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Reluctant buddies Bow and Catra were on a mission to save their stubborn magic girlfriends from themselves and it was already going pretty poorly… before said girlfriends showed up.

In this chapter..

  • We’re back in Catra’s POV which means I get to curse a lot!
  • She-Ra is here! Yay!
  • But also… oh, no!
  • Catra doesn’t care about Arrow Boy, OK? It would just be annoying if he died, that’s IT.
  • Catra actually calls him “Bow” for a second time I forgot about. I wrote this a while ago, OK?
  • Catra and Swift Wind form an understanding / truce kind of thing based on mutual love for Adora.
  • Glimmer is kind of obnoxious to Bow, sorry team Glimbow.
  • A major character faces A TERRIBLE FATE! (But not that terrible because this is mostly a comic adventure, come on.)

If you like the platonic dynamic between Bow and Catra, this fic will be extremely your jam!

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she puts out a craigslist ad offering to pretend to be kids moms if they have shitty parents. she does it for free and takes the kids out for ice cream afterwards.

catra has done this so many times that sometimes she shows up at “aunt castas” house unnanounced so she can read in peace and quiet or play video games without being yelled at.

juliet is there too and helps catra buy a suit for the first time (and first figures out that dark red is her color). sometimes she dresses in drag and pretends to be catras dad. she can have a surprisingly deep voice when she wants to.

adora spends a lot of time at their house too, usually on catras invitation. its only years later, after her and catra had their big argument and split over college, that she finds out casta is glimmers aunt. glimmer has to take a day to process this.

when catra and adora finally start dating again, they meet casta and juliet for tea in their old hometown. its nostalgic and sweet, and makes for far better memories than the foreboding, high-walled boarding school they had spent the majority of their childhood. juliet makes scones. casta presents them with hand knitted sweaters, a little tight around adoras (now quite built) arms, that she had finished shortly after they had split. adoras has one blue cuff and one yellow. catra’s has gold trim around the neckline.

juliet and casta present catra at their wedding. their gift is a pair of golden tiaras that the two wear during the ceremony, and another set of sweaters, this time white and gold. (the third set theyve received in total) casta gives a speech that is the highlight of the evening, and gets drunk at the reception. juliet carries her home snoring, but not before wishing the two a happy life together.

finn gets a red scarf for christmas when theyre eight, and they visit “grandma casta and grandma juliet” every summer.

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Hey, remember my post about an SPOP version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? I wrote it!

Uncle Sea Hawk is back! This time he’s reading the children of the Super Pal Trio a tale of epic ROMANCE and ADVENTURE, the classic love story between Adorabeth Boomnets and Fitzmeowmoew Catsy.

Read on AO3 or

I originally wrote this for the Historical prompt for @glimbow-week-2020 and then lost the draft for months until I randomly found it again a few days ago!

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Adora 😟 Adora stay awake! 😿

😔I’m sorry😔

Adora!😵Adora!😔Adora, please! 🥺 you have to wake up ! 😿 you can’t ❌ give up 🙁 you have never ❌ given up on anything in your life 😳 not even me 😱 so don’t you dare start now😡

😦Its too late 🥶 I’ve failed 😭

No!🤯 no!🤧 I’ve got you 🥰 im not letting go 😃 don’t you get it?😆 I love you 😳 I always have ☺ so please 🥺just this once ☝️ stay 🤤 stay 😭

⁉️you love me? 🥺

😼you’re such an idiot 🤣

💖I love you too👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


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The B-Team (A Catra and Bow Buddy Adventure)    

When She-Ra defeated Horde Prime and released the magic stored in the center of Etheria, it didn’t all come out of the planet evenly. Prime’s spires have created hot spots, areas of concentrated magic that make powers go haywire. After a princess alliance mission goes catastrophically wrong, it’s up to regular, non-magic Catra and Bow to deal with the situation.

AKA Catra and Bow try to save their stubborn magic girlfriends from themselves and accidentally become friends along the way.

Read on AO3 or

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