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#catherine parr (six)
six-costume-refs · 4 days ago
2020 to 2021 Broadway Costumes Changes
We finally have enough good photos of the Six Broadway costumes that I was able to write up this post! Shoutout to @lightleckrereins for spending lots of time trying to figure out all of these with me over the last week and reading a draft to correct the things I missed.
EDIT: updated with some additional things from the GMA performance and info that @gavinckss learned from @theboycostume at Showstoppers.
Overall changes and notes: - The big news: all of the 2020 costumes were apparently rendered unusable due to the (lack of) storage environment during the pandemic. All costumes were remade as a result. Explanation here.  - One of the changes as a result of this was made to the number of layers of PVC. Sofia and I had been wondering in the past if there were two layers (a regular in that color and a clear over top) for at least one or two of the costumes. @gavinckss was able to confirm this about the 2020 Howard costume via a visit to the Showstoppers exhibit, which supports our theory that all or most of them had this for the 2020 costumes (potential exceptions noted below). However, this was one of the things that caused issues with the storage (information from @theboycostumer and relayed by @gavinckss) and was cut from the 2021 costumes to just keep the solid PVC layer. - All of the principal queens (and possibly the alternate queens) now seem to have two separate pairs of boots: the pair they wore in 2020 and a new, second pair added in 2021. There are also some noticeable design exceptions, noted below. - All of the alternates will have costumes that are identical or mostly identical (possible exceptions noted below) to the principal costumes. The one major exception to this is in the boots: they will all have a different principal crystal design but all in black and white that they wear for 5 queens and then a second pair that they wear for Cleves in the same style as principal Cleves. I made a post here with photos and info on those. - Six used to have sequin and mesh pieces on all of the costumes. However, sequins tend to be really difficult and time consuming to work with. At some point in 2020 or 2021, Six changed all of the sequin material to a new spandex with holographic dots custom printed on to mimic the look of sequins. - While some of the designs previously had stretch panels on the sides, all of the costumes now have one to improve fit and movement. Specifics noted below. (post with additional info about this will also be incoming from me or @lightleckrereins​) - Most of the Six materials are not washable in a way that can be done regularly, and the materials can also be affected by things like sweat. To prevent odor and other issues, Six has always attempted to incorporate some system of layers/undergarments to protect those materials and help separate the fabrics from the skin (post about this is upcoming). Several changes were made to address this issue. - While @lightleckrereins and I were able to notice some of these changes there are also quite possibly some smaller details in construction or material that were introduced to help deal with that and to prevent future issues with the storage scenario that aren’t as visible (could be even things like changing the material used for lining or changing the number of layers inside the costume, which we wouldn’t even be able to tell). - The studding was changed from individual glued-on studs to pre-made studded trim (info from @gavinckss) - I previously made a post about the in-ear monitors.
Tumblr media
Aragon (L-R: Jade Marvin, Bliss 2.0, sixbliss2.0; Adrianna Hicks, Broadway 2020, mallorymaedke; unknown 2020 alt on display at Showstoppers, Broadway 2020, wintersnowfl8ke; Adrianna Hicks, Broadway 2021, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin) - The top is now separated from the gold oversleeves. - The construction and general shape of the skirt and peplum has changed: the peplum is much more separated from the bottom layer of the skirt and the shape is slightly different (hard to tell in the photos we have of Adrianna, but you can very clearly see the difference in shape between the 2021 Adrianna and the earlier version in the Jade Marvin photo) - The exact pattern of the diamond cut-outs on the center front panel differs from costume to costume. A change has been made between the 2020 and 2021 Broadway design so that the diamond cutouts stay consistent over the whole panel. - There are stitches in a diamond pattern on the vacuformed panels of the 2021 skirt. @lightleckrereins pointed out that they’re most likely structure stitches. Some or all of them may also line up with the location of the crossed boning in the skirt as described here. - Black stretch panels were added to the underside of the oversleeves (very thin panels were on the 2020, but they were so thin as to be unnoticeable. These are much wider).
Tumblr media
Boleyn (Courtney Bowman, West End, 3 Dec 2020, @/courtneybowman_; Andrea Macasaet, Broadway 2020, @/andrea.cesyl; Unknown Showstoppers costume, 2020 or 2021, @/wintersnowfl8ke; Andrea Macasaet, Broadway 2021, 16 Sep 2021, @/andrea.cesyl on Tiktok) - The green PVC has switched from the lighter pea green to a darker emerald shade. The shade change seems to have been slowly in process for Andrea Macasaet’s 2020 costume as well as Kala Gare and Lucy Aiston’s costume, all of which have a fabric between the 2018/19 and 2021 Boleyns. The updated 2021 shade is also in use for the Showstoppers costume. - The cap sleeve on the Boleyn top under the tab sleeves has been gotten rid of entirely (you can see it well on Courtney Bowman’s costume but it is on all of these except for Andrea’s 2021). - The tabs on the bottom and sleeves are lined with the green PVC - this was a change made either for both the 2020 and 2021 Broadway or for the 2020 alt costumes and all 2021. - Small black stretch panels were added to both sides of the top.
Tumblr media
Seymour (L-R, top to bottom: Abby Mueller, 2020 Broadway, unknown; Carly Mercedes Dyer, carlymdyer; 2020 alt at Showstoppers, @/wintersnowfl8ke; Abby Mueller, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Abby Mueller, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC) - This one is the possible exception when talking about a white PVC and a clear PVC on the original. It’s certainly possible but with the non-holographic white base it’s much harder to confirm that theory. Either way, the white fabric on the bodice is much more shiny in the 2020 photos and more matte in the 2021, which could be because of a second clear layer of PVC or could be because they just changed the white fabric entirely. - The 2020 costume had the usual transparent black stretch panels on the sleeves. This has been replaced by a nude fabric overlayed with the same mesh that is used on the rest of the costume (also want to note that the Showstoppers dress did not have any stretch panels and was purely for that event). - The mesh and spandex part of the cups rises much higher on the 2021 costume, and the trim on the cups better matches most of the other Seymour costumes than it does the 2020 one. - The sleeves on the Showstoppers costume had studding at the end, but neither the 2020 or 2021 Broadway costumes had this. - Abby Mueller has two-three pairs of boots, as explained here.
Tumblr media
Cleves (L-R: Brittney Mack, 2020 Broadway, Bryan Derballa for the New York Times; Unknown 2020 Broadway alt, 11 Apr 2021; Brittney Mack, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, @/bwaysho; Brittney Mack, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC) - The fit of the jacket is different, and it looks great! That isn’t a design change, it’s just fit differently. - A small black spandex stretch panel was introduced to the side of the jacket - We saw some differing silhouettes for some in-progress Cleves leotards/reveal outfits in the background of photos taken at the costume studio. No idea what the deal with those is. Could be a scrapped design, a small re-design to better flatter one of the alts, or a complete re-design for all of the queens. We may not get answers on this any time soon as the Six costume team has asked that people not share photos or boots of that costume.
Tumblr media
Howard (Samantha Pauly, 2020 Broadway, @/sampauly; Showstoppers display costume 2021, @/theboycostumer; Samantha Pauly, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Samantha Pauly, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, @/klphotographynyc) - Black lacing was added to both sides of the corset as a form of stretch panel. This replaced the prior mesh and spandex stretch panels as seen on the 2020 and Showstoppers costumes. - The hot pink PVC changed in color to become slightly darker; the undertones are now more monochromatic than they previously were. - Studs were added to the criss-crossed elastics. - There are also now two layers of elastics: The bottom one attached to the mesh leotard with a snap in the middle, and a top one attached to the corset with studding on it that snaps into the bottom. The one with studding is attached to the corset rather than the leotard since the leotard acts as her undergarment and is washed regularly. - The closure on the Howard skirt is a tab that is hidden under the mic holster. This was the case for the 2020 and Showstoppers costumes as well, but is different from all other Howard skirts. - The fitting of the skirt is slightly different. On the 2020 costume, the panels on either side of the opening are mostly parallel and with only a slight angle to them. On the 2021, they’re at more of an angle so the bottom of the opening is now much wider than the top (this is presumably for movement).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Parr (Costume: Anna Uzele, 2020 Broadway, @/Joan Marcus; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 17 Sep 2021, Marc J Franklin for Playbill; Anna Uzele, 2021 Broadway, 14 Sep 2021, Sara Krulwich) (Boots: 2020 pair, Anna Uzele, 11 Apr 2021; 2020 pair, Anna Uzele, Jimmy Fallon performance, 16 Sep 2021, Jamie McCarthy for NBC; 2021 pair, Anna Uzele, 14 Sep 2021, Sara Krulwich) - There may have been a change in the color of the blue PVC. - New boots design in addition to still wearing the old ones as well (per the two pairs of boots with one old and one new). The 2020 pair has two wide straps that both split into two smaller straps, leaving four smaller ones visible from the side. The 2021 pair has three straps with buckles from what we can see of the side, but we don’t know what the straps look like in front. They could be like her 2020 boots, which look like two wide straps in the front and only look like four from the side. The 2020 are also taller (similar in length to Aragon’s) while the 2021 are shorter (similar in length to the rest of the queens). - The bottom front corners of the peplum are now rounded rather than the previous 90 degree angle. - The top is much longer and with a steeper point in the center front than it was in 2020. - The sleeves seem to be separate from the top.  - There are some black panels on the side of the top. We’re trying to figure out exactly what those are for. First, they seem like the stretch panels as are standard for the rest of the 2021 costumes. However, they also seem to have a zipper in addition to the zipper closure in the back. @lightleckrereins is theorizing that since the sleeves are now separate, those side zippers are so that they can unzip the sides, put the top on over the shoulders after the sleeves have been put on, and then zip it closed on the sides to make it easier to put on. - The stretch panels on the bottom of the sleeves extend through the vinyl section of the sleeve as well.
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Random headcanons since I haven't done those for a while!
Cathy and Anne agree that coffee tastes better while scalding hot while Lina and Anna say it's better when iced
Lina and Cathy speak in Spanish so often that Jane and Anne learned everything about the language except for how to write it
Same for Anne who taught Kat French, Anna and Cathy are both fluent in French
Kat and Anna are both fluent in German, English, and French But also learned sign language to communicate when things get too noisy or too overwhelming
Cathy and Lina are very chaotic outside of work, which amuses their girlfriends since Anne can be less chaotic than Cathy at times
Jane and Cathy hold swimming competitions since Jane accidentally started a rivalry by saying Cathy's legs were shorter
Kat checks out Anna so much the other queens are scared (Anna enjoys the attention Kat gives her)
Kat and Anne were suspiciously close to the crime scene when tons of ice-cream went missing and both Anna and Cathy were seen eating ice-cream afterwards
Anna has a sweet tooth no one can rival with
If cathy has an idea, she wakes up at any time to write it down (and scares the hell out of Anne since she just gasps and shoots out of bed)
Lina has been seen catching fish in her mouth
They all have family game nights, with the sole condition of not getting it too far (after Anne and Kat threw a war after being tied in monopoly)
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cassieparrlyn · 4 months ago
Six Incorrect Quotes I made up (most likely based on convos between my friends and I.)
Aragon: people's who's first name ends with an e are probably gay.
Catherine, Katherine, Anne, and Jane: *breathes in lesbianism*
Aragon: see, its true.
Anna: exCUsE yoU-- what am I to you, straight?!?!
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thestaples · a month ago
overheard in the haus
jane: let me tell you, the rest of the queens share a single braincell.
anne, in the background: i have the braincell and you can't have it.
lina: but you always get the braincell!
kitty: you said it would be my turn on the braincell!
anna: fine! i don't want that stupid braincell anyway
cathy: hold up, are we sure anne really has the braincell?
jane, turning back: as i was saying, excluding myself, they all share a single braincell --
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p4ntry-d3m0n · 5 months ago
I’m bored in class, so I’m just gonna share Six ideas :p
This was one I talked with @coffee-and-calendars about yesterday
OKAY SO- Jane was taught and brought up in her life to be a good wife and all that jazz, right?
What if, purely for fanfic concepts, what if she had a slightly tomboyish side? As in finding swords and weapons and all that fascinating
And like, whenever she could, she snuck away all throughout her childhood and just general youth, playing with sticks and swinging them around and sort of teaching herself from observing knights or something
So! Jane liking swords, all that shit, and now that she’s reincarnated and able to live her own life, she goes out of her way to find old timey places that have them and talking to people about them, learning new things, even picking up a few sword skills along the way, right?
The other queens get curious on where Jane is going every weekend and ask to come with and Jane’s sort of hesitant, but she slowly nods before they all go to the places that she visits whenever she can
This is where it gets so very fun for me in terms of angst
Jane takes them to this place where medieval weaponry is hanging all on the walls and there’s even some room to test them. Guess who are disturbed the most by the sight
Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard
Both of them see these weapons and get flashes to their beheading and just feel sick and want nothing more to leave, but Jane looks so fascinated and they want to learn about her and her interests, so they force themselves to look and act normal and keep going
Then they see the people working there, a gruff dude who looks like your stereotypical smithy and then this lady who’s pretty buff and has gloves for handling weapons and for making them too. The queens see them hand Jane a sword they made a few days prior and tell her to try it out
So Jane goes off to a separate area in the shop where there’s open space and dummies to try weapons out. Jane does her thing and the queens are shocked at how skilled she is
And some are scared as all hell because the gleam of the weapon and the sound of it swinging hits far too close to home. Once again, the beheaded duo
Suddenly they’re not in the shop and they’re back at the moment they’re beheaded, only the one holding the weapon used for it is Jane. And they feel terrified and bolt out of the shop to somewhere secluded and fall to their knees and start having panic attacks
Now then! Anne and Kat revert back to how they used to be when they first got reincarnated and they can’t truly come back to the present this time, they’re still stuck with their vision fading back and forth between when they got beheaded and where they are now, and so they fear Jane constantly because every time they look at her they see her with a sword raised to chop their heads off. Another thing that happens because of this is Anne’s hatred for Jane in their previous life and when they first reincarnated comes roaring back in full force
And then the coffee bean added that it sets Jane off to reverting back to how she was because she can’t stand to be disliked by anyone, especially not the queens
Das all I got for now
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letsgoravendors · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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six-costume-refs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are some more photos of the costumes on display at Showstoppers! The queens are tagged but once again a reminder that those costumes are not for the principals as the preview dates and display dates overlap.
11 Aug 2021, @/mizzhelen1
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thewhizzyhead · a month ago
Tumblr media
so um where's that SIX emergency alt chaos bingo card post cause um I think I need to tick off some stuff-
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gold-star-for-cathyparr · 4 months ago
Anne: so, we were snuggling
Cathy: and we kissed by accident
Anna: ... It wasn't an accident! I saw you on a full make out session there!
Anne: by accident!
Anna: how do you accidentally make out?!
Cathy: I don't know! Go ask Kat!
Anna: ... Just start dating already
Anne and Cathy: wE dOnT LiKe eAcHoThEr!
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cassieparrlyn · 3 months ago
Kat: why are you so sad, there's so much goodness in the world.
Cathy: I don't know, why do people have asthma? There's so much air in the world.
Kat: who hurt you?
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worksbiwriter · 3 months ago
Anna: Is the past tense of William Shakespeare, William Shookspeare?
Anne: No, surely it would be Wouldiwas Shookspeared.
Cathy, in tears: please... no more... I'm begging you.
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vaguelyominouscoconuts · 6 months ago
So we all know Jane is the pun queen, but I feel like we’re all ignoring a crucial fact. Cathy is the dad joke queen. I mean “the winning contestant was the most protest-ant”? “Gold star for Cathy Parr”? COME ON.
Jane and Cathy absolutely use their gifts to annoy the fuck out of the other queens and then pretend they don’t understand why they are annoyed.
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thestaples · 19 days ago
overheard in the haus
cathy: i bet you wanna know how we got this far!
queens, hanging out of various car windows: DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW WE GOT THIS FAR? THEN --
*in the distance, car horns*
employee: ma'am, this is a mcdonalds drive thru
employee: please take your single black coffee and go.
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