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The Beginning of A Dream— Part 1 Of Her Neverending Journey



Every journey starts as a dream.
Every dream feels like a journey.

One that resonates with others.
Or won’t resonate at all.

A dream that is reality, yet does not feel like it.
With no resistance, she accepts the path in front of her, the path her teacher once walked. However, the conclusion is all up to fate.

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First time in awhile I’m posting but man my personal theory for Lostbelt 6 is that, because of it’s difference rank of EX Morgan was chosen as the heir of Uther instead of Artoria. Merlin still takes Artoria under his wing to raise her but Morgan is simply a puppet to Queen Mab of the Fae, using Medb as a body like Quirinius did to Caligula.

Which is why it’s EX. Without Artoria as king the timelock isn’t created in the first place and the age of magic continues forever.

And Merlin probably dies when Morgan/Mab and her round table find out about a possible usurper in young Artoria. Magical hobo Merlin entrusts Fou to her and sacrifices himself to keep Artoria safe.

That’s what I’m going with anyway.

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