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Notes from mass 10/25/20

30th Sunday of ordinary time

Saint Teresa of Avila (the church I attended in college when I would try catholicism) remotely

Counting down to advent (a light at the end of this dark year) :)

Discussing the greatest commandments it seems.

The familiar lord have mercy Christ have mercy (when did st. T’s mass, and father chris become “familiar“ to me? It felt like a homecoming listening)

Speaking of familiar. The prayer at the beginning in song makes it much easier for laymen (there’s a catholic word for that right?) to remember it.

Reading 1: exodus

You wrong other people, I’ll do it to you whether they’re widows, orphans, poor, or aliens (cough cough border children. How people can say they are Christian and support that is beyond me, speaking as someone who regrettably did)

This is what they mean by god going Old Testament on people. Bring the sword and cut people down? Dang!


Seems like an odd choice for following that verse but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh! From the perspective of the widows, orphans, etc.

Reading 2: 1 Thessalonians

Calling the Thessalonians good models when they first started the church and how they led by example.

(Not sure the connection to the exodus passage, but it is always nice to see leaders being actual leaders)

(The hallelujahs bring back so many positive memories. I will have to schedule a visit with father Chris. Perhaps he can answer questions about catholicism since we already had at least some rappor with him when I was there. Emotional guidance as well.)

Gospel: Matthew

This is one of many times the Pharisees try to trap Jesus and he lays the verbal smack down on them. Sassy Jesus is my favorite.(“going New Testament on people” as way to say beating them not with strength but with wits?)

What is the greatest commandment? Love the lord your god and love your neighbor as yourself. (So basically… all of them summed up to their core.)

Homily: (The deacon (right?) did the homily)

Actually talking about the gospel (thank you)

Talking about how it’s more than just a command. It’s about a relationship. (But how can one have a relationship with a divine being. One who deigns when you answer and when to not. Who would be friends, with someone who only does what they want.

Answered my own question . He’s not our friend. He’s our parent. When we are kids we trust our parents to know what’s right. As we grow we lose that faith and assume we know better. But I think we all come to realize that just because our parents aren’t on the same page as us, doesn’t mean they’re always wrong. Sometimes they definitely are. They are fallible as are we. But our Heavenly Father is infallible. So there’s never a time he’s wrong, no matter how much of a different page we’re on. This was a long tangent)

600 commandments!? We struggle with 10!

Baseball analogy. We accept the rules. We don’t questions those even as we question the game.

Bab noises! My heart. 😍 and the deacons chuckle at it warmed my heart

We can’t accept moral failings just cause they “don’t matter”. We have to hold ourselves to the rules.

After notes:

Didn’t stick around for communion. It’s virtual anyways and I’m not there yet. My dear friend’s brother just took first communion. It was a massive celebration. I regret having partaken before. I did not understand the import and still don’t. I just wanted to be included. It was sacrilege to do so though and for that I apologize my lord.

I feel there is something to this small church. It’s more than mere comfort. I don’t long for the rest of college back. But that church has a way of feeling so welcoming. It’s the genuineness I think. It’s not some great cathedral. It used to be a pharmacy. So it has the power of Catholicism without the pomp that makes it seem distant. I think I’ll keep watching virtually and get in touch with them. The flowers also did a good job of not making it seem so empty.

Lord please help me to understand your mysteries.

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notice the difference between the way i explain salvation outside the Church and the way that bishop barron does; we need our clergy to stop being spineless, the Catholic Church is not just “the fullness of Christianity” it is the true Church of Jesus Christ, the one mediator, and the unique way of salvation

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Thank you!!

21: What are your plans for this weekend?

Well, it’s Sunday night right now and next weekend is a whole 7 days away so I dont even know what my plans are… Jk lol. Every Saturday for an hour I take part in the local 40 Days For Life campaign. We walk and pray and it’s really quite peaceful. Also this Saturday my neighbor’s son is getting married at our church, so my family and I will go to the ceremony. He and his older sisters range from like 4-12 years older than my sisters and I but I have a lot of cool memories of them when we lived next to each other. He and I also went to the same local Catholic school for 2 years and I remember when I was in 4th grade and he was in 8th grade he would give me high fives when we walked past each other in the hallways. Made me feel cool cuz I could say I was knew a popular 8th grader😂. Anyway. Then on Sunday I will go to Mass, then watch the Green Bay Packers game, then sit with my dad on his family’s Zoom meeting we have had every Sunday night since March. He and his siblings are hilarious and we always have a great time (except when one of them brings up politics😒😂). Sorry that was long!

34: Who/what was your last dream about?

Omg so last night I had a dream about Harry Potter and I wrote it down: I was watching the last Harry Potter movie, but it was different. Harry was battling Voldemort and Wormtail and used Wingardium Leviosa, but it wasn’t strong enough, so he used Petrificus Totalus, which worked (had to use it twice on Voldemort). And even though they weren’t dead, all of the Wizarding World celebrated. Then Wormtail and Voldemort’s still petrified bodies were picked up by a semi that said “Been spelled? We can help!” And they were never seen again.

70: Is there anyone you would die for?

I’m not sure. I would HOPE that at the very least I would die for my parents or sisters, but I guess I can’t know unless it actually came down to it. I would also like to say that I would die for everyone who I love or I feel deserve it… Is there an official Catholic teaching on this???😂 I know there’s that one Bible verse about laying down one’s life for one’s friends, but is it a sin to not die for someone? Like someone who is really bad? Or anyone for that matter? Cuz like I said I am also not truly sure if it came down to it if I would die for my sisters or parents. I don’t know, I doubt it’s a sin, but obviously martyrdom is something we should all be willing to do. Whew. Long answer to a deep question.

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today during church i actually was really happy with what was being said today. our priest told us that God calls us to love everyone, and what that means. he said it means loving the migrants, the refugees, the mentally ill, the sinners. God calls us to love everyone, and love isn’t just about people now, either. he said that love also means we do better for the people of the future and the people we don’t know. love means making sure that there is clean water and clean air for the children of the future. i was really vibing with his whole message, like, yeah, that’s real Catholicism right there!

and then later i watch my confirmation videos only to hear the people in them invalidate the entire Jewish religion 🥴

like i get it. this is our religion and we believe that Jesus was the Mesiah. but that doesn’t mean that… you can just go “yeah lol some people *cough cough* jews *cough cough* just believed that Jesus was only a prophet. anyway they’re completely wrong and crazy.”

i love flip flopping between my religion bc they can’t make up their minds if they’re actually accepting or not 😍

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One [and] only Holy Spirit of Father and Son,
in Whom all are baptized,
One Giver of many gifts,
One Tree of many fruits,
One Speaker of every tongue,
Renew in our day the wonders of Pentecost;
grant that people of every race and nation
may understand one another and, as one,
proclaim the praises of God.
Grant that all may be one
As You, Spirit, with the Father and the Son,
are one God, one Lord.
Grant unity to the Body of Christ;
grant unity to the human family.
Sole Breath of every living thing,
may all be one who, in You,
live and move and have their being.

- Carl K. Moeddel, Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati 

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Yeah I completely agree, like chastity is a valid calling for all belivers who have it in their walk, but most often than not, the argument is based on homophobic and harmful interpretation of scripture given to them by straight people, so it doesn’t have their best interest in mind nor does it account for valid lgbt theology that would help them actually know if being chaste or marriage etc is right for them. side b theology deserves a place but unfortunately since it’s still within the homophobic church it’s causing more harm than good, :(

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Im not religious but my mom wanted me to do a painting of la Virgen de Guadalupe, to put it up in the living room to replace an old one that we had, sooooo yeah. I won’t say I’m completely proud if it, but i don’t think it looks that bad :) .

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hey!! thank u, God bless u love!

how i see it, while the mainline Church is the most concise form of organized faith and source of gathering for believers and represents the faith in a general way, its also victim to mens carnal nature and satanic influences, so everything and anything it teaches needs to be dissected and filtered and not just by those in charge, i judge the church the way i judge anyone, by their fruit- as in the evidence of what they have produced, and i dont believe the Church and its teachings and actions should be exempt from analysis. 

The physical Church is there and serves its purpose, but its not the only form of Church spoken of in the Bible, WE are the church, the Body of Christ is the Church, not organized religion or buildings or traditions or manmade theologies. Being at odds with the Church is part of being a part of it imo, your relationship with the physical church is simply an aid to your relationship with God and other believers, its there to edify and connect you to other believers and we are there to make sure it doesnt become a law based oppressive system as most forms of organized movement’s become. 

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William Desmond, The Intimate Universal.
This 鈥減rivatization鈥 [of religion] sometimes mirrors an economic capitalist model: a private property, not a public service, religion must compete or be traded on the market.
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After playing Among Us until 1am once again I have made the decision to fast from unnecessary internet usage for a period of time. Such a fast will add much needed structure to my life and hopefully help me to grow in discipline and allow me to cultivate virtue. For the period of time between All Saint’s Day (November 1) and Christmas (December 25) this blog will be on hiatus. I’ve already reset my queue to go 5 times a day instead of the usual 7, so it will remain pumping out content. But if there’s an ask that you’ve been dying to ask me, now is the time. If there’s any intentions you would like me to pray for during this time let me know!

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i love the catholic church and have been catholic all my life but honestly…. catholics on this site are fucking insufferable. im going to. Lose my mind. “the pope didn’t actually say that” “our only options are completely taking away his agency and track record and any progress he might have inspired bc he clearly didn’t know what he was saying or how it would be interpreted” or “hate the pope bc he’s a heretic.” like…… I am BEGGING you to just fucking let queer people live and stand up to defend human rights. it doesn’t even effect you. it’s literally. it’s not that FUCKING hard, Brenda, and if it is maybe you should take a good hard look at your catholicism and figure out if you’re defending a tired set of morals, or the living body of God. which, SHOCKINGLY, includes queer people, and our love, and ALL the sex we have. just like you 0:-)🔪

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