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loverofnedandcat · 8 hours ago
NedCat kisses 44 and/or 50 please! Love your work!
44. Tentative kisses given in the dark
I chose to only do 44 for this one as that was what most fit into what I wanted to write. And thank you, your appreciation means so much to me!
It was still dark when Catelyn woke with a startle. Almost complete silence filled the chamber, the only thing she could hear was Ned breathing next to her. It must have been a strange dream, nothing more.
Her husband had made it a habit to stay and sleep in her chamber after bedding her. She was not opposed to that, she actually liked it well and was glad he wanted to be in her presence, but she had not quite got used to it. It was still new to have someone sleep with her one or two nights every week.
She turned around to face her husband’s sleeping form. While doing so the covers slipped aside slightly and she realized that it was very cold. That had to be the reason for why she had woken. Though she could not understand why it was so cold, her chamberr were always warm.
Catelyn sat up and reached for the furs at the end of the bed, pulling them around her before looking around to see why it was suddenly so cold. The fire in the hearth had almost died, only glowing embers remained. It would most likely get warmer again if she lit it so she got out of the bed to go and do so. On her way over to the hearth she noticed that one of the windows were open.
Ned must have opened it. Since beginning to sleep in her chamber he had remarked on that he found it uncomfortably hot in there. At first Catelyn had wondered why he was sleeping there if he found it so uncomfortable, but she had thought of it and reached the conclusion that the only plausible answer was that he felt the same fondness of her that she did of him. It warmed her heart.
After closing the window she returned to the bed and curled into a ball beneath the covers again, still wrapped in the furs. But once she had gone cold she found that it was very hard to become warm again. She was almost shivering. And while she was glad that Ned liked being with her, she wished he hadn’t opened that window.
After a good while of quietly shivering, unable to fall asleep again, she understood that she had to do something. She was so very tired, but she couldn’t sleep. She looked at her husband. He seemed perfectly warm, his chest was bare and he was only covered from the waist down. What if she moved closer to him? Would he find that strange? Catelyn took that chance and moved towards Ned. Only a little at first, but when that did not help her, she moved a little bit closer. It went on like that until she was pressed against his side. She had been right, he was very warm.
Relieved, Catelyn had almost fallen asleep again, when she felt him stir next to her. She heard the moment he woke by how his breathing changed, and immediately did not know what to do. It had been stupid, she should have just endured the cold.
“Forgive me, my lord” she whispered. “I am very cold.”
He was completely still for a second, as if contemplating what to do. She almost held her breath while waiting for his reaction.
Catelyn was surprised when he moved to put his arm around her and pull her closer. She rested her head on his shoulder, but did not know what to do with her arm. She ended up putting it on his chest and discovered that she could feel his heartbeat under her fingers.
“You need not ask for forgiveness, my lady, I am the intruder who opens windows without asking” he said, his voice hoarse with sleep.
That was also a new thing. Hearing and seeing him like he was when he had just woken. Before he had put on his lord’s face and was just Ned. She believed he was never more her husband than he was in those moments.
“You are no intruder, and I know you do not like heat.”
“This is your bedchamber, is it not?”
She pushed herself up so that she could look at him. She couldn’t make out much of him in the dark, but she
“It is, but I believe both of us should be comfortable.”
“You are kind, Catelyn.”
She was glad he could not see her face flush with color because of the darkness. Her husband was a good man. He had his faults, he had done her wrong, but even she could see that he was good. Maybe she could love him one day.
Trembling slightly she leaned forward to kiss him. Though it was hard to get it right, she realized when she almost missed his lips completely, having to feel her way to a correct kiss. It would have made her laugh if her chest had not fluttered with nervousness. She had kissed Ned many times, but he always kissed her first. She was a lady, she was not to initiate intimacy. But the heavy cloak of darkness seemed to have taken her shame away.
“I would deem it decency” she said when she broke away from him.
“I am grateful either way” he whispered and kissed her again.
The kiss was just as careful and clumsy as the first one had been, but she enjoyed it all the same. It was different from kissing in the light. Feeling him under her hands and against her without seeing him.
Afterwards she once more moved to rest her head on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through her hair, a very careful and soft movement.
“I am glad I am wed to you” Catelyn said, knowing it to be true.
Ned was quiet for a while before answering. He just kept on running his hand through her hair and she found that very soothing. But still she was somewhat worried because of his silence. Maybe he was thinking about that other woman. The bastard’s mother. She could forgive him for finding what little comfort he could in a raging war, but that woman had meant something to him. He would not have brought her son to Winterfell otherwise.
“I am glad for that you are my wife” he finally said. “I could not have asked for a better person to stand by my side.”
He sounded sincere so Catelyn chose to believe his words. She wanted to do so, because no matter what she certainly had developed a fondness for her husband.
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themockingpoint · 19 hours ago
Out of all Ned’s children, the one that takes after Catelyn most is Jon.
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shining-m00nlight · 20 hours ago
Guys I worked on the last chapter of my 5+1 Nedlyn fic today and it's not done yet but I'm so exited to share it with you and that hopefully soon.
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loverofnedandcat · 20 hours ago
Yours truly is back on her modern au headcanon bullshit, but think for a moment about Ned and Cat singing and playing the piano together
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inthewolfs-wood · 23 hours ago
here to remind u all my life is hollow, my eyes opened and reddening, my heart beating and fluttering, my breath out or order and heavy, because my favorite asoiaf characters which include Cat and Robb are no longer alive.
Im thinking of simple tragedy can affect your emotions and perceptions and the fantasy mindset so much. A single event like red wedding, shattered and contained in itself so much tragedy that everytime I see post red wedding mention of Lady Stark, or The Young Wolf, i shudder. Thank you grrm, lovely.
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inthewolfs-wood · a day ago
"you may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. you need her, as she needs you."
Artwork by: Algesiras09 on Deviantart
Link for Art:
( )
Tumblr media
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yerevasunclair · a day ago
An Urgent Matter
Summary: My own version of Ned and Cat’s love scene in their chambers.
The wind blew and whistled its music as Ned was standing naked by the open window with Catelyn embracing him from behind, the front of her body sticking to his warm back. She covered herself with the fur blanket and tried to cover him too, as she inhaled the scent of him and softly rubbed her nose against the spine of his shoulder blade. She could still feel the weakness of her legs and pelvis and she was quite nervous that her knee would bend. But she would stand strong by him in order to free him of his worries.
“I’m a Northman. I belong here with you and the children. A Stark must remain in Winterfell to serve and guard the North.” Ned stated decisively to fight his doubts.
“So your mother said. You swore to her that you’ll never set foot on King’s Landing no matter the cost. You promised to me as well that the Greyjoy Rebellion would be the last war you will fight for King Robert.” she said as she softly ran his fingers on his broad, heaving chest.
“But Robert is my friend. I do not know if I should refuse him or not. He loves me as a brother and I am the only one left that he trusts, now that Jon Arryn is dead.”
“If you refuse a king, it will wound his pride. He would not understand and perceive your refusal as an opposition. His honors would be for the good of our house, Ned. If Sansa becomes queen, she will birth and raise children who can rule all of Westeros.”
“Robert has told me about his troubles with his council. None of them are loyal to him or to the benevolent cause for the common people. He is surrounded by flatterers who never dare tell the truth and greedy fools who endlessly ask for wealth. I do not wish to have anything to do with the lot of them.”
“Then it is apparent that he deems you the most qualified to be his hand, he needs your Northern staunchness and integrity to use that power to recompense for the kingdom’s shortcomings and discipline his other advisors. But that would mean you would abandon me here for a long time. Is there really no one else in the Seven Kingdoms besides you? You’ve fought for him and with him for half of your life. Can he not spare you from such burdens just this once?”
“I already have enough responsibilities here, which I could not bear without my lady. I need you beside me everyday, Cat.” He turned his head to her and squeezed her hands that were atop his muscled belly.
“And so I shall not let him take you. From his behavior earlier, it is beyond doubt that he only seeks to pass on the weight to you while he fattens and loses himself in his gratifications.”
“The King eats and the Hand takes the shit, he said. You are right, indeed. You have my mother’s wit and wisdom and that convinces me more why I should stay.”
This time he faced her to caress her face. He was so beautiful under the full moon’s light and his eyes glowed like a pair of silver moonstones. She was at peace with him and it seemed to her that King Robert’s tempting offer was a trial that was stepping in between them to pull him apart from her. What would political dominion and privilege mean, if that meant that her family will be separated? If the wretchedness of the South as Ned and Robert claimed would not make such sacrifice worthy?
‘Winter is coming’, the Starks always said. Mother Lyarra warned her that it meant that there were other looming and even some unknown dangers in the North that required more scrutiny and preparation than any Southern quarrel.
Risks were everywhere and they had to carefully choose which risks were worth taking. She needs him as much as he needs her. They have to surpass together whatever difficulties and afflictions the world throws at them and the only way that they could succeed in that was to keep him where he is safest, in her arms.
“You rode with him to win every battle and I let you. But this time, I will not let the King obtain his demands. We both know where you belong and you said so yourself that you need me every day so it should be my turn to be obeyed without question, Eddard Stark.” She pronounced with courage and fierceness.
“So it is decided. I will refuse the king as my lady commands.” He asserted with equal passion.
She wasted no second and so she pulled his neck and kissed him deeply. They opened their mouths so that their tongues crashed like the rough sea waves during a relentless storm. He clutched on her lower back and she put her arms around him as their kissing increased in adamance. He nearly lifted her off the floor when they heard a sudden and harsh knock on their door.
“Damn them.” Ned muttered as they both jumped in surprise and let go of each other at the interference.
“My lord, Maester Luwin insists for your urgent audience despite your orders.” Desmond’s voice boomed through the door.
“I think we should dress and let him in, my love” Catelyn persuades. She softly pulls away from him as she walks toward the chair where her sleeping gown is hanged.
“Shall i let him in, my lord?” Desmond asked.
“No. Not yet.” Ned replied with annoyance as he walked briskly and nearer toward the door, still trying to make up his mind if he really must allow Maester Luwin to come in. Catelyn donned her night dress and she proceeded to the hearth to light a fire to heighten the lighting of the room.
“Can he not at least speak of the gist of the important subject?” Ned asked once more. He wished to immediately know why it was worth their noticeable presence at this hour of the night that is to be spent alone with his wife.
“It is best conveyed in private my lord.” It was Maester Luwin who made his attendance known.
Catelyn got up on her feet. She saw that Ned was still reluctant to let Maester Luwin enter and so she sauntered towards the door to open it herself. When she passed by him, Ned grabbed and spun her to kiss her in rebellion. Catelyn almost lost her balance as she was walking backwards while he was pushing her back.
“Ned, what are you doing?” She hissed at him as she broke the kiss.
“I’m serious when I say I don’t want to be disturbed. They won’t bother come knocking again while I’m banging you against this door.” Ned whispered. He tightened his grip on the sides of her hips as he lifted her high up in a single motion. She instantly spread her legs as a reflex to his stimulation and locked him in between her as she placed one ankle over the other. He was wildly kissing her again as he began grinding and they were rhythmically moving up and down. The heat of the friction was increasing and he subsequently inserted three of his fingers to stroke her walls. It went on and on until he could feel her getting more wet.
“Ned…” she moaned gingerly the moment he was accurately hitting on the erogenous spot in the upper wall of her cave in a ‘come hither’ manner. The clawing hands on the nape of his neck braced but as she gazed down to observe his erect cock, she wielded that sword by fondling it with her right hand and kneading the tip of it against her nub.
She could not take it anymore and she moved it lower to her opening. Ned slipped off his fingers inside her and pushed his thick and hard manhood further inside her.
She bit her lower lip as she grunted. She didn’t know if she should scream or persist at keeping it low. She could imagine Maester Luwin still standing outside, waiting to be brought in. He had already said politely that the matter was urgent. Her mind is analyzing what it could be, but what Ned was doing to her now was more urgent than that.
“Why are you so quiet? Cry out loud and let them know” he commanded her and started thrusting as fast and wild as a beast. The roughness and sound of their bodies striking sparked a fire that was blazing inside her and she did what was asked of her.
“Oh, my lord! Gods….” She wailed as he was taking her higher and planting deep marks on the midline of her neck. Her back was thudding against the door and the door was pounding louder. The crushing pressure he was putting on her caused an ache to spread throughout her body and she relished it.
“Please don’t stop, Ned.” She howled. He gently tilted her jaw to the side so he could lick her earlobe and the sensitive spot underneath the angle of her mandible.
“Keep fucking me until the daylight”, she continued to call out breathlessly to make herself bloody bold and clear to them that they were making love and that they are not in their utmost propriety to be concerned with other affairs. After she said it, she heard the footsteps walking farther and diminishing. That was never an unwonted phrase of hers to tell them to please retreat and that always did the magic.
It was good that they understood and she did not hamper herself from moaning even louder. He was heavily turned on by the music that they were creating that he groaned her name along with some vulgar words that Catelyn never thought he would dare say. It did not take long and both had reached their orgasm. He spilled inside her and she knew she would soon be with child.
“You’ve been such a rude and bad direwolf, my lord.” she murmured as their respiration became calmer. She adhered her cheekbone to his temple with a twist of regret for neglecting the obligation to hearken what Maester Luwin protested to be critical and exclusive for their hearing.
“They attempted to defy my orders, so I had to demonstrate why they must abide by their lord and lady’s behest.” He shifted his face so his forehead would stick to hers and he could stare directly into her blue eyes.
She laughed at that and remembered how stubborn and fun Ned could be. Behind his dour and serious guise was his whimsical spirit of creativity.
“Please carry me to bed, love. I don’t think I can pace with these tender loins of mine.”
Ned bounced her up to clasp her buttocks to secure her in his hold. He gently placed her on the bed and she took off her sweated night dress and tossed it on the side table. He climbed to the bed beside her and she rolled to rest atop him and put one leg over his trunk.
“Don’t you wonder about the consequence for what we’ve done? That we did not respond forthwith to a pressing concern?”
“As far as I can recall, there were many other significant and confidential messages that Maester Luwin brought us. Never did we once ignore them. I bet it was just as similar and can be delayed on the morrow. For this night and for the rest of our days, I will give my attention and devotion to you. I promise you that I’m not going anywhere, Cat.”
Ned combed her hair and embraced her tighter. This move of theirs could anger King Robert. Yet Ned assured her that their bond would conquer above disagreements. Perhaps the best thing he could do was to counsel Robert with prudence as to who else could occupy the position.
“I am relieved of your decision, my lord.” She propped on one elbow to give him a peck on his lips. He chose her and their family above his fealty to the King. And she loved him more and more for that.
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ladyofrebirth · a day ago
Catelyn I
Previous I Next
This chapter is told through the eyes of Catelyn Stark, the Tully wife of Ned Stark. Not much happens in this chapter but they are three details that I want to talk about: Catelyn’s discomfort everytime she enters the godswoods, what is beyond the wall, and Robert coming to Winterfell. 
Let’s start with the godswood. 
Catelyn was raised in the south at Riverrun. The Tullys follow the Faith of the Seven while the Starks follow the old gods. Ned built her a sept so that she can pray to her gods. The one detail I love is how Catelyn describes the face craved into the weirwood tree. 
A face had been craved in the trunk of the great tree, its features long and melancholy, the deep-cut eyes red with dried sap and strangely watchful. They were old, those eyes; older than Winterfell itself. They had seen Brandon the Builder set the first stone, if the tales were true; they had watched the castle’s granite walls rise around them. It was said that the children of the forest had craved the faces in the trees during the dawn centuries before the coming of the First Men across the narrow sea. 
Catelyn said that it also feels like the face is watching her, 
She could feel the eyes watching her, but she did her best to ignore them.
Funny enough, Bran uses weirwood trees to see visions later on in the series. This was probably a hint to Bran’s abilities as a greenseer. 
Ned then talks about how the Night’s Watch are losing men because desertions and on rangings. There’s the possibility that Ned might need to call his bannermen to go beyond the wall and deal with Mance Rayder. Of course, Catelyn is worried but not because of the wildings.
“‘Beyond the Wall?” The thought made Catelyn shudder.
Ned saw the dread on her face. “Mance Rayder is nothing for us to fear.”
“There are darker things beyond the Wall.” She glanced behind her at the heart tree, the pale bark and red eyes, watching, listening, thinking its long slow thoughts 
His smile was gentle. “You listen to too many of Old Nan’s stories. The Others are as dead as the children of the forest, gone eight thousand year. Maester Luwin will tell you they never lived at all. No living man has ever seen one.”
“Until this morning, no living man had ever seen a direwolf either,” Catelyn reminded him.
Catelyn is worried about what’s beyond the wall. Direwolfs, creatures that are considered to be myths, are now suddenly found not that far from Winterfell so Catelyn is considering that fact that if direwolves exist, there’s a chance that the Others exist. But Ned brushes it off as one of Old Nan’s stories. 
Finally, there are Catelyn’s thoughts on the dead direwolf that was found after telling Ned about Robert coming to Winterfell.
Catelyn wished she could share his joy. But she had heard the talk in the yards; a direwolf dead in the snow, a broken antler in its throat. Dread coiled within her like a snake, but she forced herself to smile at this man she loved, this man who put no faith in signs. 
Catelyn knows that the direwolf being killed by a stag isn’t a good sign. With Robert now coming to Winterfell, she chooses to stay silent about her worries. She even knows Ned is a man doesn’t believe in signs, meaning that Ned doesn’t see it as a bad thing as Robert is someone he sees as his brother and doesn’t think Robert or anyone from House Baratheon will harm him. 
This chapter also gives us a little insight into Catelyn’s and Ned’s relationship. Ned builds her a sept, respecting that fact that she follows a different faith than his and Catelyn enters the godwoods to comfort her husband despite it making her uncomfortable. 
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fedonciadale · 2 days ago
Hi! I loved your analysis on Catelyn. I wanted to ask you if Edmure hadn't born and Minisa died, would Cat have inherited Riverrun? Or Hoster would have married second time to have male heir?
Hi there!
Thank you! *beams*
I think Cat would have inherited Riverrun. There are several reasons for this: a) we know that Hoster and Minisa had a good marriage and it is doubtful if he would have married just for the sake of getting an heir, after Minisa died. He did after all not marry again although it would have been possible. b) we know that Hoster trained Cat as his heiress before Edmure was born - which means that Hoster was not per se opposed to the idea. Hoster and Minisa tried for a male heir, that is true, and he probably thought it would have been the better option. But he was o.k. with Catelyn, he trained her in multiple ways and he was proud of her.
The funny thing is, if Edmure had not been borne and Hoster would still be after an alliance with the Starks he might have offered Catelyn not to the heir of Winterfell but to the second son who would be happy to come and move to Riverrun for the sake of getting a lordship of his own. Marrying an heiress to a second son is a win-win situation really: The son-in-law's ambition is concentrated on his wife's inheritance, the heiress gets a male protector who can wage her wars for her and the older brother of the groom can be happy that his younger brother won't come into the way of his own inheritance.
I like the idea that Ned and Cat would have been together either way!
Thanks for the ask!
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neqativecreeps · 2 days ago
jaime when lady stoneheart questions him ab the red wedding
Tumblr media
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imwierdandiknowit · 3 days ago
Catelyn: Sansa, get that hideous thing out of the house.
Sansa: [to Arya] Mama wants you out of the house.
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inncorrect-starklings · 3 days ago
Rickon: Fuck.
Catelyn: We've got to work on your cursing.
Rickon: Why? I'm pretty fucking good at cursing already.
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Your meta is interesting but I don't think Catelyn is meant to be seen as a protagonist or heroic character at all, and certainly not to the extent that Ned or Robb is.
(In reference to this post)
With all due respect, Anon, I disagree.
You could argue that Catelyn's importance isn't apparent enough for her to fit the Decoy Protagonist trope like Ned, sure. You could argue that Catelyn isn't one of the protagonists of ASOIAF as a whole and I would agree. But I'd still argue that she's one of the three main viewpoints of AGOT along with Ned and Dany. Not only she has a lot of chapters, but her actions really move the plot forward in that book. She gets to travel to King's Landing to tell Ned what happened to Bran. She gets to capture Tyrion, which indirectly led to Tywin attacking the riverlands in retaliation and to Jaime wounding Ned. She is the main character of her own story. Ned's death furthered her character development. And she is certainly more important than Robb Stark, a non-POV character. ACOK in particular makes that clear; Robb only appears in one chapter of ACOK and Cat's journey in particular is given focus instead. Maybe you were influenced by the show, where she lost a lot of her screentime to Robb, who received an entire plotline that didn't exist in the books.
I don't think Catelyn is one of the heroes of the story and didn't try to make that argument in the original post. But I don't think Ned and Robb are heroes either. I think their actions should receive just as much criticism from the fandom.
First, don't get me wrong, her treatment of Jon is unacceptable and I'm not trying to defend it. However, keep in mind that GRRM's first impulse was to defend it by saying that "mistreatment" is a loaded word, by reminding people that she never beat him bloody, never verbally abused him and never attacked him. This doesn't mean that we should defend her actions, but it likely means that Catelyn's creator hadn't intended the readers to view her actions as critically as so many of them do. He's likely unaware that 1) her attempts to isolate Jon from her children, 2) her constantly reminding them that he was a bastard and 3) her not even bothering to call him by his name are all things that qualify as emotional abuse. And why am I saying all of this? Because, while she is ultimately a character that conforms to the status quo, I think he means for us to see Ned and Robb in the same way. I'm going to copy-paste parts of previous metas in which I criticized their actions in particular:
Ned Stark participated in Robert’s Rebellion because his father and brother were killed. Ned’s son Robb wanted Northern independence because his father was killed. Ned’s vassals want to start another war in the name of the Starks because of their loyalty and their outrage about the Red Wedding. Their motivations, sympathetic as they may be, have never involved the commoners. (x)
Even if we don’t take into account what TWOIAF reveals about the Starks’ ancestors, the main story itself often paints House Stark’s actions in a negative light. We see a peasant spitting at the mention of the Starks and saying that things were better with King Aerys II in power. We’re told that Northmen looking for Jaime on Edmure’s orders burned a village called Sallydance and were guilty of rape and murder. It’s no wonder that the High Sparrow mentions the wolves along with the lions as threats to the septas. Also, thousands of soldiers died indirectly because of Robb’s decisions, as well as lots of people who remained north and became vulnerable to raping and pillaging due to his inability to hold Winterfell. And finally, when winter comes, the smallfolk will be affected by the actions of the northmen, who (like Dany might do in the future) already helped to disrupt the harvest and to leave the continent short on food. And yet, why is their future success framed as “an order that arcs towards a higher idea of goodness”? Why is Dany the only one who is said to be “giv[ing] into dark desires” by “divid[ing] an already weakened realm” when the Starks (framed as the heroes in the essay) did the same thing? This double standard gets infuriating when one remembers that Dany is the one fighting a war in the name of the disenfranchised (even though she is not connected to them by blood or lands or oath of fealty and doesn’t gain anything by helping them), while the Starks are (and will be, if they want to retake Winterfell) fighting a war because of personal injury (which, sympathetic as it may be, doesn’t justify the damage that they caused to the smallfolk). (x)
Meanwhile, 36-year-old Ned was Lord of Winterfell and the Hand’s King. He had more power and agency to denounce Robert’s regime, but still chose to remain loyal to him even after Robert refused to punish Rhaenys’s and Aegon’s murderers, even after he found out that Cersei was a victim of domestic violence perpetrated by Robert, even after he found out that Robert slept with a girl “so young Ned had not dared to ask her age”, etc. (x)
Catelyn's mistakes have been scrutinized by the fandom, but not Ned's or Robb's. They both started wars that caused a lot of problems for the common people; their reasons may have been sympathetic and they may have avoided needless carnage (unlike the Lannisters), but their goals were still selfish and they were never made to think about the disenfranchised in the same way that someone like Dany (who started her revolution specifically because of her compassion for the slaves) does, so I don't think they're meant to be seen as heroic characters either (at least not by these definitions). And the way Ned forgave his friend Robert for his misogyny, negligence and violence is rarely acknowledged and discussed even though, similar to Catelyn's treatment of Jon, it is reprehensible by modern standards.
TL;DR Catelyn isn't one of the protagonists of ASOIAF, but I'd still argue that she's one of the three main viewpoints of AGOT. She is the main character of her own story and moves the plot forward, her character development is furthered by Ned's death in subsequent books and she's certainly a more important character than Robb, who doesn't even have POV chapters. Additionally, while Cat's treatment of Jon should be criticized (even though it should be kept in mind that the author is unaware of what constitutes emotional abuse and probably didn't intend us to view Catelyn's actions so negatively), so should Robb and Ned for waging wars for selfish reasons that hurt the most vulnerable. So should Ned for forgiving so many of Robert's abhorrent behaviors. Ultimately, Cat, Ned and Robb are all products of their time and place. None of them are the heroes of ASOIAF, those would be the underdogs who specifically chose to fight for marginalized people.
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loverofnedandcat · 3 days ago
Can i see the post about cat and littlefinger becajse i cant FUCKING believe this people exist🤦‍♀️
Tumblr media
I hope you’re happy anon because I feel sick about that this wretched picture is on my blog
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stvrmbvrn · 3 days ago
started rereading agot again and i miss robb and cat
Tumblr media
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esther-dot · 3 days ago
Do you ship Robb with somebody? What do you think would have happened if he wasnt murdered?
I thought Robb and Jeyne were quite moving in the books, likely because of this quote as a backdrop:
"Robb got to his feet slowly and sheathed his sword, and Catelyn found herself wondering whether her son had ever kissed a girl in the godswood. Surely he must have. She had seen Jeyne Poole giving him moist-eyed glances, and some of the serving girls, even ones as old as eighteen … he had ridden in battle and killed men with a sword, surely he had been kissed. There were tears in her eyes. She wiped them away angrily." (AGOT, Catelyn XI)
It's wrong for Robb to experience war when he hasn't really lived at all. We feel the tragedy of children being thrust into horrible situations over and over in the books and our response is very much that of Cat: grief and anger.
The way Martin writes Robb when he told Cat about marrying Jeyne, "proud and miserable" conveyed the mixture of child/man that he was, and the phrase, "his Jeyne" is adorable. I loved that Jeyne went to Cat for advice, and thought their entire farewell in ASOS was evocative.
"Robb bid farewell to his young queen thrice. Once in the godswood before the heart tree, in sight of gods and men. The second time beneath the portcullis, where Jeyne sent him forth with a long embrace and a longer kiss. And finally an hour beyond the Tumblestone, when the girl came galloping up on a well-lathered horse to plead with her young king to take her along. Robb was touched by that, Catelyn saw, but abashed as well. The day was damp and grey, a drizzle had begun to fall, and the last thing he wanted was to call a halt to his march so he could stand in the wet and console a tearful young wife in front of half his army. He speaks her gently, she thought as she watched them together, but there is anger underneath. (ASOS, Catelyn V)
The blend of emotions Martin consistently gives Robb surrounding his relationship really works for me. Robb is touched, embarrassed, annoyed, and still gentle. So, I love them.
I believe Martin once said he had to kill Robb or he would win the war, but I think the more important reason is that, if he plans to make Sansa QitN at some point and Bran endgame king, then killing Robb was something of a necessity. He always intended for him to die. I haven't gone back to look for the earliest foreshadowing of it, but I think it was his plan from the beginning, just as King Bran was.
It's fun to think about all the implications if he hadn't been killed (if he hadn't perhaps Jon wouldn't have died? Because Robb would have retaken the North so there would have been no rescue mission?), but I think the author wants us to look back on the scene in which Robb is crowned KitN (which on the first read is thrilling) with a kind of horror:
"Again the shouting began. Catelyn sat despairing. She had come so close, she thought. They had almost listened, almost … but the moment was gone. There would be no peace, no chance to heal, no safety. She looked at her son, watched him as he listened to the lords debate, frowning, troubled, yet wedded to his war. He had pledged himself to marry a daughter of Walder Frey, but she saw his true bride plain before her now: the sword he had laid on the table." (AGOT Catelyn, XI)
Robb was undone by a series of choices, his own and others, but I think Martin is consistent and insistent on his anti war stance, and it is this moment that Robb's fate was sealed, the moment he chose the sword.
As sympathetic as we are to Robb's cause, we're clearly meant to have realized that Cat was right.
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While it’s great that the fandom makes comparisons between the Ned/Cersei and Cat/Jaime confrontations, I wish that the Dany/MMD confrontation was also included in this conversation. I do think that there are some intentional similarities between them (even if not as overt as the ones between N/C and C/J), which can be pointed out while still acknowledging that MMD is a more sympathetic character than the Lannisters in this comparison.
Dany and Ned both tried to help MMD and Cersei to no avail, partly because they remained loyal to the men (Drogo and Robert) responsible for these women’s sufferings*; both of their interactions address these issues. Dany, Ned and Cat all confront the people who murdered/attempted to murder their children. MMD confesses that she killed Rhaego, while Cersei and Jaime confess that they were involved in the attempt on Bran’s life. Dany, Ned and Cat all decide what to do with the people who killed/attempted to kill their children based on other children - Ned asks Cersei to leave King’s Landing because he’s worried about her children’s safety once he tells Robert their true parentage; Cat frees Jaime to exchange him for her remaining children; Dany burns MMD to birth her dragon children**. Dany’s and Cat’s*** interactions are related to key deaths in the book series - Cat releasing Jaime indirectly led to the Red Wedding because Tywin no longer had to be concerned about Jaime being killed in retaliation after the massacre was carried out; Dany’s exchange with MMD leads to Dany’s realization that Drogo won’t ever be the same as he once was (1, 2) and to her decision to mercy-kill him. All these deaths are crucial to the protagonists’ developments. Catelyn and Robb (along with Ned) had to die so that the Starklings could develop, grow and become the heroes that we need for the war against the Others; Dany’s losses during AGOT serve the same function - Viserys had to die so that Dany could become the claimant to the Iron Throne, Drogo had to die so that Dany could become Aegon the Conqueror with teats and Rhaego (along with Rhaegar’s son) had to die so that Dany could become AA/PTWP/SWMTW.
IMO, it especially makes sense to compare these three interactions because I tend to believe that Ned, Catelyn and Dany, the three major parents of AGOT, are also the main POVs of the book. Ned and Cat took the spotlight away from their children for a while because they were deliberately set up as Decoy Protagonists. That doesn’t happen with Dany because her parents and older brother/main role model were already dead before the book series began. It makes sense, then, that she is the only one who starts AGOT as an equal to Ned and Cat in terms of importance; in spite of her age, she’s already a wife and a mother. But unlike Ned and Cat, she also gets to be one of the protagonists of ASOIAF as a whole. This emphasizes how Dany has a special place in the narrative; by the end of AGOT, she’s the only protagonist who’s already both mother and queen in her own right (and who already subverts the Good Princess, Evil Queen dichotomy) despite also being a young girl, so she gets to be the main representative of her house in a way that none of the individual Starklings can.
*There are some key differences here, though: Dany had much less agency than Ned because she was a 14-year-old slave without any other option but to stay by Drogo’s side as long as he lived. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Ned was Lord of Winterfell and the Hand’s King. He had more power and agency to denounce Robert’s regime, but still chose to remain loyal to him even after Robert refused to punish Rhaenys’s and Aegon’s murderers, even after he found out that Cersei was a victim of domestic violence perpetrated by Robert, even after he found out that Robert slept with a girl “so young Ned had not dared to ask her age”, etc. Those things don’t make Ned a bad person, but they show that he’s a product of his time and place, something that antis don’t acknowledge in Dany’s case. And Dany learned her lesson with what happened to MMD: she freed all her slaves at the end of AGOT and would later start a revolution to abolish slavery once she was no longer under Drogo's control.
**To be sure, Dany’s decision is morally grey, but 1) any noble would execute their child’s murderer (Catelyn herself thinks she would have killed Jaime if it wasn't for Sansa and Arya), 2) child murder is framed in this series as a heinous crime (which we see with Jaime and Bran, Sandor and Mycah, Oberyn asking for justice for Elia’s children, Theon and the miller’s boys, Stannis's dilemma regarding Edric Storm, Dany’s dilemma regarding the child hostages, etc) and 3) if Dany hadn’t hatched her dragon eggs, she wouldn’t have gained the respect of Drogo’s remaining khalasar and would have been more vulnerable in case someone had attempted to drag her to live in Vaes Dothrak among the dosh khaleen.
***I didn’t include Ned and Cersei’s interaction here because it didn’t lead to any demise. Cersei was already plotting to kill Robert and grab the throne for Joffrey and Littlefinger’s betrayal of Ned had nothing to do with it.
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sansakatara · 3 days ago
Catelyn's feelings on Jon if she found out R + L = J would be so complex and it would involve a lot more than "oh cool my husband didn't cheat on me" - which BTW Catelyn bluntly admits very on that she excepted such behaviour from Ned because Westerosi society is very lenient towards that sort of thing regardless of the consequences
The thing is if Jon didn't exist - then theoretically- neither would Catelyn's kids by Ned. Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran & Rickon. She would be married to Brandon.
And for someone who truly, deeply loves and adores her children with every fibre of her being - I don't think Catelyn could fathom a world without them existing. The children she might have had by Brandon are what ifs. Maybes. But Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran & Rickon were real to her. They were her greatest gift and Jons existence/matter of his conception (the war) is why they live.
(I also want to say that I don't want anyone interpreting this as me saying that this therefore makes Rhaegars actions right. Just focusing on Cats perspective)
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