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#cat costume

She had strolled into my office smelling of catnip and freshly shredded cardboard… a lost mousey toy was the story. But no one pays a can of tuna up front for just a mouse.

This reaked, and not just because the litter needed changing. But a job is a job, and well paying jobs were rare enough.

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I am as doing as best as I can in these times! Was worried about a pain in my side and that my appendix was about to explode at the beginning of the month (spoiler: it didn’t), had no power last week, and this week was fairly normal, but busy, all things considered.

Decided on a Halloween costume, but debating about whether I actually want to sew the whole thing or just order parts of Etsy to customize.

Cricket is doing well! He is happy you asked, though he might not seem like it.

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