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Good night 🌙😴💤

I want to remember that the people from my past are lessons. They were not really nothing for me. I pray to the Lord I don’t get to see people from my past anymore. There were some people who never knew me and never talked to me but according to them, they knew a lot about me. I have memories especially from high school of people who pushed me away and told me to go get my own friends, but they still talked about me not to me. They never approached me. I promise I will forget about them. I also remember even though I never thought about these people, they came to my mind a lot, so as fearless as I am, I approached them and they were mean to me. Always remember the people who show disgust or push you away for not reason are nothing. They don’t care about you. Go to the side who truly care for you. Forget about the negative people from the past who hurt you because they were bitter and insecure losers. move on ❤️🖤😇🌹 🧿

Have a good night and may the guardian angels 👼 take care of you! May the Lord blesses you with true friends and compassionate people around you. Always take care of yourself like truly care for yourself because our society is not normal. Be careful. Jesus loves you. 🍁🌹❤️


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Since middle school, anxiety has probably been the #1 emotion taking over my life. Partially my fault because I procrastinate and have low self discipline. I worry about so many things. Even when that problem is solved, I just move on to the next thing to worry about. Anxiety has caused me to do things I’m not proud of. And then those things would make me anxious. It was - still is an endless cycle of worry, doubt, shame, and unreasonable expectations I have set on myself.

This emotion is pretty common for everyone nowadays, so a lot of you could probably relate to what I’m talking about. Yes, I blame the internet, I blame social media, I blame the 24-hour news cycle that profits off of fear (which I watch less of now, basically none), and I blame myself (although my therapist and mom say I blame myself too much since I couldn’t have known the repercussions of having such easy access all of these things as a child).

Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you (1 Peter 5:7 KJV)

I’m still figuring out how exactly I’m suppose to do that to be honest. How do I just… stop worrying? How do I give my worries to God? How does he take them from me? Anxiety has been a big part of my life for so long, I barely know what I would do it I didn’t have it. Yeah I can think of the good things, but… I don’t know.

What am I afraid of?

The future.

How do I change the future?

I can’t, literally impossible. What I do now is all I can do, and that’s what shapes my future. But what do I do now?

I’ve started reading a book called Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. So far it’s been helping me figure out what I need to do.

I really want to have more joy in my life. Please pray for me.

Have a blessed day

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So funny that people think Barrett is this like super rad trad when she’s literally a judge

Fun fact: catholic women were not permitted to be judges until the 1994 code of canon law update

If she were a pre Vatican II traddy trad she would not have accepted the judge position or this nomination

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I have a question for people on here. Do people not like practicing Christians on tumblr?

A lot of people have very very different views than I do on here, and I’m always scared that people will say I’m a bad person if I say that I can’t draw or say something because it makes me uncomfortable due to my personal beliefs…

I know that some of us can be very mean and hurtful people, and that a lot of people on here have grown up with bad experiences with the faith, but not all of us are bad and hate people who we don’t personally agree with

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