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Tumblr media
14th June 2022
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Cameron Mackintosh, The West End, and Transphobia in Musical Theatre
So I cannot be a trans person who talks about musicals without addressing this. I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this, and they may well have I just haven’t seen, and this interview is a few weeks old now.
For those unaware of who Cameron Mackintosh is, he perhaps the most famous musical theatre producer and is the producer behind the original productions of: Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Kinky Boots, Cats, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Little Shop of Horrors. And the West End versions of: Anything Goes, Follies, Carousel (1993), Oklahoma (1980), My Fair Lady )1970s and 2001), Godspell, Avenue Q (2006), Hair (2010), Sweeney Todd (2015) and most recently the West End production of Hamilton (2017-present), as well as many other musicals. He was knighted in 2017, as of 2019 he has an estimated fortune of £1.28 billion and has been called "the most successful, influential and powerful theatrical producer in the world" by the New York Times.
Tumblr media
Let’s take this point by point shall we?
Tumblr media
"Classic West End musicals should not be rewritten to make leading roles transgender”. They wouldn’t have to be. If a trans man was cast as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, nothing would be changed, nothing would be rewritten, it would just happened to be a trans man playing the part instead. Because trans men are men, trans women are women, they are not ‘other’. Nothing, absolutely nothing would have to be rewritten. For all the audience would know, that could be a cis actor playing the part.
You know how I know casting an LGBT+ person as a character who is cis or het makes no difference? There are multiple gay actors who have played Erik/The Phantom in Phantom of the Opera and the role never had to be ‘rewritten’ for them.
If what he means is the music would have to be rewritten, I don't accept that either. I doubt a trans person is going in for a part they do not have the range for. Some trans people may not be able to sing way out of their assigned-birth-gender vocal range, but some can. I doubt this man has ever sat through an audition of a bass Christine Daaé or a soprano Phantom. There are cis men singing high notes in Jesus Christ Superstar, of course plenty of trans woman can sing high notes. Vocal range is not static to your birth gender.
Tumblr media
“You can’t implant something that is not inherently there in the story of character.” People make headcannons about characters being trans because there is no proof that they aren’t. Nowhere in any of these musicals that Mackintosh producers do any of the characters ever call themselves cis. For all we know Munkustrap or Mary Poppins or Enjolras could be trans, and some trans people find comfort in that. Show me somewhere in the original libretto where it says any of these characters are “cisgenered”. You can’t. No of course the original writers never thought about that, I’m some of them are transphobic and would hate the idea, but it is not implanting anything that goes against anything mentioned in the text. And again, like in the point above, would not change anything to the story.
Tumblr media
Ah, there it is. Suddenly we’ve gone from trying to hide the transphobia behind ‘no, it’s just that it wouldn’t fit in the story’ to ‘trans people are unnatural and putting trans people in things is just forcing people to see them’. As if this needs to be said, but there is nothing unnatural about trans people. Casting trans people is not ‘forcing wokeness’ it’s just employing anyone who is talented enough for the part. For a community that prides itself on being inclusive and lgbt+ positive, that really does only seem to apply to cis gay men a lot, doesn’t it.
Tumblr media
Already addressed above why it isn’t “inherently there in the story”, but also no, being trans isn’t a ‘gimmick’, casting a trans character in a role is not a ‘gimmick’ done to try and bring in lgbt+ viewers (at least it never should be). Actors are not just a silly part of your show, they are a key part of your show and they have their own experiences that they bring too the table and make each character their own, and that includes trans people.
Tumblr media
That’s very interesting. Wrong, but let’s see what he means. There’s a new musical opening up soon on the West End where the lead character is a trans woman. It’s an adaptation of the book Breakfast On Pluto, which was also adapted into a movie in 2005 staring Cillian Murphy. Now, I do adore the film because as a teen who was starting to question their gender it spoke to me a lot, but it did make the mistake of casting a cis man as the lead trans woman. But it’s 2021 now, and Mackintosh said new musicals with transgender characters could cast trans people in those roles. So that’s what Breakfast On Pluto did right?
That’s what they did, right?
Tumblr media
Yes a new musical with a lead trans woman character has cast a cis man to play this character. All the while turning down all the trans woman who auditioned, as if auditions should have ever allowed anyone other than trans women to apply, and casting a trans woman to play one of the other side cis characters.
Tumblr media
The team behind the musical doubled-down after the backlash and were quick to point out that they have other trans people on the crew so that’s good enough right? Wrong.
Tumblr media
Violence against trans women goes up when cis men are continually cast as trans women. It perpetuates this idea that trans women are actually men when audiences see the actor outside of the character and the actor is a man. Cis men are terrified of being perceived as gay for liking a trans woman and when the trans woman characters in films, tv and theatre are all played by men (most noticeably and recently Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl) it only seeks to push that belief further.
Tumblr media
Cameron Mackintosh doesn’t believe trans people have any business playing characters that were not 100% explicitly written as being trans and we should essentially ‘stick to our own stories’. But then when a new musical comes to the West End with a lead trans character, a cis man is cast.
I implore everyone to watch this short clip from the documentary Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen:
And just because cis women do not abuse and attack trans men to the same scale that cis men do to trans women, it still means seeing a female actor play a trans man contributes to transphobia in the audience as all they see is a woman 'pretending to be a man', a 'man in a skirt', someone who off-screen is not that gender.
Tdlr: Trans people can play cis characters and it doesn't require the role to be re-written, or the whole script to be re-written. Trans characters should be played by trans people.
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A Thriller Film
Tumblr media
pairing: director!Jungkook x fem!Reader
genre: oneshot, yandere, smut
synopsis: Jungkook's life is his movies, but people don't know his movies are his life. As an anonymous director, no one can suspect him as the villain in a story, but he leaves a clue in his movie about you.
warnings: smoking, stalking, murder, solo masturbation, public fingering
word count: 5.4k
a/n: i don't know why i put so much effort into this but we love to see it flop 🥰
Tumblr media
Smoking is bad, but there are worse things in life.
Jungkook noticed you for the first time when a cigarette was hanging off his lips, exhaling the stress from the process of organizing a new thriller film with a less than cooperative crew. Fresh out of high school, you were bright and skipping on the sidewalk in the early hours of the morning. What would such a young woman, applying for colleges left and right, be so happy about?
He didn't know you at the time, but looking at you was like a breath of fresh air. While he survived off of coffee and nicotine, you seemed to have a lot of happiness to share. Your smile was incompatible with his frown.
So he ignored you when you passed him with your earphones blasting a song so loud, he involuntarily caught the lyrics.
Fall... back... in... to... place.
The second time he saw you, he was smoking again and you were just as happy as the day before. How can someone be so in tune with themselves, with life? The same song played from your earphones, the one he listened to on repeat after searching up the lyrics: Space Song. An urge to approach you surged up in him, but he only watched you as you walked past him. A single glance from you was all it took to anticipate tomorrow.
Today, when he recognizes you from your clothing first; colorful, silky, gorgeous. So much personality in one outfit, a polar opposite to his casual black outfit in jeans and a plain shirt. Even your bag is eye-catching, and he flicked the ash off of his cigarette before nodding at you as you passed the bus stop, reaching the front of his studio.
Why did your eyes just widen? You acknowledge him with a friendly smile, and go on your merry way. That is until he lightly taps your shoulder, and you turn instantly.
"Hey," he greets before you can utter a word, "where are you always rushing off to?"
Your lips part in surprise; the man you secretly - guiltily - side-eyed for the past few days noticed you when you weren't looking? "I have an interview. Well, a few," you chuckle.
"For what?" he tilts his head curiously and takes another drag from his stick.
"Career counseling," you plainly reply, but it sounds enthused. "I'm a clueless graduate." Your hands clutch your tote bag before you discreetly check the time on your wrist. You're going to be running late soon.
"You interested in cinematography?" Smoke follows his words, but you aren't fazed.
"I'm interested in all forms of art, why?"
He notices you checking your watch again. "I'm a film director. This is my studio," he cranes his neck behind him. "You can apply for an internship here. Maybe for a stylist even," he points at your floral romper with his chin as his eyes trail.
You shift your weight on your left foot when his stare flusters you, and you consider his flattering suggestion for only a second before saying, "thank you for the offer, but I need to go now," you grimace sheepishly, "can I think about it?"
"Take your time," he reassures with a sly smile and inhales from his stick, filling his lungs with the sweet scent of your perfume alongside.
He doesn't look away when you walk off with a shy wave, entranced by your struts until he's called back in. It's with newfound inspiration that he's inside of his studio.
The storyboard of his upcoming project needs a few tweaks, and he doesn't fail in enhancing his crew with a different idea.
Tumblr media
It’s been a week. Okay, it might’ve been shorter, but Jungkook is impatient. Besides, it didn’t help when he saw you holding hands with someone... so less than. It really baffled him to see you with a guy who wore such shabby clothes. He looks like the type that Jungkook would cast for a flop character.
The two of you are like a toy display across his studio in that cutesy, obnoxious café with a smoothie in the middle of your booth. He chuckles as he lights up another stick when he notices the two straws in the single cup. Cliché, cheesy, but cute in a childish sense. Your age shines through the amateur romance between you and that loser.
It especially shows when you look to the side with a laugh and lock eyes with him; so flustered that you gasp and focus back on your date. What makes you so shy about seeing him? You seemed so confident during your conversation two days ago.
He whistles when he notices a stray dog in an alleyway. You look at him as well but don't hear anything beyond the glass wall, but it catches his attention regardless. He whistles again before saying in a hushed voice, "come here girl." It's difficult to suppress a smile when you gaze at him questioningly, as if trying to decipher his words. "Naive little girl," he mouths as he smokes, "what are you doing with that boy?"
He almost chokes when you take out your wallet in front of a waiter; are you paying for him? That's why you ordered one drink - so you could share? Jungkook isn't cruel but, he finds it laughable that your boyfriend is so... unappealing. He can't help but wonder why you're with him; maybe his face? The boy is somewhat handsome, but he only has his facial features to go by. It's rather strange for Jungkook to think about this in the first place, so he gets back inside his workplace after harshly shooing the stray dog away with a stomp of his foot.
Tumblr media
"I'd like to start my internship today."
Jungkook runs his eyes up and down your body while leaning against a brick wall. "Paid?"
"I-I'll do it for free. Besides, I don't know if I'll even work in this industry," you twiddle your fingers while smiling up at him. He intimidates you, but this morning you decided you did enough thinking and here you are, an aspiring stylist all of a sudden.
"Get inside," he nods at the door before stubbing his cigarette and following you to his studio. "You know what you're going to do?"
"I'm going to decide the outfits, right?" The place looks cozy to you, with its minimalistic interior design and blunt switch between the stories. The first floor is strictly for business, with lined up cameras, lights and a microphone. There is even a green screen! And the second floor seems to be more of a resting area with its couches and open laptops, but you can't make out much from the entrance. Jungkook starts walking ahead of you, making a beeline for the black stairs. You tail behind him and smile at anyone who notices you, which isn't a lot of people. It's not crowded.
"Right. We're still working on a storyline, haven't finished it yet so it's possible this project might not be published. You with me so far?" he glances at you, and at your firm nod, continues, "when we finish planning, scripting and shit, you come to play."
"So what do I do now?" you innocently inquire and watch him plop down on the red velvet couch. He clicks on the space of his keyboard to light up his screen.
"I have an idea for a character, and I want to know how you would design her," he vaguely explains as he scrolls through his document.
"You want me to sketch it or explain?"
"Let's hear you out first. Irene," he suddenly calls out loudly.
"Yes?" a female responds from downstairs. You see a woman with a grey cap look up at him, her attire nothing short of casual.
"Come here."
She skips a few steps while climbing up the stairs at his command. You're not awkward when you greet her, and she offers a coy smile.
"This girl - what did you say your name was?" he asks you. You tell him and he continues, "she's going to be our intern. I want you to critique her with me."
"What's she in for?" Irene asks before sitting across from him.
"Wardrobe stylist."
Her eyes widen as she takes a second look at you. Your style is definitely unique, but... immature. She has half the mind to not question Jungkook about his choice.
"Okay..." she trails. "I'm Irene, by the way. I'm going to be an executive producer for the upcoming film."
"Nice to meet you," you brightly chirp. "Sir?"
Jungkook smirks at your addressing of him. "Yes?"
"What is your name, if I may ask?"
"I'm Jeon Jungkook, but you may know me for my pen name Shin Dong-hyuk."
Your mouth falls open when you instantly recognize the name. "Wait, what? You directed My Time?" you incredulously wonder aloud.
My Time is a movie that took the world by a storm; it brought recognition to the whole country for its popularity and clever writing. You never knew the name was a pseudonym, however. It's a suspense genre, about the life of a crazed fanboy who is obsessed with a foreign celebrity. He stalks her on the internet, has a fanpage of her and pays a hefty amount of money to strangers to update him on her whereabouts. He's portrayed as a young college student in the story, and inevitably runs out of cash from reckless spending. When she gets into a dating scandal, he goes on a theft spree and flies out to meet and confront her. It ends with her murder when he finds her with another man in a hotel room, and he stabs himself in the heart afterwards. There are a bunch of clues that foreshadow his ending, from his family life to his friendships. It's an amazing thriller, and you researched his name in the credits to find more of his works after seeing the movie but to no avail; there is only one listed.
"That's me," he nonchalantly reveals as if he didn't just give you the shock of your life. "Don't tell anyone though, will you?"
You whimsically put on an imagery zipper over your mouth while trying to recover from your racing heart.
"I don't have a clear outline, but the female lead is going to be naive but charming. She has to stand out, alright? Happy, extraordinary, special."
"We didn't decide on that," Irene butts in with a displeased expression.
"I forgot to tell you, I deleted our previous plan."
"You did wh-"
"What do you think?" he turns to you as he ignores Irene's shrieks. "What color are you imagining?"
You feel nervous when he puts you on the spotlight after revealing his identity. You close your eyes with a deep inhale before answering, "I'm thinking red and green, like Christmas. There should be a hint of white as well."
Jungkook drinks in your outfit before grinning mischievously. "Perfect." All of your colors.
Tumblr media
Stalking is bad, but there are worse things in life.
Is it such a bad idea to follow you home when it's dark out? He kept you for a long time in the studio, allowing you to dress up a mannequin with all sorts of costumes you had in mind in the backroom. He's certain you had fun with him when you left with a permanent grin on your face.
You live with your parents, and he knows for sure he's at least 5 years older than you. You look about 19, so he's assuming he's only 8 years older.
A small villa with windows all around, he observes, before glancing back at your bedroom. The lights are on and you're swinging your legs with excitement on your bed after you face planted on the mattress. He didn't see you greet your parents before running off to your room, and he can't help the smile growing on his face at your hyperactivity. It was like an instinct to walk you home in secret and he isn't sure why he is still watching you. He should look away when you get off of your bed and heave your shirt over your chest, but instead he steps away from the lamp post to hide from the light.
You're changing, and he can't take his eyes off of you. As if that wasn't enough, you unclasp your bra without even pulling the curtains. Do you know he's there? The thought excites him, and his pants begin to tighten around his crotch. He lowly whistles at you, but you don't hear him again. You do look outside for a few seconds while stretching your arms, however, and he's certain you have a connection to him.
He leaves when you put on your pajamas with the image of your bare tits imprinted on his mind. He doesn't head home first, as the studio is only a few minutes away from your home and he wants to leave you a gift.
When the familiar building enters his vision, he doesn't waste time in unlocking the door and switching on a single dim light. He rushes to the backroom after locking the entrance for a second time and unzips his jeans as he goes. You were here not too long ago, and he can pinpoint exactly where you stood while striding to each corner with purpose. Bending, crouching, leaning, doing just about anything to tease him.
Now that he can imagine your perky nipples realistically, he immediately takes out his length from his restraints and picks up a random handkerchief to pump himself with. He doesn't stop to think over his actions; he's acting on urges, on impulse. Never has he ever done something like this.
He's rather relaxed as he sits down on an idle stool to close his eyes and run his hand up and down his shaft. What he would do to press your tits against his cock while he slides it up and down, smearing his cum all over your lips while you sleep. You would swallow it without a second thought once he finishes in your gaping mouth, and wonder why there's a dull ache in your breasts the next morning.
His breaths grow shallow the faster he strokes himself, the more he thinks about using every part of you for his pleasure while you're knocked out cold. He involuntarily thrusts into the air while quiet moans slip out of his open mouth. Something about how taboo it would be to fuck you while you're unconscious turns him on so much. Would that be something you're into?
The handkerchief is so soft, so silky against his length, he can almost imagine it to be your hand. He starts twisting his hand around his cock, from the base to the tip as his other hand palms his balls before he begins to reach climax. Strings of cusses fall out of his mouth when he quickens his pace, the fabric against his skin resounding in his ears before he finally spurts out his cum into the cloth.
"Fuck," he exhales as he coats his makeshift glove with his release. White on white doesn't make much of a difference, and he's panting as he folds the handkerchief to rub it evenly so it sinks in completely.
He leaves it on the stool after zipping his pants, and his eyes twinkle under the moonlight on his journey home.
Tumblr media
You aren't alone when you walk to work. Jungkook is taking his usual smoke break while watching you swing your interlocked hands back and forth with the guy next to you. Your smiles exude the same aura, and Jungkook sarcastically notes how compatible the two of you are. The boxy grin shines with the sun, but it doesn't hide the boy's worn out clothes.
"Good morning, Jungkook," you greet before introducing your boyfriend. "This is Taehyung, Taehyung meet Jungkook. I'm going to be under his wing until I decide my major."
"Hello, Taehyung," Jungkook coldly says before blowing smoke in his face.
Taehyung scrunches his nose before chirping, "hi!" He then turns to you and whispers, "I thought you wanted to study medicine."
You shake your head dismissively with a light laugh before responding, "it's just an internship." You let go of his hand and bid farewell with a peck on his cheek before going inside the studio.
"Well, have a good day," Taehyung smiles as he's about to leave before Jungkook holds out his hand to block the way.
"Taehyung, who is your girlfriend?"
"Um," he furrows his brows before saying your name.
"And who are you?"
At Jungkook's blunt question, Taehyung pauses and takes a step back. "What do you mean? Like my full name?"
"No, who the fuck are you? What is your contribution to society? What do you do for a living? What are you wearing?"
"Sir, I-" Taehyung's stammering is cut short when Jungkook asks, "how much money for you to stop leeching off of her?"
He scoffs, "excuse me? I'm not leeching off of anyone, and I'm sure as hell not breaking up with her for your money." Taehyung's face heats up from the shameless confrontation, and he starts walking in the opposite direction.
"So you're not going to leave her?"
Taehyung doesn't turn to look at him as he emphasizes, "no."
He abruptly stops in his tracks. "What?"
"Your dedication is admirable," Jungkook comments with a shrug. "I'm satisfied with your answer."
"Were you testing me?"
He starts chuckling before shaking his head. "I always knew directors were crazy; you scared me for a second."
"Where you headed now?" Jungkook smoothly switches the subject, but notes the fact that you've spoken about him to your boyfriend.
"I have a farm two blocks away." When Jungkook raises a brow, he explains, "I stayed the night with her, so I decided to drop her off before leaving."
"Want me to drop you off?"
It's a kind offer, really, but Taehyung is still put off by the insults thrown his way just a minute ago. Doesn't he have work to do anyway? "That's alright, thank you, but I'll just take the bus. Have a good one, Jungkook."
Jungkook doesn't stop him as they both wave goodbye. He doesn't bother putting out his cigarette before going inside.
Where would be a farm only two blocks away from the city center? It has to be a lie.
You're wandering around the place as to not awkwardly wait for Jungkook who sharply inhales at the sight. He calls your name.
"What do you want to become?"
"I," you look at him funny with a laugh, "I still don't know."
"Then take a gap year."
Your brows shoot up to your hairline. "Why?"
"I want you to be invested in this project completely. Once the planning is finished, I'll give you a salary. What do you think?"
He's asking you to work full-time for him. Not as an intern, but an employee and you are beyond willing after only being here for two days. He's a famous director; how can one pass up this opportunity?
"I'd love that."
Tumblr media
You noticed that Jungkook has a very unique way of working. You've heard that he's been keeping his crew until late at night, already having an outline for his plot and he's moved onto screenwriting. He apparently disappears randomly throughout the evening after you leave, and you've had some different experiences with him of your own.
He asked you to steal from the wardrobe of his backroom. "Take everything that you'd wear," he said before stepping out of the room.
When you confusedly compiled all of the clothes that caught your eye under your arm, he took them from you and brought them upstairs with a huge grin. "Keep that one," he pointed at the handkerchief you thought about lacing your neck with.
Taehyung's quiet with you. He doesn't respond to your texts, doesn't call you, doesn't come over. You're too busy spending time with Jungkook to check up on him, and it serves as a well distraction when you keep glancing at your notifications. It hurts, especially when your wallpaper is a picture of you and him. It hurts because he isn't with you in your proudest moments when you were with him even at his parents' funeral.
The only thing keeping you happy is casting. Jungkook asked you to make a list of all the actors that would suit his characters after giving you a vague description of their traits. The budget isn't an issue, and you're having so much fun. He makes you forget your worries without even trying.
Jungkook intimidates you, but he's so lovely.
A mere "aspiring" stylist is casting actors for a movie. How many people can brag about that? You almost stumble on the stairs as you quickly climb up with Jungkook's laptop in your hands. He gave it to you for research purposes as he drew a rough storyboard with Irene.
"I made a list," you exclaim brightly. Heads shoot in your direction and you sheepishly grin at your volume. Jungkook's eyes linger on your covered neck; it's almost like a collar.
He whistles and beckons you to sit next to him. You obey and anxiously present your list to the professionals; you have no idea how to go on about this task, and no one guided you. You're certain you look utterly amateur in front of them.
Irene is inspecting your list without hinting her thoughts as Jungkook asks, "who are your favorites?"
"Well, I think Kim Namjoon is um, suitable for the male lead's role and Joy-"
"It's decided then," he claps his hands twice without hearing out Irene who scowls at him.
"You're not cooperating with us," she voices in a complaint, "why are you always calling the shots on your own? These are major decisions-"
"Ms. Bae, don't take any offence now. I'm taking your opinions into accounts when I make these decisions. Unless you have an issue with something, let's not dwell on this, hm?"
She sighs as you stand there awkwardly. She's upset, but stays silent.
"The two leads are Kim Namjoon and Park Soo-young. The team will decide the rest of the cast, thank you," he informs you with a ghost of a smile.
"Of course," you breathe.
Tumblr media
You don't know how long it is supposed to take to shoot a film, but surely it's not this fast paced. Jungkook is relentless with his production; there are hardly any breaks in between takes. There are bags under his eyes from pulling all nighters to work on his scripts.
He is a perfectionist and a hard worker, as you've come to find out. You feel bad for the amount of times the actors recited their lines when they didn't capture a scene right in Jungkook's eyes. It was an honor for you to meet these famous people beyond a screen, and you were strictly ordered to do Joy's makeup only. You are her stylist, but the professional one does help you after she's finished with Namjoon's.
"Cut," Jungkook says into the speaker. You're located in a rented mansion outside of the city, but you can't enjoy it when everyone is so stressed. "Start over from line "he's leeching off of you"."
Even actors can't hide their annoyance from having to do a 25th take of one scene. Jungkook pays them enough to go on with this torture however, so they have no room to complain.
They start over and you force yourself to watch them again and again.
"Oh my god, cut!" You can hardly resist groaning yourself. Everyone on set is overworked, and you know the director has it the worst, but it's overwhelming you too at this point. You flinch when your name is called. "Act Joy's lines, will you?"
"Me?" you point at yourself in surprise.
"Go ahead," he urges with a nod.
You have no idea how to act, and it's nervewracking having to do it in front of A-listers. You pick up the script handed to you from another woman and start reading:
"He's not leeching off of me," you pause to inhale shakily; your hands tremble from the heavy stares on you.
"I'm his family, the only one he has left. No one would know if he was gone, and he trusts me to look after him without having to dangle a dollar bill over his head."
This goes on until the final scene, and the retakes cut down to half.
Tumblr media
A few months pass, and it is time for the premiere. The movie, simply titled Pretty Girl, easily got a green light for display in theatres, and it's been heavily promoted on YouTube and TV. You are excited to your core, and watching the celebrities walk the red carpet was a first for you. Jungkook easily blends in with the crowd as he once again didn't reveal his real name in the credits, but his pen name is gaining more and more recognition. You have never seen the movie throughout the editing procedure, but you can't wait to see everyone's efforts show on the big screen.
You're dressed fancily because Jungkook asked you to go with him, and the two of you are sitting in the crowded theatre with not a single empty seat to be seen. Even the entrance is decorated in retro style to fit in with the movie's theme! The jazz music playing in the halls reaches your ears, and your knees are bouncing in anticipation of the movie. Jungkook is smiling as he listens to you ramble.
"I can't believe I played a part in this whole project!" you gush with shaking fists. "I met the best director I know, and I worked for him! This all feels like a dream... No one even likes my style, and yet I became a stylist!"
"I love your style," he denies, "even now you have all the attention in the room."
"Pfft," you roll your eyes playfully, "they all think I must look weird. I tried to wear something classy so I don't stand out, but it hasn't been working out."
"Keep it that way, you're beautiful like this."
Heat creeps up to your cheeks at his compliment and you squeak, "thank you."
He doesn't get to relish your flustered state as everyone goes quiet once the movie starts.
The time period is unclear, as the language is modern but the filter is black and white. The first scene is in a bar, a man in a suit eyeing a woman with a date who is an outcast with his clothes. They're washed out and ugly, but he looks handsome with his dazzling smile at the woman.
An involuntary grin spreads across your face when you hear their dialogue.
"I want to touch someone's shoulder to see how they react. Did you see how they looked at me when I walked in here? I think they think I'm your sugar baby or something," Jimin's character jokes with a laugh.
"I know! They're all so boujee, but I'm willing to be your mommy without sugar," Joy winks. They have fun until Jimin leaves to the bathroom and Namjoon's character approaches her, who has been staring at her ever since they walked in. Joy is offered a modeling career, and she accepts after she's told that her fashion only works with her because of how beautiful she is. She's bashful when Namjoon gives her a business card.
Jungkook's film is only over an hour long, but everything is timed so perfectly. His directory is straightforward, and you admire his work until a song comes on.
"That's my favorite song!" you whisper into his ear. It's Space Song by Beach House.
"Mine too," he whispers back.
There are montages of photo shoots, Joy's rise to fame in the modeling industry, but the trouble is Jimin, her boyfriend. Namjoon confronts him one day when Jimin drops her off to her new workplace.
"How can someone so poor be able to court a woman like her?" he asks rhetorically.
"Excuse me, Sir?" Jimin is offended until Namjoon laughs it off and reveals it was a joke. The audience sighs in relief, and all is fun and games until Jimin is brutally murdered next to a dumpster. You gasp at the gore scene and glance at Jungkook, until something dawns on you.
The story is starting to sound familiar. Was this movie inspired by your encounters? Your eyes light up as you give your utmost attention to the movie. The line between reality and fiction is beginning to blur.
Joy goes to Namjoon's house, where the dialogue you first reenacted comes to play. The shots are gorgeous, the script filled with metaphors on poverty and currency, and the romance is sickly sweet. There is a sex scene not long after... Joy forgets all about her boyfriend in the snap of Namjoon's fingers.
You tilt your head when you remember Taehyung. Where is he? How come your boyfriend didn't even show up to this life-changing experience?
Jungkook's hand slides over your thigh out of nowhere, as he murmurs, "do you mind?"
You stammer when his fingers reach under your dress to poke at your panties. "S-Sorry?"
"I said," he grazes your folds as you tense at the feather light touch, "do you mind if I touch you, pretty girl?"
Your chest heaves as your lashes flutter in a daze, but you nod nonetheless. His low raspy voice already has you clenching your thighs, unintentionally trapping his hand against your pussy. He's gentle, almost curious with the way he runs his fingers over your silky underwear before he moves it to the side. You're shivering with delight and thrill, and you don't take your eyes off of each other as he begins to flick your clit carelessly.
"Looks so pretty on you," he compliments the makeshift choker on your neck. It's his handkerchief you wore for the occasion, unaware that it's dried with cum. He pulls on the knot like it's a collar, and you're entranced. Your pants fan his lips at the close proximity, and he doesn't shy away from slotting his mouth against yours. You quietly moan into the kiss when his thumb starts to rub your clit, and his long finger pokes at your entrance.
"You mind?" he murmurs against your lips, his words slightly slurred as he doesn't stop kissing you. The wet noises are drowned out by the loud volume of the movie, but you can't focus on what's going on.
"I don't," you breathe before he slips in two fingers, exploring your walls with precision. He's multitasking as he circles your sensitive clit, and you're not very experienced in regards to sexual encounters but your hand lands on his hard-on anyway.
"Don't be shy," he chuckles into your neck, "touch it."
You don't know what you're doing when you slip your hand under his pants and palm him over his briefs, but his sigh is encouraging you. You're touching each other in a room of 100 people.
It's embarrassing when his free hand joins yours to help you touch him while simultaneously fingering you. He must have sensed your lack of confidence, because he starts to stroke his erection over your hand. You start to imagine his fingers as the real thing, and with your particularly low stamina, have a hard time suppressing your whines.
"Kiss my neck," he suggests as a solution to your nibbling. You didn't even realize your nether lip is bleeding from how hard you were biting on it. You bury your head in his shoulder and start pecking his neck. He holds back a laugh at how shy you're being, and he feels proud for predicting this moment perfectly in the movie. Joy is having the time of her life with Namjoon, unaware of Jimin decaying in the attic.
He quickens his pace in your cunt, and you bite him rather harshly at the sensation. He hisses with a chuckle; he likes it when you're impulsive. He can pick up the squelches from his thrusts because of how wet you are, and you climax all over his fingers in a matter of seconds with a whimper. You're twitching in your seat, and your hand strokes him faster but he stops you.
"In my studio," he says and you nod tiredly against his shoulder. The issue isn't that he doesn't want to cum in his pants, but the movie needs to become reality. He wants to fuck you on that one stool, with Taehyung's corpse decomposing in the backroom.
Jungkook always adds a pinch of fiction to his stories, but they're mostly based on true events. If you paid attention to the ending, maybe you would've realized that.
Lying is bad, but there are worse things in life.
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calummss · a year ago
Our Hearts Aligned | Sebastian Stan
summary: sebastian seemed to forget about your secret relationship
requested by: anon
words: 1.3K
a/n: my account was terminated so i’m reposting
Tumblr media
The sky was lit with stars and the moon when you arrived at a building you would be doing press for a new movie you were starring in with Sebastian Stan.
You’ve always dreamed of becoming an actress and started your career with small roles in different tv shows and movies. But if it weren’t for Sebastian you wouldn’t have gotten your main role for the upcoming movie ‘When the Stars and Heart align.’ You were offered a small part in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ as one of Bucky’s roommates and only had a total of four minutes screen time, but Sebastian loved your acting style and recommended you to the director of the upcoming movie. Sebastian and you became very close in a short amount of time, sharing the same interests and just getting along well. Eventually you fell in love like anyone would. There was only one problem: you were 11 years younger than him. You tried to ignore your feelings and keep it friendly but you couldn’t bear the agony of not being able to tell him how you really feel. So you told him: and to your surprise he kissed. That was almost two years ago and you were still as happy. No one but you, close friends and family knew of the relationship in order to keep the judgment to a minimum. But eventually some things just slip without them meaning to and that’s just what happened.
You followed one of the crew through the building in order to get to one of the filming rooms.
Once you arrived you were handed a glass of water and got another five minutes before you started shooting.
‘Sebastian,’ you walked over to him.
He smiled once he saw you and sent the assistants away, thanking them for the touch ups.
‘I just want to remind you that I’m not ready to reveal our relationship…’
Sebastian glanced around the room before placing his hands onto your shoulder. ‘I won’t say anything.’
You smiled up at him before taking a sip of your water.
‘Okay everyone in position please!’ you heard one of the ladies shout.
You gave one last smile before walking to the two chairs propped in front of the cameras and took your seat. You adjusted yourself before hearing the final ‘Rolling.’
‘Hello and welcome back to ‘Starry Celebs’. I’m here with the stars of the upcoming movie ‘When the Stars and Hearts align, Y/N Y/L/N and Sebastian Stan.’ the reporter cheered.
You quickly waved into the camera before greeting him.
‘So tell me, how are you two? Feeling good.?’
‘I’m feeling great.’ you answered honestly. ‘I’m so proud of this project we’ve been working on for three years,’you glanced at Sebastian to confirm. ‘Yes, three years, and I can’t believe in drops in cinemas two weeks from now.’
‘This is going to be a Hollywood Blockbuster, and you’re so young. Tell me, how does it feel?’
‘Honestly it’s incredible and I’m extremely grateful. I was only 20 in this movie and I have no one to thank but Sebastian who recommended me to the Director ‘John Bayr’ and of course the casting director who took the chance with me.’
‘You were only part of TV shows and movies with very small roles. How was this different from working on this main character?’
‘Very different. When you’re a minor role you tend to not form any type of relationship with anyone in the crew or cast since they’re all concentrated on the main actors and actresses, which is understandable. You also don’t carry as much responsibility.’ you smiled at the interviewer, seeing him bean in satisfaction.
The interviewer continued to ask for Sebastian and you. Neither one of you have even acted like you were dating or very close, which was the goal.
‘I’d like to know about behind the scenes. It seems like you two get along very well,’
Your breath hitched as he continued.
‘Did you have lots of time to get to know each other, or was it an instant connection?’
You visibly looked nervous so Sebastian jumped in.
‘I think we're just lucky to have well fitting personalities and interests, in order to get along so well. We met in Civil War but only briefly talked, so when she arrived on set we got talking very fast since our past connection, isn’t that right Babe?’
Sebastian dragged out the ‘Babe’ and went quiet, hiding his face. Your eyes widened in shock alongside your mouth and you froze.
‘Babe? the interviewer repeated. ‘Are you dating?’
Both of you stayed quiet.
‘This interview is over! Y/N, Sebastian, let’s go.’ your manager demanded.
Both of you stood up, said your goodbyes and thank yous, before walking the same way out of the building . The walk to the car was quiet, same goes for the car ride. Both of you sat in utter silence except the occasional cough. The car driver dropped you off at Sebastian’s place.
Sebastian opened the door and before he could close it you had enough.
‘Why the hell did you say that?’ the anger slipped into your tone.
‘I was caught up in the moment, I wasn’t thinking straight.
‘That’s obvious,’ you rolled your eyes.
‘Look, I’m sorry okay?’ He tried to calm you down. ‘I’m sure it would’ve been revealed soon…’
‘I wanted it to be revealed how we would’ve planned to, not some stupid interview.’ you walked towards the bedroom, trying to get to bed fast.
‘I know and I’m sorry.’
You sighed plopping down onto the bed.
‘I’m going to take a shower and leave you to yourself.’ he half-smiled before disappearing into the bathroom.
You clutched your phone and turned on your bed, trying to find a comfy position. You unlocked your phone and your fingers felt compelled to open every single SNS app.
‘Isn’t she like 11 years younger than him??’
‘She’s so young.’
‘He’ll get bored soon enough.’
‘We don’t even know if they’re actually dating, but if they are I’m disgusted.’
You spent the next 10 minutes scrolling through every social network and every possible headline you could find. You knew people weren’t going to be happy but you didn’t expect them to be this harsh. Tears started to form and fell down your cheeks, reaching your neck soon after. The water from the bathroom stopped and Sebastian stepped out of the door dressed in a fresh pair of pyjamas. You quickly wiped away your tears and shifted from the bed, heading straight for the bathroom door.
‘Hey,’ Sebastian grabbed your wrist softly, pulling your figure towards. ‘Have you been crying? I knew I shouldn’t have said it and I’m so sorry, I hate to see yo-‘
‘It’s not that.’ you laughed despite being in pain.
‘You know you can tell me right? I will always listen.’
‘It’s the internet,’ you confessed. ‘Seems like word already got out and let’s just say that not everyone’s a fan of us.’
‘You know I love you right?’
You nodded.
‘Whatever or whoever is controlling the universe brought us together,’ He reassured you by holding your face in his hands. ‘Our hearts aligned.’
You let out a lighthearted laugh as you tried to recollect yourself.
‘No one will ever tear us apart, okay? No one.’
He pulled you in for a kiss that made your mind go blank. He made you forget all the nasty things that were being said on the internet. And maybe he was right. You were meant to be together, because your hearts aligned in the most magical way there is and nothing could force you apart.
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whatever-itakess · a year ago
Don´t Fuck it Up
Paring: boyfriend!Tom Holland x Reader
Words count: 2,8k
Summary: the cast of the new movie of Spider-Man was in an interview, and Tom released your secret relationship with him on live.
N/A: I really liked to write this funny and lovely story! I hope that you enjoy it! if you could help me, reblog the post. feedbacks are really appreciated :)
Tumblr media
"Five minutes, people!" the powerful voice coming from one of the directors in charge of the first online interview of the day about the upcoming Marvel Studios film to be released - 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' oozed over the recording studio, despite the mask and the face shield muffling the sound.
On the set, following all the protocols in order to avoid COVID-19 contagion, were Tom Holland - obviously - Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and you, the new addiction to the internationally famous franchise on the big screen!
Your acting career started a little over seven years ago. You had played some Netflix series of your own few years ago and national movies since you entered the industry. But nothing came close to the beloved and acclaimed MCU. When you received the invitation through a phone call from none other than Kevin Feige, your heart almost flew out of your mouth. As soon as you hung up the phone, you gave the biggest happiness yelling. Your mind was electrifying, and the jangled nerves didn’t return to normal until a week after the first contact with Feige.
The next step that had taken you out of your sleep days before because of anxiety was the recording premier for the film. Meeting the crew, the actors and put your feet in the studio were one of the most strange and exciting feelings you've ever experienced. The moment the rehearsal started, your nervousness quadrupled. There were so many details, different cameras around the actors, and the change of space for editing to do its work after the shoot really scared you. Your breathing became labored, your lines, although memorized a million times, simply evaporated from your mind, and the shame of having ruined an opportunity for one week was horrible. You had the feeling that you would faint at any second, even if the team was supporting you. However, like an angel from heaven, Tom magically calmed you down, bringing a glass of water to you, accompanied by a gentle smile and warm gaze. He, without a doubt, was the person who reassured you the most during the recordings. The brunette has taught you hitherto unknown breathing techniques during the breaks, and as the days passed you grew closer and closer. The subjects you liked to talk about were similar, and your taste in music, culinary, even the cinematographic were practically the same. It wasn't hard to try a friendship that already been made concrete with so many similarities. You had fun when you were together with the other actors, but at the moment you and Tom were alone everything was so much better that butterflies fluttered in your stomach. There was a different kind of chemistry between you, that was a fact, and Holland took the risk of asking you out on an almost date in the restaurant of the hotel that you guys were staying in. You even had the dessert before going back to your respective rooms, yet the real sweet taste came from the unexpected kiss in the elevator. After that dinner, the exchange of messages between you happened with a certain frequency and the intimacy also grew, as well as the desire to repeat the kiss and pleasant evening you had during the rehearsal period and before the recording actually begin.
The entire movie was shot in two months straight, enough time for you and Holland to get to know each other better, if you know what I mean. On the days off, you would take some time together, let the hidden romance burn inside your chests, but nothing serious or that would compromise the professional work you submitted to. However, only on the last day the young man finally called you for a date outside LA, in NY to be more exact. The restaurant was chic and very private. No paparazzi in sight, which made everything run smoothly. And at the end of the night, in a strange but confident manner, Tom discreetly asked you to date him in the cutest way that you could even imagine. Despite your initial surprise, you accepted the proposal without hesitation. The British man had won your heart the instant he helped you on your first day of work, still in rehearsals, and being away from him after months of sharing scenes - on and off cameras - was not something you cogitated to imagine. However, making your relationship public wasn’t a choice you took immediately. None of you wanted to be disturbed about it, at least in the first months, so then, after an easy consensus, you followed your love life hidden from the media, trying to stay that way as long as possible. And it was working very well.
"Baby…" Tom's nervous voice called out as soon you heard it, and his apprehensive expression made you frown.
"What’s wrong? Are you OK? You sound nervous."
"And I am!" he exclaimed as fixed his hair, looking restlessly around.
"It is the first interview we gonna make about the movie!" the way how he said it, it sounded as if that simple explanation was enough. And it really was enough for you, understand what was causing your boyfriend a certain dread. "I don't wanna fuck everything up."
" Hey, just concentrate on answering the question in a way that doesn’t compromise the film. At the last meeting, Joe talked about what we can or cannot tell them, do you remember that?"
"Yes, but that’s not exactly my concern." the brunette laughed lightly. "My fear is that I might miss something about our relationship." he whispered, and you smiled at the careful and even funny way the actor portrayed. “We were three months together last week, and I don't want the whole world to know that we're dating. Even more in an interview." Tom was really afraid and worried. Yet you tried to reassure him.
"Look at me. Take a deep breath and stay calm, OK? They won't get into personal matters."
"And if they'll get into?"
" Well, if they'll get into, you respond that you are single." you shrugged as let a laugh escape your lips.
"Simple like that?"
"Simple like that." the peace and convinced tone was able to appease Holland's nerves, and after a cute smile of thanks from him, you hugged him in order to reassure him, the same reassurance he had given to you when you needed it. "It’s gonna be okay." your gazes met as you left each other’s arms, and then gave each other a quick kiss.
"ANW, how cute!” the act was extremely fast, but Zendaya witnessed the instant when your lips met his as she walked past you, and she couldn't comment about the cute scene between the couple.
"He's afraid to spoil our relationship, can you believe it?" you hugged his torso as you said the line, in love.
"As long he doesn’t any spoil about the movie, I don't see a problem with that." Jacob, who also nearby, made fun of the many times that Tom missed important parts of the feature films, drawing laughter from the presence of the local.
"In your places, guys!" the order came from the director of the show, and the small team obeyed, as well as you - the actors - sitting down each one on your respective black chair, similar to the one they had on the set.
Two cameras were aimed at you and in front of you there was a monitor for you to talk to the interviewer. "We go live in 5, 4, 3, ..." as of the number two, the director signaled with his fingers and soon the entertainer Jimmy Kimmel appeared on screen, with a wide smile on his lips.
"Hello, guys! Welcome to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'! It's a pleasure to get all of you, even if it is online!" everyone waved and said 'hi' nicely, including you.
"It's great to talk to you again, Jimmy!" Tom was the first one to say something, and you smiled as you remembered the special appearance - online - your boyfriend had done a few months ago on the same talk show that you guys were on now. "By the way, did your son like the surprise?"
" William simply loved it! He was shy at first, but he loved having the Spider-Man on his birthday.
"ANW, I saw the video on the internet!" Zendaya said with a cute face. "He is such an adorable kid!"
"Thanks a lot, darling! Well, while we’re on this internet subject, I had read some rumors that there would be new characters in the next movie and I see those theories were real because there is an unfamiliar face among you, right?" you nodded half-heartedly in between laughs, after all the host was talking specifically about you. Immediately your colleagues looked at you, certainly proud, and plastered on a spontaneous smile. "Y/F/N! Very welcome to the show!"
"Thank you so much, Jimmy!"
"How are you feeling now that you're part of the Marvel family?"
"Awesome! I have been extremely welcomed by everyone on the team, and it has been surreal to have the opportunity to work with such spectaculars people on the amazing film!"
"This is incredible! What will your role be? If you can tell us."
"Well, I'm not allowed to say too much, but what I can claim is the romantic side of this movie will not only going to be between Peter and MJ" Jimmy’s eyes widened as soon as he heard you and a surprised expression came over his face, as did the others, who pretended that they didn't know what you were talking about.”
"Wow! This film will be such a huge thing!"
"You can’t wait."
"The recordings are over, right?" you nodded. " So we can talk about it." without being agreed Tom brought his hands to his mouth, covering it probably with the intention of being funny since, as everybody knew, he wasn't very good at keeping information to himself and wouldn't say anything this time. The laughter from practically everyone in the studio and from Jimmy through the monitor was heard loud and clear, as Holland kept his hand over his mouth.
"Can we keep him in that way?” Jacob commented jokingly.
"That’s a great idea." Zendaya agreed, and more laughter erupted.
"I can check with production if they have some tape to put over his mouth. It that possible, guys?" this time was Kimmel who joked and then Tom finally spoke up.
"That will not be necessary." he said as he denied with his forefinger. "I promise to behave, really."
"You career is at stake, young man." the interviewer got more laughs with his sentence, and the brunette nodded, pretending to be worried by closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "So, guys, did you have fun during your time together on the set, since the four of you are almost the same age?"
"Yeah!" Jacob answered excited. "It was even hard to concentrate sometimes when we were shooting scenes as a group. Tom and Y/N were the first ones to laugh and make fun too."
"In my defense, my character must be funny, so…"
"But that’s doesn’t mean that you have to clown around in serious scenes." Zendaya retorted Holland's comment, making the others laugh.
"Wow… We have conflicts going on here!" the presenter’s puzzled and funny way of saying it got more laughs. "And out of the cameras, how do you get along with each other?
"We have become good friends since the first movie. And Y/N has only added to this friendship and brought us even closer together with her lovely presence and wonderful personality."
"Awn, thanks a lot!" you said with a beaming smile turned to Zendaya, who winked and stroked the hand you placed on her shoulder. "We really had a lot of fun on the shooting and especially on our days off. And now the recording is over, we have more time to hang out and meet each other outside the cameras."
"It's really nice to see the friendship between you guys! How long did the filming last?"
"Two months." you responded together.
"And did you get to know each well during this time?"
"I think so.” Tom replied.
“Well, that’s what we gonna see now." in an excited manner, Jimmy presented the unknown attraction till then, which featured a dancing vignette. "OK, pay attention here. In each round I gonna ask you guys a question, and you have to answer according to the person who best fits the adjective I will say, pointing to it, all right?"
"OK!" you responded in chorus.
"Are you Ready?"
"Let's go, who is the most gluttonous?" the fingers of your colleagues pointed directly at you, including yours, which is why everybody laughed. "Y/N! Even you agreed?"
"There is no denying it. I love to eat!"
"That’s to make two of us!" Jimmy agreed with you. "Who’s the sleepier one?" fingers divided between Jacob and Zendaya. "This one was not unanimous."
"I sleep a lot at night and take a long time to wake up, but Jacob lean on somewhere, closes his eyes and just passes out." the brunette girl defended herself.
"That is true." Tom claimed. " One time Jacob fell asleep while we're recording, and I thought he was faking it because it happened so, so fast."
"Dude, I was exhausted on that day. Give me a break."
"That’s quite a skill, Jac!" the host commented as he raised his eyebrows and received the approval of Batalon, who pointing at the camera. "Next, who is the most whiner among you?" all fingers went to Zendaya, except hers, which was pointing to Holland.
"Me?" she questioned, almost indignant. "Tom cried on the last in LA, when we were going to the airport.”
“I hate goodbyes.” the brunette was justified himself with his upset tone.
“In other words, whiner!”
"You cried when I told you that I had proposing Y/N to dating, girl!" at that moment the laughter that had been going on every second stopped, and a look of surprise came over everyone’s faces, including the interviewer’s. Holland only realized what he had done when silence broke out and his mind processed the sentence he had let slip. You and your friends had your hands over your mouth and eyes in amazement and of course denial that Tom had leaked yet another piece of precious information, not involving the job but rather your secret relationship. "Oh, shit…” when he understood what he had said, the boy threw his head back and ran his hands through his face until he reached his hair. "I definitely can't give interviews" the tense atmosphere was minimized by your boyfriend’s comment, which was responsible for the laughter returning.
"This time the spoiler was about your personal life, my friend." Jimmy didn't miss the opportunity to make another joke. "Y/N is red, poor thing!" you could really feel your cheeks burning, and it was impossible to ignore what had just happened. The only thing you could do was laugh, and that was exactly what you did. Even because you were speechless. Seeing the way you looked, Tom whispered an ‘I’m sorry, babe' in your direction, and you could clearly identify the annoyance on his face. So you hissed an ‘It’s okay' to calm him down.
"If I told you that he was terrified of releasing this information, would you believe me? "
"Really?" the question came from the presenter, and Tom nodded, embarrassed. "Well, on the bright side, the paparazzi didn’t get this exclusive bombshell, and you won't have any problems with it." you shrugged your shoulders, agreeing with what was said and then a weak laugh escaped. "Best wishes, Tom and Y/N! You two make a beautiful couple! For real!"
"Thanks, Jimmy." you said with a nice smile, just like your boyfriend."
"And it is with this unpublished and amazing news, and once again given on first hand by our spider boy, that we end the participation of the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home! Success, everyone! Stay safe! See ya!" you said goodbye, thanking him for the invitation, and then the transmission was ended.
"I blew it." Tom whined in frustration as he stands up from his chair, somewhat disappointed.
"It's fine, my love." you consoled him with a hug. "Now we can come around without hiding.
"At least you didn’t say anything about the movie, man. This is a beginning." Jacob joked, and you tried hard not to laugh.
"Get out of here!" your boyfriend pushed his friend away and this time you let a giggle come out your mouth, as did Tom, who put his arms around your waist gently, pulling you closer to him. "I'm really, deeply sorry, honey. I didn’t mean it."
"I know, baby." your passionate smile took over your lips, and then you stroked his red cheeks slowly. "Don't worry about it."
"Do you still love me?"
"Of course I do." you replied, giving him a long and tender peck. "And I will love forever."
"Even if I fuck it up?"
"Even if you fuck it up."
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skinnyducky · 10 months ago
class act // v.h.
requested by @lovesicksofi​ 
Tumblr media
a/n this was quite difficult to write. i felt like half the time i was info-dumping and i didn’t want anything to feel redundant or like it was slowing the pace down. however, i tried my best and i think it’s good. i hope this what you were expecting and wanting !
vinnie hacker x plus sized!actress!reader
Word Count: 1544, edited
WARNING: fluff, mentions of death (not real) blood (fake) and stabbing (fake), language, and sadness... i think that’s all.
You were sitting at the makeup chair in your trailer, watching from the mirror as your makeup artist added blood to the corner of your lips. Today was the last day on set for you as your character in your highly anticipated drama film was meeting their demise. It was bittersweet, but after working for a good three months, you were finally happy to get it over with.
Being an actress was something you dreamed of doing. You went from being the sun in your elementary school’s “food chain” play to starring on Broadway in hits like Mean Girls or Wicked. Now, you were hitting the big screen. Though, when people found out about you, as happy as they were to have another talented actress in the business, they had a lot to say about your weight. You were more curvier, more fuller than most of the women in your field, and you faced a lot of criticism for it. No matter how good your acting was, you were always just the “overweight” girl.
At first, those words hurt, and it made you feel as though you wouldn’t make it in the industry. But then, you realized you had been working your ass off to get to where you are today. You damn sure weren’t about to let some snide remarks get in the way of you achieving your dreams. So, you kept pushing and pushing. Now, you had a leading role in a movie, starring alongside Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt.
“I think I need a little bit more pink in the eye.” You said to Andrew, your makeup artist. He rolled his eyes at you and continued to add blush to your cheeks.
“You’re dying, Y/n, not going to the club.”
You shrugged. “Nothing wrong with wanting to look good before I get stabbed.”
“Har, har…now tilt your head.” Andrew sneered, putting on my mascara. “So, where’s Jen? I miss her rants about contracts and stuff.”
“She’s with another client of hers. Something to do with dropping an album or whatever, I don’t know.”
Andrew snickered, screwing the top onto back onto the mascara. “She’s managing music artists too? Isn’t she quite the manager.”
“Tell me about it. I get lucky if she ever she shows me any attention.” You laughed as you pulled out your phone and started scrolling through Instagram. You went through and liked a bunch of pictures until you stopped on a certain person’s photo. A smile plastered itself onto your face as you admired the shirtless shot of your boyfriend, Vinnie.
“Is that the boyfriend I hear so much about?” Andrew grinned.
“That’s him indeed.” You answered with a smile. “His name’s Vinnie.”
You and Vinnie had been together for a good year. You both met at some sleazy influencer party. With you both clinging to wall, clearly not wanting to be there, you two made small talk. You chatted it up about everything: from favorite colors to Elmo, your conversations were wild. At the end of the night when you were getting ready to leave, he asked you for your number—much to your surprise. With glee, you gave it to him and thus led to a beautiful relationship. Of course, there was hate, people questioning what he was doing with you and mocking you because of your weight. But you weren’t focused on that. You had a gorgeous boyfriend and a blossoming career right in front of you. Jealous fans were the least of your worries.
“He’s a cutie, Y/n. You bagged a baddie.” Andrew joked, spritzing some setting spray on his masterpiece. “So, when can I meet him?”
Just before you could respond, the door to your trailer opened. You turned around and shrieked with excitement as your boyfriend wandered in. “I got lost and met Margot Robbie.” He said, causing you and Andrew to laugh. “Hey, babe.”
Vinnie stepped beside you and planted a kiss to your forehead. “Hey, baby!” You squealed. “This is Andrew, my makeup artist.”
You pointed towards the MUA who merely waved at Vinnie before pulling out his phone. “He’s not really social,” you said. “So, what are you doing here? I thought you were doing a sub-a-thon?”
“Well, I was going to, but I decided to come visit you instead.” He replied, moving to stand behind you. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and rested his chin on your head. “Aren’t you happy to see me?”
“Of course, I am. I’m always happy to see you.”
He grinned and went to kiss your lips but before he could Andrew stopped him. “Not on my watch, sir. That took an hour and a half, and I really would like to not spend another one redoing it.”
You snickered, turning to Vinnie. “He takes his work seriously.”
“Duly noted.”
You and Vinnie shared a laugh and talked for a minute before you were called to set. After getting dressed in your tattered dress and fishnets, you left your trailer with Vinnie following behind you. Now, you were standing in the middle of a trashed hotel room with Brad Pitt across from you and Margot Robbie standing a few feet away. Vinnie stood with the crew as your director explained the scene thoroughly to you.
“Ginger”—he pointed at you—“is being attacked by Paul”—he pointed to Brad Pitt—“and Susan is banging on the door to help you, but it’s locked. When she opens it, you’re already dead, got it?”
You and the other two nodded before the director rushed to his seat behind the camera and yelled, “Action!”
Once the camera’s started rolling, it was like a shift for you. No longer were you Y/n, you were your character, inside and out. As Brad’s character, Paul—safely—flung you across the room, Vinnie couldn’t help but feel a little pained. He knew you were acting but seeing it, it hurt him a little. Margot’s screams rang throughout the set as she banged against the door. “Don’t hurt her, Paul!” she cried.
Tossing you onto the floor, Brad stood over you menacingly. “You wanna screw me over, bitch!” He shouted, gripping the straps of your dress as he pulled out the fake pocketknife in his back pocket.
“Please don’t do this, I’ll do anything. Please,” You cried, gripping onto Brad’s wrist. “Don’t, Paul…don’t do this!”
Vinnie gulped back a sob as he watched the scene unfold with tears pricking the corners of his eyes. Why am I acting like this? He thought. This isn’t real. But it felt real, all too real. It no longer felt like he was on movie set, no cameras or crew. To him, you weren’t playing a character, you were still Y/n…and you were being hurt. He couldn’t take it; he wanted to intervene and save you…but he couldn’t…and that broke his heart.
Soon enough, the epic moment came, and Brad plunged the “knife” deep into your abdomen. You let out an ear-piercing scream, sending chills down everyone’s body. Your breathing hitched as blood poured from your partly opened lips. And then…your body went limp.
And with that, you we’re back to Y/n. The director ran over to you and pulled you up off the floor. “That was fucking amazing, oh my god! I’ve never worked with anyone who could convey that much emotion before!”
“Thank you!” You blushed. The rest of your cast and crew members flocked around you, complimenting you on your incredible performance. However, as you looked around, you noticed a specific someone missing from the small crowd. As you humbly accepted everyone’s praise, you said your goodbyes and went to search for you boyfriend around the set. When you didn’t find him, you headed back to your trailer. Before you opened the door, you heard the sound of soft cries. With furrowed brows, you walked into the trailer and there was your boyfriend, crying into a pillow on your couch.
“Vinnie? What’s wrong?” You cooed as you sat next to him and rubbed circles on his back.
He shook his head, keeping quiet. “Vinnie, just tell me. I’m not gonna judge you or anything.” You said.
“All of that…I know it was fake and it was just acting, but it felt so real. Seeing you just…die, it hurt me, y’know? I don’t know if it’s because you’re fucking good at what you do or if it’s just boyfriend instincts but, seeing that and knowing I couldn’t do anything to stop it…it was painful.”
“Oh, Vinnie.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around him. “I’m still here, babe. I’m alive, okay? Nothing actually happened to me.”
He nodded into your chest. “I know, but it was too real. I just had to leave.”
“And I understand. Had I known you were planning on coming, I would’ve warned you ahead of time. I didn’t know seeing me acting out a death scene was going to leave you like this. I’m sorry.”
“Y/n, you have nothing to be sorry for. It’s just me being worried over you.”
You smiled, “Well, you have nothing to be worried about.” You placed a kiss on top of head and started to stroke his hair.
“I’m safe.”
“And a damn good actress.” Vinnie added.
“That too.”
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itsallyscorner · a year ago
Bring Me Back
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: Filming “Cherry” had its ups and downs for Tom. When filming finally takes its toll on him, you’re there to instantly bring him back from the world of Cherry.
Warnings: Mentions of drug abuse, PTSD, murder. A smidge of smut.
A/n: In honor of the Cherry🍒 trailer dropping, I decided to write this!
Tumblr media
(GIF creds: @atealiers )
Any kind of project was a blessing to Tom. He loved being an actor. He was fond of telling stories through the big screen and got a kick from portraying many different characters. Acting was something he felt passionate about, it was his craft and he was very dedicated when it came to becoming his roles. Cherry was quite different from the other movies he’s been in. It was dark and contained many subjects like drug addiction, PTSD, and crime. The world of Cherry was something Tom was not used to; it was twisted. He hasn’t been exposed to things like drugs or the events that Nico Walker had been through. Which was why he was hesitant to take on the role of Cherry.
When the Russo Brothers approached him with the idea, he was excited. He was getting the opportunity to tell another story and would explore the world of a new character. Though the more he looked into it, he realized that maybe he wasn’t up for the role. Was he really ready to dive into the dark and traumatizing life of Nico Walker? As an actor, he was willing to take the job, it would give him an opportunity to expand his career and would possibly be one of his best work. As Tom, he wasn’t sure if he could handle learning or re-enacting the events that occurred in Cherry. But Tom did like a challenge, which was why he ended up agreeing to become Cherry.
He prepared himself mentally and physically pre- production. For research, he interviewed army veterans and former drug addicts to get an idea of what it was like to be in those positions. To get the look of Cherry, he did a variety of things. For example, going on a diet and losing weight, then gaining said weight again once they had to shoot the army scenes. Another thing he did was shave off the gorgeous brown curls that adorned his head. At first you weren’t too happy with his change in hairstyle, but later on you found yourself running your hands along the short strands of hair, loving the fuzzy feeling it gave your palms.
After the interviews and hearing others’ experience, Tom felt a level of responsibility to tell the story of millions of people around the world. Not only was it telling the story of Nico, but of other army veterans who suffered from PTSD and people who’ve had drug addictions. He was fully on board now and there was no looking back. He was going to push himself to the limit and to places he’s never been before.
Filming was tough. There were scenes he had to do that were so unlike him, that felt wrong, and sometimes he just had to take a step back. They didn’t feel right, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle. This was his job, if he wanted this movie to be the best that it can, he was going to commit. Thankfully, he was working with the Russos, who he’s known for a while now. He was familiar with the two and they were patient with him, giving him the time to regain himself before shooting an intense scene. The cast and crew were very understanding as well, creating a safe space for him on set. Having Harry along with him helped as well, the familiarity of his brother kept him grounded and avoided him from falling into the void of Cherry. Though he had all these supportive people around him, there was only one person who could calm him down when things got suffocating on set. The only person he wanted to be in Cleveland with him but wasn’t. You. Since you had your own life and job, you were unable to fly out to Cleveland with him. Instead you stayed at your shared home with Tessa as company. All he needed was you when he felt the affects of Cherry caging in on him. Just the sound of your comforting voice over the phone could clear his head and make him breath again.
He had his bad days on set, where he would have to take a moment and hide in his trailer for a few minutes. During those few minutes he liked to be alone as he waited for you to answer your phone. The line would ring, it’d stop, then the sound of your sweet voice would be the only thing he’d hear. Sometimes you didn’t answer the first time, but nonetheless you answered eventually. It wasn’t the same as having you with him in person, you had your responsibilities, and he understood that. He just wished that one day you’d come to Cleveland. He wanted to be in your arms, stuff his face into your neck, breath in your familiar scent, he just wanted to feel you. You were his home. His safe haven. And it was all he wanted right now.
Glancing at your phone, you wondered why Tom hasn’t texted you yet. Not that you were itching for him to text you, but because around this time he would be blowing up your phone telling you things that happened during filming or how his day was going. You decided that filming probably went into overtime making him busy during his break. You shrug to yourself and continue working on your laptop.
You hear the sound of Tessa’s nails clicking against the floors as she enters the office of your home. You greet her with a smile as she settles herself beside your legs.
“Is it dinner time already, Tess?” You scratch her head as you glance at the time on your screen. It was currently nine at night, a bit late for dinner, but you haven’t noticed.
“Just give me five more minutes and I’ll get us dinner. How does that sound, love?” A somewhat sound of approval emits from Tessa. You get back to work, fingers typing away as you finish off the last of your work.
You finish in four minutes, finally satisfied with your work. You let out a content sigh and turn your laptop off. When you get up you stretch and let your bones crack after being in the same position for hours. Tessa joins you, stretching out her front paws then shaking her body out. You chuckle as you lead the way to the kitchen. Taking the scoop for Tessa’s kibble, you fill her bowl up, causing the dog to look up in curiosity. Once you placed the bowl down, her tail wagged wildly as she stuffed her face into her food.
You decided on going for something simple, ramen noodles. You were too tired too cook anything and ramen noodles were the quickest thing to cook in your pantry. While you waited for the noodles to heat up you checked your phone. You went through your notifications, but there were still no texts from Tom. Though you were concerned, you assumed that they had a long shooting day, making him too busy to text. 
Hi love! I hope you’re doing well in Cleveland. I know you’re probably busy, but hopefully filming isn’t tiring you out too much. Have an amazing day! Don’t forget to drink some water from time to time and eat :) Tess and I miss you and love you so much! Talk soon xxx
You send the text with a smile. He won’t read it till he was free or done with filming, but you knew he’d see the message while you were asleep.
The microwave beeps, letting you know that your food was done. You end your night catching up on episodes of New Girl and eating soup. When you were done you did your nightly routine and settled in bed. You turn the lights off and snuggled under the warm sheets.
“Night Tessa.” You whisper to her. A huff comes out of her as she makes herself comfortable on the foot of your bed. When the both of you were settled, you slowly drifted off to sleep.
The harsh vibrations of your phone shook you awake. Desperate for sleep, you blindly grab your phone and turn it off. Silence fills the room again as you turn around to stuff your face into Tom’s pillow. You were slowly drifting back to sleep when your phone began to vibrate again. With a groan you stretch back and snatch for phone off the night stand. You don’t bother looking at the caller id.
“Hello?” Your voice rasps out.
“Thank God you answered.” The person on the other line said. “I know you’re busy, but how soon can you visit Cleveland?” The deep voice was belonged to Harry.
“Uh—I’m not too sure, I’ll need to check in with my boss.” You reply. When you start feeling more awake you become curious as to why Harry can be calling you. “Why? Is everything ok? How’s Tom? I haven’t heard from him all day.”
The younger Holland sighs. He takes a moment to answer your questions making you suffer in silence, wondering what could have happened to your boyfriend. “Um, they’ve been shooting some intense scenes lately. Tom’s been trying his best but everyone’s noticed that he’s been a bit different.”
You sit up in bed feeling more awake. “What do you mean by different, Haz?”
“Well he’s snapped at the Russos quite a few times. There was this one scene, that they shot multiple times, and Tom would just break down after every one. (Y/n), I’m concerned for my brother, I don’t know what else to do. He’s locked himself in his room after every shoot. A—and I don’t know. I’ve tried to tell him that he can talk to me but he wouldn’t.” Harry explained, his voice croaked. You heart felt heavy for him. Harry was always there for his older brother, so to see him feel so helpless made you feel sorry.
“Haz, calm down, you know how your brother can get. How long has this been happening?”
Harry sniffed over the phone, “About a few weeks now. It’s only started becoming worse last week and now.”
The concern you felt for Tom grew. From what he’s been texting you, filming had been going great. He appeared happy on your FaceTime calls and sounded like his usual self. But maybe he actually wasn’t.
“Harry everything’s gonna be fine, alright?” You assure him. “I’ll call my boss first thing in the morning and when I get the ‘ok’ to leave I’ll get the first flight out to Cleveland. How’s that sound?”
“It sounds good. Can you tell me if you can make it? I’ll have someone come with me to pick you up at the airport.” His voice is quiet, almost muffled.
“Yeah I will, don’t worry.”
“Ok, thank you (y/n).” A small smile forms on your lips. You rub the sleep out your eyes as you glance at your closet. “Alright Haz, I’m gonna go now. But if there’s anything else, just text me or call.”
“I know, stay safe (y/n).” You bid him goodbye and place your phone on the empty space beside your side of the bed. Tom’s side of the bed. You bite your lip in thought as you worry about your boyfriend. You knew he was doing almost everything he can to make sure the movie came out perfect. If that meant shredding himself emotionally and physically, he was going to do it. Tom was dedicated to his work, but he’s never done anything close to Cherry, making you worried about the thoughts that could possibly be going through your lover’s head.
Tessa, who’s now woken up, waddles closer to you, sensing your uneasiness. You appreciate the dog’s gesture and pull her into your side, resting your chin on her head. You were basically sleepless the whole night. Although you haven’t emailed your boss yet, you already had a suitcase packed of your clothes. Your passport and other important belongings were already in a bag, ready to leave London.
The morning had been hectic. You’ve managed to get two hours of sleep, waking up at six in the morning. Still in bed, you sent your boss an email about a family emergency and how you needed to be out of the country for at least a week. As if the gods above knew of your situation, your boss willingly let you go, no questions asked and gave you well wishes. With that out the way, you scowered the Internet for flights to Cleveland. Luck was on your side that morning because you’ve booked a flight that took off in the afternoon. With your bags packed, you drove to Nikki and Dom’s to drop off Tessa.
Now all checked in, you were at Heathrow Airport waiting to be called for your flight. You were sat at your gate, with an iced coffee and a croissant from Starbucks, texting Harry. The two of you were discussing the time you’d arrive and how he’d pick you up. When you were both in agreement, you two decided to catch up. He had been in Tom’s trailer eating his breakfast. An hour passes and you were being called to board the plane.
You settle in your seat, but your leg bounced in anticipation. After the things Harry told you, you just wanted to have your boyfriend in your arms. You knew everything was probably getting to his head, all you wanted to do was hold him and tell him that he was going to be ok. As the plane began to take off, your lack of sleep caught up on you. Throughout the whole flight, you slept soundly, the worries of Tom subsiding for the time being.
The plane lands in Cleveland safely. It was night when you arrived. With your bags, you looked around the airport for a familiar curly haired boy. Harry waves wildly at you before running and pulling you into a tight hug. You laugh wrapping your arms around the slender boy.
“How’s your day been, Haz?” You ruffle his hair as he rolls your suitcase to the parking lot. He shrugs, “The usual. Was on set with Tom, ran around and got things for him, nothing much happened honestly. But you’re here now, so this is the highlight of my night.”
The two of you approach a black car with a driver inside, Harry motions for him to unlock the trunk. He lifts your case in before the two of you get into the backseat.
“How was your flight?” Harry asks you. The car began to move, exiting the airport and entering the highway.
“I slept through all of it, I don’t remember a thing about the flight besides getting on and off it.” You chuckle, leaning your head back against the headrest.
Harry nudges your shoulder, “Thanks for coming out with such short notice.” You wave him off. “It’s no worries, anything for my boys.”
The car is quiet, the only sounds that could be heard is the car’s wheels against the pavement. You turn to Harry, “How was he today?”
“He was pretty good in the morning.” Harry started. “Then filming started and he would grow frustrated after a few scenes. His temper’s been short. He snapped at me during lunch, which is normal, but I just asked him if he wanted some water. He broke down after a certain scene today, I tried talking to him but he still wouldn’t open up about it.” Tom wasn’t too open about his feelings sometimes. He struggled to voice them at times making all his frustrations and feelings bottled up in his head.
Half an hour later and you guys arrive at Tom’s rented home in Atlanta. As soon as you opened the door, you felt the heavy atmosphere. It was somber and tense, the chilliness of the weather also felt inside the house. Harry gestures up the stairs, “Don’t worry, go see him. His room is the first door on the left.”
You quietly thank him and climb up the stairs. You find his door, taking a deep breath before knocking. You hear some shuffling behind the door, ��Harry I’m fine! Leave me alone!” His voice was deep, a bit scratchy. You frown at the door.
“Tom?” The room falls quiet. Suddenly you hear fumbling and the sound of heavy footsteps behind the door. The door opens and you finally see him. He was dressed in a large shirt with sweatpants. He looked tired, dark circles under his eyes, eyes glassy, and chapped lips.
“(Y/n)? You’re here?” He asks you in disbelief. A tight lipped grin forms on your lips.
“Yeah, Har—“ You were going to explain how you got there but he immediately threw himself at you. His arms wrap tightly around your figure, his head dipped into your neck, pulling your closer into him. One of your arms go around his neck while the other rubs his back soothingly. A whimper bubbles out of him, his shoulders beginning to shake. You managed to shuffle the both of you back into his room, closing the door behind you.
“You’re ok.” You whisper into his ear, pressing a kiss to the side of his neck. His grip around you never falters. Though he was much taller than you, he seemed so small at the moment. His body drowned in the shirt he wore, making him look thinner. You feel tears soaking into your shirt, making your heart clench in pain. You rest your forehead against his shoulder, holding and whispering sweet nothings into his ear until he was ready to speak.
A few minutes pass until his removes his head from your neck. You frown at his tear stained face, his eyes and cheeks red from quietly sobbing into your shoulder. Your hands cup his face, wiping the trails of tears on his cheeks. Tom leans closer to your touch, his eyes shut while his lips kiss your palm.
“I’m sorry, you’re probably tired from the flight.” He apologizes but you shake your head. You lead him to his bed and sit against the headboard. Tom follows in suit, desperately trying to get closer to you. His arms wrap around your torso, his head rests on your chest, while your legs tangle themselves together.
“I’ve had plenty of sleep on the flight, how are you?” Your lips are against his short hair from holding him so close. You nails scratch softly at his hair, calming him down.
“I don’t know if I could finish it.” He quietly admits. He shakes his head at himself.
“Why’s that, Tom?” Your boyfriend takes a deep breath as he sits up, removing himself from your touch. He sits across from you with legs crossed as he holds his head in his hands.
“I—I, it’s too much. There’s so much fucked up things he’s done. And all the things he’s seen. I just—sometimes I feel like it’s me who’s committed all of those things. When we shoot the scenes in the war and when I had to do drugs and rob banks, I felt like I lost myself—“ He cries interrupting himself to take a breath in. Compared to your fingers that ran gently through his hair, his clawed at his head. His palms rub harshly at his face, turning his skin a bright tint of red. To see Tom in such pain made you sad. You hated seeing him like this.
You gently remove his hands from scratching at his face and hold them in his lap. He stares down at your hands, clinging onto them as if his life depended on it. “I get lost in the character sometimes and I have to pull myself out of it to bring me back. But it keeps on happening over and over again. Then the Russos kept telling me to reshoot the scene more like Cherry, and I lost it and yelled at them.” You feel his tears fall to your your hands, making tears well up in your own eyes. You shuffle closer to him and kiss his forehead before pulling him into you. You stay quiet, letting him get whatever he wanted to get out.
Tom’s face is against your shoulder again. He sniffs before continuing, “It’s like everyday I find something he and I have in common. Then I think that maybe I’m turning into him. I don’t want him to be part of me. (Y/n), I don’t want to be him, I don’t want to do the things he’s done.” He sobs into your shoulder. Your heart breaks at how broken he sounded. His shoulders shook again, his back burning up with tension. A few tears made it’s way down your cheeks as you pulled his face away from you.
“Look at me.” You urged him. His jaw clenched, still looking down at his lap. He shook his head in response. “Tom, please. Look at me.” Your voice cracks. He slowly tilts his head up, your eyes connecting. He didn’t have that twinkle in his eyes, it’s like they’ve lost the light in them. Instead they were dark, like there was no life behind them. There was a mix of sadness, confusion, and even fear in his eyes.
You sadly smiled at him, cupping his face with your hands. “You’re not going to be him. You never will. You’re Tom. You are nothing close to Nico or Cherry. You are the sweetest man I have known in the world, you wouldn’t even hurt a damn fly. You’re not him. I know you aren’t. You wouldn’t do the things he’s ever done even if you were forced to. I know you Tom, I assure you, you’re nothing like him.” Tom hiccups, gripping onto your wrists.
“When this is all over and you’re done filming, we can forget about him. We won’t even mention him.” You assure him, stroking his cheeks.
“What if—,” You cut him off.
“No, there’s no what if’s. You’re going to be fine Tom. You’re surrounded by people who love you and will make you realize that you’re nothing even near him. You are the kindest man ever, you love your family, you care about your fans, and your brothers. You’re busy always taking care of everyone else, I think it’s time you take care of yourself, love.” You tell him. A small smile is on your face but it falters, “You don’t have to go through this alone, Tom.”
Tom takes a shaky breath in. “You’ll be there right?” He asks like a child making sure his mother will be there when he wakes up. “You’ll be there with me to bring me back?”
Your thumb smooths the crinkle between his brows, “I always will. I promise.” He nods and pulls you into him. You climb onto his lap and settle on his legs. He stares up at you, one of his his hands supporting your back, the other pressed against your cheek. “Thank you. I missed you so much. I’m sorry for not texting, everything’s just been so taxing mentally and physically.”
“No, don’t worry I get it.” You turn your face to press a light kiss on his palm. For the first time since you’ve seen him, Tom managed to crack a smile on his lips. He moves some strands of hair away from your face before resting his large hand on the back of your head. “I love you. I love you so much, (y/n).”
“I love you too, Tom.” You whisper against his lips. He takes that as a sign to finally crash your lips together. After months being apart, the feeling of his lips against yours felt like coming home. The kiss was desperate, like it was the air you both breathed. Tom had been longing for your touch, he craved you every second of the day, whether it be sexually or just missing you. The kiss grew rough, your teeth clashing, tongues poking and gliding against each other.
Tom lays you down on the bed, hovering over you. His hands grab and stroke at your body, trying to pull off your clothes to get close to your skin. He suddenly pulls away from your lips. “I need you. Please, I need you.” He almost begs you. Panting, you nod and push him to lay on his back. “Ok, let me take care of you, Tommy.”
He yanks his shirt off, throwing it to the side. You do the same, leaning down to meet his lips again. You kiss your way along his jaw and down to his neck. When you find that certain spot, he lets out a throaty groan, head falling back against the pillows. You run your nails along his chiseled abs and slightly roll your hips against his growing length. Tom grunts, hands instantly connecting to your ass and gripping onto your cheeks. He helps you roll your hips more, deeper with more friction against you two.
“Mm, Tom. I missed you.” You moan against his neck. You bite down and soothe the spot with your tongue after.
Tom looks down at you, lifting his hips to meet your clothes pussy. “Fucking miss you so much. You have no idea how much I’ve been dreaming of being buried in you again.” You kiss your way down his chest, but Tom stops you. His hands grab onto your leggings and slide them off.
“N-no foreplay. I need to feel you.” He stutters out, mouth agape. You nod in agreement and take his sweatpants off along with his boxers. You spit in your hand, running your hand along his dick to give it some wetness. Tom helps you lift yourself over him and guides your hips down his erected cock. You let out a combination of a sigh and moan as your walls envelop and stretch around him. Tom slightly sits up against the headboard, your tightness wrapping around him. He lets out a cry of relief, your walls around him feeding his cravings. You use his shoulders as leverage to pull yourself up but Tom stops you.
“What’s wrong?” You eye him cautiously. Tom shakes his head, “Nothing’s wrong. I just—can we stay like this for a while? I just want to feel you, please?”
“Yeah, we can do that.” You send him a reassuring smile as you settle back down on him. His hands make themselves comfortable around your waist. You maneuver your arms under his and wrap them around his back. Tom smiles at you, rubbing your back and guiding you into his chest. Before you can nuzzle your face into his neck, he presses a kiss to your temple and lets his fingers get tangled in your hair.
With his eyes closed in bliss, he whispers, “Thank you for bringing me back. I love you.”
You kiss his collarbone basking in the feeling him being so close to you. “I’ll always be here. I love you too.”
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dailyunsolvedmysteries · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
The Serpent and the Rainbow Curse
The Serpent and the Rainbow was supposed to film in Haiti for 30 days. By day 11, everyone was secretly slipping onto a plane. Wes Craven later said of this total experience, “I almost died down there [in Haiti], and I experienced a lot of strange things. So, when I came through it all, not only alive, but healthy, I decided to begin taking my life a bit easier.”
On Day 1, co-screenwriter Richard Maxwell pretty much lost his mind. By Day 2, everyone was sick. It was all downhill from there. After meeting with a witch doctor for research purposes and telling him he wanted to be initiated into voodoo, Maxwell returned to his hotel completely disoriented. He was meant to be there finishing the third act of the script and helping out with any re-writes. Instead, he struggled to focus. Pretty soon, he lost the ability to write at all. By the time Craven and one of the producers stormed his hotel room to check on him, they found a half-naked, completely disheveled and disoriented shell of a man where they’re co-worker used to be. They got him on the first flight out of town, and when his wife and children met him at the airport in Miami he didn’t even recognize them. It was days before he finally snapped out of his hysteria, retaining no memory of what had happened to him.Maxwell was far from the only member of the production to suffer hallucinations. Bill Pullman claimed to have seen a green cow with television screens for eyes. A crew member swore he’d interacted with a long dead general who arrived on horseback and asked him to hand over the color blue.
Then, when everyone other than Craven fell ill the “we’re cursed” superstitions set in. The legend is the crew members didn’t take voodoo seriously enough and the locals sought to punish them for that. Cast member Paul Winfield saw a more rational explanation: it was unbelievably hot and they were all living in filth down there. It was only natural for their bodies to turn on them, make some of them see things, give others sudden vomiting fits.
But, all of that pales to what happened when the extras went on strike.
Craven: Things had been pretty tense all along. There were a number of bombings, and we were faced with riots because the thousands of extras we were using kept asking for more money. We were right in the middle of shooting when they went on strike. They surrounded the entire company and began throwing stones. They were ready to do us in. The producers and I had an immediate conference with them and negotiated a higher fee. At that point, we realised how dangerous the country had become for us.                                                                                                                          
They left Haiti the next day. They filmed a scene at the airport, and then hopped on the prop airplane to get out of Dodge, relocating to the Dominican Republic, where they filmed the rest of the movie incident-free.
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perfectlywrongformend3s · a year ago
Starstruck- Louis Partridge x Reader
Tumblr media
Hey! I had a request. that's actually an idea that you can use if you like it :) ok so it can be a louispxreader and the reader is a singer. they meet in a Ceremony and they become friends and maybe after a while they fall for each other and confess? you can change it however you want it. thanks <3
Requested: Yes
Word Count: 2943
Warning: Just lots of fluff
Taglist: @girlincrimson
A/n: Sorry for not getting to you sooner. I am going to try to get out imagines and request as best I can this week. I am booked with work all week this week. Also requests are open.
I changed a little bit of it, but most of it is still the same as you requested.
P.s The songs that I will be using are not mine, they belong with the talented writers and their respectful owners.
Your POV
I was in my dressing room waiting to be called to go on stage when I got a notification from instagram. I saw that the actor Louis Partridge followed me. I decided to do some stalking and found some really interesting photos and pictures of him. While I was looking at this one photo of him getting his makeup done I accidentally liked the photo. I then immediately started panicking, because I didn't mean to like it. Before I could do anything about it, I was called to go on stage.
I grabbed my guitar and slowly made my way up to the front of the stage. I could feel the excited energy rising off the fans that came to the show tonight. I felt a smirk form on my face when the lights came on. I heard all the fans start screaming, which made me let out a little giggle into the microphone.
“ How is everyone doing tonight!” I shouted into the mic
I laughed at how everyone was screaming again. I decided to start off with my most popular song right now. I started playing the chords to my song ‘ Good 4 you’
“ Ah. Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily. You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks. Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world? (Ah-ah-ah-ah)”
I then made the crowd sing along with me.
“ Well, good for you. You look happy and healthy. Not me. If you ever cared to ask.”
I let the crowd scream the lyrics while I continued to play the guitar. I then grabbed the microphone and screamed..
“ Well, good for you, I guess you’re gettin’ everything you want. (Ah) You brought a new car and your career’s really takin’ off (Ah) It’s like we never even happened.”
While singing, I walked up the front and held the microphone close to them and let them scream the lyrics.
I then jumped in with them.
“ Person who ever got you? Well, screw that and screw you. You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do.”
Louis POV
I was on the set of Enola Holmes when my phone buzzed indicating that I got a notification. I pulled it out to find the most famous singer I was in love with and liked one of my photos. I was just staring at my screen when my phone got snached out of my hand.
“ Ooh, what’s got you blushing like that? It looks like you turned into a very red tomato.” I heard Millie speak
I watched her face change from teasing to super shocked. I still felt shocked.
“ What! How?” She spits out
I shrugged my shoulders in response. Millie then gave me a playful glare. “ What do you mean you don’t know?”
I gave Millie a look of confusion. “ Millie, I just don’t know how she found my account. I mean I follow her but I don’t think she would ever follow me.”
She just nodded her head and handed my phone back. I then slid it into my pocket before we had to go back to our scene together.
Your POV
I was getting closer to the end of my new song so I went back to my microphone stand and put the mic back in its place before lowering my voice.
“ Maybe I’m too emotional, But your apathy’s like a wound in salt. Maybe I’m too emotional, or maybe you never cared at all. Maybe I’m too emotional, Your apathy is like a wound in salt.” I started leaning into my microphone and started getting my voice ready to shout soon. “ Maybe I’m too emotional, or maybe you never cared at all.” I then let the crowd sing the chorus until I shouted into the mic “ LIKE A DAMN SOCIOPATH!” I heard the crowd scream loud when I did that so I let out a giggle before continuing my song.
I was now sitting down on my stool that one of my band mates brought over for me. I was strumming my acoustic guitar on my lap to my next song while talking to my fans.
“ How is everyone doing tonight?”
I got back a bunch of screams and I even heard some responses back which made me smile. “ Alright guys the show is wrapping up soon-” Before I could continue I heard the crowd “ Aww” in response. “ You guys are funny, but I have had such an amazing time hanging out and singing for you guys. I just want to let you know I have about two more songs for you guys. So the first song I want to play for you guys is ‘ Happier’ and then the last and final song of the night is going to be' ‘Good Boy’’.”
I gave the crowd a smile before going back to playing the chords to my song ‘ Happier’
I got closer to the mic and sang the first words…
“ We broke up a month ago.Your friends are mine, you know I know. You’ve moved on, found someone new. One more girl who brings out the better in you. And I thought my heart was detached. From all the sunlight of our past. But she’s so sweet, she’s so pretty, Does she mean you forgot about me?”
I then stop singing for a little while with a small frown on my face before looking up to find the crowd with their phone lights out. I gave a small smile before going back to a frown. I then sang..
“ Oh, I hope you’re happy, But not like how you were with me. I’m selfish, I know, I can’t let you go. So find someone great, but don’t be happier.”
I then pointed for the crowd to take over the singing for a little bit while I played the chords.
Louis POV Millie and I just finished our last scene of the movie so we had to change out of our outfits and head to the place where we were meeting the rest of the cast and crew members for a one last dinner event.
I was the last to arrive as per usual, so we all laughed it off before having a great time with each other before heading off in different directions.
Once I was back to my house I fell into my bed and layed there for quite some time. I got interrupted with a text message, so I grabbed my phone and said Millie sent me a link to something. Without thinking I clicked on it and saw that it was a video of Y/n singing one of her popular songs. I smiled while watching it due to my huge crush on her, if I ever met her in real life I probably would pass out in front of her.
Your POV
After I sang my last line of my last song I yelled into the mic…
I then ran off stage and headed to my dressing room to pack my things to then get on my toru bus that will take me to my hotel that I was staying at. While I was sitting on the bus I decided to post a couple of my pictures I took and put them on my instagram page. After I did that I then decided to stalk that actor I saw on my feed.
‘Time Jump’
It was one of the most important days of my life because I was nominated for an award at the Grammys. So I was with my make up team and someone was helping me with my outfit also. It was a simple but fashionable dress with some simple black high heel shoes.
Third Person POV
Louis was heading to the Grammy’s because of his new movie getting picked for one of the categories, but Y/n also got a nomination for Top artist, and album of the year. The both of them were so close to seeing each other in real life and they didn’t expect each other to be so starstruck.
Louis’s POV
I was walking around the red carpet with Millie when she got asked to do an interview so I stood back and waited for her to be done. While I was waiting I heard a familiar laugh being heard only a couple of feet ahead of me. I then snapped my head into the direction to find the one and only Y/n Y/l/n laughing with the person interviewing her. It took me a little while to process everything that was going around me because I could only see her in the room. I felt my heart start beating faster and felt my hands start shaking a little bit.
Millie’s POV
I was finally done with my interview when I saw Louis staring at something so I followed his eyes and saw him staring at Y/n. I felt a smirk form on my lips and pulled him over to her with all the strength I had in me.  I heard him telling me to stop but I didn’t listen since I waited to meet her too.
Your POV
I was talking to someone when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder which made me turn my head. I saw a teenage girl and a teenage boy behind me, so I smiled before giving them my attention.
“ Hi, I’m Millie Bobby Brown and this is my friend Louis Partridge.”  she said
“ Hi, Are you guys fans? Also, are you guys by any chance actors in this movie called Enola Holmes?” I questioned
Millie looked at me shocked and nodded her head. I gave her a smile before holding my arms out to give her a hug. I felt her wrap her arms around me. “ I am such a big fan of your music and I could say the same for him back there too.”
I let out a giggle before releasing her and looked behind her to find Louis just staring. I walked over to him and gently put my hand on his shoulder which made him jump. I raised an eyebrow “ Are you good?” He then just gave me a nod. I turned my head due to hearing Millie speak.
“ He was just in shock. He's in love with you.”
Louis’s POV
I felt my face getting hotter by the minute and glared at Millie. She gave me an innocent look and smirked before walking off and leaving me with Y/n. I saw her turn around and smile at me.
“ So in love with me.” She teased
I gave out a chuckle before scratching the back of my neck and looking back at her. I was about to answer her but someone told us to head to the seats to hear the winners. I watched her walk away and smiled before heading to my seat next to Millie.
Once the awards were over I decided to search for Y/n before leaving to head back to my hotel room. I saw her getting hugs from people so I stood back.
Your POV
I smiled at everyone and turned due to feeling eyes on me. I saw Louis and smiled at him. I walked over to him and gave him a hug and whispered. “ Congrats on your award.” I felt his breath on the side of my neck and heard him doing the same to me. I then pulled back due to hearing my name and slipped a piece of paper to him before kissing the side of his cheek.
Third Person POV
Louis stood there with a shocked expression again. He then looked down at the piece of paper to find her number and a message that said ‘ call me’. He then felt himself smile before heading back to his hotel to rest up.
‘Time Jump’
Y/n was chilling in her apartment writing a song when she heard her phone ring. She picked it up to find an unknown number, but just answered it hoping it would be Louis.
“ Hello?” she said with caution
“ Hi” she heard him say
Which made her let out a little giggle. “ I thought you would never call me.” she responded with. Louis chuckled on the other end. “ Yea, sorry about that. I was a little scared to call you.” Before he could say anything else he heard giggles coming from the other end of the line.
“ Why Louis?” Louis thought hard about what his next response was going to be because he didn’t want to straight up say because we were meant to be together or I was just scared of rejection. Louis finally decided to just ask..
“ Y/n.” he took a pause “ I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me?”
Your POV
I let out a gasp when I heard those words and started nodding but forgetting he couldn't see me so I said..
“ Ofcourse, I will go out with you, Louis.”
Then we just chatted about our days for the rest of the day.
The day my date with Louis came so quickly then I could have blinked and I was not prepared. I ran all over my house looking for things to finish off my outfit before it was time to go.
I heard a knock on my door indicating that he was here so I slipped on my heels and carefully made my way to the door. Once I opened it I was met with those hazel eyes that I fell in love with.
“ Wow, you look stunning.” he said
I felt myself start blushing. I then took in his look and stated that… “ Well you look really handsome.”
He then held his hand out for me to take. “ My lady,” he said in his accent, which made me let out a small giggle.
We were coming up to the end of the date already. He took me to this beautiful restaurant where we are now sharing a piece of cake. I saw him staring at me so I questioned him.
“ What?”
He let out a soft chuckle. “ Nothing, you're just really beautiful looking under this light.”
I felt myself start to blush which made me look down. Before I knew it I felt two fingers lift it back up. “ Don’t look down, you're gorgeous when you get all flustered.” That only made me blush harder. “ Stop.” I said giggling which made him chuckle.
Before I knew it we were back in his car driving back to my place. I was looking out the window when I felt him put his hand on my leg, which sent chills all over my body. I then put my hand on top of his and intertwined our fingers together. I smiled at the thought of us going on more dates.
Louis’s POV
I pulled into her driveway and parked my car. I turned to face her when I saw her already looking at me. I then released her hand and got out of the car to go to her side and open it for her. I walked her to her door where we both stood there for a little while. I then took a risk and leaned forward. I could feel her breath on me, I then closed the gap between us. I could feel her smile into the kiss before I felt her wrap her arms around the back of my neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her in to me more. She pulled away but kept her forehead against mine.
“ I really like you Louis.” She whispered against my lips
I smiled and said, “ I really like you too Y/n.”
I then leaned in again to give her another goodnight kiss before heading off. I walked over to my car and got in, I then waved at her with a smile on my face and pulled out of the driveway.
Third Person POV
Y/n watched Louis drive off into the distance. She felt a smile creep on her face before heading inside to dream about her date with him. Louis felt the same as her. He felt all giddy inside and he could help but smile at the thought of her. He was already planning the next date for them to go on together.
Man this is long, but it was worth it because I got major butterflies from writing this for you. I hope you enjoy and if you would like more Louis then comment and I definitely write more of him.
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storiesforallfandoms · a year ago
delayed ~ eminem
word count: 1133
request?: yes!
“Hey, here is your new follower and lover of your writing ♥ ️, I need more imagine of Eminem I feel they do not value it, so here is a request, Reader is a young actress and is recording abroad and Marshall started his tour a much bigger one, and reader promised her that she would be there during her entire tour from the beginning, but she is delayed because she has to record one more week the movie in which she is the protagonist but she arrives by surprise at the first show of the tour and stays for the whole tour and there are many moments of soft, tender and somewhat hot you know in the dressing room.”
description: in which he thinks she’s going to miss his first show, only to be surprised when he goes on stage
pairing: eminem x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
I could see the look of disappointment on Marshall’s face as I told him the news, although he was trying not to show his face too much on camera. “They’re making you stay an extra week?”
“Unfortunately,” I sighed. “Some last minute reshoots are supposed to happen this week apparently. I did tell them about the tour.”
“I know you did. It’s not your fault you’re a big movie star now.”
I smiled a little at his comment. “I’ll join you eventually.”
“I know. I’ll see you soon.”
“I love you.”
“Love you, too.”
Once my phone screen went black, I smiled up at my co-star who was sat across from me in my trailer. She smiled back as she placed another item in my suitcase. “Damn girl, you even had me believing you.”
“They don’t call me the next big thing for nothing,” I joked.
The truth is, there was no extra week of reshoots. We had finished the film earlier that day and now one of my co-stars was helping me to pack my things. I was supposed to fly to Michigan the following day to join Marshall on his latest tour. With filming ending so much earlier than expected, I managed to switch my flight for that night instead.
I decided not to tell Marshall this though. I wanted it to be a surprise. Very rarely did I ever get the chance to surprise him the way he often surprised me. I had it all planned out, I just needed help to work on one last detail.
I said goodbye to the cast and crew I had become so close to the past few months and climbed into my Uber. As we drove towards the airport, I called the only person that could help enact my plan.
“Hey (Y/N),” Paul said as he answered the phone. “Everything alright?”
“Everything’s great! I just need to ask you for a favor, but you can’t even mention it to Marshall, okay?”
He was silent for so long that I thought he was going to say no. I nearly sighed with relief when he finally said, “I’m intrigued. Go on.”
The next night, I was stood outside the side door of the arena Marshall was meant to perform in. I was trying to hide myself the best I could from passing fans, as I waited for someone to come open the door for me.
Paul finally arrived just minutes before the concert was supposed to start. “I couldn’t get away without seeming suspicious. I had to get Denaun to call me so I could pretend to have to step out.”
Security guided me to the front row without being spotted by Marshall. The other fans in the front row were ecstatic to see me, and I agreed to take pictures under the circumstances that nothing would be posted to social media until after the concert.
The lights went down and the audience went wild. The familiar beat to Marshall’s opening song started playing as the spotlight on stage lit up where Marshall would emerge. When he did, the cheers were so loud I could barley hear his voice.
I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I watched him perform. He looked so in his element, the way he did whenever he was working on music. I wondered if he’d even see me there in the front during the show. Even if he didn’t, Paul was going to get me backstage to surprise him at the end of the show.
During the first point of the show in which Marshall and Denaun had a banter with each other and the audience, the fans surrounding me started to yell together to try and get their attention.
“What are y’all yelling about down here?” Denaun asked, although he definitely knew what it was about. “They’re saying for us to look down there.”
Marshall’s eyes trailed to the group that was still yelling in my ears, finally landing on me.
“Oh shit!” he said, not realizing his mic was still raised to his mouth.
I smiled at him, longing to hug him tightly and to kiss him for the firs time in months, but I knew he wasn’t a fan of PDA. Instead, I waved and blew him a kiss and watched his face brighten with excitement.
“We’ll talk about this after the show,” he stated. “Can one of the security bring my girl backstage? I can’t focus while she’s here, she’s too distracting.”
The same security as earlier helped me to get backstage while the concert continued. I watched from the sidelines, now getting a perfect view of both Marshall and all of his fans as he performed. I loved when I was able to go on tour with him because I loved to watch the excitement of the fans as well as all the heart and soul Marshall put into his performances. It was always a rush, even though I wasn’t the one participating in the concert.
Before I knew it, the show came to an end and Marshall came rushing off stage. He had me in his arms within seconds, lifting me off of the ground and kissing me with so much force it made me dizzy. Around us, those who were in on the surprise were laughing at his reaction.
“I thought you were delayed!” he said once he finally put me down.
“The opposite, actually,” I responded. “We finished filming early, so I decided to get an earlier flight to come and visit you!”
“But how did you...” He trailed off as he looked up at Paul, who had what could only be described as a shit eating grin on his face. “You helped her with this, didn’t you?”
“I thought you deserved a good surprise,” Paul responded with a shrug. “When she called, I answered. I got Denaun in on the plan, too, so he could help.”
“So did everyone know except me?” Marshall asked.
“Basically,” Paul replied with a shrug.
I giggled as Marshall hugged me again, quickly capturing my lips with his once more.
“Does this mean you’re coming on tour with me now?” he asked.
“If you still want me to.”
“What kind of question is that? Of course I do! I can’t tour without my favorite girl.”
I smiled and kissed his cheek once again. Marshall threw an arm over my shoulder and started leading me back to his dressing room. Paul and Denaun started following at first, which caused Marshall to pause. “Could you guys give us some privacy?”
“Man, in the dressing room?” Paul groaned. “We’re gonna owe this venue so much.”
Neither of us were listening at this point. Marshall whisked me away, closing the dressing room door behind him and locking it.
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sturkillerbase · 3 months ago
Promises Under the Moon
Dieter Bravo x GN!Reader
Summary: you've struggled with depression for a very long time. While others could think your acting career was just beginning, you have no high hopes for it. In a dark moment, Dieter comes to aid.
Genre: Angst
Song: Boyish, by Japanese Breakfast
Warnings: Depression, suicidal thoughts, self-degrading thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and loneliness. Mention to Dieter's alcoholism. DO NOT read if these are triggers to you. Let me know if I missed anything.
Words: 1.7K
A/N: I was going to leave this as a one shot but I mentally and physically am unable to not continue stories and/or give them a proper ending so yeah, there'll be a part two. But I'm feeling very down lately so keep calm. It'll come, I promise. On the other hand, I would like to express my eternal gratitude for @scorpio-marionette for proofreading this. She's done so much I should probably credit this as a cowritten work. It would be much fairer. THANK YOU, NAOMI! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!
You sit by a table on the hotel terrace, alone in the dark. The only sources of light are what leak in from the corridor through the still open door and the stars above.
It’s not the first time you do this. More often than not, when the day is done and most are heading to bed for a well-deserved night’s rest, you make your way here. Always sitting at the same table, facing in the same direction.
Every now and then you bring a notepad to write on, a book to read, or something to drink. You mostly listen to music though, letting it flow from your phone's speaker, but not too loud that someone could come in and complain about it.
Today is one of those days. You aren't writing about your uncontrolled feelings, trying to take your mind away with a story, or distracting yourself by ingesting something that could fill your taste buds. Today, only the tunes coming from your phone are with you, playing as you drown in thoughts of your futile existence once again. Feeling down, incapable and worthless isn't new for you. You feel like it every day, and when you wonder about your future, nothing comes to mind - you have no hopes in it.
Things only got worse when you met your most important coworker: Dieter Bravo.
You knew who he was, of course. Everyone does, and you’ve always had a small celebrity crush on him.
When you found out you'd been cast in a high budget movie, even if it was a smaller role, you couldn't believe it. When you were told you'd be acting side by side with THE Dieter Bravo, you swore you were being lied to.
Although your role was smaller and you didn’t have an absurd amount of screen time, you and Dieter got along well and soon became friends. Your character mainly showed up when his character needed yours. So basically, all of the scenes you were in, he was too.
You consider this to be good enough for you. You've gotten the big chance of your life. Maybe if you’re to end it all, it’ll have been worth it, because you’ve had the wonderful chance to work with him.
It didn't help at all when you started developing real feelings for him. Despite his chaotic aura and the absolute mess he is behind the camera, he’s still an incredible person, caring and sweet. Just misunderstood.
You hang out as you wait for the shooting to begin. You sit together as the film crew fills the main hall to talk on days off. More often than not, when going out with your workmates, you’re the one dragging a very drunk Dieter back to his hotel room. He probably doesn’t even remember, too drunk to process what’s happened. You bring him pills and a bottle of water, or coffee, on the next day on set. You set it on the table of his dressing room, and he takes it as he sits down with a grunt, rubbing his hands on his tired face. He knows it’s you, and he appreciates it very dearly.
You have never been alone with him. You always go out in groups, but you often stay close together and have little chats of your own. Nearby or not, your eyes always find him, and your ears always hear him.
You’ve fallen in love.
But he is absolutely out of your league.
For as nice as he is, he would probably laugh at the thought of an actor like him dating an actor like you. He's been in several blockbuster movies, important movies, he's even received an Oscar for his amazing work. You, on the other hand, have only been in minor films and this is your first job on a big project, as a minor character. The story does need your character to develop the plot, but in the future, no one will be able to recall them.  They will only remember Dieter and the other stars of the film.
You lay back on your chair, arm resting on the table, back to the door. Looking ahead but not at anything in particular.
As a new song begins to play, you start lightly tapping your finger on the table in the same rhythm of the beat.
As the song goes on, you start half singing, half reciting the lyrics along with it.
"I can't get you off my mind. I can't get you off in general." you recite along with the singer, looking down in sadness "I want you and you want something more beautiful."
Unbeknownst to you, you’re being watched by someone at the door. They keep still, watching and listening to you from their spot.
"And all this confrontation, this suffering" you continue "what do you want from me? If you don't like how I look, then leave"
The person finally speaks up, revealing themselves. As they speak, you hear their feet dragging on the floor as they make their way towards you.
"Damn, sunflower! Who hurt you?"
You recognize Dieter's voice immediately. The first thought that comes to your mind is to admit that he is the current source of your suffering, but you don’t.
"The world hurt me, Dieter" you say and give him a side grin as he sits down on the opposite side of the table. It isn't a lie.
He chuckles, getting himself comfortable and resting his arm on the table, dressed in his pajamas "Doesn't it hurt us all?" He says.
It is your turn to chuckle, looking into the distance again. "Guess you're right..."
"Still" he continues "sitting alone in the dark every night listening to sad songs isn't a good coping mechanism."
Every night?
You snap your neck to look at him, eyes wide in surprise.
"Dieter, have you been spying on me?" You ask.
His eyes widen and he gets nervous. "No! Uh, no no. I haven't, I swear!" He stumbles over his words "It's just-- I-I come here often to smoke. I'd do it in my room but the guys in the room by mine complained to the front desk and I don't really want to deal with them again, so I come here instead. Um, whenever I come, you're always here. Sometimes writing, sometimes not. I don't want to disturb you, so I always leave and come back later. You- you look good under the moonlight, though-- But I wasn’t trying to be a creep, I swear!"
You're surprised, but you smile at his panicked confession.
"... I'm sorry" he whispers, rubbing his hands over each other.
"It's okay. I know you're not a creep." You smile and you see his shoulders relax, he gives you a shy smile too. "But what made you come talk to me tonight?" His smile fades. He seems... sad. Like he's about to say something he doesn't want to. "You seemed sadder than normal..." he tells you.
Your eyes widen in surprise again, and your cheeks flush. You look away from him, staring at your feet. "Oh..." is all you can say.
A few silent seconds pass before he speaks again. "You- you don't have to do this alone. You know that, right?"
"... I feel alone" you admit, still not meeting his eyes.
"But you're not." he reaches across the table and places his hand over yours. It feels warm against your colder one. "You're not."
You look at his hand over yours and then to him. And he gives you a reassuring smile.
"Promise me that whenever you feel sad, you'll come to me instead of coming here to sit on your own." He says.
You hesitate, unsure. You don't know if you can promise that. Also... why is he being nice? You like it, of course. It’s so sweet of him. You’ve always known there is a wonderful, sweet man under his tousled demeanor, but you don’t want to get more hurt than you already are.
Sensing your hesitation and fears, he gives your hand a gentle squeeze, still looking warmly at you.
"You don't have to tell me anything if you don't want to. We don't have to do anything in particular either. I'll stay with you until you feel better, and hold your hand if you want me to." He says, trying to encourage you and calm you down. He wants you to know that when he said you are not alone, he meant it.
"I..." you try, but hesitate again. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you try again. "I promise." You look at him and he gives you a wide, warm grin. Happy to see you accepting what little help he can offer. He warms you, and you know you can trust him. You do your best to smile at him too. "But... you have to promise me something too," you say.
"Yes, sunflower?" He asks, waiting for your answer.
You weren't sure if you'd heard him correctly before, but there it is again. He did call you sunflower. That makes you all silly inside, but you push that aside for now.
"Promise me you'll quit drinking." You try to be as firm as you can, looking him in the eyes. You worry so much about him. The last thing you want to see is him falling into a pit he will not be able to get out of.
He's surprised, shaken. Just like you, he is not sure he can promise that.
"Drinking is not a good coping mechanism." You repeat his words, adapting them to him.
He knows you're right. He knows he should stop. There are so many things he does to himself that he should stop doing.
You see the turmoil behind his eyes, and you're absolutely aware of how hard this is for him.
"Let's make a deal," you try. "I'll come to you when I feel down, and you'll come to me whenever you feel like drinking."
"That'll be all the time, sunflower." He tries to joke. You give him a side smile.
"I don't mind." You put your free hand over his. "You can do it, Dieter. One step at a time."
After a while of fighting the thoughts in his head, he finally speaks up.
"I promise" he says, voice low and shy, looking at you with big, hopeful eyes. It's surprising how a big man like him can seem so small and defenseless.
You give his hand a reassuring squeeze and smile at him. He smiles at you too. Finally, you have something that gives you reason to keep going.
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marvelouspeterparker · a year ago
all worth it
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x interviewer!reader
summary: tom is an actor, doing interviews is a part of his job. but there’s just something about you that makes him feel like the stress that comes with press tours and interviews is all worth it.
warnings: none, just fluff
notes: literally got this idea from looking at an onward interview gif (the one where he recites the lines from back to the future, iykyk) also imagine the pandemic never happened in this jfskgh
so tom loves his job, obviously
he gets to be his number one favorite superhero, make people happy, do what he loves, and more
but that doesn’t mean that there are no downsides to his career
there is actually a lot of stress that comes with being in the limelight and that includes people constantly watching your every move, being critiqued, questioned and put on the spot
and the perfect time for all this to occur? during interviews
now some of the time, interviews are nice, sometimes they’re even fun
but unfortunately a lot of the time, the same questions are asked in each and every one, one after the other, for hours on end and it honestly gets very boring and very draining very fast
so to be quite frank, he wasn’t expecting much when he walked into the next room for his last interview of the day
but when you walked in, he couldn’t help but perk up a bit
you were pretty and you seemed very nice as well, greeting everyone, including the crew as you made your way over to tom, jacob and zendaya
some of the interviewers would just walk straight to their seat and start the questions almost immediately, no warmth in their manners––but you, you were different
you shook each of their hands, smiling wide as you said hello
you couldn’t really contain your enthusiasm, you were a big marvel fan, and a fan of each of them, so you couldn’t tame your smile even if you wanted to
your energy was infectious and tom was more than grateful for it
when you reached him, he looked into your eyes deeply and you had to snap out of your daze before you made a fool of yourself
‘hello darling’ he licked his lips as he looked up at you, a gracious smile on his face and you blinked a couple times before responding
‘hi it’s––so nice to meet you, i’m a big fan.’ you turned to look at the others, ‘of all of you, really.’ 
they all ‘aww’ed and accepted your compliments, thanking you as you took your seat
when you were given the green light to start, you gave a curt nod to the crew behind the cameras and started right away
you were professional and good at your job, making the cast feel welcome and at ease after a long day of work
you told jokes, asked interesting questions that others hadn’t and since you were a marvel fan, you were able to ask specific questions that showed your genuine interest in the comics, the films, the plots and more
tom could feel himself getting more comfortable as the interview went on and the smile never left his face throughout the entire thing
when it ended and they turned the cameras off, you all felt a bit disappointed that you would have to say goodbye so soon, you were all having a good time and genuinely laughing so hard that your cheeks hurt 
you thanked them all for their time and jacob was quick to wave you off
‘no thank you––i think we can all agree that we saved the best for last today.’ he looked to his friends and they nodded along
zendaya chimed in ‘for real, this was fun.’
you smiled, honored that you managed to make their day a little better and tom spoke up quietly, making you turn to look at him
‘yeah this, this was really great. thank you y/n.’
you could feel your cheeks heating up but you nodded, smiling as you tried your best to calm your raging heartbeat ‘my pleasure’
tom would have loved to speak with you more afterwards honestly, but unfortunately as soon as he exited the room, he and his friends were being ushered towards the next location for the day, preparing for the long week they still had ahead of them
though you had hoped to see more of tom, you only had one interview with him, so you wouldn’t be seeing him any time soon
or so you thought, anyway
your boss surprised you with a chance to go to the premiere, and interview some of the cast and other actors on the red carpet of course (since you were there for work)
you honestly thought that if tom did see you, he would only give you a small wave, maybe a slight head nod at best since you’d already interviewed him, but to your surprise, when he saw you, he smiled immediately and made his way over to you, swerving away from his entourage (which consisted of his brothers, assistant, and others you didn’t recognize)
‘hi love, how are you?’ 
his eyes were shining under the bright lights on the carpet and there were hundreds of shouts and conversations going on around you, but he somehow managed to make you focus only on him, from his voice and presence alone
‘good! how are you? you excited? nervous?’
he laughed, tilting his head, ‘both, but you know, i’m really proud of this film and i’m ready for people to see it’
you didn’t have much time to talk since there were plenty of other interviewers, journalists and on top of that he had to take pictures so you wished him good luck and he thanked you genuinely
‘i have to run, but be sure to tell me what you think of the movie afterwards, yeah? i know you’re a marvel fan, wanna see if it lives up to your standards’ he winked and you stuttered for a bit, agreeing as he walked off 
you were shocked that he wanted to hear your opinion, but granted there was a camera on you both, which you might have forgotten about while you were talking
but you couldn’t help but think, was that flirting? does he really want to know what i think?
you tried to push the butterflies down and focus on the film as you watched and honestly, it was easy to forget about everything else once you looked at the screen
the film, the plot, tom––everything was so captivating and entertaining, you couldn’t look away even if you tried
it wasn’t until after the film had ended, and you’d stayed for both end credit scenes that you realized you had no way of contacting tom
surely he would have things to do after this, after parties maybe? so you most likely wouldn’t see him outside
and it’s not like he followed you on instagram––he probably wouldn’t even see your dm if you sent one
as you were on your way out, thinking about all this, you felt a hand tap your shoulder and you turned, a smile on your face
but soon realizing it wasn’t who you’d hoped, you tried to not let the disappointment show on your face but as you looked clearly, you realized the man looked familiar
‘hi’ he smiled, ‘i’m tom’s assistant’ you nodded, greeting him a little confused
‘tom’ he started, pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket, ‘wanted me to give you this’ he handed you the paper and you opened it, feeling your stomach jump when you realized a number was scribbled on it, signed -tom ;)
without even realizing, you stared at the ink on the paper for a few seconds silently before his assistant snapped you out of it
‘he wanted you to know that he’s not a dick and he would have come if he could’
you laughed and looked up at him
‘honestly he felt really bad he couldn’t come himself, trust me.’
you nodded and put the paper in your bag, ‘thank you, i’ll be sure to use this’ you smiled
he smiled too, ‘tom hopes you will’ 
you had a feeling that tom would be busy that night, and probably hungover the next morning, so you waited a couple of days before contacting him
and during those two days, tom was honestly freaking out inside...and outside
were you not interested? was he too forward? did he do something wrong? did you get the wrong idea of him?
he was even texting harrison, jacob and zendaya about it in their group chat
tom: i’m an idiot aren’t i
zendaya: yeah but we already knew that
tom: 😑
harrison: i’m sure she’ll text you, maybe she’s just busy
jacob: yeah man, you’re a total catch
jacob: and anyway if she doesn’t want you, i’ll have you 😏
tom: thanks babe 😘
zendaya: i’m just gonna go––
tom: but anyway, i don’t think i’ll ever shoot my shot ever again because this is just embarrassing
not even a full minute passed before the he send the next text 
tom: nevermind she just texted me
tom almost dropped his phone when he saw the message pop up
maybe: y/n: hi tom! this is y/n :) i’m free to give you my thoughts on the movie when you are
you felt like you were going to be sick when you hit send on the message––you didn’t want to bother him, it’d been several days, what if he changed his mind? 
and you––nevermind he responded immediately
tom: hi darling :) i’m glad you used my number 
tom: i’m free to talk now actually, we could facetime if that’s easier? only if you want, of course
you paused when you read his text, luckily you had showered and gotten dressed today so you didn’t look a mess but you opened the camera just to check if you looked alright
were you really about to facetime tom holland?
when you finished fixing your hair, smoothing down your eyebrows and licking your lips, you swallowed your nerves and replied
y/n: sure, i’d like that
he took a deep breath and hit the call button, eagerly waiting for it to connect when you answered
when you both came into view, you smiled, greeting each other shyly
‘was a little worried when you didn’t call me that night’ he admitted sheepishly
your brows raised, surprised ‘oh i just––i assumed you would have been busy you know, after parties and all that’ you laughed and he joined you, a small smile on his face
‘darling even if you called me during the party, i would have left just to talk to you––missed hearing your voice honestly’ 
when you paused to answer a blush coated his cheeks and you couldn’t help but think how cute he looked
‘sorry was that lame?’ he laughed nervously and you shook your head, biting your lip to suppress your smile
‘no––that was, really sweet actually. i––like talking to you too, it’s really nice’ 
soon you get to talking about the actual movie and you couldn’t stop the praises from flowing
‘honestly it was incredible tom, you were incredible, i loved it’
‘thank you love, i’m really glad you enjoyed it, i was hoping you would.’
and the way that tom smiled bashfully and blushed, even pointing the camera away from his face to hide at one point had you swooning more than ever
after that, you and tom texted here and there, sometimes even facetiming, and he wouldn’t hesitate to compare you to his other interviewers and even tell you about it
‘had an interview today, can’t even compare it to yours, love’ 
you just rolled your eyes, a smile on your face ‘oh shut up, tom’ 
you talk often but due to both of your busy schedules, months go by before you see each other again
you run into him at red carpets for other marvel movies, and there’s never a dull moment between the two of you
‘‘there’s my favorite interviewer’ his smile was wide as he walked up to you. ‘you excited for this one?’
you scoffed, fully having a conversation with tom as though you weren’t on camera ‘of course i am, it looks amazing’
‘even better than my movies?’
you raised your hands in surrender, ‘legally, i can’t answer that’
he put a hand to his chest, acting dramatically offended ‘wow well, i guess it’s time for me to go then’
‘at least save me a seat?’ you joked
‘you know i will’ he smirked
by the time ‘the devil all the time’ press came about, you hadn’t told tom that you were assigned to interview him, honestly it was a last minute schedule change 
honestly, he’d gotten good at hiding his bad moods from the public, but you’d known him for enough time now to be able to see when he wasn’t at his 100%
which is why you could see him visibly brighten up when he walked into the room and saw you
‘what are you doing here?’ he asked, clearly (pleasantly) surprised as he hugged you 
‘uh, my job?’ you joked, ‘you didn’t actually think i only interviewed for the mcu did you?’
he blushed, ‘well i uh––no, obviously not’ he said unconvincingly but you brushed him aside as you got ready for the interview
once you started, tom couldn’t help but smile as he watched you, you were just really good at your job and he enjoyed being with you, even when it was for work
‘so obviously audiences are used to seeing you as peter parker, a rather lighthearted character, despite all the hardships he’s had to face––would you say approaching a character as dark as this was challenging in any way? mentally, emotionally, or just in regards to the fact that the public would be seeing a new, more sinister, villainous side to you?’
‘i mean it was a little daunting, definitely. but i was excited to sort of branch out mentally and challenge myself emotionally for this role––the story was fascinating to me and i was just so proud to be a part of this project, i tried not to think of any downsides.’ 
he paused and licked his lips, a glint in his eyes. ‘and honestly, we all have a little bit of a dark side, don’t we?’ 
you paused. of all times to flirt––
‘well hopefully not to the same extent of your character,’ you joked and thankfully the conversation smoothly transitioned elsewhere
now the fans took notice of your bond with tom
they noticed that tom seemed to smile the brightest and laugh the loudest during your interviews, even jumping into other conversations and answers to questions that were directed to his costars
there were dozens of videos, hundreds of edits––
‘tom falling for his interviewer for 9 minutes straight’
and you’d seen them––it was sort of impossible for you to not
you’d been tagged in so many of them, even your friends sent them to you
i mean you weren’t blind, tom was attractive and he did make your heart flutter but you assumed that he didn’t want a relationship since his career was only progressing, skyrocketing either––it would probably be difficult to maintain a solid relationship, or maybe he just wasn’t interested in you so you said nothing
it wasn’t until he had a break from filming that he asked you to hangout, and still you thought nothing of it, until he asked what time he should pick you up
you paused, and he even thought that you froze when really you were just processing what he said
‘like a––date?’ you asked hesitantly
he smiled, scratching the back of his head nervously, ‘yeah? yeah i––like a date.’
you smiled, ‘i would love to tom. but aren’t you worried about pictures spreading online? headlines and all that? i wouldn’t want to add any more stress––’
‘i promise love,’ he interrupted your worried rant, ‘you make it all worth it.’
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pleasereadmeok · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Goode Rewatch Week 39 - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society - 2018. 
This is the story of a writer, Juliet (Lily James), who is haunted by bad memories from the war in London.  Her relationship with the brash, rich Mark (Glen Powell) is unfulfilling.  Her best friend and publisher, Sidney (Matthew Goode) does his best to jolly her along and basically help her to function. Then a letter from Dawsey Adams (Michiel Huisman) introduces her to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and a new life.
I really enjoyed this movie and it was lovely to watch it again after quite some time.  Matthew plays Sidney Stark who is rather like an older brother to Juliet - supportive, teasing and funny.   Sidney is a bit of a hero, saving Juliet’s life and sanity, and getting her back on track.  There are some sweet scenes between Matthew and Lily.  I first saw this at a cast/crew Q & A and it was clear from what Lily said about Matthew that she adores him and that comes across on the screen.      Sidney is a thoroughly nice human and Matthew plays this supporting role to perfection.  What could be a breeze of a role for him is layered, quirky and real.   He’s in a few scenes throughout the movie and you can also hear him during the credits so don’t switch off too soon.   
Not enough of Matthew in this but you will love his version of Sidney.   The book is a great read too. 
📷 Guernsey my edit.
Next to be rewatched: Ordeal by Innocence - can’t wait.  
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thehumming6ird · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Loki director Kate Herron’s heart was beating fast. She’d already had some surreal experiences during her short time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so a simple phone call shouldn’t make her nervous. But on the other end of the line was Owen Wilson, an actor and writer she admired and hoped would join her on a time-jumping journey through the MCU.
“It was the most detailed pitch I’ve ever done, to an actor, ever. I pretty much spoke through the entire first episode with him,” Herron recalls of wooing Wilson, who wasn’t too familiar with Marvel before being cast as Mobius, an agent for the mysterious Time Variance Authority central to the series.
Wilson instantly put Herron at ease with his laid-back charm as she walked the actor through ten years of onscreen lore for Loki, the god of Mischief played by Tom Hiddleston. She answered his questions about Avengers: Endgame, about time travel, about how this version of Loki was not the one fans knew from films like Thor: Ragnarok, but rather one plucked from an alternate timeline from 2012’s The Avengers.
It was all part of a whirlwind few years for Herron, who not that long ago was temping at a fire extinguisher company and struggling to land directing work even though she’d already helmed a BBC project with Idris Elba. Then Herron finally achieved breakthrough success directing episodes of the Netflix hit Sex Education, and soon was hounding her agents for a Marvel meeting.
When Herron finally landed one, the Loki superfan cleared her schedule and spent two weeks putting together a 60-page document, even though her agents tempered her expectations by noting it was just a meet-and-greet.
“I knew I’d be up against some really big directors, and I knew I wouldn’t be the most experienced in the room, so I was, ‘OK. I’ll just be the most passionate,'” recalls Herron.
Just a few days after officially landing the job, Herron found herself on a five-hour walk through New York with Hiddleston discussing Loki and flying to D23 in Anaheim, Calif. to be greeted by thousands of screaming fans alongside Loki head writer Michael Waldron.
Herron is now working long days finishing up Loki in Marvel’s production hub of Atlanta, Georgia, where the British filmmaker has largely lived since getting the job in 2019. Over zoom from her freezing Atlanta apartment (she still hasn’t figured out the quirks of the air conditioner), Herron dives into Loki ahead of its June 9 debut on Disney+.
What was your process of sitting down with Marvel for this?
I was just so overexcited. (My agents) were like look, “It’s just a casual conversation, they just want to get a sense of you,” and basically I was like, “OK, I’m just going to pitch them.” Because I thought, they might not meet me again. So I got as much information as I could, and they sent me a little bit about the show. And I just prepared a massive pitch for it. I canceled everything for two weeks. I made a 60-page document full of references, story ideas, music. I knew I’d be up against some really big directors, and I knew I wouldn’t be the most experienced in the room, so I was, “OK. I’ll just be the most passionate.”
Was that first meeting in Burbank?
That was in England, in southeast London on Zoom. I had a few stages where I did that. Then after a few interviews with Kevin Wright and Stephen Broussard, two of the Marvel executives who got me ready for the big match, I went in to pitch to Kevin Feige, Victoria (Alonso), Lou (Louis D’Esposito), the whole team there. That was very surreal because they flew me to Burbank and I pitched at Marvel Studios. I didn’t have the job, but I found out they were interested and then I remember Kevin Feige called me, and when he was in London, we had coffee. He was like, “Look, we want you to direct it.” Oh my God. They flew me to D23 and that was crazy because I think I found out I got the job 48 hours before and then I was on stage. The Lady and the Tramp dogs were in front of me and Michael (Waldron) on the red carpet. “What is going on?” (Laughs.) I met Tom that week as well, so it was a bit of a whirlwind kind of thing.
Where did you first meet Tom?
I had a two-stop trip. I flew first to New York to meet Tom. He was in Betrayal at the time, on Broadway, so we basically went on this amazing walk around New York. I’d never met him before. We just spoke about Loki and what was really important to us about the character and where we thought it would be fun to take him, as well. It was this intense, five-hour conversation with him basically. I met him and then flew straight from meeting him to D23. So it was a lot. (Laughs.)
When did you finally get the scripts? How did that change your thoughts on what you want to do?
They sent me the outline, so I knew the overall story. I also was pitching stuff. “Oh, we could do this with this character.” The pilot was really well written by Michael and I really liked what they were doing with the character and the story. Then it was building upon that and throwing in ideas for where he could go later in the show. It reminded me a bit of improv where you’re always building, always trying to push the story to the best place. So we were always adapting and shifting the story. Our lockdown, during COVID, was a chance for us to go back in. I was cutting what we’d done, so I was like, “OK, this is tonally what is really working for the story.” Then we went back into what we hadn’t filmed and started adapting that stuff to fit more where we were heading.
The Marvel movies have a writer on set to help tweak things. Was that the case with Loki?
Michael (Waldron) was with us at the start, and then he went on to Doctor Strange (In the Multiverse of Madness). We had a really wonderful writer called Eric Martin from our writer’s room, and he was our production writer on set. It was between me, him and my creative producer Kevin Wright. We would kind of brainstorm and adapt. I’ve always loved talking to the cast. We had such a smart cast. Owen is a writer as well. If you have that amazing resource, why not talk to them? We were always adapting. Obviously paying respect to the story we wanted to tell from the start, but always trying to make it better.
Kevin Feige has said Owen Wilson, like his character, is nonplussed by the MCU. Since Owen isn’t necessarily dazzled by Marvel, does that make him all the more perfect for this role?
He is playing a Loki expert, so at the beginning of production, Tom and I were talking. He devised this thing called Loki School. He did a big lecture to the cast and crew. I love the character. This is a decade of fans loving this character and where that character has been. It was talking everyone through that, but through Tom and his own experiences. Stunts that Tom liked or costumes. He ended up doing that same Loki school for Owen. Owen absolutely loved it. Owen has such a writer’s brain. I remember I had to pitch him down the phone. My heart rate (was up).
Was this the pitch to get him to get Owen on board?
Yeah. I love his work. “Oh my God, I’m going to talk to Owen Wilson.” He’s so laid back and nice, it immediately puts you at ease. It was the most detailed pitch I’ve ever done, to an actor, ever. I think I pretty much spoke through the entire first episode with him. You can tell he’s a writer, just by the way he attacks story. His questions about the world and the structure and the arc of the character. It was really fun to work with him.
Was it the most detailed pitch you’ve ever done because you really wanted Owen, or because you knew you needed to woo him a bit to get him to sign on?
It was the questions he asked, and the way he attacked story, in that sense. And also probably because he was newer to the Marvel world, he was like, “OK, how does this work?” I also pitched him Loki’s arc over the past ten years, where that character has gone, but also explaining our Loki and what happened in Endgame and time travel. There’s a lot to unpack in that conversation. 
Sometimes Marvel will give writers or directors a supercut of all the scenes of a specific character. Did you get one of those? 
They didn’t actually give me a supercut, but I’m a big Loki nerd. I think his is one of the best (arcs) in the MCU. I really wanted to make sure we were paying respect to that. At the same time, something Tom spoke about a lot was you have to go back for a reason. Let’s be united on one that reason is and feel that it’s worth it.
The reason can’t be, “Well that’s what happened in Endgame,” so the question becomes, “What is the point of revisiting him at this era of his life?”
Yeah. He’s only had – I don’t want to get this wrong – I think 112 minutes of screen time in total if you cut all his scenes together. And he steals the show. We have six hours to really delve into this character and talk about him and go on this completely new story with him. For me, it was making sure that paying respect what has come before — I know as a fan if there is a character I really loved and I found out they are making a show about him, I obviously would be so excited and so happy. I felt lucky to have the responsibility, and I took it very seriously.
Those who have worked with Kevin Feige say he’s someone who can or stress test an idea and push things in new directions. What have you found working with him?
Something I always found was we would sometimes pitch something, and it would be at a good place, but he’d always be like, “OK, that’s great, but push it further.” Sometimes I’d pitch stuff and be like, “this is too weird” and he’d say “No, go weirder.” He wants to tell the best story and I found it really helpful having his eye across everything and the fact that he does challenge everything. Tom as well, on set. He brings this amazing energy and this great A-game that causes everyone to rise to the occasion.
How do you know when you’ve got the perfect Hiddleston take? Is he asking you for one more, are you pushing him to do one more take?
By the end, it was almost telepathic. We would kind of know. We would look at each other. “We could go again” or, “We’ve got it.” It’s different with every actor. There are some actors who will come in firing and they just want to go for it. But they don’t want to do a million takes. There are other actors I work with who are very meticulous and they want quite a few to warm up and get into it. It’s actor-dependent. The way me and Tom are similar is we are both very perfectionist. We are both very studious. (Laughs.) We definitely connected in that sense. He’s a very generous actor. I remember one day, we had quite a few of our actors coming in as day players. It was really important for him to be there for them, to read lines off-screen. He would have to be 50 places at once, because he is the lead actor. The most amazing thing about him was his generosity. Not just to the other actors, but also to the crew, to be filming in a time like COVID.
When you make an Avengers movie, you get a big board with every character that’s available, and whether the actor’s deals will allow them to appear or if that’d need to be re-negotiated. Loki is smaller, but was there any equivalent for you? Was everything on the table? Was only some stuff on the table?  I imagine if Chris Hemsworth has his own new Thor movie coming up, he’s not going to be on the table, necessarily. 
I felt like everything was on the table if it meant it was good for story, and Marvel would be like, “We’ll work it out.” Me and the writers, we never felt restrained in that sense. Honestly, it always comes back to story. 
What is your relationship with your editor as you finish this up?  
We have three editors, Paul Zucker, Emma MCcleave and Calum Ross. My relationship with all three of them is very different. Emma and me are very close because she was also in Atlanta away from home. I got to know her very well. I love working with the editors because it’s a fresh pair of eyes. You get so deep into something when you are filming, it’s almost like writing it again when you are in the edit. Stuff does change. Even some episodes, we’ve reordered the structure. Or we moved scenes from one episode to another episode. I’ve always loved the editing process. The best thing is someone honest who can be like, “Hey, this doesn’t quite make sense to me” or “this isn’t working.”
What are you going to do on premiere day? Will you be on the Internet at all to see the reaction?
I’m actually working. I’m still finishing the show. My last day is the day the second episode airs. I’m going to be working that day. Sadly, I’ll probably check in on the Internet a little bit but I’ll probably go to bed when I finish because I think I’ll do a 12 or 13-hour day or something. I can’t remember. I’m really excited for people to see it and just to bring it out in the world, really. 
Everyone wants to know about spoilers, but what’s something you wish you were asked about more when it comes to Loki? 
Kevin Feige said, “We make movies. We want to run it like a movie.” So unlike a lot of television shows that are showrunner-led, this was run like a six-hour film. As a director, you don’t often get to do that in a television structure show. I really enjoyed it, having a hand in story and just how collaborative it was. Also, just beyond that, directing the equivalent of a six-hour Marvel movie was incredible for me. That’s something I found interesting about it. Making something the Marvel way.
In terms of the themes, I love gray areas. The show is really about what makes someone truly good or what makes someone truly bad, and are we either of those things? Loki is in that grey area. It’s exciting to be able to tell a story like that. As a director and a writer you don’t necessarily understand why you are making these stories. Something I keep getting drawn back into is identity. Sex Education, we spoke a lot about identity and feeling like an outsider but actually finding your people. I feel the same with Loki. It’s a show about identity and self-acceptance and for me, that’s also what drew me in.
Grey is a good way to describe Loki. Your version of Loki just tried to take over the Earth not long ago.
Exactly. This isn’t the Loki we’ve seen. How do we take a character that people love, but from a lot earlier, and send him on a different path? That for me was interesting, getting to unpack that. Alongside that, getting to set up a whole new corner of the MCU with TVA. That to me was so exciting.
What about the Teletubbies? You referenced that recently and it made quite a splash. Are you going to leave people in suspense on that?
I referenced the Teletubbies once and people were like, “what, Teletubbies? What does this mean?” Maybe I should leave people in the air with it. One thing I would say is the show for me, stylistically – I wanted it to be a love letter to sci-fi because I love sci-fi. Brazil, Metropolis, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Alien. If people love sci-fi they will definitely see the little nods we’ve got across the show.  People will know what it was a reference for when they see the show. It was a visual reference to something in the show.
 Loki debuts on Disney+ on June 9.
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starshipsofstarlord · a year ago
💕 reader has recently acquired the power of levitation and is just learning to control it. Can you describe situations where when you see Bucky (in different situations), the butterflies in her stomach excite her, causing the forces to get out of control, and she flies (without realizing it until someone grabs her leg). And at the end the same thing happens when Bucky kisses her.
If it is easier this force can also be the force of cold. She kisses Bucky and the whole room is covered in frost)) 🥶
Tumblr media
Snowflake - Bucky Barnes x enhanced!reader
Masterlist Link
Word count - 2161
Summary; based on the request
Warnings; fluff, dirty talk, mentions of sex, mentions of imprisonment, mentions of experimentation, a frozen reference
Upon the screen, the suspense thickened as the actors played out the script, putting their own spin on the characters that were assigned to them via the casting crew. They were doing a fine job, nothing amazing nor compelling to get you through another by the same director, but it was alright for the annual weekly movie night that the team was enforced to endorse. “Is anyone else cold, I’m cold?” You mumbled, huddling yourself in the coil of a large blanket, depriving your partner of any warmth from the conductive fabric. It felt like there were icicles tickling down your spine, making you tug the thick fabric further around your slumped shoulders, trying to bite back the chattering of teeth that your mouth threatened to reprimand. Bucky was seated beside of you, cocking a brow at you, as you shuddered lightly, the impact of your new abilities that were provided by your captivity within one of hydra's bases via experimentation.
"It's boiling in here." Clint bereded his opinion, wearing a sleeveless shirt. He raised his arms, casting everyone a faculty of a glimpse of his armpits, to their unwanted dismay, the sweat casting pearls of exhaustion upon his forehead the evidence that he indeed spoke nothing more than truth. It lightly irritated you at his disclaimer, and thus, he soon rejoined his limbs to his side as a whisk of bitter air inclined towards him, his eyes sternly darting to where you were slowly inching closer to Bucky. “Stop woman! You don’t have to frost bite me because I’m warm blooded, appreciate the fact that I saved you from becoming one of hydra’s frozen vessels.” It was true, when you became captured by the undercover, enemy lined organisation, he was one of the team members that went against Fury’s orders of misconduct, and went in to save you. His words were not condemned with ill wellness, he was just being Clint, and it minded you not one bit that he brought up the minor imprisonment that you had been rendered powerless in; you’d suffered through worse.
“You use that excuse against me every time.” A huff reprimanded from your lips as you tentatively crossed your arms, unimpressed as you were when he used it to bargain into winning poker on Saturday night game nights when the pair of you were present. It was a relief that nobody else used it as a device to subtract your victory, although if they wanted to, they darn well could. “Fine, just stop being a pussy about it, I might be ice cold but I’ll have you melting in a puddle of your stupid bow and arrow if you don’t let that one heroic moment that you’ve ever had go.” Thus he was condemned with being shovelled in his own body’s heat once more as you released him from your icy grip, scooting closer to Bucky whom had trailed his vibranium arm across the back of the loveseat that the pair of you shared. A smile tugged at your lips as you tucked yourself into the crook of the machinery, not offering your boyfriend any of your blanket for he would grow cold from the shrill lack of temperate waves that rolled from your form.
With a fog cloaked sigh, you refocused on the movie that obscured the screen, rolling your eyes at Thor and Steve throwing candies to one another like children; those two were a disaster together, and whilst amusing, you were trying to attune your perception upon the wide screen that Tony had invested in, though he was not currently present, having gone on an overdue vacation with his initial family, abandoning you all to survive without his presence in the compound. As excited as you had been without his parental like gaze overlooking you all, it was adamant to say that you missed it; without him everyone had gone borderline crazy. The method of his madness was unpretentious, but gone all the same, and it seemed every one, despite being an adult, had undergone significant leisure without him. At least in this enduring time, you had Bucky who hit his thick and well pronounced thigh against your own, brushing the muscle along your leg as he slunk his scruffy face closer, having forgotten to shave whilst Tony was in another destination, as his warm breath fanned directly into your ear.
“Can’t wait to fuck you later, it’ll be like shoving my dick in a freezer. The name Winter Soldier would be more relevant now, don’t you think?” In turn you squeaked, surprised by the context of his words, squeezing your eyes shut as you tried not to picture his cock, warm and waiting to enter you. It did not work, the flushed skin of his length enveloped your mind, a glare of frost swarming over the entire room, as the television went static, and the plot and everything of the movie stopped, freezing before the screen turned into an empty abyss of nothing. Hollers of rebuttal echoed around the room, as you opened your eyes, seeing the effect that Bucky Barnes had on you. “Hey calm down, she didn’t mean to, did you my beautiful little snowflake?” All eyes were averted towards you, and the innocent cock of Vision’s head had embarrassment thawing over you; sometimes he was so oblivious, although all seemed to be when it came to the blizzard that had erupted around them. The one thing that they were certain of however was the retrospective cluster of cold had come from you, though they had yet to discover that it had perused from the arousal that contorted in your panties.
Groans reverberated around the room, making guilt succumb upon you, as though you were a pawn in chess, being stamped on by the stigma endorsed queen. “I swear to god Elsa...” Sam remarked, not yet quite finishing the point that he was happening across, pointing his finger towards you in disarray, unpressed by the matter, simply trying to stir the pot. Clint was now cold once more, he hugged his arms around himself as Thor continued to feed himself ice cream with a larger than desert spoon, keeping the tub all to himself. At the midguardian reference, he hummed in pleasantries, understanding. He took the flat ladle from his mouth, jousting it like a champion in the air, seemingly almost unfazed by your winter hymn that had scorned the area, more proud of himself for being knowledgeable in human conversation. Since Tony’s current failure of presence, Thor was the only one to remain the same; he continued to be a sample of good grace in the residency, humouring every other avenger with his uplifted spirit and eagerness to be involved in anything (mostly poker).
“I understood that reference.” The god proclaimed, and you’d have congratulated him if it weren’t for Bucky’s flesh hand that was dwelled in a lack of heat sliding beneath the blanket, clutching heavily onto your thigh, making you engulf a deep breath as you reformed yourself, not wishing to give away the teasing that was ongoing beneath the layer. Steve spurred a large handed pat onto Thor’s shoulder, becoming slightly intimidated as he felt the ripple of muscle beneath the God’s simple grey hoodie, that like the blanket strewn across your lap and more, concealed plenty from the first hand eye.
“So did I buddy.” The captain confirmed, a natter of mentions affirming of his age, and what a surprise that was. Your body tensed as Nat stood, shaking her frozen soda with a disgruntled expression, quirking her brow towards you as she headed towards the adjoined kitchen, throwing the complimentary drink of solid ice into the trash, as she turned on the kettle that you had insisted the billionaire invest in, hoisting mugs onto the counter from their placement in the variety of cupboards. “You’re making hot chocolate?” The super soldier asked as he noticed the task that Natasha was prioritising. The assassin rolled her green eyes, inviting every one over as she grasped some extra mugs.
Bucky escorted you along with everyone; they all understood that the fluke of freezing was not your intention, and thus they said nothing more on the matter. But as you all waited for the hot chocolate to be conformed into its final presence that evolved from heated water, your boyfriend had some particular things that he wished to speak of. “You know why I called you a snowflake darling?” To respond, your engaged your front teeth down upon your bottom lip, pressing down as you softly shook your locks, that had light streaks of white coiled through them; the experiment that had taken place over your body was still bestowing new factors upon you, making you feel swell and spiralled around like a snow storm. “Because they’re so spread out, and open, awaiting to fall from a height of which they land elegantly, absorbing the attention that they receive as they slowly but surely melt into a small wet puddle, much like the endurance your body reprimands when it reacts to my touch.”
Though you were cocooned in the blanket, you did not remain in one spot as one did, instead, like a newborn butterfly, you began to float as you became overcome with a selection of emotions; his seductive flirting had quite the effect on you, and you hardly realised that you were being raised above until a hand grasped your ankle, slowly lowering you down onto a normal and even ground. “I’m gone for just over a week, and this is what comes of my place.” Tony sighed, pinching his brow, as Morgan trotted into the room, inclining to wrap her hands around your legs. “Barnes if you continue to be crude to this one, the entire base is going to end up in space - we aren’t the guardians of the galaxy, we are avengers that protect earth! You’d think the rest of you would realise that this only happens when this old man is whispering in her ear, in the future, if you wanted an undisrupted movie night, keep them apart god forsakes.”
“How did you-“ Tony jutted a finger up at Bucky’s unfinished enquiry, shaking his dark haired head at the White Wolf. He was a genius, of course he knew anything, and one thing that he had grew into the habit of understanding was how to read people. It wasn’t that difficult, he had once been like you and Bucky in his past explicit relations, the only difference was, there was a difference in consequence. Bucky suffered from the sore glares from his team members as they squinted heavily at him for ruining their bonding time, the only one that continued elaborating a chunky smile on their face was Thor. “My bad...” he sulked, breathing out a loud sigh as he turned around, and pressed a peck to your forehead, only to be digressed with a layer of frost over his vibranium appendage. “I deserved that one.” He promptly spoke, as Sam ravenously agreed, praising you for striking against him.
“Can we plait Thor’s hair?” Morgan asked, and you nodded, however Thor’s eyes widened, being put on the spot. It wasn’t that he was adjourned against being pampered under such a luscious account, it was rather the protocol that he was wary of. Your hands; your cold hands. He pretended to be blatantly unbothered by the swarm of cold air that resonated around, but that was just for show. He wanted to be seen as the strongest avenger, being touched by your frozen needle fingers would suppose otherwise, and he would surrender that role to Hulk (who already carried that title to Thor’s youthful like dismay). Thor gulped, stepping closely to Natasha who saw through him as clearly as she could a building’s single glazed window. He watched her get the mixture ready, and he leant down, not thinking of Barnes and Rogers hearing him with their enhanced senses.
“I’m going to need some of that hot chocolate.” He stated, feeling like it were a crucial piece of surviving your cold, frost giant like touch. Bucky puffed with brief laughter as he shook his brunette head at the god, earning a look of demanding silence from Stark, and thus he moved closer to you, leaning down to speak once more into your alert and numb ears.
“Well you do know how to work some magic with those hands...” he admitted from experience of being pleasured by them, Morgan luckily oblivious and unaware of what was being spoken of.
“Barnes!” Stark yelled, leaving both him and Thor in a frenzy as the god gulped down the hot beverage, placing the mug on the side and sliding it closer to the black widow.
“Another.” He pleaded senselessly, opting not to smash the mug, not demand, for with Natasha, if she were riled it would turn the tables terribly for the other person.
Bucky tags; @tylard-blog1
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herroyalbubbliness · 9 months ago
The Harder They Fall
Tumblr media
Photo Credit: IMDb
This movie looked stunning with the stylish costumes, set designs, fight scenes, cinematography, like it looks good and you want to watch it.
From the vibrant lighting to the interesting and deliberate camera angles which added a breath of fresh air to the depiction of the scenes.
And the nod to Chadwick Boseman with his name engraved on the train, I loved it so much. He lives on in our hearts.
I loved how the camera will zoom in on a character to a beat whether it was music or the sounds of firing shots. When we are introduced to Stagecoach Mary, the camera zooms in on her legs with the pistol being stomped on the ground as the camera zoomed in on Nat Love to the beat of the stomps. I loved it!
With the introduction of a particular character, how the camera focuses on two gold guns about to be fired with a blurry shot of the character in the background, I thought that was a really cool shot.
I loved the introduction of every character. We get to know them and their capabilities very quickly whilst shrouded in mystery that we just want to know more and can't get enough.
This movie was hilarious and had me laughing at intervals but with heartfelt moments too and a lot of violence and gore. I was fully invested in the fight scenes. I mean they were badass!
The music had me jamming and bobbing my head like I came to a concert or something. I mean we've got reggae, hip-hop, everything. As soon as I heard "Fela Anikulapo Kuti's song, Let's Start" , I was screaming, Naija to the world! The film soundtrack was beautiful. Even the characters were singing with beautiful voices. I need the whole playlist like yesterday!
You could feel the love among the Nat Love Gang and the mutual respect, loyalty and love born out of many trials and tribulations together, between Rufus Buck and Treacherous Trudy. The looks exchanged among the Rufus Buck gang on the train were so relatable and funny. I felt like I was a part of the crew too.
The monologues were delivered with so much emotional depth, I felt it in my heart piercing my very soul.
The ending took me by surprise and left me heartbroken and crying, a testament to the phenomenal acting. And I have to say that was my favourite part of the film. In the words of Confucius, "before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."
From the cold-hearted Cherokee Bill whose calmness and faux politeness was in dark contrast to his deadliness to Rufus Buck with the constant death glare in his eyes to Treacherous Trudy who commands everywhere she goes and oh, you better not fall for her smiles, she is just as deadly, if not deadlier and please don't make her ask twice! Nat with every facial expression, I kept saying I understand you boo, my gun slinger, Jim with the confidence, swag, humor and so many tricks up his sleeve to Pickett, a man of few words, he lets the songs and oh his gun do most of the talking to my girl Cuffee, ever underestimated but I think it's a superpower. They just never see you coming! And to Stage Coach Mary, in charge and in control! I loved every single person in this cast.
I need a prequel, sequel, give me something please! And we need to see more black cowboys and cowgirls on screen, because oh my did they look good!!! And badass, you mustn't forget that! I think this is my first time of seeing black people in the western genre looking good and stylish in their costumes, owning businesses, having power, just doing their thing and not being portrayed as slaves and I loved it. I want more! I need more!
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writersblog20 · a year ago
A scary movie
Tom Hiddleston x Freader
Big guest appearance: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Mark Ruffalo mostly but the others are there as well but mostly these actors.
Tumblr media
Summary: the reader is good friends with the marvel cast because her uncle is their personal bodyguard. So she hangs out a lot on set and with them. The reader has a very special connection with Tom and when he dared her to watch the conjuring with everyone on movie night she’s too stubborn to give up. but that seemed like a big mistake once the movie was over.
Warning: angst(?)
Words: 2700
A scary movie
It was movie night when Y/N popped down on the big couch next to Tom and Benedict. Her uncle had his arrows all day on her and you didn’t quit know why but then again he never really needed a reason to tease you. You figured he was really bored. The cast found it funny sometimes how you would bicker with each other. He was your uncle but it was more like an annoying older brother. He was the personal bodyguard of the crew on set along side other bodyguards of course. And you well you were a writer and photographer so you would photograph the boys for the movie which of course you loved and marvel paid you well.
“So what’s it going to be?” Chris asked while he looked around the room at everyone. Your uncle walked in the room. “what about a good horror movie” he said while looking at you with a grin. “what’s up with you today?” you asked him slightly annoyed. He laughed “nothing. Just I’m in for some good horror.” He told you while looking amused at you. You just rolled your eyes. “I’m game” Sebastian said and looked around the room. The others decided as well. But only if I would be okay with it. My uncle knew how competitive I was and I wasn’t going to give in.
“oh come on Y/N, you watch scary stuff all the time!” your uncle said coming at you. “that’s different” you told him “how? How is that different?” he asked you trying to get you pissed off. “are you bored? You are aren’t you? You always do this when you’re bored.” You just told him. he chuckled. “No serious. Tell me why that’s so different because the stuff you watch is supposedly true and real life footage” he mocked. “first of all no jump scares which is a big one for me. I don’t like it and second of all there is no tension. That’s a little different with a horror movie” you told him. “fine but we’re going to watch it anyway” he told you amused. I growled and made myself comfortable against Tom. “are you going to be okay sweetheart?” he asked you softly and you nodded.
Benedict gave me a pillow to hold onto. Martin (Freeman) was sitting next to Benedict and told me “Believe us we don’t like it either” he said with an eyeroll which made you giggle. Chris (Hemsworth) brought us all snacks along side with RDJ. It was his rent house we were watching movie night in because it was big enough and he had a huge screen which you loved but at the moment absolutely hated.
We were just in the intro so nothing really happened yet ( I don’t know I never watched the movie because of this reason so if I make any mistakes, I’m sorry). There it was though, the tension you talked about. You cuddled up more against Tom. He looked surprised at you since you were never really cuddly when there were other people around but he figured you wanted comfort. “is this okay?” you asked Tom and he smiled lovingly at you. “of course darling” he told you and put his arm protectively around you. Martin and Benedict looked at you and Tom with a sweet smile. They knew Tom was head over heels for you.
You always came to Tom to either chat or to let him read your new story or to read to each other. They would often find you and Tom cuddled up together in his trailer taking a nap. He would either be in his Loki costume or not but you would always cuddle up and he loved every minute of it. You really stole his heart and it looked like he wouldn’t get it back very soon. He even asked you to be his plus on the premier and you happily took it. Sometimes you both would go to the bookstore. He knew you were a fan from the minute he met you. That’s why your uncle brought you in the first place. But there was something different about you. You were easy to hang out with and it took some time for you to open up emotionally. And you all treated them as friends. Like said before you were really easy going and it everyone found it very nice to hang out with you. They all loved you dearly but the fact you chose to get close to Tom made his heart melt. He never felt this love and he was so scared to, well, to scare you away. He wanted to keep you close forever.
Tom forgot the movie and just watched you as you looked scarily at the screen with the pillow half in your face for some sort of protection. When you had a feeling there was going to be a jump scare you would turn to Tom and hid your face in his chest. You smelled his cologne and it immediately calmed you down. you really did try to watch the movie but it was just a little much.
There was coming a big jump scare and you could just feel it and you turned to Tom again. You looked up at him to find him already staring at you with love and adoration in his eyes. He scooted you closer to him and you put your legs over him and just hid in his arms. You heard a big scream coming from Ruffalo, who was in front of you. He threw his popcorn behind him onto you and Tom which made you giggle. “oh my god Y/N, Tom I’m sorry. God I’m so sorry.” Everyone started laughing. “it’s okay Ruffalo” you said chuckling and wiping away the popcorn.
When the attention was away from you two to the screen again Tom looked at you and chuckled a little. “you have some popcorn in your hair dear.” He said and started to fish the popcorn out of your Y/H/C. You both stared at each other for a moment and that moment didn’t go unnoticed by Benedict and Martin. They shared a glance with each other. They told Tom to just go for it but he was scared he would lose you which they could understand. “I ehh going to get something to drink. You want some?” you asked Tom “no thank you. Are you going to be okay love?” he asked you. “yeah” you said and gave him a smile.
You walked away and didn’t knew your uncle saw you leaving which gave him an idea. You walked down the hall and all the lights were off. “oh for the love of god. Come on!” he said. You couldn’t find the lights so you just turned your flashlight on your phone on. You walked to the kitchen and you had an eerie feeling but you tried to hide it. “it’s going to be okay” you told yourself and took a deep breath. You made yourself a gin tonic. You saw a shadow and got really scared. “Look it’s not funny!” you saw Martin come in the kitchen. “god you scared me!” you told him which made him chuckle. “I’m sorry about that. I see you are in need of some alcohol as well?” he asked and you chuckled. “Yeah definitely! If I want to get through the conjuring 2 after this” you chuckled. “I fucking hate this. I don’t even know why I’m still here” he told you and you nodded. “yeah honestly same! Hey you want to do a shot? Maybe it calms us down a bit” you asked Martin. He laughed “yeah let’s do it!”
You decided on which alcohol to choose from and you both decided on some tequila. You poured it in and gave one to Martin and yourself. You both drank it and made funny faces until you heard a knock after you two. You both looked at each other in horror. “Look it’s not funny” you tried to sound calm. Then a sound came from the other side and you immediately took a step closer to Martin. “you’re okay, you’re fine” he told you but then another noise came and you saw a shadow. “oh fuck no! We are not doing this you hear me!” Martin shouted and pushed you a little behind him. all of a sudden the lights became to flicker and you saw something darting away. There were sound all over the place and all of a sudden it all got dark and silence again. You and Martin looked at each other waiting for something. “Let’s just go back” you told him “yeah that’s a good idea. Stay behind me” he told you and you held onto his arm and he protectively kept an arm around you. You made your way into the dark with the flashlight and all of a sudden someone got you from behind and you let out a scream and you and Martin fell on the ground.
You heard someone laughing under the nun mask. It was obviously your uncle. You fell on the ground from laughing so much. The others came running to you guys to see what was going on. You smacked your uncle and cursed at him in Dutch. (you and your uncle were both from the Netherlands.) it made him laugh harder. You looked at Martin and he held his hand over his heart. “jesus christ” he said and rubbed his face. You leaned against the wall and you saw the others coming to you.
Tom immediately kneeled besides you and put his hands on your face “are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked worried. “no I’m fine I’m not hurt. Just got scared really bad” he helped you up and Benedict helped Martin up. “you’re definitely a douchebag!” Martin pointed at your uncle, who was still laying on the ground from laughing. The others started to chuckle a little. You huffed and got back with the others and sat down again. “are you sure your okay?” Tom asked you. “yeah I’m just actually really done with this movie now.” you chuckled a little when you calmed down a bit. “it’s still 20 minutes. How about I bring you home after?” he asked you and you smiled gratefully at him “yeah that sounds nice.” But then reality settled in and you knew you were going to be all alone in your apartment and you didn’t like that thought. You anxiously moved in your seat. Tom pulled you close to him. so close that you couldn’t even fit a paper between you two.
When the movie finished you and tom said your goodbyes. You weren’t the only one who were done with the night. Martin was still pissed off and decided to leave as well along side Benedict. Ruffalo and Paul Rudd left as well but more because they were tired.
You climbed into Tom’s car and you got more anxious. “Hey, are you sure your okay? He asked worried. “yeah I’m eh fine” you lied. You didn’t like to lie to Tom but you didn’t want to be a burden. Tom thought for a second. “why don’t you sleep at my place tonight? So you’re not alone then.” He asked you. “That would be nice but only if you really don’t mind” you told him softly. “Darling, I won’t get any sleep tonight if I knew you would be all alone in your apartment and if you’d be scared. Rather have you at my place. That and you’re lovely company” Tom said and blushed a little which made you a little flustered. “okay then” you told him with a smile.
Once inside Tom’s apartment you walked upstairs and he gave you his sweatpants and one of his shirts. He showed you his bathroom and you took a quick shower. Once you were done you saw Tom laying on a mattress on the ground. You chuckled a little “Tom? What are you doing?” you asked him “You’re getting the bed.” He told you. “yeah I can see that but it wouldn’t be the first time we laid next to each other so just get into your bed.” He seemed to think about it. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable” he told you. Always the gentleman you thought. That’s one of the many reasons but a very important one why you fell in love with him. “I would feel uncomfortable if you didn’t get into the bed” you told him and he got up to lay in the bed.
You chuckled and got next to him. you stirred a little to find a comfortable position. Tom looked at you amused. He knew you found it difficult to get into a nice position. He chuckled a little “darling just come here” he said and he didn’t have to tell you twice. You crawled up to him. You laid your head on his shoulder and your arm was wrapped around him. he put his arms around you and held you close. “comfortable?” he asked you and you hummed in approval. “goodnight sweetheart” he said softly. “Goodnight Tom. And thank you” you told him and he just gave you kiss on the top of your head.
You drifted off to sleep but of course you had to get a nightmare. You jumped up and Tom shot up beside you. “sshhhh you had a nightmare. You’re safe. I’ve got you” he told you all the sweet things. He laid you down again and took you in his arms while keep saying sweet things to you. “Tom?” you asked he hummed as a sign he was listening. “I love you” you said all of a sudden. You didn’t knew what came up to you. He stayed silence for a while which scared you a little. “I love you too you know that right?” he told you playing it safe in case you didn’t mean it like that.
“No Tom. I eh am in love with you” you told him softly. You really didn’t knew where your courage came from. He pushed you away a little so he could look into your face. your heart was pounding and it felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. “Do you mean that?” he asked and looked at you adoringly. You nodded. “Sweetheart I love you so much and you have my heart. Always had and always will.” He told you sweetly and got closer to you. He placed his hand on your cheek and caressed it with his thumb. His lips placed softly at yours. He waited a second but you stared to move and he slowly opened his mouth. The kiss was passionate, loving but dominating at the same time. You never experienced such a kiss and we are talking about a kiss right now.
You had a full make out session and after a while you both pulled away panting. You giggled. “Can I take you out on a date then?” your lips formed in a smile. “ I would love to” he smiled brightly and chuckled. He pulled you in for another kiss. When you both pulled away you crawled closer against him and he held you close. “I will always protect you” he told you. You looked up at him and got lost in his blue greenish eyes. “I love you so much darling” he told you which made you flustered. “I love you too Tom” he rested his forehead against yours and you both fell asleep happily thinking about what the future would bring. All of a sudden you were quit grateful of the antics of your uncle.
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