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Okay so… i just wanted to thank you to Twd and Caryl fandom. Because…

My main fandom was Supernatural for like three years and i always had to try to fit in. There were ships wars, Wincest or Destiel. Sastiel was so peaceful but never get serious. And then i tried to defend John, i know it was stupid.

But, it only took two post of me talking about how cute is Daryl and Carol to accept me. So… thank you i guess.

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my one brain cell right now:

what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde what if castiel was blonde

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Sorry, I’ve posted a lot today. After sitting with it a while, I’ve been thinking. If Cas KNEW Dean loves him and longs for him and etc. I was so pissed thinking then why didn’t he just let him say it? If not in purgatory because it wasn’t the time, then why the hell not let him get it off his chest when they realized they were trapped in that room with Death about to come through the door?! But what I realized is- as much as Cas wanted to hear Dean say the words he’s so longed to hear. It would be selfish of him to allow Dean to say those words when the moment he confirms he feels the same way too, he’d be snatched away. Much more than he wants to hear Dean finally confess how he feels about him, he need Dean to hear him- to KNOW who he is. The truth about himself. And he knows he’s the only one he’d believe and this is the only time Dean would hear him out. That’s what I think Cas’ greatest sacrifice was about. Not only confessing his love out loud to Dean but also though he knew Dean would regret not saying it back or getting to react, he needed to leave him knowing who is really is. To know he’s not his dad, he’s not worthless, he’s not selfish and his faults and failures don’t define him. And that’s even more beautiful to me.

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honestly they made destial canon (barely), but at what cost?

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all these jokes about a blonde castiel but that really would’ve changed the game for me

I have never related to a blonde, not even castiel would’ve been able to change that😔

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Originally posted by envydean

What if Dean doesn’t know how to express love and so instead he knows it by what he feels. It has always been clear in the show that Dean needs Cas. When they’re apart he broods, when they’re arguing he is chaotic, and when Cas is not alive, he’s suicidal and lost without him. He is willing to trade his life for his with Chuck. Guys. This is “that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff.” Dean is lost without Cas. Lost. Fuck I’m heartbroken. It’s actually really really sad. Cas is his person. 

Also please go listen to Needing and Getting by OK Go. You can’t tell me that doesn’t resonate destiel energy

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I’ve drunk the kool-aid and can I just say it’s so so funny that Dean decided to take this clearly gay angel to a brothel like first time they are alone recreationally

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So here is a list of all the spn cast members (that I can think of) that are problematic and you shouldn’t stan.

1.) Jared Padalecki

2.) Alex Calvert

3.) Jeffrey Dean Morgan

4.) Ty Olsen

5.) Osric Chau

6.) Mark Pellegrino

7.) David Haydn-Jones

There may be more that I forgot so if there is someone who is very problematic that I didn’t list, please feel free to add on their names.

I’m tagging this with everything I can think of so it reaches as many people as possible. You need to stop stanning these people and unfollow them.

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cas: if there is one thing i am not, it is a female dog

rowena: *office stares into the camera*

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not me thinking about the day that Misha Collins changes his social media profile pic from Castiel’s image. 

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dean really did just start calling him cas out of the blue…after ONLY three episodes with him, in which Castiel 1) reveals he’s a warrior of god 2) says that dean should show him some respect or he will send him back to hell 3) threatens to kill sam…and dean is just like “Cas :)”

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I love that after three encounters with the guy, Dean was like, “Castiel’s too formal for this literal Angel of the lord. Let’s go with Cas.” And he tries it out the first time in the middle of a heated argument with Sam.

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The real reason they wouldn’t let misha be his best blonde self in supernatural

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My experience of watching supernatural can be summed up by

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so basically the real reason that cas cuts dean off after the purgatory prayer scene (I know, I heard your prayer you don’t have to say it) is not because the portal is closing or because all has been said but because he knows. because he knows what dean will say. and the sheer joy of that, the rush of that, would end him entirely. because the empty is waiting. so he stops him short and doesn’t allow him to speak.

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