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#catch and release
yahoo201027 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Day in Fandom History: September 24…
The Crystal Gems have finally capture Peridot after taking Steven from his home, but Steven, before seeing Peridot gets poofed, he noticed that she knows about something and decided to get some answers by releasing her from her bubble prison. “Catch and Release” premiered on this day, 6 Years Ago.
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olyphantgifs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I should have called, um, you’re probably busy or on your way out or god you could be seeing someone by now... I hadn’t thought of that... someone you met in a normal, uncomplicated-
CATCH AND RELEASE (2006) dir. Susannah Grant
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marshalcoded · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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justthingsfromsarah · 4 months ago
catch (and release)
“Hey, babe!” Draco tenses as Harry’s arms snake around his waist. Leaning in, lips brushing against an earring, he whispers, “Go with it, please.”
Forcibly relaxing, Draco leans into him. He knows exactly where this is going and doesn’t like it. Except, that he does. He likes Harry’s arms around him. He likes his chin pressing into his shoulder just hard enough to ground Draco’s thoughts. He like pretending, even if it’s just for a few minutes, that he could have this.
“Brunette, at the bar,” Harry murmurs, pulling Draco closer. Harry had a habit of telling men he wasn’t interested in that he was at the club with a date. And Draco somehow always ended up playing the date.
They sway to music for several minutes, bodies flush against each other. Harry starts a soft conversation, breath hot on his neck. Something about work being busy and new product tests going poorly. Draco thinks he does a decent job of responding, but it’s all a blur.
Everything but Harry is a blur.
Hot hands sneak under Draco’s shirt, stroking gentle circles on his stomach, “This is nice.”
The deafening noise fades and it’s all too much. It would be so easy to relax into his arms, turn his head just a bit more to the right, and 一 but no, he can’t press his luck. A quick glance lets him know that the man Harry was avoiding has moved on.
Lips brush the sweet spot behind his ear and Draco fears he might pass out then and there, “I - more beer.”
In a startling example of clumsiness, he pulls away from the best part of his week and hastily retreats to the bar.
Across the room, Harry slumps into a booth, watching Draco toss back shot after shot before ordering a beer. He looks uncomfortable and stiff; all Harry wants to do is smooth away the crease between his brows.
“Another game of catch and release?”
Harry scoffs, “You can’t release what you didn't catch.”
for the @drarrymicrofic prompt 一 catch
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romancegifs · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why are you still here? I thought you were supposed to be in Los Angeles directing a movie? No, that didn’t work out, which, you know? Thank god.
CATCH AND RELEASE (2006) dir. Susannah Grant
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isaacsapphire · 4 months ago
Hot take about... Fishing
Catch and release fishing is unethical whereas fishing to eat is ethical, despite the majority view at the time (still?) being that catch and release was more ethical.
This is one of my youthful hot takes that got me some really interesting faces from adults. In retrospect, I was definitely coping with the moral/religious /philosophical Problems around animals, standard to that age, but was already a little too rural and jaded to go down the animal rights vegan route so popular among 15 year olds.
Animals eat each other all the time, and people need to eat, so there didn't seem to be anything wrong with catching, killing, and eating fish.
But, like, it's pretty obvious that being caught inflicts injury and probably pain on the fish. And we have a term for people who inflict injuries on animals because it amuses them: sadists. It's definitely not a moral behavior to hurt animals for fun, and most kids get told this and usually witness a peer or two engaging in animal abuse because they enjoy it, so it's not hypothetically.
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rainbow-donkey · 16 days ago
Catch and Release: Ch 29
Inspired by @starsfic work on "Demon Customs."
Previous Chapter
WARNING: Alcoholism
Macaque and Wukong finally talk.
“You’re drunk.” Wukong stated.
Macaque rolled his eyes. “Way to point out the obvious, Peaches.”
Wukong frowned. Making a concerned face Macaque missed seeing.
Wukong always looked cute when he was worried.
Macaque missed having Wukong worry for him like that.
Wukong used his hand that was covering Macaque’s drink and took it from the demon. Placing it where the shadow monkey couldn’t reach it.
Macaque let him. Not putting up a fight. Instead just watching Wukong quietly. Slightly amused to have the other fret over him like this.
“What are you worried about me for, Peaches?” Macaque leaned onto the table with his elbow. Resting he face into his hand. “Aren’t you still mad at me from earlier?”
Wukong always got mad at Macaque whenever they talked about Tripitaka. Though to be fair, it was never really talking. Just them yelling at each other until one of them (Wukong) decides to leave the fight to blow off some steam.
Or just leave entirely for five hundred year without saying anything.
Macaque never really knows with Wukong.
“I am still mad of you.” Wukong took the blanket he was carrying and draped it over Macaque. “But I’m also worried. You aren’t normally this much of a drinker.”
Chuckling, Macaque tightened the fur pelted blanket around him better. “So I have to get shit faced drunk to get you to worry about me? I’ll keep that in mind.”
Wukong scowled at the comment. But decided to not dwell on it. “Why are you drinking this much in the first place?”
“Why? Why do you think, Wukong.”
The king frowned. They had plenty of fights before. And Macaque never turned to drinking for any of them. So why now?
Then a realization hit him. Wukong did the same exact thing when Tripitaka died. The King couldn’t handle the pain of losing his friend. And turned to drinking to forget about his pain. To try to remove the heartache in any way he can.
It never worked though. Whenever Wukong sobered up, he pain of loss eventually caught up to him.
And it look like that is what Macaque is doing now. Upset over the lose of their relationship.
Wukong sighed. He sympathizes with the feeling. Though for different reasons.
The Sage reached forward and started to brush his hands in Macaque head fur. Petting him to help provide comfort for the demon. Macaque closed his eyes at the touch. Giving a small low purr.
It was silent as they didn’t say anything to one another. Both afraid of saying the wrong thing and causing another fight.
“Why don’t you want to be with me?” Macaque asked in a quiet voice. The sincerity of the question made Wukong blink.
Wukong thought back to their early days. Everything started off so good. Macaque and him, they were going to rule the world together one day. And having the kind of love for each other that he saw other couples have too on top of that.
But then the Journey happened. And Wukong changed. The King didn’t want to take over the world anymore. But to protect it. And Macaque . . .
Macaque wasn’t so thrilled by that.
Sighing, Wukong continued to smooth the fur on the other monkeys head at a slow calming pace. “Mac, you know why.”
“I don’t.”
“Yes, you do.” Wukong softly insisted. “We’re a mess together.”
Scowling at the comment, Macaque seized both of Wukong’s wrists. Holding them in place. And looked up at the golden monkey.
“We weren’t always a mess together.”
Wukong gently pulled away. Macaque’s grip wasn’t tight so the King easily releases the others grip from him. Wukong could have done it more violently. Yank his hands away from Macaque. But the golden monkey didn’t want to do that.
Wukong was to tired to fight about this anymore.
“But now we are.” Sighing, Wukong closed his eyes to avoid looking directly at Macaque. Crossing his arms. “I don’t know why you expect this relationship to work. Neither of us have changed.”
“No.” Wukong perked up at Macaque’s insistent tone. “I haven’t changed. You did.”
Wukong blinked. Taking in Macaques words.
He was right. Wukong did changed. He became a better person. The ‘Hero’ of the story. Someone who took care of others. Saved them even. And the monkey was happier for it.
And it was all thanks to Tripitaka.
“Your right. I was the one who changed.” Wukong couldn’t help the small smile. “The friends I made on the journey helped me with that.”
Snorting, Macaque rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I could have told you that.” The demon set his gaze on Wukong, taking him in. Seeing the small fond smile on the others face.
Macaque used to love seeing a smile like that on Wukong’s face. When the demon was the reason for the smile.
But Macaque knew this time it wasn’t for him.
“Was that Monk really that much better than me?”
Wukong groaned, wiping the smile off his face. This again? “I’ve told you, nothing ever happened between us.”
“I’ve seen the way y’all stared at each other.” Macaque was too tied to yell. Which was probably a good thing. It helped to keep his temper in check.
“You’re still not listening to me.” Wukong almost whined. Putting his head in his hands. It was frustrating having to repeat the same thing to Macaque over and over again and still not be believed. It was one of the reason the King left in the first place. “We were just friends!”
Macaque didn’t say anything for a moment. Thinking over his next actions carefully.
He didn’t believe Wukong. Didn’t trust him enough to. Too afraid that the other would leave him for someone better. Someone good.
Someone like Tripitaka.
Macaque didn’t like the monk for that. For being a highly possible threat for taking Wukong away from him. It’s why the demon never liked Wukong being around the other. Macaque didn’t want to lose him to that human.
But Macaque couldn’t deny that that monk was important to Wukong. Enough for the King to end their relationship after Tripitaka died.
If Macaque wanted things to work out with Wukong, then the shadow monkey had to make some changes himself.
Taking a deep breath, Macaque raised from his seat.
He didn’t like the monk. But he had to accept that he was important to Wukong.
Wukong raised his head at that. Surprise and confusion written in his face.
What did Macaque just say?
“Alight?” Wukong echoed questingly.
“Yes.” Taking the pelted blanket off his shoulders, Macaque draped it on Wukong’s.“Alight. I believe you.”
Thrown off, Wukong stared at Macaque as the other tightened the blanked over the golden monkey. “You believe me?”
“Sure. Why not.”
Macaque didn’t.
But he’s going to have to start too.
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doppleganger-rental · 2 months ago
Pretty morning on a stream
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xcziel · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
from liu chang's (@刘畅木法沙) weibo
for a certain group of people, you know who you are (@merinnan & @xantissa 's readers)
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marshalcoded · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xjsteph · 2 months ago
Finally got a chance to go fishing, it’s been months since I’ve been to the lake.
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Hello, professor! Hope this isn't a stupid question, but if I want to complete a pokedex, is catching pokemon the only way to register them? I like the idea of taking a gab year to travel after I graduate and thought I could use that time to start my own dex, but I feel strangely bad abt capturing wild creatures just for the sake of a personal goal. Is there a way to scan/photograph the pokemon to register them or is catch and release my best bet? Do older pokedex work differently to newer ones?
Well although I am flattered, I'm actually not a Professor yet. My technical title is Head Caretaker, however you can just call me Ellisa.
How your Pokédex works depends on which Professor designed it; you're correct in thinking that they have a lot of differences. I've heard that you can travel to the Lentil region, where their Pokédex works like a camera, however in most places, catch and release is your best bet.
I hear your concerns, but it really doesn't harm the Pokémon as long as you don't weaken them too much in battle before catching, and heal them up as soon as you release them. It's also worth noting that you can sit in a forest with your partners having a picnic, and the more curious Pokémon will come to see you, giving you the chance to bribe them with food into getting in the ball.
Pokeballs are an extremely useful tool for research. In an instant, they record all important information about the individual, and send that information to the Professor who gave you the 'Dex. If that Pokémon is caught later by another trainer, the database will recognize it, and compare data. This helps us understand how Pokémon grow and age in the wild, recognize common health problems within a species, track disease and migration, as well as a host of other things. They are designed to keep the Pokémon inside comfortable and interupt their lives as little as possible.
I hope all this helps, and good luck on your journey! I'd love to hear updates.
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beckylynch · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
hi yes, i come baring gifts from the dvd commentary, please enjoy
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