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Oh…. well…. It wasn’t actually that bad. Everything was really clean. The scientists were very nice to me and my mom. They never hurt us, and eventually released us.

I just…. didn’t ever meet anyone or make any friends….

Mom says that some labs aren’t that nice though…. she’s warned me about never going near places like the Aether Foundation…. wherever that is.


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Ashley “Ash” Reference, September 27 2020
ORIGINAL DESIGN AND ARTWORK (on the right) MADE BY @lacusmoonrise

I won this bab in a giveaway and IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE THEM…

whose child…. is this……
find out NeXT week on Ask-Scrafty

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Anthony looks slightly exasperated, but he answers the question while attempting to ignore it. Luckily the Castform isn’t in biting range this time. “I’ve set up a few channels, so we’re not always in each others heads. I gave all you guys access, so you could probably just pop in and talk to them yourself? Tarrai and Goldie are probably talking to each other right now, they’re closer to each other than the rest of us.”


The Girafarig sighs deeply. “A-also, I still need to talk to Gravity, it’d be easier if I have time to myself to do that, so….could you maybe go talk to the others while I’m doing that? Fair warning, Goldie isn’t too talkative and Tarrai’s a little…intense, so….yeah. Keep that in mind.”

“….” He waits for the room to be empty, and then reaches out to the Musharna again. She answers very quickly.


“Yes, Anthony?”


Anthony and Gravity are unavailable for asks.

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