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#castlevania hector
endrae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ever after the s4 came out, I’ve wanted to draw these two chilling in (hector’s? isaac’s? theirs??) castle in the mountains 
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juviasmel · 4 months ago
Hello I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do some NSFW relationship headcanons for Hector and Trevor? Thank you!
I’m so glad you like my posts! Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy :)
Trevor Belmont NSFW relationship headcanons
NSFW under the gif
Tumblr media
He likes to see his partners face while their intimate. The expressions on their face makes him aware of what his partner likes/dislikes
He’s definitely an ass man. Of course he loves a nice set of breasts, but he leans more towards ass.
Even though he’s an ass man, he isn’t the biggest fan of doggy style. Like the first point said, he enjoys seeing his partners face so doggy style is taking away the fun in that.
He isn’t into anything that involves blood or bodily fluids. And he does NOT want to do anything that will harm his partner.
I like to thing he has a thing for curvier people (not in a fetishy sort of way) he adores cuddling with them and loves how soft his partner feels
Whenever he is close he grabs on his partners waist and doesn’t let go until his is done
During the first time he likes to focus on his partner and make sure he’s doing everything he can to pleasure them. He doesn’t talk so he always pays attention to their facial expressions.
He’s had a few flings before hand so during the first time he is completely of aware of what he needs to do.
He’s definitely a dominant person. If he were to ever be on the bottom he would still want to be in control. Something about being in control turns him on.
Also fighting turns him on. Seeing his partner winning in a fight makes him want them even more.
He doesn’t mind having sex in the back of the wagon, a regular bed and maybe even a tree if him and his partner are feeling risky. He wouldn’t fully be into public sex but likes the risk of doing it out in the woods.
He’s pretty vanilla, he doesn’t have any bizzare kinks. But if his partner has something they would like to try out he wouldn’t mind testing it out with them. (Only if he is comfortable with it)
This isn’t THAT nsfw but there definitely was a moment when Trevor looked at his partners breasts and said “nice tits” around alucard. Alucard right now: “bloody hell belmont”
Tumblr media
After what happened with Lenore he is not going to jump right into a sexual relationship with someone.
But once he becomes comfortable around his S/O he would mainly initiate all the intimate moments.
The first couple of times he tends to talk a lot…he’s asking questions like “are you okay with this?” “what would you like to do?” But it’s only because he never wants to cause any harm to his partner.
He’s definitely a switch, leaning more towards a sub. He’s comfortable being dominant but he prefers seeing his partner on top of him.
He’s not a fan of quickies. He doesn’t understand it…he thinks of sex as something you do with your partner and take your time. He doesn’t want to rush anything.
He also isn’t into public sex. He would need his partner to do some SERIOUS convincing if they want him to do it in public. He’s just worried someone is going to walk in and see them, so he isn’t a fan of the risk.
He isn’t an ass or boobs man, he likes thighs. He loves how soft they can be. Whenever he is going down on his partner he loves kissing them along their inner thigh.
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thewritetofreespeech · 2 months ago
Castlevania + Dancing Headcanons
Tumblr media
Practiced in formal dancing.
Learned from his mother (who learned from his father) how to waltz, both traditional & Viennese, as well as the quick step.
Remarkably graceful dancer; even without his vampire elements.
Had circumstances in his life turned out differently, he would be the type to want to dance with his partner after dinners or social gatherings without complaint.
Tumblr media
Being from a noble house, it was part of his education, but not encouraged.
He can muddle through a waltz, and isn’t a bad dancer. He just would prefer not to.
He doesn’t like people staring at him when he’s out there. But will suck it up if he absolutely has to.
Not practiced, but would be more interested in Latin dances like the Pasodoble for it’s quicker pace & less stuffy movements.
Tumblr media
Read about different dances in books, and learned about dance as a cultural form of expression from other Speakers.
Participated in a lot of folk dancing with her family; for entertainment but also traditional celebrations of the tribe.
Uses a lot of interpretative dance movement. Story telling is not always just words.
Has the most fluid movements out of the trio, and most enjoyment out of dancing.
Tumblr media
Cannot dance for the life of him.
Not that he hasn’t tried. He just has the hip rotation of a two-by-four, and two left feet of an ox.
He also doesn’t like people looking at him. Which just makes him more nervous, and more uncoordinated.
He would like to see his partner dance though. Enjoying watching them enjoy the music from the sidelines.
Tumblr media
Learned tribal dances from his people as a boy, but hasn’t danced since.
The dances of his people are meant for joyous occasions. And the state of the world has not brought him much cause for joy.
Probably learned to do a simple box step once, but hated it.
Chooses to instead enjoy music over dance. Maybe one day he will feel the joy to dance again.
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slutforagoodsmut · 6 months ago
Imagine: Submissive Hector
Tumblr media
I think it’s well known that Hector has a bit of a submissive streak in him
I’s sorta obvious
You notice he gave into you quickly, whether it be intentional or not
When you complimented him, teased him, god it made this boy blush so much
And I mean really get flustered
He’s always been good with little comebacks and snarky remarks, but with you, he gets all tongue tied and shy
When you brush your arm up against him or hold his hand he can’t help but smile hard
Hector wasn’t loved as a child nor as a man, Lenore tore him down and manipulated him and it’s taken him a long time to really be vulnerable around someone
When ya’ll get frisky is when his inner sub really comes out tho 👀
Grab his wrists and pin them, he loves it
Make sure you guys are far away from others cuz Hector is certainly a vocal man
Kiss his neck and grab his hips, he’ll be moaning non stop
He likes it rough too; bite him, scratch him, smack him around a little, he can’t get enough of it
Toys 👀
For a long time Lenore had ruined that for him, but he trusts you that you’ll take good care of him
Collar him up and chain his wrists to the bed
Other...*ahem* things too.... *looks at chest of dildos*
Hector loves you with all his heart and knows you wouldn’t really hurt him, tho after a long, hot session of sexy sexy time he may come out with a few battle wounds
Cover his chest and thighs in hickeys, it makes him squirm
Whining, squealing, this man could make sounds you didn’t even know were possible
Yank his hair and wrap your hand around his throat
He *adores* nicknames and little phrases too!
“Pet” “good boy” “pretty boy” “cute little prince” “baby” “darling” “amor” he eats this shit up
You better cuddle tf outta him after tho
Give him hugs and kiss his booboos
Tell him over and over again how much you adore and love every single bit about him, tell him he’s the greatest human to walk the earth and you’re so happy he’s yours
He’ll probably cry ngl
Alright I’m done now😌
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lucia-safuriajin · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Random sketches I did at 6am after watching the whole season last night. I'm glad my boys got a happy ending ❤
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bruh-im-aggro · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Has this been done yet? 👀
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thewritetofreespeech · 3 months ago
Hey friend! Hope all is well! Can I request Hector, Alucard and Striga (if you write for her) with an s/o who's really into true crime? Thank you!
Tumblr media
Literally handles dead bodies for a living. So he’s not too freaked out about it
I like to consider Hector a man of both science & magic. So he would be very fascinated in what you know on the topic
Would probably use your knowledge to find the best specimens for night creatures
This man was stabbed, and organs removed post mortem. Decent candidate. While this person seemed to have been dry drowned by what one would have to assume was a church sanction homicide. Winner.
Depending on which side of the true crime’s fence you’re on (meaning you’re more of a practitioner than just a scholar) may lean on your skills as a specimen collector in building his army
Thinks it’s really cute when you discuss coagulation & hypoxic shock. Your nose gets the most adorable little crinkle.
Tumblr media
His mother was a woman of science. His father a brilliant tactician in anatomy knowledge. So it’s not weird to him
He certainly hopes you use your knowledge for good though
Investigating crimes in the human world. Or using the information to track & decipher night creature types and movement
Would lend you all the books in the castle and Belmont hold on the subject to fuel your knowledge and curiosity
Listens to your endearing rambles as you recount some story in a book you found of a man who’s skin was flayed off 147 time piece by piece before succumbing to what you could only assume was shock 
Makes you put the books away for a while after that and focus on some puppies & rainbows for a bit
Tumblr media
Well marked me down as scare and horny...
Ok. Maybe not ‘scared’ but definitely interested in your fascination for murder & carnage
I stand by (and stan by) the idea that Striga & Morana get along so well not just because they are two sides of the same coin, but also their mutual love of blood shed. Striga with her brute force slaying. Morana with her intricate way of making it last.
A partner who knows how many pound per square inch it takes to sever an artery is of little use to her if she just crushes their skull it. But appreciates the information.
More interested in, and fascinated by, true crime clean up
How to Get Away with Murder by cleaning up the evidence is a useful skill and one she can respect as an art.
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juviasmel · 5 months ago
First time with Trevor and Alucard (NSFW)
Warning: NSFW (not detailed but briefs points)
Tumblr media
It wouldn’t happen right away! He needs to get to know a person before thinking about them in a sexual matter
It would take about 3-5 months before he felt comfortable being intimate with you, and it also depends on how you feel around him
He doesn’t mind dominating you or letting you being on top! If he had to label himself, he would consider himself a switch because he can go either way
Your first time with him was initiated by the fireplace, his arm was wrapped around your body and his coat was draped over you two
You made the first move and placed your hand on his thigh and moved closer, nuzzling into his chest
He couldn’t help but smile when this happened, grabbing your chin he pulled you in for a kiss
Which turned out to be a make out session, and one thing led to another and he was on top of you
He would constantly ask if you’re comfortable, and what you would like him to do
He’s not rough during the first time! He wants to show you how much he loves you, so he makes this moment last
Tumblr media
He’s had causal flings here and there, so he knows what he’s doing during your first time together
It would likely happen after 2-3 months of dating. When he first met you he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with you.
So once he was aware of his feelings, he wanted to win your heart rather than getting into bed Immediately with you
He also wanted to take some time to become more comfortable with you, and he wanted you to do the same.
The first time would happen after defeating dracula, you two were sleeping in the back of the wagon during the middle of winter, so he was holding you close to keep you warm
He kept on placing small kisses on the back of your neck not saying anything. His strong arms were wrapped around your body so tight to the point where you couldn’t break free if you wanted to
He doesn’t mind having his first time with you in the back of the wagon, he’s just hoping that you’re alright with it
He would go down on you, only focusing on you and your pleasure. He wants to show you what he’s capable of, sexually. Not much dirty talk is going on, but a lot of groans and pants are coming out of his mouth.
Because you both just killed Dracula, he was extremely tired after doing the deed so he almost fell right asleep. Once he’s done, he’ll ask you if you enjoyed it and if there’s something he should do differently in the future.
Before he dozes off, he pressed a kiss onto your forehead and wrapped himself around you for the night
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mayor-returns · 6 months ago
The ‘whats that?’ ‘a smoothie’ meme except it’s Isaac gesturing at the room full of dogs that Hector no doubt created within the first 24 hours of being free.
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