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thewillywonka · 4 months ago
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sugar-daddy-wonka · 3 months ago
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Extremely rare, official unused promotional poster.
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incorrect-catcf-quotes · 21 days ago
Barbara: M-m-m-m-m...
Mike: Mom! Barbara is trying to say something!
Barbara: ...M-m-m...
Mrs. Teavee: This is so exciting! Come on, Barb!
Mike: You can do it! Say a word! Say a word!
Barbara: @%#!
Mike: Uh-oh...
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nalanoola · a month ago
valid songs in bw catcf: candy man, golden ticket, pure imagination
not valid songs in bw catcf: oompa loompa doopity do
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arianadevareux · 8 months ago
Willy Wonka Cuddling Headcanons
(For anon) 
Willy Wonka (1971)
Tumblr media
Initially he’d be sort of rigid. He wouldn’t push you away, but you’d be able to feel that he wasn’t quite relaxed. 
That wouldn’t last very long, though. He’d enjoy passive affection pretty early on into your relationship. 
If you came to sit/lay by him, he’d automatically lift his arm for you to crawl under. 
He’s not a huge fan of cuddling while you sleep. At least not fully. He’ll probably drape his leg over yours, though. 
Snuggles can sometimes remain cute and chill, and sometimes it’ll lead to a roll in the hay, ya feel me?
He prefers cuddling while sitting up. If you’re laying down, he’d rather one of you laying your head on the other rather than spooning. 
Willy Wonka (2005)
Tumblr media
Help.exe he would not know what to do at first and would be pretty awkward while trying to find a comfortable position.
He prefers to be the little spoon. You can be his lil jetpack if you’re shorter than him. 
For positioning, he enjoys cuddling most when you’re laying down. Just put all your weight on him, tbh. Smother him with love. 
Sometimes hums or sighs once the two of you get snuggled up together. It’s a sign of contentment. Just like a cat purring.
He’s mad touch starved, so he’s down to cuddle any time. Once he’s comfortable around you, he’ll be all about it. 
Cuddling will typically always lead to him falling asleep or suddenly needing to overshare. 
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anxxiousmess · 5 months ago
Fucking LOVE Wonka becoming part of the Bucket family. This bitch has lived alone in his factory for what? 15 years or so? He doesn’t know how to act!! Imagine you’re at the grocery store and you just see this woman scolding a very fancily dressed grown man for trying to climb into the shopping cart while her son watches looking confused on who’s side he should be taking. I think I would stop whatever I was doing just to watch.
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thewillywonka · 2 months ago
Good morning, early birds!
Rise and shine, tired eyes!
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captainshazamerica · 5 months ago
Okay guys, I think this is actually a good uquiz that I just made. It took way too long so please take and reblog xD Pick aesthetic pics and I will give you one of my fav musicals with those vibes
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incorrect-catcf-quotes · a month ago
Wonka, to the brats: Are you making fun of me? It’s ok if you are, I’d just like to know.
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thedepps-au · 7 months ago
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✨🍫Being fabulous like always🍫✨
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helenpace · 2 months ago
Mike in Willy Wonka and Chocolate factory vs Mike in any other CATCF adaptation
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wonka-gifs · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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willy wonka gif icons ( 1 / ??? ) ; charlie and the chocolate factory (2005) the candy meadow like or reblog if used ! credit me @wonka-gifs
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