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askcarlyle · 2 years ago
*passes a small porcelain terrine to Bennett, pausing to take in the cherry blossoms and fresh spring air*
Would the ladies care for some pheasant pâté?
*takes a sip from teacup*
This was a wonderful idea. BT adores picnics.
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tess-the-horrible · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Albus, one of my catbros.
6yo boy, has awesome bald ears and long thin legs, constantly looks sad or grumpy <3
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rutobuka2 · 2 years ago
I love your Dwarf saytrs! I love to see more of lil Fili and Kili! I wonder what mystical creatures would elves, men and even hobbits be? X3
oh man, I ended up drawing some really absurd things lol 
disclaimer: in the Satyr AU I created, only dwarves aren’t humanoids! This is why hobbits are so surprised by the existence of them, because they’ve seen humans and elves before, and those were naked bipeds like them, lol. 
but for the sake of this game, I thought that since (for example) the Riders of Rohan are so connected to their horses, maybe the obvious answer for men would be “centaurs”! So here’s Boromir being absurd with his 6 limbs and 2 ribcages:
Tumblr media
as for hobbits, I thought that it’d be really cute if they were unknowingly magic? They’re faeries that make plants grow around them, that sort of thing! here’s Frodo accidentally growing a fairy ring around him while he reads :p
Tumblr media
as for elves, I just… I think they’d be good birds and/or felines? Since they’re always on top of trees… oh dear, I guess that there aren’t enough cool greek mythological creatures to cover all the bases? 
I think that maybe Mirkwood elves can be catbros and those in Lothlórien could be the bird-dudes? But would they have wings and talons for feet? or just wings? wouldn’t that look angelic…? oh god maybe Tolkien would have LOVED that lmfao our dear catholic senpai!
here’s a winged Arwen, for Tolkien-sama…
Tumblr media
BUT it was so funny to draw Legolas as…
Tumblr media
this was so fun, thanks for the ask!!! :D
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whatmack · 2 years ago
news: matt boyd spotted on campus calling another stray cat ‘lil bro’ and offering half his sandwich. this brings the total catbro count up to 10
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askcarlyle · 2 years ago
Dear Mr. Bennett, 
Enclosed, please find the excellent recipe for tuna treats that I told you about during your previous visit. Remember to insist that they be baked to a crispy texture, to ensure maximum feline gastronomic gratification. 
Yours truly,
Phillip Carlyle
7 ounces fresh tuna, finely minced 1 egg 1 and 1/4 cups flour 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon catnip
Combine ingredients in bowl until dough forms. Roll out dough and cut into desired treat shapes. Bake for 20 minutes at 350F. Let cool and serve.
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Tumblr media
These cats watching netflix together are everything <3
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