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evanhcnsen · 3 years ago
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broadway musicals that opened in 2017
amélie - apr 3, 2017 - may 21, 2017
anastasia - apr 24, 2017
bandstand - apr 26, 2017 - sept 17, 2017
charlie and the chocolate factory - apr 23, 2017
come from away - mar 12, 2017
groundhog day - apr 17, 2017 - sept 17, 2017
hello, dolly! (revival) - apr 20, 2017
miss saigon (revival) - mar 23, 2017
once on this island (revival) - dec 3, 2017
spongebob the musical - dec 4, 2017
sunday in the park with george (revival) - feb 23, 2017 - apr 23, 2017
sunset boulevard (revival) - feb 9, 2017 - jun 25, 2017
the band’s visit - nov 9, 2017
war paint - apr 6, 2017 - nov 5, 2017
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acttwohurts-blog · 3 years ago
awfully explained musicals
Falsettos: be a better psychiatrist than mendel
Hamilton: screaming politicians
Something Rotten: Shakespeare was a backstabbing bitch with leather backstreet boys
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: christian borle went bald
Dear Evan Hansen: anxious boy fucks everything up
Rent: Collins wants to go to Santa Fe???? Jack Kelly is that you?????
Tuck Everlasting: protip: don’t drink water ://
Newsies: jumpy boys sing angrily
Be More Chill: tall teen vores a computer (don’t fuck the computer)
Book of Mormon: Caffeine addict and compulsive liar go see live-action lion king with less artistic liscence
In The Heights: U.S. Navy wants to leave the U.S.
Legally Blonde: Blonde Stereotypes are thrown into the traaaaaaaash
Heathers: Mean Girls but with more psychotic tendencies and death
Spongebob the Musical: Spongebob is a twunk apparently?????? (don’t fuck the sponge)
The Great Comet: where is andrey????????????
Come From Away: 50% sadness, 50% newfoundland accent
The Phantom of the Opera: crazy singy sad man wants love, pretty singy girl wants to see an “””angel”””
Waitress: i’m pergenant??and sad???? but here’s a pie lmao
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aycief · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
i’m in love with the candy man
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dreamholding-blog · 3 years ago
Since I couldn’t find it uploaded anywhere, here’s the bonus track from the physical release of the Charlie OBCR, a demo of When Willy Met Oompa, feat. Christian Borle doing all of the Oompa-Loompa voices himself. You can just hear how much fun he’s having and imagining him recording this is really fun.
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stuff-and-shenanigans · 4 years ago
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My childhood crush on Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka just came full circle.
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borledtodeath · 3 years ago
Christian Borle’s final entrance as Willy Wonka, via Kristy Cates’ Instagram Story
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Closing Night- January 14, 2018
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hey-there-mi-amigo · 3 years ago
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“And the world tastes good cause the candyman thinks it should…”
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, April 2017 - January 2018
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