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#catherine ricafort

Catherine Ricafort, who currently stars on the hit Broadway musical Honeymoon in Vegas, had an interview with The Filipino Channel’s Balitang America about her role, Mahi.

To say that I’m so proud of her is a total understatement. I grew up knowing her and the family and admiring her so much. I’d go to her high school choir shows and musicals (only to later be in the same choir program years later haha). I would go to every show of hers I could before she went out to New York. She is such a huge role model in my life, and I am just SO HAPPY for her.

And the fact that, now, she is getting international recognition, especially from the Filipino community is just so wonderful.

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Catherine Ricafort and Mikey Bustos perform “Evermore” in Prison Dancer

Catherine Ricafort is currently playing Mahi in Honeymoon in Vegas and that seems to be the only thing most people know her for, which is kind of sad so let’s kind of change that? She’s talented and she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and System’s engineering from USC. Here’s a clip of her in Prison Dancer, an online musical about a Filippino prison.

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