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#catholic monks
ora--et--labora · 6 months ago
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Benedictine Nuns
Mosteiro Nossa Senhora da Paz
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huariqueje · 2 months ago
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Tomb of the Capuchin Monks   -   Oscar Parviainen , 1914
Finnish. 1880 - 1938
Oil on canvas,
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khlysty-stranniki · 19 days ago
☦️Later this month, on the 28th November (the first Sunday of Advent) I will be admitted into Monastic Vows with the Metropolitan Liberal Catholic Church. I will become a Monk!
☦️The type of monk I will become is a Stranniki, which is a tradition from the Russian Orthodox Church. A Strannik is a Holy Pilgrim or Hermit, neither Priest or layman, renowned for their dedicated to spirituality. The Khlysty is another tradition from Russia famous for their Mysticism.
☦️As a monk I will take vows of:
Simplicity (in place of poverty);
Dedication (in place of Chastity);
Service (in place of Obedience).
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bananafosters · 8 months ago
Father Brown is so funny to me as an American because it is the exact opposite of what american crime shows are. We're like "this hot and sexy detective who has a bad relationship with his wife and women in general beats up criminals." And then the British are out there like "This is father brown, an elderly priest! He has no interest in women except as friends and people he cares for and mentors as a priest! Also, he fights crime! Hey! Who let that priest into the crime scene??"
I love it so much fucking excellent you funky little brits.
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capuchinfranciscans · 4 months ago
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Congratulations to our new friars! #franciscan #catholic #capuchin #capfriar
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broken-academia · 3 months ago
wanna be praying the divine office in a convent built within an orthodox Catholic university while we revitalize natural law within society rn
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paula-of-christ · 5 days ago
Prayer in Support of the Cloistered Life
                          Eternal Father,
We praise and thank Thee for those sisters and brothers
who have embraced the gift of the cloistered and monastic life.
Their prayerful presence is indispensable to the life and mission of the Church
and is the foundation of the New Evangelization.
As we celebrate Pro Orantibus Day,
let us honor the holiness and glory of the Blessed Virgin.
May she, who was presented in the Temple,
intercede so that many young people might dedicate themselves entirely
to Thy divine service by hidden lives of contemplative prayer and selfless sacrifice.
May all of us be mindful of the spiritual and material needs
of those who commit their lives to seeking God
by fixing their gaze on those things which are eternal We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Thy Son, Who lives and reigns with Thee
and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen
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via-crucis · 3 months ago
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“I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands.” - Psalm 63:4
(Photo from The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal)
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portraitsofsaints · 4 months ago
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Happy Feast Day Saint Lawrence of Brindisi Doctor of the Church 1559-1619 Feast Day: July 21 Patronage: Brindisi, Italy
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi was raised and educated in Italy by the Franciscans. At 16, he entered the Capuchin order, continuing his extensive studies in theology, philosophy, and languages. Talented as a linguist in over six languages, and an orator with a great memory, he was sent all over Europe serving as a peacemaker, chaplain, teacher, evangelist, and writer. He founded convents and monasteries to help serve the Church in troubled times. In 1959, St. Lawrence was declared a Doctor of the Church. {wesite}
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khlysty-stranniki · 16 days ago
💙 Rejoice O Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.
💙 Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.
💙 For you have given birth to the saviour of our souls.
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Hey y’all, I made a discord server for all my fellow discerners here on tumblr.
Message me if you would like to join!
Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Orthodox Christians who are in discernment are welcome too :)
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capuchinfranciscans · 5 months ago
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The streets of Assisi. #capfriars #franciscan #capuchin #CatholicTwitter
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