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#catmaid hbomb
catzgam3rz · 3 days ago
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perriwinkle45 · 3 days ago
Do you think Catmaid Hbomb is gonna work in Las Nevadas?
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netheritenugget · 4 days ago
FoolishG has made the advancement [Hired Catmaid]
Hbomb94 has made the advancement [Your Little Meow-Meow <3]
FoolishG has made the advancement [A Meowsive Mistake]
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cartoonrival · 4 days ago
catmaid hbomd our beloved!!!!!
Tumblr media
my only qualm with him is that this is simply not a maid dress
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noobsomeexagerjunk · 13 days ago
why do we refer to catmaid hbomb as a catmaid? he's not even wearing a maid outfit
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pocketofweird · 14 days ago
my personal headcanon is that c!niki isn’t a cat hybrid, the ears were just included in all the stuff that hbomb gave her and she thought it would be rude to not wear them.
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perriwinkle45 · 22 days ago
Hbomb you wanna show up in your maid outfit and help Quackity and Fundy for two hours with gambling and drive them insane. You wanna do it so bad.
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a-wild-rosette · a month ago
C!Hbomb is a genie
I really cannot believe this is a legit theory, and about catmaid Hbomb no less. This is also kind of a reach, but I am desperate for Hbomb lore and I love him, ok ;-; (I am also aware that there is a pretty simple meta reason for what he does (aka to get clout) but if mister streamer won’t lore then I will lore for him /j) 
/dsmp /rp 
TW: alcoholism mentioned. 
1) C!Hbomb has the energy of someone who has been around for a long time and has seen a lot of conflict going down.  He is also one of the more mature characters on the DSMP, and one of the people who do not resort to violence everytime someone slights him. He has the energy of an old adventurer who is ready to settle down and live his life in peace. Sure, he participates in shenanigans sometimes, but he generally tries to steer clear from the drama of the “youngins”. 
2) The bits he does (catmaid, alcoholic H, and Thevir) all results from someone says something to him and H taking it and running with it. Catmaid is simply because Fundy wants one, AA!Hbomb is because Tubbo accuses him of alcoholism, and Thevir is because Niki says she misses him. This is like a very messed up version of wish granting, or basically using someone’s words (or wishes) and twisting it for amusement. 
3) You can see all his characters as a costumes (confirmed with catmaid, because H says he has to “get dressed” when he starts the bit) but with Thevir acting like he is indeed from another world/dimension, it is not unreasonable to think Hbomb has something supernatural about him. My theory on Thevir is that H might have opened a portal to another world and yoinked Thevir from his homeland to take H’s place for a short period of time. It’s basically that Niki wants Thevir so H will bring Thevir to her through his magical power. 
4) Only people who have H’s “maid service” contract/item (I think it’s usually an iron ingot beside Fundy’s first time) can use his service. It’s pretty similar to “only people who has the lamp can be granted wishes”. At least with the catmaid, there is a resemblance between the ingot and a genie’s lamp. With the other two bits, however, seems like it was just H taking someone’s words and twisting it for his own amusement, which honestly also something a genie would do. 
5) Now that begs the question: How powerful is genie!H if he can choose to contain his magic in a contract or choose not to do that? He also still has some control over what he does as a catmaid (see: him making Fundy promise to not actually blowing up the community house during the button stream and him chastising Foolish on “no means no” when he tries to push H to Philza) so clearly the “contracts” aren’t binding to H, just binding to who can use his services. To stick with the genie theory, that means these “lamps/contract” aren’t a containment for Hbomb: unlike the genies that are bound to their lamps, H’s “lamps” are not a limit to what he can do at all. That means Hbomb must be pretty powerful to be confident enough to (1) giving out his contract to random-ish people and (2) does not get genie-related limitations. 
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superwholocked2016 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This popped into my mind and now you have to suffer as well
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apollos-boyfriend · a month ago
bigboobiehalo is all well and good, but where’s all the love for (catmaid) hbomb having a canonical massive rack??
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noobsomeexagerjunk · a month ago
What would happen if Catmaid HBomb visited Dream in prison?
Deadass, I am actually thinking about it
Like, Sam would think of Catmaid H as harmless, and arguably torturous for Dream since the Catmaid tends to do that to people, so he could theoretically let the Catmaid in
But the thing about Catmaid services is that Catmaid Hbomb will do anything for the services of the client, and if Dream is his client, can you imagine what Dream can do with that? Sure the services are timebound and money bound, but hear me out
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i-am-the-pancake · a month ago
foolish gamers offering badboyhalo the hbomb maid service is possibly the best way he could have fought against colonization while still keeping to his pacifist ideals. 
catmaid hbomb traumatizes everyone he serves. there’s no way foolish had genuine good intentions in giving that gold to bad. 
and i kinda want to see how bad reacts to hbomb’s innuendos.
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hesthedj · a month ago
I find it fuckin hilarious that every single time there is a Lore, HBomb is there.
Not to do anything, mind you
He’s just there
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