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Tony’s tasteless joke about Registering the Young Avengers aside, I’d like to point out that Steve admits they should have trained them and mentored them from the start because…THAT’S WHAT YA’LL ENDED UP DOING WITH AVENGERS ACADEMY AND THE CHAMPIONS! But the biggest point here for me is that Steve admitted he was wrong for trying to stop the kids from being Young Avengers.

The Vision Failsafe Program existed for a reason my magically spangled friend. 

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Well I would love to see Cassie/Kate friendship because it’s so wonderful and I think MCU Cassie can help Kate with her relationship with her father (depending on how that’s portrayed).

Teddy Tommy friendship. Like Tommy and Teddy, legit have things in common and they’re friends and Tommy’s totally cool with him dating Billy as long as he doesn’t hurt his baby bro (who’s only fifteen seconds younger than him), then all bets are off. 

Scott meets the Young Avengers would just be so funny to me. Him gushing over other kids with powers like Cassie. 

Honestly, though I don’t know beyond that because it all depends on how these characters come out. Ask me again after the Hawkeye series, I may have more concrete headcanons. 

But you know what I love as of right now? I Love that Cassie has a healthy relationship with her mom and step-dad and that they have a good relationship with Scott and I hope that continues in Ant-Man and Wasp. 

No jokes in any way shape or form about Tommy being a sociopath, or a villain, any of that. None of it. 

I would want some kind of Teddy, Eli and Billy moment, just as a nod to them with Iron Lad in a scene (depending on how they do the YA movie) that reminds us that this all started with them. It doesn’t have to be major, just them even standing, talking to each other is fine. 

Suble yet important mentions of Billy’s Judaism. Like they have to give a speech to the Avengers and Billy just sort of looks at them and goes ‘Well this can’t be any worse than my Bar MItzvah.” 

Like its doable. Andi Mack managed to have a consistently Jewish character on their show that wasn’t a blink-and-you-miss-it menorah. There was a Shiva too. like its possible. 

A moment with Billy and the Kaplans is important. 

OH And I will shout from the rooftops I will write Kevin Feige a personalized thank you note if a pregnant Jessica Jones is somehow worked into this. Her interactions with the Young Avengers is pure gold. 

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birthday wishes - PilotInTheStars - Ant-Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey. So. The Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd tags are gonna be ruined. Same with the Young Avengers tag. So. Uh… If you’re a YA comic blog who doesn’t post much MCU content, could you reblog this so I can follow? Especially if you make original content, but that’s not necessary.

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So we have Hawkeye being produced with Kate Bishop.

We have Ms. Marvel in the plans.

We have Cassie Lang (Scott’s daughter, Ant Man’s daughter) in her teens and ready to take the mANTle. (eheh)

We have Wiccan and Speed (Billy and Tommy Maximoff) just born in whatever warped reality we have through WandaVision.

Possibly America Chavez, too? Not sure about this one.

Honestly, it looks to me like they are really putting together the next generation of Avengers right there.

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Adventures in Babysitting (ao3) - Victori
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter offers to watch five-year-old Maria Stark so Tony can get out of the house. Things don’t exactly go as planned, Tony’s kids nearly give him an aneurysm, and Pepper just wants a relaxing night out.

A Hero, Like Spiderman and Better Hawkeye (ao3) - lanestreets
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: If pressed to answer how he’d gotten to the top of the Avengers’ list of preferred babysitters/dog watchers, Peter’s not too sure he’d know what to say.

In which MJ, Ned and Kate Bishop get roped into helping Peter babysit/dog watch, and things spiral wildly out of hand in a Starbucks.

Babysitting (ao3) - just_a_hungry_author
Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Morgan gets sick while Peter is babysitting her. He insists he can handle it, and refuses to call Tony.

Babysitting: Parker Style (ao3) - UnknownUncut
Rating: General

Summary: Clint needs a babysitter to watch his alternate timeline son and who is better than Peter Parker, the teen who is already babysitting Scott’s daughter. Hopefully everything goes okay.

Best of Both Worlds (ao3) - kaybee988
Rating: General

Summary: Morgan had become obsessed with the Disney channel recently. Peter wouldn’t admit it to Tony, but secretly he didn’t mind watching a rerun of an old cartoon or Boy Meets World with the 7-year-old. Peter glanced at the screen and saw she was currently watching an episode of Hannah Montana. As Peter’s heart rate returned to normal, he looked at Morgan quizzically.

“Uh…what do you mean Mo?”

Morgan sighed in annoyance that he clearly was not understanding the connection she had made. “You’re Hannah Montana.”

Cassie & Peter Being Buds (ao3) - whumphoarder
Rating: General

Summary: The adventures of Peter babysitting 10-year-old Cassie Lang.

Children, Bikes and Rainbows (ao3) - SilverMyfanwy
Rating: General

Summary: “How do we hire a babysitter on ridiculously short notice?” Scott asked Clint.

Clint thought for a moment. “We don’t need a babysitter.”

“We don’t?” Scott asked incredulously.

Clint shook his head. “We have Peter.”


In which Peter babysits Clint’s kids and Cassie and ends up in fairy wings, Steve teaches him how to ride a motorbike and Nat takes him to Pride.

Intruder (ao3) - Emily_F6
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: An intruder breaks in while Peter is babysitting.

Iron-Kid (ao3) - faux_affliction
Rating: Not Rated

Summary: Pepper asks Peter to babysit.

it was the best of times; it was the worst of times (ao3) - thiefless
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peta released a deep sigh. “I’m gonna be around Tony Stark. Iron Man. He’s got his A.I. hooked up into every room of every building. How long until he catches on to who I really am?”

OR, the one in which everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man becomes Morgan Stark’s babysitter.

Never Gonna Let You Down (ao3) - Emily_F6
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: When Peter agrees to watch Morgan for a week while her parents go on vacation, he’s determined not to let Mr. Stark down. Unfortunately for him, just because he’s Spiderman doesn’t mean he’s immune to the flu.

Spider-Sitting (ao3) - Paradoxicalblueberry
Rating: General

Summary: Peter is babysitting young Morgan while Tony and Pepper are out for the evening but some assassins didn’t get the memo. Peter’s protection mode: engaged

the best kinds of love (ao3) - searchingforstars
Rating: General

Summary: “C’mon, Mo. I just need you to work with me. How about you drink this and I’ll get you a square of chocolate afterwards, does that sound good?”

Another shake of the head.

“It’s berry flavoured! It’ll be just like the raspberry Jell-O Mom makes. You love that!”

“Nuh-uh. It’s different.”

It’s that exact moment that Peter lets a quiet sigh rush out between his gritted teeth and considers - only very briefly, but still - picking up his phone and calling Pepper or Tony.

or, a flu-ridden Morgan crashes Peter and Ned’s date night.

Why He Invented Time Travel (ao3) - Imagines_Dreams
Rating: General

Summary: Peter Parker’s day was centered around little Morgan Stark. Since Nebula had to leave unexpectedly for Guardians work, he volunteered to babysit the little girl for her until Mr. Stark came back home. What he didn’t expect was to find out why his mentor time travel.

aka I wrote a scene where Peter Parker finds out that his memory was the thing that convinced Tony Stark to try inventing time travel again feat. babysitter!Peter, sweet little Morgan, and a little bit of babysitter!Nebula

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One idea can inspire a lot, and Pym Particles exemplify that fact. Not a family affair in the traditional sense, but everyone of these inventive insects is connected to another. The dynasty began with the creations of Hank Pym, but such wonders cannot be kept in the hands of just one man. He shared his gifts with his wife, his successor, his daughter, and then it fell into the hands of others.

Few among them haven’t dabbled in being dead, but now is a time for the dead to rise, why should these things be limited to those infected with a virus? Now might be exactly the time to get the whole gang together and show the apocalypse that though they may be but little – or sometimes, to be fair, very big – they are fierce.

Emily Kinney is Cassie Lang
Paul Rudd is Scott Lang
Kenneth Branagh is Hank Pym
Evangeline Lilly is Hope van Dyne [TAKEN]
Halle Berry is Janet van Dyne [TAKEN]
Natalia Dyer is Nadia van Dyne [TAKEN]


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Now that we have Billy and Tommy , Kate Bishop will be introduced in Hawkeye, Cassie Lang already exists, the Kree and Skull exist so it won’t be hard to bring in Teddy (Hulking) - SO CAN WE FINALLY HAVE AN YOUNG AVENGERS MOVIE / SHOW?

(PS: Marvel were actually thinking of introducing Eli Bradley in Black Panther! I hope they bring him in too)

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Originally posted by iwatchforher


Originally posted by thepastellady

This is what I think who would be in what houses and if anyone has any feedback, just let me know please


-Clint Barton

-Laura Barton

-Phil Coulson

-Monica Ramble


-Scott Lang

-Cassie Lang

-Maggie Lang


-Bucky Barnes

-Ned Leeds

-Peter Quill




-Happy Hogan



Tags:  @fandom-basurero@chickenmcstucky@crispyfansofchaos 

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Scott: Good luck at your first day of school!

Cassie: Thanks!

Scott: You have everything, right?

Cassie: Yes! I’ve got my laptop, books, and paper!

Scott: What about your pocket knife and flame thrower?

Cassie: Of course, how could I forget?

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<div> Next Avengers team-up movie gonna be like: </div>
Sam Wilson
Tic tac, why'd you call this emergency meeting? You're only supposed to do that for Avengers-level threats.
Scott Lang
See...about daughter Cassie brought home her boyfriend-
Sam Wilson
-oh my god, you can't be serious-
Scott Lang
-and her boyfriend turned out to be the younger, time-displaced version of this time-traveling dictator from the 41st century named Kang the Conqueror. I told Cassie that there was something about Nathaniel, but she wouldn't listen to me!
Sam Wilson
Bucky Barnes
Carol Danvers
James Rhodes
Wanda Maximoff
Kamala Khan
Bruce Banner
Jennifer Walters
Stephen Strange
Peter Parker
Clint Barton
Kate Bishop
...that's kinda hot.
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This fic is dedicated to the amazingly talented @elisaphoenix13 and her aeesome Mama bear AU that inspired this fic. Go check out her work on here and AO3!!


Looped Nightmare

Chapter 1: Was it all a dream?

Tony woke up as he jolted up from his slumber, panting lightly. His forehead was damp with a cold sweat as he ran a hand down his face, trying to calm himself from the nightmare he had just woken up from. He grabbed his glasses on the table next to the bed, sliding them on as the iv tube hit his face. Tony batted the tube away before his chocolate eyes went wide at his surroundings. 

“What the hell…” Tony questioned as he saw he was in the medical bay. “ Friday, tell mama bear this is a little extreme for falling out of bed.”

Friday was silent for once. 

“Friday? Oh don’t tell me he’s still mad about the bath bomb…  i said i was sorr…” Tony rambled as he tried to get out of bed, his legs failing him as he crumbled to the floor.

Steve had been passing by just asTony had collapsed to the floor, the super soldier rushing forward and helping the billionaire into a nearby wheelchair. Tony’s face grew even more confused at his weakness. He had felt fine just last night when he had crawled into bed with Stephen. He hadn’t felt like this since he was rescued from space after…

“You’ve been out for a week Tony.” Steve stated softly. 

“Where are the girls? Stephen? The boys? Is everyone ok?!” Tony asked hurriedly as he looked up at the super soldier. 

“Cassie and Diana are fine… but I’m sorry Tony…” Steve sighed sadly as he walked behind the engineer, pushing the wheelchair. “Stephen, Harley, and Peter were…”

“Were what?! Where’s Val? You forgot her! Were we attacked while i was asleep?!” Tony was letting the panic fill him completely at what he was hearing. 

Then things started to click. Space, everyone missing… It was just like after the snap. Was everything he remembered just a dream during his comatose state? 


It couldn’t be. This had to still be some sick dream he was stuck in. They defeated Thanos… he snapped again. The engineer was wheeled over to a table with the few remaining Avengers, the pictures of those lost to the snap projected up from the holotable.

Chocolate eyes widen when he sees Peter and Stephen’s pictures flash across the screen. He grabbed what he thought was his damaged arm,  his brows furrowing when there was no charred flesh under his touch. 

Had him snapping all been a dream in his coma? 

His eyes focused off into the distance as the other’s talked in the background.  Something was wrong.  He could feel it in his gut and would try to prove it.  


Tony sat in the living room of the lake house, staring at the Starkpad in his hand. It was getting harder and harder to tell if what was happening around him was real. He got hungry and needed sleep, which meant it wasn’t a dream. Maybe it was an alternate dimension? Or some spatial anomaly?

Either way, he knew he would get his family back. 

Cassie watched from the kitchen where she was feeding Diana some baby food from a jar. The billionaire had her worried. Maybe he was still in shock from the snap? She knew that she hadn’t quite gotten a grip on what had happened. At least she didn’t have it as bad as Tony, who actually had both Stephen and Peter turn to dust in his arms.  

She finished feeding Diana, wiping her face with a diaper wipe to remove any blueberries that had decided to stay on her cheeks before carrying her back to the living room.  The child set the baby in the swing before climbing up onto the couch next to Tony. 

“Uncle Tony? Can we watch cartoons?” Cassie asked softly, looking up at the distracted man. 

“Huh? Oh yeah… FRI? Put on whatever Miss Sass wants.” Tony muttered as he kept scrolling through the articles that littered the screen. 

Each and every one of them was dated 2018, part of Tony wanting to believe that were true even though there was a much louder voice in his head yelling at him to wake up. Even his conscience sounded like his last husband.  He rubs his eyes and sighs as he sets the device in the coffee table before him. Cassie pats his leg gently. 

“It’s ok Uncle Tony.” Cassie said softly, the billionaire not missing the sorrow that laced her young voice. “I miss my daddy too." 

Tony pulled Cassie into a hug, hoping to soothe the still grieving girl beside him. "Me too Cass… me…too..”

Tony’s brain began whirling with ideas.  



“SCOTT!” Tony hadn’t realized he yelled the man’s name as his hands darted for the Starkpad again. 

Scott had solved the answer in how to get everyone back before. If Tony could find him again and bring him back,  maybe then he could prove he wasn’t crazy.  Maybe he could get his family back. 

Cassie turned her attention away from the cartoons on the television to watch Tony. She knew the last time she saw her father, he was helping Mr. Pym and Hope to collect some particles or something like that. 

He was one of the victims of the snap.  

“Uncle Tony… daddy is gone too.” She muttered softly as she reached to pull his hand away from the Starkpad. 

“Cassie. I promise I’m not crazy but… I’ve already been through this before. ” Tony explained. “Your dad wasn’t snapped.  He’s trapped in the quantum realm and if I can find him, then he can help get everyone else ba…" 

The man turned and saw the tears filling large hazel eyes just before Cassie got up. The child ran to her room and shut her door behind her.  Tony sighs softly as he holds his head in his hands, looking over at his baby daughter in her swing.  

"I promise daddy isn’t crazy.” The billionaire mutters to her as he moves to put her pacifier back into her mouth.  “Maybe I should let time take its course. I know Stephen would say it’s wrong to mess with a time stream.”

He could wait. He had done it before and he could do it again. Tony knew exactly how to fix this,  but he needed everything to happen in the exact order as it did last time. 

That night, Tony lied awake in his bed as he stared at the ceiling with his tired chocolate eyes. He thought it was hard to sleep when Stephen was dimension hopping, but now it was nearly impossible. The billionaire sighed as he rolled over onto his side and stared at the spot where his husband would have been, his heart aching as his fingers reached over and clutched the sheets. 

“I’ll get you back tesoro.” Tony promised softly. “You and our whole family.”

After a few more hours of tossing and turning, the billionaire finally fell asleep. If only it were a peaceful sleep. Tony was caught in a dream. 

Tony looked around the sandy terrain littered with the ruins of the alien civilization that used to occupy Titan. He slowly stood from where he had been seated in the sand, his hand instinctively reaching to tap the nanotech housing unit.  Two weights shot out and attached themselves to his wrist, drawing Tony’s immediate attention to what was attacking him. 

He couldn’t believe his eyes.  

Stephen and Peter were hanging on his wrists, their fingers clawing at his sleeves. Tony couldn’t take his eyes off of the betrayed expression they had on their face. 

“You failed.” Stephen’s voice rang out as he suddenly vanished. 

“I…I tried… i…” Tony stuttered as he saw Peter vanish as well. 

“You didn’t try hard enough.” Peter’s voice bit out as wind began to whip around Tony.  

He tried to push on through the brewing sandstorm. He had to get to his family. 

“I tried everything!” Tony shouted over the howling wind. 

“You can't… we had one chance… and you ruined it.” Stephen’s voice hissed in his hair. “You let us die." 

"NO! I DIDN’T!” The billionaire exclaims. 

“I told you to run. We would have been safe on earth.” The ghostly form of Stephen and Peter appear before Tony.  “If you had listened to us instead of your ego,our family would be whole. We wouldn’t have turned to dust!”

Tony fell to his knees as tears welled up in his eyes,  his hands trembling as he gripped the sand beneath him. He had tried everything to save his family that day. After having Thanos in his head since the Chitauri invasion, he thought the only way to stop Thanos was to take the battle to him. He wished he could undo everything from that dreadful day. 

“…ony…Tony…” Stephen’s voice called softly. 

Tony went to answer the gentle voice, but he couldn’t as a sudden pain coursed through his chest. He cried out in pain as he fell to the sand, clutching his chest. He tried to breathe, to catch his breath but another pain coursed through his chest. It was like he was being electrocuted by invisible lightning. 

“Tony! Wake up!” Stephen’s voice cried out as the ghostly versions of him and Peter faded. “Tony!!" 

Tony jolted awake with a startled gasp, clutching his chest as he panted heavily.  His hair was drenched from sweat as he pushed it away from his forehead.  

What the actual hell was that?

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