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Please please please send in make me choose ideas I want to do this so bad! It can be SPN, TVD, Teen Wolf, Marvel, Harry Potter, Arrow and DC characters, ships, and aus. I will gladly answer them!

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I would say “Supernatural makes Infinity War/Endgame references” but like,, these happened years before and idk what the hell is going on.


I noticed this one first (although it came later in the series) because I was watching this season for the first time after Infinity war. I mean, COME ON. The finger snappy?? The disintegrate thing Lucifer loves to do??


I was rewatching this episode earlier. Me Tatton legitimately says this while explaining his plan to Gadriel I—

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Holy crap, an ask! What an interesting thing to wake up to :o

There isn’t a simple yes or no answer I can give you here, but I’m leaning toward the “yes” end of the spectrum. Keep in mind that I’m no prophet - Kevin Tran doesn’t run this blog. Anyway, here’s what I’m thinking:

Let’s look at what’s been going on with Dean and Cas this season. They’re being portrayed as domestic partners (co-parenting a child, old married couple banter, quiet nights together in the library, etc) they’re paralleled to a canon m/f couple (Saileen,) and the whole breakup/make-up has been portrayed like that of a romantic couple. But beyond that, their relationship is integral to the overall story and their respective journeys.

Cas and Dean’s arcs collide in some kind of confession. Dean’s been battling his anger - the cause of the big DeanCas breakup - and with facing “the truth” all season. Meanwhile, Cas made a deal with the Empty, in which it will come for him when he “finally gives himself permission to be happy.” No, I am not saying that Dean specifically is what Cas needs to be happy. What I am saying is that what Cas really wants is love (in all forms,) a family, a place to belong…but he doesn’t think he deserves it. He still sees himself as a weapon kept around to be useful. He doesn’t see that he’s worth being loved for who he is. THAT is what he must realize and accept for the Empty to come. Confessing whatever he feels for Dean will be verbalizing that acceptance, placing it in the larger framework of accepting love in all forms from his family as a whole. And why else would we need a big admission of feelings if those feelings weren’t romantic in nature?

Could they play it down the middle like “I love you, I love all of you” in 12x12? Maybe. But considering that this confession will probably happen in 15x18 during the big ugly sobbing DeanCas scene from the promos, and it’s written by Robert Berens who has been writing the DeanCas emotional arc this season (the breakup and the Purgatory reunion,) what we get is gonna have to be bigger than any DeanCas scene we’ve ever had before. Either way, the progression of the story demands that Cas accepts that he deserves to be loved for who he is. Considering the circumstances, confession is in order in one way or another.

Any loose ends left over from that scene will be tied up in the finale. There’s a really big scene filmed in a barn that most of us clowns are betting is Cas’s rescue from the Empty, set up to mirror Dean’s rescue from Hell. Either way, the finale will settle anything left unsaid or undone in 15x18, which will probably be Dean’s end of admitting/accepting his own feelings (*cough* and finally asking Cas to stay *cough*) as well as Cas choosing what he wants for himself going forward. What’s beautiful about this set up is that it’s so much more than two characters getting together. It’s also two characters overcoming some of their primary internal conflicts to finally reach a happy ending for themselves.

Now, of course there’s the possibility that the big bad network will halt any plans for overt Destiel, but we have to consider that this is the final season, and specifically the final three episodes I’m discussing here. They don’t have to worry about bringing back an audience for next season because there isn’t a next season. They don’t have to make everyone happy. They’re free to tell the story they’ve been wanting to tell, and looking back, it’s clear these two need to finally use their damn words.

Wow this got…lengthy. Hope that answers your question :)

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Prompt: ‘It was a dark and stormy night’ 

Requested by: @spuffyfan394

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Gender: Neutral        Words: 1,603

Triggers: None        Genre: Casual + a little fluff

Supernatural Taglist: @kaashi​ 

Note: Halloween Theme - 4/10; based around Halloween, no real strict Halloween theme. I wanted so badly to make this spooky but for the life of me I could not come up with anything. So this is what I got. Why am I so bad at making things Halloween themed? like, is it really that hard? lol

If you’d like to check out 2019 and 2018′s 13 Days of Halloween, as well as my 2017 general Halloween/Fall stuff here are the links: x2017x, x2018x & x2019x


Originally posted by supernaturalthoughtsworld

You hummed to yourself as you wandered through the bunker, it was a dark and stormy night, the lights flickered occasionally as lightning struck nearby, thunder rumbling trough the bunker.

Pausing in your step as you stared up towards the bunker roof, the walls and floors seeming to vibrate as the thunder roared, slowly rumbling on, getting quieter and quieter. 

Usually you found storms comforting or even exciting, but tonight it was different. Sam and Dean were gone, and you were alone. The bunker was big, and you kept getting the feeling that you weren’t alone. You figured it was just your own mind tricking you, causing you to exaggerate, like when you are watching a scary movie and you get the feeling someone is in your house when you know there isn’t. 

It certainly didn’t help that you had made the decision to decorate the bunker with Halloween decorations. Various decorations in the corners of the room catching your eye, end up only being fake skeletons or masks. Your overactive brain was simply pumping unwanted adrenaline through you.  

So, trying to ignore it, you focused on the rain, and the fact that Sam and Dean should be back soon. Hopefully. Just as you were sitting down at the kitchen counter, you heard a distant bang. You stopped, staring in the direction of the noise. Was that thunder? No. It sounded like it was in the bunker. Maybe something fell over? You had been rearranging one of the storage rooms earlier. That was probably it. 

Even as you ran through the possibilities that it was nothing, you moved to a nearby case, opening it and taking out one of your guns. Just in case. It is probably nothing after all. 

Hearing another sound within the bunker, your breath hitched in your throat, you realized it wasn’t something falling over, but a door opening and closing. Slowly walking down the hall, your hand gripped around the gun. Peering around a corner you see a shadow quickly disappearing around the end of the hall. 

Silently creeping down the hall, now knowing full well there was someone here, you were prepared to fight. Stopping just at the corner, you hear a door open, you recognized the area as your bedroom door. Hearing footsteps approaching your direction again you quickly round the corner, gun raised, ready to fight. 

Seeing the figure in front of you, you gasped out in surprise, just as the figure did as well. Quickly lowering your gun you audibly sighed out “Cas! Oh my God, you scared the shit out of me”

Castiel lowered his hands, which he had quickly raised in defense when you had rounded the corner. Adjusting his stance, he breathed out in relief as well “I apologize, I should have said something, but I didn’t see anyone here, so I was looking around for you, or Sam and Dean” he seemed to quickly add on Sam and Deans names, which he hoped went unnoticed by you. 

You took a deep breath as you turned to walk back into the living room “Sam and Dean are finishing up a case a couple towns over, they should be back later tonight” Cas nodded, though unseen by you, as he followed you. The sound of thunder echoing through the bunker again. 

As you entered the main room Castiel looked around the bunker at the various decorations “Ah, yes, Halloween is soon isn’t it?” 

You looked back at him, seeing him checking out the decoration “Yup” you watched him for a moment before turning away from him, having realized you were staring. 

You and Castiel had known each other for a few years now, only having grown close in the recent year. You had developed feelings for him, and sometimes you thought he might have for you, but other times he seemed indifferent. 

“Have you ever celebrated?” you asked him

“No, but I have observed various cultures interpretation of the Holiday over the last few hundred years” he commented, as if it was the most normal thing to do.

You smiled “Sounds interesting, I’m sure you’d seen a lot of unique things over the years” 

You fell into a casual conversation with Castiel as he talked about various Halloween traditions he has seen. The storm raging on outside was now pushed to the back of your mind. But as the wind grew much stronger, the trees closer to the bunker began swaying forcefully, the branches smacking into the windows. 

As you tried to ignore it by talking with Cas, there was a sudden crashing down as glass crashed to the floor. You and Cas both jumped in surprise at the sound. Quickly running towards the sound and looking up, you see that a tree branch smacked into one of the old windows upstairs hard enough to break it. 

“Shit!” you yelled as you ran towards the storage room, Castiel following. 

He watched as you pulled an old tarp from the shelf as well as some duct tape, before running past him. Running up the stairs and towards the window, seeing that the broken glass was higher up you cursed under your breath as the rain spattered in through the window. Turning at a clanging sound, you see Castiel approaching with two chairs. Setting them down, you both climbed up on the chairs, hanging the tarp and taping it to the walls. 

Finally managing to do so, even with the tarp flapping in the wind, you and Cas both stepped down from the chair. Looking at each other, you chuckled realizing you were both now soaked from the rain. Cas smiled at your amusement, watching as you looked back up at the window “Dean’s gonna be pissed” 

Cas looked at the window as well “At least he can’t blame you”

You nodded in agreement before turning towards him again, hesitating as you saw Castiel reaching towards you, gently he touched the side of your face, before pulling away a small leaf that must have blown in with the rain “Oh, thanks” ignoring the burning you felt on your face from the interaction you cleared your throat before turning away “Let me get you some dry clothes” Castiel smiled lightly as he watched you rush away, knowing full well what he just did, and seeing how it affected you. 

Now sitting in the main room of the bunker in dry clothes, Castiel took a sip of the cocoa you had made him “Thank you for the hot chocolate” 

You smiled at him, sitting down next to him, now in your own comfy clothes “You’re welcome” as an echoing boom of thunder rang out, you looked up towards the sound before sighing “As much as I love rain, I wish this storm would pass already” 

Cas nodded, also looking up “The thunder is less consistent now, I believe it is beginning to pass” 

Taking a sip of your cocoa, you considered something before looking at Cas, who was already looking at you. Though slightly surprised by that, you continued with your though “Would, uh, would you like to celebrate Halloween with us this year?” you asked somewhat shyly. 

Cas smiled at the invitation “I would be honored” 

You smiled at his choice of words “We are planning a Halloween movie marathon, complete with a sickening amount of candy” 

“Then it will be a new experience to add to my list” 

“Good” you smiled at him before looking down into your cocoa “Oh, I was wondering Cas, you never said what you actually came her for tonight” looking up you met his eyes, which held an unusual emotion behind them. 

He seemed to hesitate for a second, clearing his throat and looking away, suddenly becoming nervous “What is it Cas?” 

Thinking for a second, he met your eyes again “I, already knew Sam and Dean were on a case” seeing your quizzical look he continued “And, I knew it was very stormy here tonight, and, I just, uh, I knew I would feel better knowing you weren’t left alone.”

As you watched him nervously explain his reasoning, a smile formed on your face “So you wanted to make sure I was okay?” 

“Uh, yes” he looked up, and upon seeing the smile on your face, he seemed to relax “I know you can take care of yourself, but, I..worry, about you”

“That’s very sweet Cas. I’m glad you came. Thank you” 

Your eyes met again, something seemed to click in both of you, as you understood where each of you stood. The tension growing between your gazes was broken when the front door to the bunker swung open, causing both you and Cas to jump in surprise. 

“Damn storm!” you heard Dean yell out as he and Sam rushed into the bunker, now wet from the rain. 

As Sam and Dean entered they saw you and Cas resting on the couch “Well don’t you two look comfy” Dean commented as he walked past,

Sam smirking at his annoyed brother. “You guys alright?” you asked.

“I’m fine, but, uh, a tree branch fell and smashed the back window of the impala” he commented.

“Oh. Well. Then he certainly isn’t going to be happy about the window here” you commented, looking over at Cas.

“What window?”

Suddenly from the other side of the bunker Deans voice echoed “Aw, what the hell man!” 

“Same thing happened upstairs” you said to Sam who just sighed out as he turned and walked towards Deans curses. 

Turning you looked at Cas who was smiling fondly at you “Told you he’d be pissed.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Not sure if I like this one or not but whatever lol, hope you guys do.

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Im powerless. Im hapless, Im hopeless. I mean, why the hell not bury myself in women and decadence, right? Its the end, baby. Thats what decadence is for. Why not bang a few gongs before the lights go out? But then thats... thats just how I roll.

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Day 25 - Mundane Bond

           “Excuse me, sir? I don’t think that’s the right line.”

           Dean turns, staring at the man who placed his hand on Dean’s shoulder. Spoke without prompting. “What?”

           “This line?” he says, “It’s for passports. You’re not here for passports, are you?”

           “Oh, no,” he admits, blushing, “I’m looking for the driver’s license line? I have to get mine renewed.” Dean glances at the tens of people in front of him, swallowing around the lump in his throat. “Person I asked on the line before said I had to wait on this line –“

           “I think they meant the line after this one,” the stranger, his savior, says. “I understand the confusion, though. Who could barely see the other line behind this one.”

           “That’s for sure.” Dean steps out of the line, another tired, dead-eyed soul taking his place. “Thanks for the save,” he says, “I probably would’ve been there for forty years if you hadn’t pulled me out.”

           “Think nothing of it,” he tells Dean, “I just happened to catch sight of your paperwork. I’m here for the same thing.” He shows his paper, Dean uncaring for the tedious information save the name this man put. Castiel. “I was just about to get on line, but since you were here longer, you should go in front of me.”

           “Really? Thanks.” They enter the much shorter line, advancing quickly through it. Dean is next, and they haven’t talked much since Castiel and he got there. He turns, “Hey, you doing anything after this?”

           “Not really, no,” Castiel says, “I figured I’d be spending my whole day here.”

           “Me, too. You wanna grab a pizza or something once we’ve finished this?”

           “…I’d like that.”

           Dean grins, “Great!”

(Day 24 - Worst. AU. Ever.)

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can someone help me find a fanfiction? I believe it was written after 15x03 and it’s about how castiel left to work at the gas n sip and dean followed him there after a few months. there was a winter storm going on so they both had to wait in the store, and it took dean a while to find cas bc he threw out all of his phones. It has smut in it, and I remember one line if it’ll help (Lowkey embarassing to type this) “he sank unbidden to his knees”

Thank you :))))

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