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#cassie sandsmark
Tim: How do we know that we're actually here in America? And not part of the Matrix? Are we really here or are we just part of a giant battery?
Kon: I don't really believe in the Matrix, your honor
Cassie: No, neither do I
Tim: Well, I don't believe in it either
Kon: No, of course not
Tim: Just an interesting idea that's open for discussion
Bart: I believe in the Matrix, your majesty
Tim, immediately: I knew it. So do I. You know why, Bart? Have you ever had deja vu?
Bart: All the time. You know what that is, don't you?
Tim, leaning in to whisper: A glitch in the Matrix
Bart, nodding along with Tim: Fucking-A
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Introducing: Titans Forever Bingo!

Titans Forever Bingo is a fandom event for fans of any comics iteration of DC’s Teen Titans. All kinds of content are welcome, including fanfiction, fanart, playlists, rec lists, cosplay, podcasts, etc etc. Mixing and matching is also more than welcome. Your works can be based on a single character, gen, or shippy to your heart’s desire. NSFW content is allowed but must be put under a cut.

This is a low-stress event with no current end-date, with loose fill requirements. We all want more comics Titans content, after all, so just about anything goes. 

Tag your works with #titansforeverbingo or @ this blog and I’ll reblog your work!

Sign up are open and can be found on my blog. Reblog this and spread the word!

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Its up to us, friends; yes, the world we must save. And if we are to do it, we must go catch the wave. We climbed in our cycle, the mood was most grim, our chances were lousy. The odds? Pretty slim.

But we were Young Justice, and we were prepared to all do our duty. No, we were not scared. No, not one iota, not one little jot. Petrified, maybe. But scared? We were not.

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okay, a cassie sandsmark/kon-el drabble

fandom: dc comics.
warnings: none
notes: post young justice (90s) / teen titans (2003). because i will never forgive dc for breaking these two up and make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal
summary: cassie and kon are the only ones who can attend an emergency in san francisco, and it’s no surprise that they can handle it perfectly, just like old times. the problem is when they get too much into the past.

It was a slip. One moment they were playing around, joking and nudging each other, and the next one laughs had died out and they were kissing.

There is a sense of familiarity in the way their lips move over each other, a faint sense of security coming from the hand gripping at her hip a little too tight. Cassie easily recognizes the breath against her mouth that comes before the kiss deepens, and she knows that had she not stopped herself, her fingers would be tangling in dark locks already. It’d be so easy to let memory and instincts take over and lose herself into this dance she knows so well. But it’s wrong.

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So when we last were hanging out with Superboy, he was still a killing machine, with perhaps a little bit of doubt, but with a clear mission to kill the Teen Titans. However, towards the end of the last novel, ‘Incubation’ perhaps the hero in him was awakening.

This novel, ‘Extraction’ does quite a bit of a fast forward and put Superboy bang in the middle of a fight with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. alongside the Teen Titans and the Legion too. From there the rest of the novel is made up of a series of one-shots which essentially describe Superboy’s continuing journey as a hero, and also the friendships that he begins to forge. One of the stories, involves him and Bunker from the Teen Titans fighting a giant sentient robot, which was quite a good read.

From a character development point, ‘Extraction’ does a lot to more Superboy’s persona from a mindless villain to a potential hero. However, since there’s so much focus on the development, the story lacks a bit, and for me, the collection of one-shots wasn’t actually that fun to read.

The artwork was okay, and in certain parts, it looked quite cartoonish and basic to me. The covers were all by different artists, and only the one above stuck out to me. Overall, not bad from a character development point, but i’m waiting to see Superboy meet Superman at some point!

Favourite Panel:

Ok, so here he’s definitely a hero, right?


Favourite Character:

Superboy. But only because there wasn’t anyone else substantial to pick!


  • Story Arc: 5/10
  • Character Development: 6.5/10
  • Artwork: 5/10
  • Overall: 16.5/30

Level: Intermediate

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So this entire time I’m thinking that my fave Cassie Sandsmark is TALL AS HECK, but I’ve recently found out that she’s 5’3 and I’m shook cause I thought she was super tall!!!

Wait — hold up. We’re in the same boat bc I’m now finding out about this as well lol I don’t usually pay attention to people’s heights…

She deserves to be taller than Kon though. 6ft Cassie rise!!

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Donna Troy: Diana, it’s fine. You’re stressed out because the night shift is keeping you and Steve apart. You two just need to bone.

Wonder Girl: Eep!

Wonder Woman: … what’d you say?

Wonder Girl: (whispering) Please, don’t say it, again.

Donna Troy: I said you two just need to bone.

Wonder Girl: (trembles)

Wonder Woman: How dare you, Donna Troy! I am YOUR OLDER SISTER!


Wonder Woman: BOOOONE?!?!?!

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Tim: Kon freaked out ‘cause I told him I never drink water so now he’s making me drink 8 glasses of water a day

Tim: it’s like, there’s water in soda, there’s water in coffee, there’s little pools of water on pizza

Cassie: that’s grease, Tim

Tim: well it’s wet, isn’t it?

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A quarantine inspired self-isolation Wonderette fic

“Welp…  This is just… Great.” The sarcasm was laced thick in Cassie’s voice as she flopped back onto her bed. She’d landed on one of her pigtails ー something anyone with longer hair can vouch is less than comfortable ー so she lifted a hand, jammed it under her head, and yoinked out the ties unceremoniously. Her hair was getting way too long. She really should just shop it all off again. Of course… That would have to wait.

“Yeah. No duh.” The other teen in the room was none other than Cissie King-Jones, Olympic superstar by day, nerd-brain student by night ever since quitting the whole Arrowette gig. “But hey. At least we’re together.”

Why did things suck? Why was it good to be together? Why were there three suitcases stacked up on top of each other in the corner of the room, one of which was currently being opened to reveal a mess of beauty products, and more moisturizers than a Costco aisle? Well, unless you’ve been in a coma since February, you’ve seen that little business on the news about Covid-19, A.K.A the Coronavirus, A.K.A the Boomer Killer. Long story short, the world was going to the shitter because of this pandemic circulating the globe, with world leaders reacting by forcing massive quarantines, especially in major cities. Museums, school, restaurants, stores… All sorts of places were closing down.

You might have noticed that little mention about schools closing. Yeah, not just a few schools here and there, but every school. Not only did this include Cassie’s standard public school, but it also hit Cissie’s oh-so-fancy all girl’s boarding school, which consequently had shut down all it’s dormitory buildings. Rather than going back home, where the archer just knew she was going to go nuts if she spent more than a day locked up with her mother, Cassie extended the invitation for her girlfriend to come stay with her.

In the immortal words of a misquoted Vine:

Oh my god they were quarantine mates.

Cassie shifted up on her elbows as she watched the blonde across from her unpack. “Did you manage to get everything before you had to leave?”

“Mostly.” The other girl pulled out a violet elastic headband, tugging it down over her head, and letting it dangle around her neck as she adjusted her long hair, before pulling the band up to hold the locks out of her face. “Wasn’t able to grab things like posters or trophies.”

“Ah yes. Because where would you be without your trophies.” 

“Devastated, clearly.” The next thing to emerge from the suitcase was ー and y’all, I can not stress enough how ridiculous this crap is ー a large shag throw pillow, patterned in pink, purple, and aqua diamonds. 

“Ok, you didn’t grab your olympic gold, but you grabbed that.” Cassie couldn’t help but snort. She would have probably laughed longer, except for the same offensive cushion suddenly colliding with her face. Perfect aim.

“You’re the one that got me that, you idiot!” Even though it very well could have been a stern yell, nothing could hide the dumbstruck smile on the other girl’s face.

“No way. I got you this?” The Wondergirl held the pillow up, pretending to examine it. Of course she remembered getting it. It was the worst anniversary gift in the world, but for some reason her weirdo girlfriend was really into this kind of stuff.

“Yes, and you know I sleep with it every night.” There was a pause as Cissie looked around the small bedroom. “Speaking of, you got a sleeping bag somewhere around here? Air mattress maybe?”

Cassie tipped her head to the side, tucking the pillow into her chest so she could lean her chin into the fluff. “Why would we need a sleeping bag?”

The other teen made eye contact, a perfectly threaded brow quirking up. “So I can sleep?”

“But…” She let a pout fall on her lips. Cissie loved it when she pouted. It always got her everything she wanted. “I thought we could just… you know… share my bed.”

Cissie let out a snort, combing her fingers through her hair. “Mmmm. As nice as that sounds, that’s not social distancing. We gotta stay CDC compliant.”

The amazonian huffed, puffing her cheeks out. “Oh come on. You and I both know we’re fine.” She patted the space on the mattress next to her. 

“Mmmmm. Nope.” With a popped ‘p’, Cissie turned back to her things, organizing her box of nail polishes instead of paying attention to whatever her partner was doing. 

“Cissie.” She practically whined as she dropped the shag pillow, pushed up from the bed, and went over to grab the other girl by the arm. It was all playful, more so like a cat bothering her owner for attention than anything. “Come on. We haven’t gotten to cuddle in forever.”

Apparently this girl thought she was hilarious, because she kept that way too pretty, quirky smile on her face, as she let Cassie incessantly try and pull her up. “I hope you washed your hands for the recommended twenty seconds.”

“God you’re the worst.” Cassie rolled her eyes, before leaning down, tucking her arms underneath Cissie’s armpits ー it wasn’t exactly cute but it worked ー and lifting her girlfriend to her feet. Having superstrength definitely paid off sometimes. 

“But babe,” A laugh was bubbling out of Cissie. Even though the archer was taller by an inch or two, she tended to lean on her hip when she stood, bringing her down to her partner’s level anyways. Regardless, they were both at the perfect heights for long, slender arms to drape over broad shoulders, wrapping around Cassie’s neck. “We have to stay six feet apart.”

“Screw that.” Cassie leaned in for a quick kiss, which Cissie thankfully let her take. Neither could help but smile as they pushed into each other. Even when it ended, they stayed close, remaining in a loose and lazy hug, foreheads leaning together, until Cassie tipped in once more and placed a soft kiss to her partner’s cheek. “Missed ya.”

“I missed you too.” Cissie rubbed the tips of their noses together. “I was kidding about the CDC stuff.”

“I know that, you goof.”

“Good.” The girl nodded, stealing a kiss for herself. “Because I miss being your little spoon.”

Cassie smiled wide, brushing a lock of hair behind Cissie’s ear. “Let’s fix that then.”

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After Kon asked Tim out

Tim: do you think Kon noticed that I freaked out a little when he asked me out?

Bart: you mean the way your eyes popped out of your head and you sprinted away at full speed?

Bart: yeah, I think he noticed

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