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#cat fight
bisexual-apocalypse · 14 hours ago
Man Disney tv shows really pit girls against each other over a guy huh? Yikes.
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bitterburg · 21 hours ago
omg my neighbors' cats are fightinggg
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destinationtoast · a day ago
Tumblr media
Original tweet
[Image description: a screenshot of a tweet that reads "Real advice from a veterinary training:" Within the tweet is a photo of a page with the following text:
Handling: General considerations
The cat is faster and has sharper teeth and nails than you do. It has no 'code of ethics' or considerations for its own future.
In a fair fight it will win.
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angermango · a day ago
Tumblr media
Magax (Neopets) redesign
Got inspired again after the Gilly redesign from before for another fun take on an existing character. Here’s the original edgy old cat who was woefully neglected by TNT in terms of character potential given he had a whole ~mysterious dark past~ and a documented rivalry with a fairly popular villain.
I was doing something more on the consolidation of designs path as Magax has had a load of designs over the years (and/or TNT was inconsistent in their art and designs sometimes...) so I tried to keep the elements of his core look while adding little embellishments or flairs. I like to think of Magax as a weary old soul who lives in a graveyard hunting ghosts and monsters every night so he looks kind of mangy and mean from years spent out alone in the deep Haunted Woods - but I’m sure it’s just his face, he’s probably an okay guy.
So yeah I kept most of Magax’s iconic features like his earring, eye scar, and goatee seeing as those seem to be staples in his look
Since I made him scarred all over I tried to make Magax’s famous eye scar stand out more so it’s a bigger, more raw-looking mark rather than just a thin line. I like to think that he got it when he fought Hubrid Nox for the first time after he turned his back on the way of evil, and during the battle Nox nailed him in the face with something that later became a trademark of his look.
Added on more scars and a chewed up ear to up the Edge on the look and show off that he’s a fighter, the old grizzled lone warrior type
The scarf is a nod to one of his prehistoric designs where he had a red cape and totally different armour - maybe it’s the same cape, worn with age and repurposed to keep his neck from getting chilly without his mane now
Does Magax wear manacles? Gloves? Neither? The NeoTeam artists can’t seem to decide, so why not all at once in a fingerless-glove-with-braces combo?
Magax has always worn this kind of vest thingy in some form and it’s changed colours from grey to black to green so i settled for a dull near-black green since green seems to be a part of his thing. He also kind of just wears it as one layer without anything else underneath, which I mean fair enough when you’re a magical warrior you probably don’t worry about that stuff. I put a kind of singlet underneath you can barely see just so he can say he’s got some layers
The belt combines his old design buckle and new design where he has a random bag on it but i figure a guy’s allowed to have somewhere to hide his... whatever is meant to be in there
His green magic is just rendered like that because I was having fun with layer blending modes and filters. The Flash-era effects don’t really give his magic powers much in way of visual flair nor are they that consistent: They look more or less like solid green bars and orbs in his games, while in other official art it’s rendered either like flames or lightning (plus his Neopets TGC card had him down as a Fire element alignment). I did a bit of both because Rule of Cool but I imagine that his magic is unique in that it manifests pretty much however he wants as a kind of pure raw energy magic.
His trusty Darklight Axe I gave it a little bit of a makeover too with a heavy battleaxe design and engravings on the head just because it looks sick. I assume it’s made out of the same green magic he wields so it’s kind of like a solid power construct or something (like Green Lantern? idk) I find it weird that his axe is only shown in art and alluded to in his Neopedia article as if it’s a normal if not staple part of his arsenal - heck, even his name suggests it’s like his signature weapon of choice, yet he doesn’t actually use it in his games to fight and instead just uses shooty beam spam
Bonus: OG Magaxes for comparing -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#neopets#neotag#neoart#magax#redesign#my art#oh magax edgy cat man who has been ignored soundly by TNT as a potential plot-interesting/relevant character#TNT straight up made a bunch of OCs some of whom had hinted complex and deep back stories or history and then just forgot or ignored them#maybe Magax's weird unrevealed dark past and heinous crimes worthy of exile transcend the fourth wall#so he is doomed to rot in stagnant creative limbo where even his creators refuse to interact with him#seriously though in the era of neopets straight up making random characters for game and world building fodder i used to find magax cool#and i did wish and hope for more explanation on his whole reformed villain past and rivalry with Hubrid Nox#I mean it was weirder that Hubrid was a character who had a number of game appearances or was alluded to#yet Magax only was shown being opposed to him in his own game and even then couldn't even fight Nox there just get inconvenienced#then they straight up murdered Nox in one of the plots and only showed Magax in an Advent Calendar animation#where he was reacting to Nox being dead#and later got a few weird ones where he's apparently gone and befriended ghost!hubrid and frequently goofs around with him#and even then i find the canonicity of the Advent Calendar animations dubious#since they range from festive fluff with no real relevance to borderline crack#not to mention the quality got so absurdly bad in the recent years it's painful#anyways that's enough crack in the tags
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subarulesbian · 2 days ago
gonna talk to my therapist about getting esa paperwork tomorrow because i really truly cannot function without a little friend running around. it is a necessity for me
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ymikaz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ doja cat - Triller Fight Club.
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maggy-on-the-run · 2 days ago
Doodle : Metal meeting Blaze the Cat (let's be honest he'd be impressed)
Another excuse to do more au redesigns! Thanks op uwu
The untold friendship au is situated somewhere between the "Classic Era" and that Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters era, so characters like Blaze, Silver or even Shadow weren't a thing. Buuuuuut it's an au that no one is taking that seriously so imma do it anyways XD
I have no idea how she would end up in Sonic's dimension to begin with but I assume it would be something to do with the Solar Emeralds. No one asked about Silver yet so I'm not gonna pull him into this just yet
If Blaze and Metal ever met, it would probably be kinda chaotic still. Metal just showing up with Eggman to cause trouble again and he just sees this random pyrotechnic cat who threatens to kick his ass without even a word from Amy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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carifusaga · 3 days ago
Okay I think I just really want Alan to bring Nil and Provus to Yuunam and be like "don't care about this faction shit but we're in a punch and also fuck Osmark but also Nil isn't able to enter the city" and Jack is like "oh okay no problem, can it enter if I invite it in? Is it like? Vampire rules?" And they all just stop and turn to Nil and it just stands there. Unsure. Uncomfortable. Before being like "I uh. I think I need to speak to my manager about this"
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kuvvydraws · 3 days ago
Where's the bet pool for the fight?
No bet pool but I'm sure @alextales709 and I would love to hear you pitching in and sharing your thoughts!
(We don't share Uf!Pap tho, there's enough simpers as it is and we don't want any more competitors, I'm sure you understand 😌🔪✨)
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thedascharlatan · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Corporate needs you to spot the difference between these two pictures.
Me: aw, shit. they’re the same picture
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thevalicemultiverse · 3 days ago
"So she's bi too" "Excuse you, I Am Pan." "What's the differences?" "Purple is the ugliest color." "You know what, you do you."
“I though the bi flag had more pink in it? Though it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. . .” Alice pinches her nose. “You think I’d be more familiar, given how many in my group identify that way.”
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dazespriteart · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
For Mintasia on Artfight.
I wanted to doodle, so I began pulling random characters off of Artfight's website that caught my eye. It's good practice!
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nejishadow · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Character: Anosofa Character profile: Ardna Owner's Profile: Anosofa Character: Ebonys-radio-art (Tumblr) Character profile: Switchblade Owner's Profile: You-Have-Found-Ebony Character: Sandy-and-Shady-arts Character profile: Quacy Owner's Profile: MercuryFighter Character: yuricupcakes Character profile: Null Owner's Profile: YuriCupcakes My profile: NejiShadow Hit 20 attacks! The one after this was my last one. I was glad Spice had kept the lead the entire month, but woke up very surprised that day when Sugar suddenly was ahead by a thousand?? Obviously one of the people who makes 50+ character scenes had finally finished their masterpiece I'll probably aim for 20 next year as well, maybe all chibis, or only CS/Sonic/somethin'. Gotta start decidin' a theme for next time. Best of luck everyone, let's see who pulls this win outta their back pocket, we're stayin' close!
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