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people who draw catra in crop tops….beloved

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Adora: I run in and take the fail safe

Catra: Oh god damn it

Adora: Relax, I’m gonna be fine

GM: Can you roll me a constitution save real quick

Adora: [2]

Adora: …

Catra: You were saying?

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↳ catra playlist

  • babylon; 5 seconds of summer
  • personal; kehlani
  • insomnia; zayn
  • angels; chase atlantic
  • i don’t wanna live forever; zayn, taylor swift
  • wanna be missed; hayley kiyoko
  • wrong; zayn, kehlani
  • parents; yungblud
  • love is (not) easy; chase atlantic
  • i wanna be your girlfriend; girl in red
  • young, dumb and broke; khalid
  • i have questions; camila cabello
  • super freak; rick james
  • run boy run; woodkid
  • all these years; camila cabello
  • gangsta; kehlani
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They’re in love, your honor, and they always have been. Based on Noelle Stevenson’s drawings

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Catra: I did meet some of the most insufferable people. But they also met me.

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the implications of catra’s memory of little adora saying “i’m always gonna be your friend” making her wanna do the right thing drive me insane like. she’s convinced herself (due to abuse) that adora saw her as someone helpless/ someone that needed to be saved and protected because they couldn’t help themself and that adora Wanted their dynamic to be like that so she could look like a hero. so to hear adora say that brings an entirely new light to their childhood dynamic. like it was still codependent and unhealthy because of their environment but catra wanted to matter to adora and be seen as an equal, which is what she was attempting to do by rising to the top of the horde ranks only to learn that adora always saw her that way, that she always mattered to her and that it was shadow weaver trying to make their relationship that way, not adora. it’s insane how much those 6 words mean in that scene honestly.

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Another WIP knocked out and ready to go! It’s a short fluffy slice-of-life fic with the Best Friends Squad.


“We have to give the villagers time to evacuate,” Adora said as she gestured around the town square with her shield.

Catra, her eyes peering out from the head and face wrap that concealed all but her eyes and ears said, “They won’t have time and that’s not why we’re here! The town’s guards can handle this!”

Adora drew her axe, bashed it against her shield, and said, “It may not have been why we came but that’s what this has become! Now do we stand and protect these people or do we run like mewling cowards!?”

Catra glared at Adora as Bow spoke up, regal in long blue robes.

“I believe we can accomplish both of your goals. I have enough magic dust left to cast a few spells that I think can help,” Bow said

Read the rest at AO3!

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January 18

How cute she is when she’s angry

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“fuck you my child is fine” your child’s favourite characters are a teen spy who names her knives, a villainous cat, and a mildly insane girl who burns ppl alive

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Catra: I’ve been fighting my girlfriend for like a whole week

Ozma: Lol

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Follow to see the same picture of Glitra every day

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This one I started in August and I have no idea why it took so long to finish up. I’m glad I did though. I like it and I hope you will as well.


Adora flopped down in her recliner, exhausted. It’d been about three weeks since they’d come back from Seaworthy with Finn and those three weeks had been some of the most emotionally exhausting of her life. Catra curled up on the couch and was soon snoring.

Adora remembered the first day back. They’d cleared out a spare room for Finn with Bow helping while Glimmer had jumped around getting stuff to furnish it with. Catra had drawn on her memories of hiding as a child and set up a hidey-hole in a corner with some boxes and tossed in a few blankets, pillows, and a small battery powered lantern. Catra nodded in approval as she backed up to take a look. Glimmer looked, told Catra to wait, jumped out and was back a moment later with a stuffed blue whale and a few other stuffed animals from her bedroom, and put them in the hidey-hole.

Catra looked a bit surprised and then a bit dejected and said, “I didn’t even think about toys.”

Glimmer looked at her and said, “It’s ok, just let me know if you need some more.”

Finn had sat in Adora and Catra’s bedroom under the blanket on their bed, tail sticking out one side twitching as they watched everyone moving back and forth. Catra and Adora came in and brought them into their new bedroom and showed them the hidey-hole.

Read the rest at AO3!

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This was sent as a gift for the lovely & only @trickypinetree

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