Nesta asked.
Cassian raised a brow, as if the question itself was one of the strangest he had ever heard. “I do. So do you, it seems.”
“Not so much,” Nesta said, scrunching her nose. “Especially rare? It’s practically raw.”
“Shrimp is meat,” Cassian replied, one hand gripping his glass of whiskey.
“Not really,” Nesta said. “Shrimp is protein, but it’s far different from beef. Or chicken, for that matter.”
“So you don’t eat meat?” Cassian pushed. Then grumbled, “And judge those who do, it seems.”
“I’m not judging,” Nesta snapped, then calmed herself before continuing, “And no, I eat shellfish occasionally, and chicken, but that’s it.”
“Animal rights type of thing?” Cassian asked, sipping from his glass.
Nesta watched him for a moment then shook her head. “No, not really. I just think someone ripping into a rare steak is a bit barbaric, that’s all.” He raised his eyebrows, so she explained. “I just came off of a very strict diet that I’ve been on for a while. I’m still working normal things back into my everyday routine. So, like I said, chick and shellfish, and greens mostly.”
Cassian watched her for a moment with a stupid, subtle grin on his full lips. “You eat healthy. I like that.”
Nesta arched a brow and chose to sip from her wine glass instead of making a retort.
“I can tell,” he continued, and his eyes grazed her form-fitting dress. Nesta’s jaw locked and she swore that her cheeks reddened.
“I take care of my body,” Nesta said, at last. “You seem to do the same, even with your poor intake of raw meat.”
When he spoke next, his voice was so low that if Nesta hadn’t been following the way his lips slowly moved she would have been certain that she imagined it. “It’s crucial to stay in shape. Never know when all the clothes will be coming off.”
She lifted a brow.
He grinned as he drained his glass of whiskey.
The server brought a basket of bread but neither of them touched it.
“So, you’re a mechanic?” Nesta asked a moment later. “Run my own shop,” Cassian said, as he motioned for another glass of whiskey. “And what do you do? Your profile didn’t say.”
“I’m a dancer,” Nesta said.
Something flashed in Cassian’s eyes but it disappeared as soon as it had come. “Yeah?”
Nesta nodded, and before she could stop herself, she said, “I tour with a ballet company.”
It was a lie, of course, but it hadn’t been a lie for long.
Cassian nodded but said nothing more as a newly filled glass of whiskey appeared.
Their food came a minute later and the conversation between them had died for the majority of it.
“I can barely enjoy my steak with you sneering at it like that,” he said, using his fork to mix the bowl of greens next to his plate. “I can feel it getting colder with each second that passes.”
She had just taken a bite, her mouth full of pasta and shrimp, so she rolled her eyes, continuing to chew until she could respond. His eyes lit up at the expression on her face, and she didn’t have a chance to reply before he said, “Though I’d bet that stare could heat a few things up, too.”
Nesta had just stabbed at her food when she asked, “You’re a shameless flirt, aren’t you?”
Cassian shrugged a shoulder as he covered the remainder of his steak with his greens and took a big bite. “I say what I think.”
“No, you dance around what you’re thinking,” Nesta said, deciding she was full and needing a to go box. “You think you’re clever with all these little innuendos you keep feeding me.”
“You don’t like my innuendos?” Cassian asked, brow raised, consuming his plate with a speed that would make others think he hadn’t eaten in days.
“I suppose I’m a little more blunt than most,” Nesta said, dabbing at her mouth before folding her napkin in her lap.
“I’m not sure you want me to be blunt about what’s on my mind,” Cassian said.
“Then allow me to be blunt,” Nesta said, and fiddled with the stem of her nearly-emptied wine glass. “This isn’t going great. We have absolutely nothing in common and trying to have a steady conversation with you is like pulling teeth.”
Cassian lifted an amused brow. “But you’re attracted to me.”
Nesta didn’t deny it right away. “I shouldn’t be surprised that you think every woman is attracted to you.”
“Every woman may not be, but you are,” Cassian said, setting down his fork. “I’ve been with enough women to recognize the looks you keep giving me.”
Been with enough women. Charming, Nesta thought, but she couldn’t admit that he was right. She had come on the date knowing full well that there was a good chance this would be a dud. It wouldn’t be a complete waste of time, though, if she got something out of it.
It had been so long since she had taken control of a man for the sake of pleasure.
“Maybe so,” Nesta agreed, lifting her chin. “I won’t deny that you’re attractive, even though your communication skills could use a tremendous amount of work.”
Although meant as a jab, Cassian’s head fell back as he laughed. When he met her eyes again, the gleam in them had Nesta’s toes curling. “Lucky for you I know of something we can do that requires no conversation at all…and I’m far better at it than I am trying to string together some words to impress a haughty dancer that I thought was hot on some outdated hookup app.”
Nesta should feel offended, should slap him across the face for being rude as shit, but her heart had begun to race. Is this what got her going after almost a year of no sex? Some conceited asshole that thought he was all that and then some? Some hot conceited asshole, she corrected herself. Yeah, he was full of it, but Nesta had no doubt that he was a god in bed. And if he wasn’t? At least Nesta got a break from trying to get herself off and let somebody else at it for a night.
“So what is it you propose?” Nesta asked, running her fingers through her long, loose curls.
Cassian tracked the movement.
For a moment, Nesta thought he would push everything off the table between them and ravage her right there on the tabletop.
For a moment, Nesta wanted him to.
“I live two blocks down,” he said, his tone sending shivers down her spine. “One night, no strings attached. You look like you need to be taken care of.”
She was quiet still, eyes on him, assessing him and whether he meant what he said. She never wanted to see him again, his conceited, cocky demeanor had cemented that, but his body…
She could see the strong bands of muscle on his forearms beneath his rolled-up shirt sleeve. Knew every other part of him would be just as solid, just as muscled, and it had been a hell of a long time since she ogled someone as much as she had when she saw his dating profile.
Hell, she was so sex starved she’d even gotten off to his pictures the night before when she found him, before he’d matched with her. But she would never tell him that.
“You can leave as soon as we’re done or stay as long as you like,” he said, voice dropping low as he leaned closer to the table. “I’ve got my place to myself, a king-sized bed, and about a thousand things I want to do to you.”
Nesta sucked in her bottom lip, then drained what was left of her wine glass before saying, “Call for the check.”
With a grin, he did so. The server brought the bill and after one quick glance at it, Cassian dropped a stack of bills into the portfolio and rose to his feet. He held out his hand.
“I can pay for my own meal,” Nesta said, taking his hand and standing.
“Good date or not, I pay,” Cassian murmured in her ear, and began leading her toward the exit.
That stupid little grin remained.
It made Nesta’s knees weak.
The air had grown cool as the sun had fully faded and the moon was in its rightful place for the night. Having only lived two blocks away, Nesta had assumed he had walked, but he led her to a black truck and unlocked it, pulling open the passenger side door. He helped Nesta up inside the cab before rounding the truck and getting behind the wheel.
It was surprisingly clean, not a speck of dust to be found. It looked fairly new and smelled like leather.
They kept quiet as he pulled out of the lot and headed west, away from town. Two and a half blocks later, he pulled into the parking garage for a large brick building and stopped in a spot near a door.
Without a word being spoken, the two of them entered through that door and up a set of rickety, metal steps before going through a second door and into the halls of his apartment building.
With every step, Nesta’s heart beat a little bit faster.
A throbbing had formed between her thighs.
Cassian stopped at the elevator and pressed the call button. They waited in silence until the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Nesta entered first. Cassian followed.
He pressed the button for the sixth floor and the doors shut them inside. Once they were alone in that small, compact room, Nesta turned to look at him, to say something, anything to break the silence, but Cassian was already taking a step toward her as they began moving.
He took her slim waist into his hands and pulled her toward him.
Nesta gasped, her arm instantly finding their way around the back of his neck, the other grabbing his shirt. He took his time leaning into her, but when her fingers brushed his warm skin just above his shirt collar, he snapped.
His mouth found hers, hungrily, and Nesta quickly responded.
He tasted like whiskey - not Nesta’s first choice of drink but it certainly suited him. When his tongue brushed along hers, Nesta’s body made full contact with his, and then her skirt was being drawn up and Cassian was lifting her off the ground. Her legs wrapped around his waist and the elevator stopped, the double doors opening, once again.
Their lips never broke as Cassian carried her into the hall. He’d only taken a few steps before he stopped, fiddled with his key, and pushed open a door. Once they were inside and the front door shut, Nesta finally broke away from Cassian’s lips and, breathing heavily, asked, “Bathroom?”
Cassian blinked, his eyes glazed over from lust. It took him a moment to realize what she was asking. “Oh, uh, yeah. Down the hall, on the left.” A beat passed before he set her down and Nesta scurried down the hallway.
Clicking the door shut behind her, Nesta quickly smoothed out her hair and touched up her makeup, knowing full well they were about to be a disaster, but appearances were very important to her. After popping a mint, she unlocked the door behind her and began to walk down the hall.
A cracked door caught her eye and, although she knew she shouldn’t, she gently pushed the door open.
Pink. It was an explosion of pink and sparkles and…dinosaurs. The last items didn’t quite fit with the rest of the decor, but there was even a stuffed, pink dinosaur placed lovingly atop the pillows of the twin sized bed.
Realizing asking about the room would only make their hookup a fuck-ton more complicated, Nesta pulled the door shut again and headed for the entry where she’d left him.
Setting her purse on the counter, she found him standing in the middle of the living room, gazing out the window, a glass of something Nesta would have bet her life on was whiskey dangling from his fingers.
Nesta walked up behind him and said, “Quite a view you have.”
“It’s why I got the place,” he muttered, and slowly turned to face her. His eyes flashed when they connected with hers, but her eyes soon trailed down to his shirt, where he had undone half the buttons, revealing his strong, inked chest.
“Can I get you a drink?” he asked, voice low as Nesta closed the distance between them and placed her palm gingerly against his chest. His heart was beating wildly.
She shook her head and pulled her hair back, off of her shoulders. She slid the strap of her dress down and then the other. Cassian watched silently, intently as he raised his glass to his lips and took a drink.
She liked the way he was watching her, thrived on the fire, the lust, the need in his eyes.
Especially when she slipped her dress down further, revealing her breasts to him.
She could still feel his lips on hers, the taste of the whiskey still dancing around the edge of her senses. His eyes, which she’d noticed after far too much time looking at his pictures were usually a sparkling hazel, were nearly wholly black, and his tongue darted out to wet his bottom lip.
Slowly, teasingly, he reached up and brushed a callused finger over her nipple. The throb in her core pulsed and she sucked in a breath through her teeth as his finger circled one nipple and then the other.
He was teasing her, playing with her, and usually, Nesta was on board with the game. But tonight, she wasn’t in the mood.
Before he could react, before he could grab her and take control, her fingers knitted into his hair, just beneath that nub of a ponytail, and she crashed her lips against his once more.
Her dress was off and tossed aside like an old, filthy rag in a matter of seconds before Cassian carried her through his apartment and to his bed where he laid her down.
At the foot of his bed, Cassian stripped down and climbed on top of her, careful not to crush her with his weight before fucking her senseless well into the night.
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romaisamaria · a year ago
Cassian: Doesn’t count when you use your hands to do most of the work.
Nesta: I bet that isn’t what you’ve been telling yourself at night.
Cassian: Is that what those smutty books teach you? That it’s only at night? It could be anytime—dawn’s first light, or when I’m bathing, or even after a long, hard day of practice.
Nesta: Sounds like you have a lot of time on your hands, Cassian.
Tumblr media
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gothicbabydollz · 5 months ago
Pairings: Nesta Archeron x sweet/innocent f!reader x Cassian
Warnings: 18+, smut, fluff, brief dark!nesta, pet names (little dove, doll, sweetheart), dom/sub dynamics, spanking, mocking, overstim, lovesick!nessian, slight degradation, corruption, possessiveness
Request/summary: based off this ask
Word count: around 2.1k
Love was a foreign word to you before you mated with Cassian and Nesta.
Even before, you were close with the both of them. Nesta always wondered why she enjoyed your presence so much, she was kind to you. Well, kinder than she was to others. And Cassian. He always liked you, always offering company when you were alone.
You had always admired from afar, the bond Cassian and Nesta shared. Never jealous, no. Just longing of experiencing that kind of love.
But then that bond extended to you.
They'd realised it before you. Taking both by surprise. Cassian went straight to Rhys, questioning him on if it was possible. "It's...rare. Very rare. But it's happened before, a long time ago." He'd been told. Before Rhys explained as much as he knew of the story of a mated couple of three. Cassian had smiled to himself at the thought of that life with Nesta...and you.
Nesta, to his shock agreed when Cassian went back to tell her what he'd found out. She'd gotten out of that place of denial and realised she wanted you too.
"There's no light way to tell you this, y/n," Cassian said softly. You'd been invited to have diner with them which you gladly accepted. Something was off...different. There wasn't a moment where you hadn't felt Nesta's piercing gaze on you. It was hard not to squirm in your seat.
"You're our mate," Nesta stated, her face calm. Almost spitting out your wine, you looked at them, eyes darting between the two. You swallowed, "That's not possible," your voice barely above a whisper.
They spared a glance at each other before their eyes landed back on you. “Take a look, you’ll feel it,” Cassian offered a smile when you looked to him, “Go on, it’s okay,” He coaxed, urging you to do as he said. And Cassian was right. As expected, there was some invisible bond bridging your mind with his and another between Nesta and you when you moved onto her.
They waited patiently for your response. So many thoughts were running through your head, you wouldn't be surprised if they could read each one on your face. You almost grinned when picturing a life with them. You imagined yourself tucked between them, Cassian's warmth surrounding every inch of you while your chin rested on Nesta's shoulder, her voice lulling you to sleep as she read her book aloud. It was as if they could see what you were thinking as Nesta reached over to squeeze your hand.
But then you looked up, at the beautiful male and female before you. Seeing the love they already shared had you pulling your hand away from Nesta. It wasn't fair. You couldn't just waltz into their life like this. "I'm sorry."
Nesta frowned, "Whatever for?" You shook your head, hoping it would clear away all the thoughts. Setting the wine down, you moved to the edge of your seat, "I..I didn't mean to barge in on you both like this, to violate- I'm so sorry!" You stood and the pair were quick to follow suit. "I'll go. I'll stay out of your lives, this isn't fair to you both." Ignoring whatever objections coming from them, you made for the door.
You didn't get very far. Not with Nesta's hand wrapping around your wrist in a firm grip. "Don't you dare leave." Nesta spoke slowly, sternly, a warning. "Nes" She quieted Cassian with one look. Keeping your wrist in place, Nesta's other hand raised to brush a tear from your cheek, "Save us the chase, y/n." Nesta released your arm when she knew you'd stay put.
"Listen now, little dove," Nesta's immediate instinct to protect and make sure you're okay taking over as she took your face in her hands. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed the way Cassian and I look at you," She almost started to coo at your confusion, “Oh, you sweet, innocent thing.”
"We've been figuring out how to invite you into our bed for some time, doll," Cassian admitted as he approached you both, a deep chuckle leaving him as your eyes widened. "The mating bond simply confirms our want, our need for you," Nesta kept your eyes on her as Cassian moved behind you. He brushed a hand against your arm, a silent question if it was okay for him to get closer.
You leaned back in response, meeting Cassian's chest as he took a step forward. Stuck between them. There's no place you'd rather be. "You want us?" Nesta already knew the answer but still, a feline grin took place when you nodded, "Words, little dove."
Her chosen pet name sent a shiver through your body, "I want you," You couldn't stop the whimper that escaped, "I want both of you."
Cassian's arms tightening around your waist, "Then we'll accept you in this, y/n, if you'll have us. We'll do it all together." You knew he meant it. So, you bobbed your head again, "Okay." That was all Nesta needed to hear before she was leaning in to kiss you.
They took you to bed that night. Coaxing you to open up to them with soft, teasing touches. You'd never felt so good as they brought you over the edge that first time. The mix of Nesta's tongue playing with your most sensitive places as Cassian's fingers curled into you over and over sent you flying into overwhelming pleasure. It was music to their ears when your moans grew louder. Nesta and Cassian gave each other matching grins, they'd make you scream for them eventually. Not tonight though, no. That would've been too much for their dove.
From then, you've never been happier.
It's been months since that night and you haven't spent more than a day or two away from either of them. You've grown to love Nesta and Cassian. And they loved you.
Their little sweet dove. Only theirs. Forever.
Nesta and Cassian are equally a mix of protective and possessive. It took Nes weeks of convincing to finally introduce you to the inner circle.
When she gave in to yours and Cassian's constant asking, they'd been invited to Rhys and Feyre's home the instant Cassian had revealed he had news.
Now Cassian didn't need to tell any of his family that you were his and Nesta's mate. Your scents were all over each other.
Your high lord had clapped your mate - whose side you were tucked into - on the shoulder with a smile, "I should have known that's why you were pestering me all those months ago. And to keep it a secret from us..." His violet eyes flicked to your other mate who you knew was shooting back one of her glares.
The high lord then looked to you and you dipped your chin, reciting his title softly. He simply chuckled, “It’s Rhysand, please. You’re a part of the family now.” Cassian gave you a reassuring kiss to your temple at that. “Thank you,” You spoke to no one in particular. Your high lady, Feyre, Nesta’s sister came to her mates side, offering you a smile which you returned. Nesta had told you about her and Elain. Cassian had told you about everyone twice over, you could identify each one from his descriptions. So, you knew it was Morrigan who stepped into view with a grin, “I think this calls for wine.”
They treated you like family, as one of them. You grew comfortable around them the more you seen the lot. But you hadn't doubted it for a second. Not when Cassian's eyes had lit up whenever he spoke of his family.
As close as you got with Azriel and Mor and Elain. You always stuck close to Nesta around all of them. She preferred having you close as possible at all times, she didn't like her precious girl out of her sight. And if Nesta thought she was possessive over Elain, you brought out a whole new side to her.
Nesta had snarled at poor Morrigan after she'd given you a too-friendly embrace.
You couldn't help but love it, her control over you. Nesta got off simply knowing that. Fuck, how Nesta loved to corrupt her sweet dove, turn you into her and Cassian's little whore.
Nesta had spanked you one night after you riled her to her limit. She bent you over her lap and landed smack after smack to your backside, all while you mewled out the number of them into the sheets. Nesta savoured the marks that now lay across your arse and she was amused to find your cunt soaked once she was done, mocking you for being such a pain slut. You'd nodded along and whined, grinding back against her fingers until she gave in and fucked you with them.
Cassian was watching it all in a mix of lust and awe. Cock in hand, he couldn't help but pump himself at the filthy sight of his two girls before him. Nesta had made you look to him and beg for his permission to cum. Her free hand gripped your hair hard, "Beg, little dove, ask him nicely and maybe you'll be allowed to cum." Cassian waited till you were on the verge of sobbing, mumbling over and over that you'd be a good girl. You're sorry. Please. You can't hold it. You belong to them, you're their good girl.
You cried out when he finally allowed you to let go, shaking across Nesta's lap as you drenched her hand. Cassian stalked over, his impressive wings flaring behind him. He sucked your juices from Nesta's fingers before kissing her so passionately, they both pulled away breathless.
You were moved further up the bed before Nesta crawled over you, "I could taste your pretty pussy on his tongue, little dove," She'd murmured against your jaw. Cassian landed a light slap to her thigh, "Our pretty pussy, sweetheart, every fucking inch of her belongs to us now." He corrected as he lined up with her slick cunt, you giggled into her neck in response.
Nesta moaned loudly when Cassian snapped his hips into hers. Your hands roamed her body, slipping down to play with her breasts as Cassian thrust his cock in and out of her at a slow but demanding pace. Your fingers soon found Nesta's clit to rub tight circles, she sunk her teeth into your shoulder to suppress a cry.
Cass and Nes groaned out each other's names as they came together. Your eyes were darting between the two, wanting to see their blissed faces. Nesta had to reach between your bodies and snatch your hand away from her bundle of nerves as you sent her trembling into overstimulation.
You were still met with surprise each morning you woke up tangled between them. Still questioning how you ended up so lucky.
It was Cassian trying to slide out from your arms that had awoke you. The cold morning air hit your almost bare skin as his wing uncurled from around you. Letting out a small whine, you managed to catch his hand in yours, "Stay please." You wanted to spend the day with them both, preferably cooped up in bed.
"I know, doll, i know. But I-" He paused with a sigh, sliding back next to you, "Five minutes."
You gave him a pout, "Just stay in bed, Cassie, please, just this once." Cassian was wrapped around your finger, he was giving in by the second. Especially when you started littering kisses across his shoulder. "Please say yes..."
He would've said yes to you anyway. Cassian wasn't able to deny your little pouts the way Nesta could. But still, you crawled beneath the sheets and licked his cock until the word yes was a chant on his lips.
Triumph swelled in your eyes as you came back up, pecking Cassian's parted lips before settling back in your spot. Nesta must have woken to Cassian's groans as she pulled you close, nuzzling her face into your neck. "Dirty girl," Nesta growled quietly against your skin and you had to fight to prevent rubbing your legs together.
"You love it," you hummed as Cassian settled in again at your side, his breathy chuckle kissing your neck as he dipped his face into the other side.
"I love you," Nesta corrected softly as her and Cassian enveloped you with their warmth and scent.
Your favourite mornings were spent this way and you were lucky enough to experience loads of them. Curled up with the two loves of your life.
And the three of you hoped this life altogether would last for thousands of years.
Spoiler alert: it will ;)
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silverflameataraxia · a month ago
I love how everyone, including the IC, are scared of Az at some point, but Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie are just like
Tumblr media
And then some of the other Valkyries be like
Tumblr media
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acomaflove · 7 months ago
Cassian: FEYRE. Tell your sister to be nice to me.
Feyre: What did she do?
Nesta: Absolutely nothing.
Cassian: She threw a KNIFE at my HEAD.
Nesta: I knew he would catch it.
Feyre: To be fair, you have great reflexes.
Feyre: You always told me an attack could come at any time.
Cassian: *leaves*
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talkfantasytome · 2 months ago
For your followers celebration maybe an established relationship combo of 13 and 32 from the smut prompts mostly because I love jealous cassian and we all know nesta is too desirable for her own good
Tumblr media
Combining these two asks, together! And not for my celebration, as that passed. 😂 Prompts:
“against the window? are you insane?” // “i’m going to ruin that pretty makeup.” // “now everyone's going to know you’re mine.” // “i could do this all day.” // “louder, i want them to hear you.” // “you can finish if you beg.” // “are you jealous?”
Tumblr media
Cassian watches as Nesta dances with another guy, and isn't a fan.
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ Plz, Smut | Word Count: 2,416
Nessian Masterlist | Read on AO3
a/n: There's basically no plot, it's just smut. Enjoy!
Oh, and the only editing I did was a run through google docs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
Nesta's limbs were attached to the strings of the instruments, being led and pulled by the notes they played as the music flowed through her. A light smile rested on her face as her body swished and twisted, her back arching as her current partner rested his arms around her waist and led her through a swinging dip.
In that position she met a pair of darkened, hazel eyes.
She smirked before being pulled back up, her chest all but slamming against her partner's.
"This is our last dance," he whispered in her ear.
Nesta pulled her face away, pouting as she looked into the brown-green eyes of her dancing partner. They didn't have the same gold flecks as the other ones, but they were still lovely. "Why?"
"Because your mate looks like he's ready to tear me apart, and I'm really not looking to get into a fight with my brother."
She chuckled as Az twirled her gracefully before tugging her back in. "Pretty sure the only thing he wants to tear is this dress. Besides, he promised I could dance all night."
Az's eyes twinkled with mischief as he replied, "I don't think he's going to keep that promise, pending your definition of dancing." Nesta blushed slightly, her heart racing with anticipation.
A presence appeared behind her, and Nesta didn't need to look over her shoulder to know who was standing there like a possessive, hulking giant.
He cleared his throat, his voice deep and gruff as he asked, "May I cut in?"
She watched Az nod and spin Nesta into Cassian's waiting arms, one wrapping around her back instantly.
"I thought you were done dancing," she sighed, refusing to look up into his eyes and instead focusing on his shoulder. He didn't respond. His body simply stiffened, his moves growing more tense. Nesta finally lifted her eyes up to him, her mouth curved into a half-smile. "Were you jealous?"
Cassian let out a scoff, but didn't say anything, keeping his own gaze on the wall as if watching an incredibly interesting stain.
"I thought Az was safe. You'd never be jealous of him. No matter how close he holds me. How tangled our limbs get during a dance. How-"
She was cut off by a growl, Cassian's hand gripping hers as he pulled her through the crowd of the dance hall and toward a corridor. He remained silent, tugging her along until they reached what looked like a dark, private lounge. Currently vacant.
Or, it was.
Nesta had barely entered the room when the door was slammed behind her and locked.
"What are you-"
Cassian's lips crashed against hers, shutting Nesta up effectively as he pried her mouth open with his tongue. She threw her arms around his shoulders as his hands gripped her waist.
Five years, and she'd never gotten used to this sensation. To the feel of Cassian against her, enveloping her. To the way her entire body thundered at the smallest brush of his skin.
The kiss was too powerful to stay still. Nesta found herself being pressed backwards until she felt something cold and slick against her bare shoulders.
She gasped at the feeling. Cassian's lips began to press hard kisses against her jaw, her neck, giving Nesta the freedom to see where they stood.
A full moon shone through the window, the only light source for the room. It reflected off her skin and the sequined dress she'd chosen for that night. It was a bit more risqué than what Nesta typically chose to wear, but she had a feeling it would be entirely worth it. And so far, she'd been proven right.
Her skin began to heat beneath Cassian's touches, a low throbbing as violent as the drums of war coursed through her body.
Cassian's hands slid to just below her ass and lifted her, pinning her with his waist as he dragged his teeth lightly up the column of her throat. Her legs wrapped around his hips, careful of the wings he held tucked tight behind him.
A whimper escaped her as he rolled his hips into hers, and it had Cassian chuckling. He lifted his head enough to look into her eyes, and all Nesta could see was a fire, raging in his gaze, ready to devour her completely.
"All dolled up," he sighed, lifting a hand and tracing his thumb over her lips. The brown of his skin lightened and cooled by the silver moon.
Nesta held her chin high. "I wanted to look pretty."
"You don't need it," he breathed, guttural and rough. "And I'm going to ruin it all anyway."
"I'd rather you didn't."
Cassian merely flashed a smirk at her before he captured her lips again, holding his body flush against hers. Their tongues collided, teeth knocking against each other in the sloppy kiss. Her hands gripped at his shoulder blades, digging into him hard enough they might leave a mark even through the shirt.
A moan was his only response to that. A moan and a rip before he flung the undergarments Nesta had been wearing away from her.
Nesta tugged her mouth away from him, her eyes wide. She'd thought they were just having a bit of foreplay, that he'd be bringing her back to the House before they got to this.
"Against the window?" she asked sharply, her voice barely a whisper. She didn't know why. The music continued to blare out in the club, far too loud for anyone to be able to hear them, even with their keen, Fae hearing. "Are you insane?"
He leaned in again, his teeth clamping down on the spot where her neck and collar meet and Nesta moaned. Edged in the softest pain, it sent an electric chill through her, and she knew it'd leave a mark.
"And now everyone's going to know you're mine," he growled, nipping his way up her neck.
In a breathy voice Nesta shot back, "Because until tonight they had no clue?"
He paused, straightening and looking directly into her eyes. Then he thrusted his hips forward, hitting that spot in Nesta and letting her feel just how hard he was beneath his pants. She inhaled sharply.
"Always good to give the people a reminder."
He rolled his hips into her again and Nesta whimpered, "Cassian."
"Is this too much for you, Nesta?" he purred, slamming his body into her again.
She attempted to school her features, but knew she came up short. "I could do this all day," she answered, her voice giving her away if her face and scent didn't.
A wicked grin curled Cassian's lips. "Liar."
Nesta wanted to reply, to snap back a witty retort, but she was distracted by the chill she felt as Cassian lifted her skirt further, the slit allowing him to throw the rest of the fabric behind her so it all dangled off her waist.
While one hand held her in place, Cassian's other trailed up her leg, leaving a path of gooseflesh in its wake. The calloused fingers were gentle against her, light to the touch and completely devastating.
And when he reached the top of her thigh, he didn't bother teasing her, swiping a finger straight up her center.
It was the spark that created a flame. It burned her entirely, sent her mind reeling. Her heart thrummed against her chest, desperate to explode out of her as everything below tightened in anticipation.
She felt the groan deep within his chest, his head falling to the crook of her neck as if that movement alone undid him entirely.
"So….fucking…wet…" he panted.
"Don't waste it."
The chuckle that came from Cassian was practically sinister. A low rumble.
He lifted his head again, eyes locked with hers as he brought that same finger to his mouth and sucked down what juices remained.
"Perhaps I've had my fill."
His body began to drift away from her. Just enough for Nesta to feel the air of the room where she hadn't before. And then her legs tightened. She released an incriminating sound that had Cassian's smile growing wider.
She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. "You may be quick off the mark, but I'm not done."
Recognition dashed across Cassian's gaze, his smile falling into something far more deadly and intense. It was the face of Cassian, the Commander General, the warrior, Enalius reborn. The Lord of Bloodshed.
It sent Nesta's blood boiling, her mouth growing dry, her need becoming a demand that removed any other thought from her mind.
In that low voice Nesta knew all too well, the one she'd crawled to hear, had drawn from him at every opportunity no matter the consequence, he muttered, "You can finish if you beg."
Her eyes fluttered shut, the breath in her lungs escaping her as she leaned in and began to press soft kisses to his neck. The touch was gentle, falsely tentative in a way she knew would have his knees quivering.
Slowly she reached his ear and gave a tiny tug on his lobe. "Please, Cass," she whispered, just as one of her hands lifted and a finger brushed against a vein of his wing.
His entire body shuddered.
Nesta had never seen him undo his pants so quickly, and yet within seconds his bare length sprung free and was teasing her vulva. It only took one more for him to be prodding at her entrance.
But then he paused. Nesta huffed out a breath and ran another finger up his wing.
With a hiss, Cassian grabbed both of her arms, his hips holding her hard against the window as he lifted them until his hands were wrapped around her wrists, pinning them to the glass. "That's enough of that," he scolded. He brought her wrists together, holding them in one hand as the other came back down to her thigh. "You're coming first, sweetheart."
A shiver slithered through her at the breath she felt on her face.
"Prove it."
His crooked smirk thrilled her very being as he replied, "Gladly."
The grip he held on her ass and wrists tightened as Cassian slid in, slow and steady with this first thrust. Nesta felt herself stretch, her body adjusting as she sighed at the sensation. He held himself there for a moment, his eyes slightly softer as he waited.
She nodded, and they darkened again.
He began to move in her, withdrawing and then sliding home. He accelerated, his force building with each plunge.
Nesta was losing herself, giving herself over to this feeling, to him. Her arms pushed against his hand, desperate to cling to something for support, to find a grip to center her. But he held them steady.
"Oh gods," she groaned as his fingers dug into her ass. She threw her head back against the window and Cassian seized the opportunity.
His lips were back at her neck, his tongue dancing over her skin, his teeth scraping with every kiss. It chilled and heated her at once.
With his next thrust, Nesta rolled her hips toward him, meeting him, and something rumbled in Cassian. He let go of her wrists, his hand snapping to her waist, gripping her just as her hands fell to him, plunging into his hair.
She used this new hold to lift his head and pull his lips back to hers.
Their pace didn't falter, their movements only growing more intense as their lips met. Nesta brushed her tongue across Cassian's teeth, flicked the roof of his mouth. He met her stroke for stroke, and when he tugged on her lower lip, she moaned.
"Louder," he breathed, his pace quickening. He pressed messy kisses up her jaw and then rested his mouth by her ear. "I want them to hear you."
He slammed into her hard enough that the window groaned. Or maybe that was Nesta. She couldn't tell. All conscious thought had been pushed out by Cassian. By his hands, his lips, his cock.
The gasp that escaped her was louder, but it wasn't enough for Cassian.
Keeping his fingers on her stomach to hold her in place, his thumb reached down and pressed against her clit. The pressure brought Nesta just to the edge, her climax building fast and furious. She attempted to hold it but she couldn't.
One last thrust and she was undone, Cassian hitting the hilt as Nesta shattered, a shriek escaping as she did. And at the first clench of her inner muscles, Cassian erupted, roaring with her.
Her fingers remained tangled in his hair, holding on for dear life as Cassian continued to move, riding them through their orgasms.
When he finally stilled, all that could be heard was the sound of their panting.
Their grips on each other remained tight as Cassian let out a sigh, kissing her tenderly beneath her ear.
A gentle smile spread on Nesta's face as a comfort spread through her. Once she'd never known, but was becoming increasingly familiar with in these past five years.
"Does this mean you'll be dancing with me the rest of the night?" she wondered aloud.
Cassian released a dark chuckle. "Depends on what you define as dancing," he said, repeating Az's words from earlier.
He slowly pulled himself from her, pulling a cloth from his pocket and wiping them both. He shoved it back in and then set himself to rights, but never let Nesta down.
Once his pants were done, he adjusted them, one arm now under her knees, the other around her back as he walked to the other side of the room. To a door she hadn't noticed earlier.
It opened out to a dark alley. Deserted, but Nesta could see the street at the end of it was bustling with people.
She looked back up at Cassian, straight into those sparkling eyes. The golden flecks she loved so much appeared almost silver in the light of the moon. Her heart fluttered at the sight, at the way he was staring at her. Hungry, as if he'd been starved of her for a month and not just a minute.
"But I won't be letting you go," he added, finally finishing his answer to her question. The look in his eyes and the tone he spoke with both offering a promise Nesta was all too happy to collect on.
He spread his wings and launched into the air just as Nesta breathed, "Good."
Tumblr media
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lady-winter-sunrise · 2 months ago
I'm the only one who is bothered by the fact that there have been a lot of "conversations and discussions" about Nesta while she's one of the few characters who doesn't meddle in anyone's life?
I'm so disappointed how MUCH Feyre can't focus on her own life, while Nesta manages to go months without even mentioning her sisters' names.
Guys, this isn't coldness, it's respecting others' personal space.
Not to mention that Feyre and the IC obviously spied on Nesta 100% of the time. I would make a restraining order, just saying...
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champanheandluxxury · 2 months ago
Just randomly remembering that Nesta Archeron stabbed a male on the groin
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cassiansnes · 2 months ago
nesta SO SEXY for entirely ignoring cassian’s whole presence and existence after he said his first words to her that was literally out of this world extraordinarily hot of her he’s lucky he survived idk how he did it fr my heart would’ve stopped beating and i would’ve just straight up collapsed at the spot cassian a whole trooper why lie
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