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The Last Great American Dynasty

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of terrorism

Characters: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Dum-E, JARVIS, James Rhodes, Happy Hogan, Peter Parker, Morgan Stark, Lila Barton, Shuri, Harley Keener, Cassie Lang, EDITH

Mentioned: U, Butterfingers, Howard Stark, The Mandarin, Aldrich Killian

“Rebekah rode up on the afternoon train, it was sunny. Her saltbox house on the coast took her mind off St. Louis. Bill was the heir to the Standard Oil name and money. And the town said, ‘How did a middle-class divorcée do it?’”

Pepper’s heels clicked as she made her way down the long stairwell. She smirked when she saw what Tony was up to. The man was arguing with one of the robots that helped around the lab, pointing at it and scolding it like a child. “Be nice to Dum-E, Tony,” she reprimanded, stepping into the workshop. “You’ll hurt his feelings.”

Tony gaped at her, grabbing his chest dramatically. “I’ve been betrayed,” he gasped. “You’re supposed to be on my side, Pep.”

Pepper rolled her eyes and set the paperwork down on the desk he was sitting at. She couldn’t stop herself from leaning over for a kiss. A few years ago, she would have laughed at anyone who suggested she had a thing for her boss. Now it was common knowledge that the two were together.

“Are we going for a drive?” She asked, looking over at the row of cars. “Maybe drive down to the ocean? Find somewhere private?”

“Because it’s not private here?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. “Last I checked, it’s just the two of us.”

“The two of us, JARVIS, Dum-E, U, Butterfingers,” she listed, looking over at the robot that was now distracted picking up spilled parts. “Let’s go somewhere that it’s really just the two of us. No tech. No suits.” She glanced over at the line of different suits enclosed in glass. “Just us.”

And that’s how Pepper found herself wanting her life to be. It wasn’t always easy being the girlfriend of someone like Tony Stark. They were never truly alone. There was always paparazzi or agents or someone watching them. And people liked to talk. They liked to twist words and create tales. And she understood it when she first started working for Stark Industries. The company was none for the scandals and the questionable decisions that Tony made, and before him, Howard. But that was before.

Not everyone could see that Tony had changed, but she could. She knew that he was different now. She knew that he cared for her and that he wanted nothing more than to protect her. His eyes sparkled now as he looked at her. “Okay,” he breathed. “Let’s go.”

“The wedding was charming, if a little gauche. There’s only so far new money goes. They picked out a home and called it ‘Holiday House.’ Their parties were tasteful, if a little loud. The doctor had told him to settle down. It must have been her fault his heart gave out.”

“You okay, Tony?”

Tony glanced over his shoulder and saw that Rhodey had came in. He had a red tux on that Tony had picked out for him to wear. Happy had a similar one on. But there was another matching tux hanging on the closet. “I’m okay,” he replied, giving his friend a small smile. “Just… He was supposed to be here.”

Rhodey frowned, glancing over at the suit. He looked back at Tony and walked over, putting a hand on his shoulder. “He wouldn’t want you to be upset,” Rhodey reminded him, crouching down to be level with him as he sat. “You know he’s here in spirit. He’ll be watching, and I bet his cheers will be the loudest of all.”

Tony smiled and hugged his friend. “Thanks, Rhodey,” he whispered, his voice shaking. “I-I think I’m ready.”

“Great,” Rhodey replied, holding out a hand to help him up. “Let’s get you out there.”

Tony could feel his heart pounding as he let Rhodey lead him outside. Everyone turned to look at him, smiling. His chest ached. It always ached some, but more than usual now. Because there were empty seats in the crowd. They had lost.

He stepped off the porch, glancing back at the beautiful home behind him. He loved the lake house, and so did Pepper. It was safe, tucked away in the woods of Upstate New York. It was a great place to raise their unborn daughter.

But not even the beauty of the home compared to how Pepper looked when she finally stepped out, a veil covering her ginger hair. The tight-fitted dress made her small bump visible, and she held one arm around it protectively. She would do whatever it took to protect her child. And so would he.

“And they said: There goes the last great American dynasty. Who knows, if she never showed up, what could’ve been. There goes the maddest woman this town has ever seen. She had a marvelous time ruining everything.”


Pepper forced a smile as Morgan ran towards her, a wide smile on her face. She crouched down and held out her arms, pulling the girl close to her chest and stroking her hair. She didn’t even realize she was crying until a sob escaped her throat. How was she supposed to explain to her baby that her dad wasn’t coming home?

“Mommy, why you crying?” Morgan asked, looking up at her with wide eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Sweetie,” Pepper choked out, pulling Morgan closer once again. “Y-you know how sometimes bad things happen? H-how Daddy has to help fix them?”

“Yeah,” Morgan said quietly.

“Morgan… Baby, he went to go help. You know that. He went to try to bring Peter home. You remember him telling you that, right?” she asked.

“Mommy, I’m scared,” Morgan whimpered. Pepper only held on tighter, unable to stop the streams of tears that spilled into her daughter’s hair.

“I’m sorry, Baby. Daddy’s not coming home.”

“Rebekah gave up on the Rhode Island set forever. Flew in all her B*tch Pack friends from the city. Filled the pool with champagne and swam with the big names. And blew through the money on the boys and the ballet. And losing on card game bets with Dalí.”

Morgan looked up as someone knocked on the door. She abandoned the project she was working on when she thought she heard her mother moving upstairs. “I’ve got it, Mom!” she called, walking over to the door and swinging it open. She smiled when she saw the familiar faces.

“Morgan!” One of the girls spoke up first; Lila. She was a lot older than Morgan. Most of them were, but their parents were friends. They grew up together. Morgan was smarter than most girls her age, anyway, so they didn’t mind.

One by one, her friends stepped inside. Until one stopped in front of her. “Hey, M,” the boy said softly. He was just a bit taller than her despite being so much older. “How are you, Little Miss?”

Morgan smiled and moved to hug him. “Hey, Petey,” she murmured, pressing her face against his chest. “I’m good. I’m really good.”

“Peter! Morgan! Come on!”

Morgan turned as Shuri waved them over. Her hair was wrapped in a tight bun, and she was pulling her shirt over her head to reveal her green bathing suit. “Let’s go!”

“Okay! Okay!” Morgan called, grabbing Peter’s hand and pulling him over. She made sure to give him a tight squeeze before letting him move to talk to Harley while she joined Lila, Shuri, and Cassie.

The girl pulled the oversized MIT shirt over her head to reveal the red-and-gold bathing suit she was wearing underneath. She grinned widely, heading towards the back door. “Avengers!” All the others looked up at her curiously. “Assemble!”

“And they said: There goes the last great American dynasty. Who knows, if she never showed up, what could’ve been. There goes the most shameless woman this town has ever seen. She had a marvelous time ruining everything.”

Morgan huffed as she dropped the box in her uncle’s trunk. She turned to make sure he wasn’t looking before peeking inside and making sure the nanobot casing was still inside. She grinned and patted it before closing the box back and pushing it against the back of the seat.

“Alright, Morgan, I think this is the last of it,” Rhodey called, carrying a box out of the house. Happy was behind him, talking quietly with Pepper. She silently wished that Peter was here with them, but he stopped by the day before to give her a hug and wish her luck.

“Good,” Morgan said, smiling as Rhodey put the box with the others. “We should probably go ahead and leave then, yeah?”

“Yeah, if we want to get there before dark,” Rhodey agreed, putting an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into a side hug. “Go tell Pep and Happy bye.”

Morgan nodded and ran up the steps to stand in front of the two. “Well,” she started. “This is it.”

Pepper smiled and ran a hand through Morgan’s long hair. “I’m gonna miss you, Baby Girl,” she murmured before pulling her into a hug. “Your dad would be so proud of you. You know that, right?”

Morgan just nodded into her chest. That’s what everyone had told her when she was accepted into MIT. “You think he knows?” she asked quietly.

“I’m sure he does,” Pepper assured her. “I know that he’ll never stop looking out for you. He wouldn’t dare.”

“I hope so,” she mumbled before pulling away and going to hug Happy. “Keep an eye on Peter while I’m gone?”

“Morgan, I’ve been keeping an eye on him since before you were born,” Happy chuckled, rubbing her back. “Don’t worry. I won’t let him do anything stupid while you’re gone.”

“Good,” Morgan smiled. “I’ll miss you, Uncle Happy.”

“I’ll miss you too, Sweet Pea,” he replied. “If you ever get homesick, call me. I don’t care if it’s three in the morning, I’ll come pick you up.”

“Morgan,” Morgan turned back and saw that Rhodey was closing the trunk. “We need to go.”

Morgan nodded and stepped back. “I’ll see you guys at Christmas,” she said, giving them a watery smile. “Love you three thousand.”

“They say she was seen on occasion. Pacing the rocks, staring out at the midnight sea. And in a feud with her neighbor. She stole his dog and dyed it key lime green.”

“Morgan Stark.” Morgan froze, turning slowly and lifting the faceplate of her suit. “So this is what you’ve been up to.”

“Mom, I can explain,” Morgan said, landing the suit and tapping the arc reactor so the suit would retract itself. “It’s not what it looks like.”

“It looks like you’ve been building more suits after I told you not to,” Pepper said, crossing her arms. Her expression was unreadable, and Morgan wasn’t completely sure if she was mad or amused or maybe a bit of both. Maybe even something completely different. “You’re just like Tony.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Morgan asked, unsnapping the arc reactor and rubbing it with her hand. She may not remember much about her father, but she knew that he was a hero. People loved him, and they loved her for being his daughter.

“No,” Pepper sighed, coming closer. “It just worries me, Sweetie. I don’t want to lose you too. You know you’re all I have left.”

“You won’t,” Morgan assured her before falling silent, looking out at the ocean beside them. “I just feel closer to him when I have a suit on.”

“I know,” Pepper murmured, following her gaze. Her gray hair looked silver in the moonlight. “You know, I used to hate his suits. So much. He would spend hours in the workshop sometimes. I almost left him because of it.”

“Yeah?” Morgan asked, still looking at the water.

“Yeah,” Pepper replied, looking down at her feet. “I’m glad that I came to my senses.”

Morgan smirked, glancing over at her. “I’m glad you did too,” she chuckled, earning an eye roll. She smiled as her mom pulled her into a hug. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, Morgan. So much.”

“Fifty years is a long time. Holiday House sat quietly on that beach. Free of women with madness, their men and bad habits. And then it was bought by me.”

Morgan almost sobbed when she saw it. She looked down at the picture in her hand and grinned, looking back at the newly rebuilt penthouse. It looked just like the picture. This… This was her dad’s home. And it was beautiful.

“You ready?” Peter asked. He was standing beside her, a hand on her shoulder. He had helped her design the inside of the penthouse, and even helped set up the tech inside. It had been destroyed before he knew her dad, but he was old enough to remember seeing it on TV.

“Yeah,” she breathed, letting him lead her inside. He pushed a button on his glasses. “EDITH, lights.”

As they stepped inside, the lights turned on, brightening the room. The living room was large, a piano resting in the corner beside the couch. It looked just like the pictures that she had seen of the inside when her parents lived there.

“I-it’s perfect,” she breathed. She smiled and squeezed Peter tight. “Thank you so much, Bubba.”

“Of course, Sis,” he replied, kissing the top of her head. “I, um, I have a little surprise for you. Come on.”

Morgan tilted her head slightly before following Peter down the staircase. Morgan’s eyes widened as she saw the workshop. It was much bigger than the one in the lakehouse. She was sure this was the surprise that Peter was talking about, but he held a hand up before she could speak, closing his eyes. “Mr. Stark?”

Morgan blinked, stepping back as a blue figure popped up in front of her. She felt tears in her eyes as she immediately recognized him. “D-Dad?”

“Hey, Maguna,” he greeted her, smiling softly. He glanced around at the room, taking everything in. “Wow, never thought I would see this place again.”

Morgan gaped, looking at Peter. “I-is he. . ? H-how?”

“It’s not new tech,” he shrugged. “I’ve enhanced it. Tested it out with some memories that weren’t uploaded to the system, and… Yeah, it’s him.”

Morgan looked back at her father with wide eyes. “You’re real?” she questioned, still in shock. He looked just like she always remembered. Just like that hologram video that she would playback sometimes so she would never forget his voice.

“Yeah, Sweetie. I’m real.”

“Who knows, if I never showed up, what could have been. There goes the loudest woman this town has ever seen. I had a marvelous time ruining everything.”

Morgan let a small growl escape as she made her way downstairs. She picked up a pair of gauntlets and strapped them on, wanting to blast something. To destroy something. Anything. She was muttering under her breath, and nearly walked through the hologram as it appeared in front of her. “Woah, Morgan. What’s wrong?”

“Doesn’t matter,” she muttered, walking past her dad. “You wouldn’t understand.”


“You don’t want to know, Dad,” Morgan huffed. “You’ll be mad at me.”

“Kiddo, you know some of the things I did when I was your age,” Tony pressed. Morgan stopped but didn’t look at him. “Talk to me.”

“The press said I wasn’t fit to run Stark Industries,” she sighed, turning to give him a sad look. She used her hand to pull up an article, letting him read it. “I got mad. Furious. I yelled at them. And it just made everything so much worse. They said I’m unstable. That my temper will destroy the company.”

“Come sit with me,” Tony insisted, walking over to the couch in the corner. Morgan hesitated before joining him. “Did Pepper ever tell you how this place got destroyed?”

“She said it was attacked by terrorists,” Morgan told him. “That it was too damaged to repair.”

“But she didn’t tell you why it was attacked by terrorists?” he asked. After she shook her head he continued. “We never really talked about it much after it happened. It was the worst Christmas we ever had… There was this man called the Mandarin. He was claiming responsiblity for dozens of terrorist attacks around the country. One of them happened here in Malibu.

“Happy got caught in the crossfire. It almost killed him, and I was furious. I let the world know, and the next day we were attacked. Turned out the Mandarin was a coverup and it was a man named Aldrich Killian. I had met him once years before and refused to work with him, and he wanted revenge. So he came up with Extremis.”

“Wait, Extremis… That’s when you met Harley, right?” she asked. Everything was starting to click together.

“Right,” he replied. “The point is, we make mistakes and we pay the consequences for them. People thought I was crazy for challenging the Mandarin, but in the end, everything turned out fine. I met Harley, me and Rhodey and Pepper stopped Extremis, and no one else died because of Killian.”

“Yeah, but that was you,” Morgan countered. “You’re a hero. An Avenger. I’m just me.”

“I wasn’t always a hero, Bug,” he told her. “I made a lot of mistakes and gained a lot of enemies. My temper was bad too. Just ask your mom or your uncles. It wasn’t pretty.”

“I can’t imagine anyone hating you as much as the press hates me right now,” she sighed, leaning back against the cushion. “I don’t know what to do, Dad.”

“Just don’t let them get to you,” he replied. “Go down to the beach and blow off some steam, then tomorrow get back out there and make sure they know you’re not giving up. Remind them who you are and remind them that Starks don’t give up.”

“I had a marvelous time ruining everything. A marvelous time ruining everything. A marvelous time. I had a marvelous time.”

Morgan took a shaky breath as she walked up to the podium. The room was packed, and only a few faces in the crowd were familiar to her. She glanced down at the hologram on her watch. “You got this, Bug,” her dad whispered, giving her a small smile.

She smiled back and looked up at the people. “Hello, everyone,” she started. She glanced at the cards that she had made, skimming over the scribbled words. “A lot of you have been asking about why I should be given a chance as the next CEO of Stark Industries and…”

Morgan trailed off, looking at the cards again. “Really, at first, I wasn’t so sure this was for me,” she said, laying the cards face down on the podium and looking back at the crowd. “Because, really, who could do a better job at this than my parents did?”

She paused, risking a glance down at the image on her watch. Her dad just nodded for her to keep going. Letting her know that this was okay. “The truth is,” she started, looking back up. “I have been working for years to try to live up to my father’s legacy. To be the person that he would want me to be. And he told me once that if I believe something is right, to never give up on it. No matter who tells you that you’re wrong or that you’re crazy.

“I’ve built more arc reactors now than I can count. I was the top of my class at MIT. I’ve recreated every version of the Iron Man suit that’s ever existed, plus more. And I have ideas that no one else is brave enough to try.

“I’ve been called a lot of things since I’ve moved here. I’ve been told that I’m not my father. And I’m not. No one could ever be as great as he was. But I am a Stark and I will fight for this company,” she smirked at a camera, looking around the room. “I’m not Iron Man. I never will be. But I will make sure that the marks he has made are never forgotten.”

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Let’s talk about this for a second please. Obviously everyone who’s included in this is part of Empyre, I guess. 

Though I find it interesting that Storm, Rogue, and Scott are involved. Last time we saw Scott interacting with Billy, he wasn’t exactly his biggest fan. And considering Billy is Wanda’s son, IDK why the X-men are here. But whatever. Wolverine looks way too happy to be there considering he tried to kill Billy. 

But either way. Look at Thor’s smirk, as funny as it would be to have a Norse God officiate the wedding. Rabbi. Chuppah. A must. 

Billy is wearing an earring on his ear, akin to one Teddy wore in the OG run. Nice touch. 

Jeff and Rebecca better be included in this. AS well as Wanda and Vision. 

Other things to note. 
CASSIE AND ELI!!! in their original costumes.

Tommy looking adorable 

Kate’s OG glasses. 

Ben with a tissue is so sweet. 

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Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Johnny Storm are forcibly sent back to Earth by the Skrull sorcerer for protesting against the use of the proposed weapon. There, they land in the apartment where they meet an exhausted Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) who just came back from fighting the Cotati. The fight happened off-panel because the last few issues of Strikeforce which are the tie-ins of Empyre got cancelled. While Captain Marvel and Human Torch are disillusioned and upset with Hulkling’s turn to villainy, Wiccan on the other hand, suspects that the Skrull-Kree emperor might not be the real Hulkling. 

Anyway, it’s nice to see the cameos of Eli Bradley and Cassie Lang together with Kate Bishop, Tommy Shepherd and America Chavez in the gay wedding of Hulkling and Wiccan in the flashback. I believe that the other white-haired guy is Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) the uncle of Billy and Tommy, is also there at the wedding. 

- Empyre #4, 2020

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Also can we talk about why Kate is wearing her dress from her Hawkeye days, why Cassie is taller than everyone when her powers now are shrinking, America looks like she always does and Tommy looks like he stepped out of the 1990s?

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Stinger’s Beginning

Yes I did get a donation to post this.

It had happened when she and Diana were baking cupcakes down on the Quill-Lang floor. Cassie had just put the batter in the oven to bake, and as soon as she closed the door to the oven, there was a loud noise. Normally, Cassie was used to loud noises in the tower. It was a given with all of the Avengers, and on their floor, Quill and her dad could be pretty clumsy. But this noise had been unfamiliar and loud enough to startle the teenager.

Something happened when she nearly jumped out of her skin too. One second Cassie was staring at the top of the counter, and the next she found herself face to face with Diana’s shoes. The little girl had seen what happened and she carefully crouches down to look at her pseudo sister who was currently the size of an ant. Before Diana could pick her up or say anything though, Cassie grows back to her normal size, sending the little girl onto her bottom in surprise.

Oh my god…what happened?!” Cassie gasps out.

“You were tiny!” Diana exclaims. “Do it again!”

“I…I don’t know if I can.” The teen mumbles.

“Maybe you did it because you were scared?” Diana wonders.

Cassie looks at her hands and then closes her eyes to try and see if she can do it again at will. She focuses on how she felt when the noise had startled her, and hears Diana gasp, causing her to open her eyes again.

She was back to staring at the little girl’s shoes again.

“SISSY HAS POWERS!” Diana yells gleefully. “Uncle Scott! Uncle Quill!” She dashes up the stairs as Cassie grows back to her normal size a second time, and skids to a halt in the open doorway.

Scott was the one to join the little girl at the door. “What are you yelling about?”

“Cassie has powers!” Diana repeats with a grin before taking his hand and dragging him down to the kitchen with Quill following close behind.

Cassie was still trying to wrap her head around the new development. Diana’s suggestion made her realize that at least being scared was connected to her new ability to shrink. Maybe her power was connected to her emotions? Could she grow too?

“Powers?” Quill asks with a raised eyebrow. “Did you sneeze sprinkles?” He jokes.

Cassie huffs. “No!” She says as Diana giggles out something along the lines of “sprinkle sneezes”. “I…I shrunk.”

Scott looks at her skeptically. “You look normal to me.”

“Maybe she lost a couple of inches. She does look a little shorter.” Quill chuckles.

Their comments were enough to annoy Cassie and she suddenly grew until her head hit the ceiling. Both of her parents jump back in surprise with a shout as she winces and rubs her head, and Diana just grins wider.

“See! I told you!”

Scott looks up at Cassie with wide eyes. “Peanut…have you been messing with my particles?”

“No! Of course not!” Cassie frowns.

Quill rubs his chin thoughtfully as the teenager shrinks down to size. “I wonder if you getting turned into a baby had anything to do with it.”

Scott looks up at his husband. “A baby? When did this happen?”

“You were out of town. Cass was putting away our laundry and accidentally broke one of you vials–I didn’t tell you about this?” Quill tells him.


“Oh well…yeah. That happened.” Quill rubs the back of his neck. “The particles turned her into a baby and Tony had to make something to change her back safely. Maybe her body absorbed the properties of the shrinking and growing formula.”

Cassie drops her hand from her head. “Maybe Mom, Tony, and Bruce can check.” She suggests.

The two men nod and Diana rushes ahead of them to get her parents. When the elevator comes back, Cassie takes it down to the medbay with Scott and Quill and finds Bruce already waiting for her. It wasn’t a big surprise since he spent a lot of his time studying in the medbay if he wasn’t on his floor with Thor. Cassie sits on the bed after he motions to it and he grabs everything he needs to draw some of her blood.

“Friday told me what happened. I’m going to draw some blood and see if there’s anything different from an earlier sample we have.” Bruce tells her.

Cassie nods. “Okay.”

As the scientist draws blood, Stephen and Tony join them and walk over to stand by the holoscreen as Bruce finishes and tapes some cotton to the broken skin. He then brings the sample over to be tested along with Cassie’s older sample and places them both in the machine.

“So what’s this about Miss Sass having powers?” Tony asks.

“She grew right in front of us.” Quill answers and Stephen walks over to do a quick check of her pulse and her eyes.

“How are you feeling? Tired?” He asks her.

“No. I’m okay.”

“How much control do you have over it?” The sorcerer asks.

“Some? My emotions seem to have a part in it, but if I focus enough, I can get back to my normal size.” Cassie tells him.

“Can you try and demonstrate?”

The teen nods, focuses on herself, and shrinks down until she’s standing on the medical bed. The men look at her with wide eyes, but Stephen quickly recovers and nods before asking her to grow again. After another second of focus, Cassie grows, hitting her head on the ceiling again, and quickly shrinks back to normal to rub her head. Stephen checks her head and nods when he doesn’t find any damage and smiles at her.

“Well, you fortunately seem to have reasonable control over your powers which is good. Whether or not you decide to use them to help us is up to you and your parents, but you still need training.” Stephen finally says and Scott nods in agreement.

“I can help with training.” He says. “I’d rather not have you on the field though.”

Cassie shakes her head. “I don’t mind staying behind with Dia and Val. At least these might be able to help me get them to safety if anything ever happens, and I’m already training when the boys do.”

“Dr. Banner, the results are ready.” Friday says and both Bruce and Tony turn to the holoscreen.

They go over the results in silence for a few minutes, flicking away mini screens or pulling more into it, and Cassie actually tilts her head curiously when Bruce’s eyebrows fly up to his hairline. Both men turn to look at her and the teen straightens.

“The particles seemed to have mutated her DNA. Which makes sense since she’s able to grow and shrink without the help of a suit or the particles.” Tony says and shakes his head with a smirk. “So much for having a normal kid around.”

Quill grins. “I can’t wait to see Peter’s reaction when he sees her.”

Scott bursts into laughter while Cassie rolls her eyes. She was allowed to leave after that, and she took the elevator back up to her floor, leaving her parents behind to discuss her newfound abilities and probably what that meant for all of them. Before she could even consider any of it though, the smell of cupcakes spurs her to run over to the oven and pull them out with an oven mitt. She sets them on the counter to cool and turns to grab the cake decorating tools, only to come face to face with her boyfriend hanging upside down from the ceiling.

“PETER!” Cassie screeches and miraculously doesn’t shrink down this time. “You scared me!”

Peter flips down from the ceiling and looks her over. “Are you okay?! Dia said something about you going down to the medbay! You’re never in the medbay! At least not for yourself. Are you sick?” Peter rattles off and Cassie smiles after huffing fondly.

“I’m fine tiger. Bruce just ran some…tests.” She says as she reaches behind him and grabs the tools.

Not before planting a kiss on his cheek though.

Peter, for his part, frowned instead of blushing like he usually did. “Why? What kind of tests?”

“Oh…you know…pregnancy tests–” Cassie says nonchalantly and Peter sputters as she turns back to the cupcakes.

“P-Pregn–what?! That’s not possible! We haven’t done anything to make that possible!” Peter pauses. “Have we?” He asks skeptically. “I know I tend to sleepwalk when I’m stressed…”

No. I’m just teasing you, you big worry wart. Where’s Dia?” Cassie laughs.

“Upstairs. She’ll be back in a minute. What were the tests for then?” Peter persists.

“Nothing bad, but it’s for me to know and you to find out.” She tells him cheekily as she puts some color into frosting and stirs it in.

“… promise?”

“Promise.” Cassie assures him. “Now help us decorate cupcakes.”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Cassie fills a piping bag and hands it to him, and after showing him how it was going to be done, they get to work decorating the cupcakes once they cool down enough. Diana joins them after a few minutes to help, and about halfway through, Scott and Quill return and join them in the kitchen. Scott grabs a beer for Quill and a juice for himself as the celestial sits at the breakfast bar by Peter. Quill waits to open his beer when Cassie hands him a cupcake and he tears off the bottom to squish on top before biting into it.

“So what’s with the cupcakes?” He asks around his mouthful, and gets the back of his head whapped by Scott. “Ow…”

“It’s for Dia’s school picnic tomorrow.” Cassie answers.

“Why isn’t Stephen doing this?” He asks and Cassie smirks.

“Because, in his words, he is ‘not a housewife’. He couldn’t really do the decorating anyways because of his hands. I don’t mind helping.” She says.

“Maybe I should start calling you Mom instead.” Quill jokes and takes another bite.

“Please don’t.” Cassie deadpans.

“She won’t tell me what her tests were for.” Peter grumbles.

Scott catches Cassie’s look and comes to the rescue.

“It was just a physical really. She got everything checked out. Blood drawn, pee in a cup–”

“DAD!” Cassie interrupts with a blush.

“What?” Scott asks innocently. “Your boyfriend is concerned about you.”

“I will throw your cupcake in your face.” She threatens as she holds her arm back, armed with a cupcake.

“Nonono! You’ll give Quill a reason to lick me like a dog!” Scott waves his hands frantically and both teens grimace.

“I don’t need an excuse to do that that babe.” Quill cackles when Peter and Cassie groan.

When Peter looks up from the cupcake he’s currently decorating (pretty well since this wasn’t the first time Cassie roped him into helping), he grins at her before looking back down. Cassie had a feeling she knew what he was thinking, and if she was right, she’d go along with it.

“Are you sure? She told me they were pregnancy tests.” Peter says casually.

The reaction was instantaneous. Quill had popped the last of his cupcake into his mouth when Peter had said that, and the Celestial proceeded to choke. The older man attempted to cough and hit his chest to try and dislodge the treat, but he quickly turned blue and fell off the stool he was sitting on before Scott could help him. Peter stops again and looks down at the space pirate before looking back at Cassie as Scott helps revive his husband.

“I actually killed Quill.”

Cassie shrugs. “He’ll walk it off.”

Quill gasps when Scott finally gets the cake to go down his throat, and he sits up and takes a few deep breaths before shouting,

“That’s not funny!”

Peter and Cassie cackled anyway while Diana calmly continued to decorate. The little girl was completely unconcerned with her uncle’s temporary death. He couldn’t permanently die after all, and she was used to weird conversations.

“Is there any more blue?”

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Sam Wilson x Female Reader


Originally posted by wilsonsamt

Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Word Count: 1489

Warnings: PTSD, Night Terrors

Tagged: @princessmisery666

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(Y/n), Bucky and Sam were in the dining room setting up take out boxes for everyone since Friday was family night. Bucky called everyone saying dinner is ready and everyone started to filter in. Scott, Peter, May, Wanda, even Pepper and Morgan came by to visit. Taking a seat between Sam and Peter, both of which started helping themselves to pizza. It had been a year since everyone returned from the snap and life was starting to get back to normal, only (Y/n), Cassie and Pepper weren’t dusted during the snap. If (Y/n) were honest with herself she started having nightmares since they all came back. Before (Y/n) could get lost inside of their own head Morgan started to ask questions. “(Y/n) how do your powers work?”

“Well I’m really fast and that means my brain works super fast so I can do things that would take ages for everyone else and finish it super fast.” (Y/n) smiles sweetly at her.

“Cool! How fast can you go?” Peter mumbled with food in his mouth.

They group heard a light whack that came from May hitting Peter on the back of the head for talking with his mouthful. Laughing (Y/n) answered “I don’t know exactly but I have broken the sound barrier before, the pirate king was not impressed.”

“So hypothetically, what would happen if you had six cans of redbull?” Harley asked across from you.

“I dunno but it sounds like a neat science experiment to me.”

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America: All I'm saying is, Tony Stark is a war criminal and a billionaire, do you know how many mouths could be fed with the money he is just sitting on?
Billy: We should do a heist to redistribute his wealth- wait, hold on, holy shit, is Tony Stark technically Tommy and I's grandpa since Vision is sort of our dad?
David: In a way, yes he is your grandpa but biologically... I'm ... not sure?
Kid Loki: Does he know that? Are you in the will? Do you get any inheritance if he dies?
Cassie: we can't kill Tony Stark he-
Tommy, speeding into the room: Hey guys, you gotta check out this Tiktok Noh-varr and I just made
Clint, standing there watching this in exhausted bafflement: How the hell did you guys even get into my apartment? All the doors and windows are locked...
Billy: I can bend reality with my mind, you think some measly little lock can stop me?
Kate: Clint, you literally gave me a key two days ago.
Clint: why are you in my apartment?
Teddy: Its movie night, you're team dad, and you have a dog. There's absolutely nothing you can do about this.
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