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#cat in the box

Cat In the Box should be put into one of the best legendary horror rpg maker games along side with Ib, Witch’s house, Mad Father, etc.

It has many secrets and many endings (and jumpscare). you wanna play cat in the box so bad

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Unnamed heroine of Cat In The Box, one of the best rpg horror I played for a while.

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Cat in the box sprites I extracted and I’m just uploading here to clear up some space. I love her so much and I hope she’s resting well after all that

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from Cat in the Box by Gustav, published by PsychoFlux Entertainment

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Cat in the Box is an indie horror RPGMaker game about a YOUTUBER who investigates a cult house. It just came out this year and it’s already one of my favorites. 

I am also totally in love with this character design ya’ll

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