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when i was napping earlier he DEMANDED i lift the blankets up so he could burrow in them and do this 🥺

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An RPG in which the playable races are all different breeds of cat, and different breeds give you different attributes.

Like, you’re a Siamese; you have a loud, distinct and piercing voice. You’re a Turkish Van, water gives your positive buffs rather than negative buffs. You’re a Ragdoll, you may have heard of bones but you do not have them yourself. You are a Maine Coon, you are very large. You are a British Shorthair, you are round.

I think some coat patterns would come into it, like “You are ginger tom. You are very sweet and very stupid.”, “You are a tortoiseshell, you are grumpy as hell.” “You are white and blue-eyed, you are deaf.”

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