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vigilantsycamore · 27 minutes ago
Sometime during Season 2 or 3
Entrapta: Shouldn't you have given this to the Horde's bomb squad?
Catra: I should, but they're backlogged, and you like explosions.
Entrapta: You're the best boss EVER!
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stressedhippie · 37 minutes ago
Finally watched She-ra and I’m a mess
This is going to be me rambling and exteriorizing emotions, bear with me (or don’t).
I meant to watch the show She-ra and the Princesses of Power for a while now, but never got around to it until last week. I know, I know, I’m late to the party and all, but I managed to see it. 
Tumblr media
ANYWAY. Going into it, I didn’t really know what was gonna happen. All I knew was that the representation was great and that everyone always talked about Catra (apart from Adora, she was the only character I knew the name of). I thought she looked cool and that was about it? So I gave the show a shot. And OMG. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Where to START.
Little confused me WISHED she had SHE-RA growing up. Despite getting closer to my 30s, I only came out a couple of years ago. It took me YEARS to finally realize (and acknowledge) that I identify as bisexual. YEARS of denial. YEARS of confusion. YEARS of shame. And even now, because I am in an heterosexual-presenting relationship, I feel inadequate, like I’m not a “true” bi (whatever that means). And I just know that I’m not the only person who felt or still feels this way. So to see a show where there is great LGBTQ+ representation (that doesn’t feel forced or isn’t criticized through the storyline) feels... catalytic.
AND THEN, you add other forms of representation: body types, neurodivergency, gender identity, BIPOC characters (THAT ARE NOT RELAYED TO THE BACKGROUND!). She-ra made me feel a warmth inside my chest I hadn’t felt in a long time.
AND TO TOP IT OFF: the protagonist gets her happy GAY ending. AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I CRIED SO HARD FOR THEM. I still haven’t processed it all and it’s been DAYS. I’m SO happy! 
Can we also talk about parental abuse? And how I, a person with RELEVANT mommy issues, was FASCINATED by Shadow Weaver? She’s not a good person, yet I can’t help but feel for her like Adora and Catra did. It shows that, no matter how much someone can hurt you, it’s hard to completely cut them off. No matter how much you hate what they’ve done to you, you still feel for them, even if you don’t want to. It’s incredibly realistic and it got to me hard.
Tumblr media
Catra made me so sad because I recognized a lot of things she was going through as past experiences/trauma. Not necessarily her reactions to said experiences, but it pained me to see her being hurt. It pained me SO MUCH. Oh, and Scorpia. Bless her little soul. She’s amazing and I love her and I’ll  protect her at all costs.
I think I’m done rambling now. I’ll probably rewatch the show and pay closer attention to little details I’ve missed. 
Watch She-ra. Rewatch She-ra. It’s important representation and opened up a door for a lot of good things to come, I believe.
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scrimpydragon · an hour ago
When I look at spop fandom on tumblr it feels like there's a big debate on whether you like Catra or Hordak and I just have to ask why not both
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waterfire1848 · 2 hours ago
Azula: You saw what happened! Katara chose Aang, okay?! Not me! Katara doesn’t want me! Not like I want her.
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trash--god--emo · 2 hours ago
k i wanna tak more abt she-ra
i can't remember the last time i was this emotionally invested in ANYTHING, i binged it in maybe 4 days
i know im far from the target age group, but one of the main themes is the ongoing war, so the fact that there's not a drop of blood or anyone getting hurt is kinda :\
the reason i watched it is i saw a catadora compilation a while ago and thought: "that looks cute and great," and oh boy. so yea i wish they'd had more screentime together.
when i binge sth im almost always on my phone, and this wasn't an exception, but i was on my phone less than usual. i do think it could've been like 3 seasons w/o missing major plot points
catra is the greatest ever, and the fact that i can't be her makes me sad
entrapta (not sure it's spelt like that) really do b relatable
the world building was kinda good, and there was great character development
would i recommend it? yes, but if u expect anything except "We will defeat you with the power of friendship!" you will be disappointed.
idk why i'm writing this review (if you can call it that) ig cuz i wanna talk about my interests but don't have friends
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lowsart · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Im so bad at remembering to post here lmao
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catrasredemption · 2 hours ago
I've seen people against C/A argue that Catra reminds them of abusive ex experiences they've had, and that people who ship it do not care at all about Adora's feelings but just Catra's. What are your thoughts on this? (I personally ship them, but I do try to listen to people's takes when they're not being just outright lesbophobic or misogynistic *side-eyes twitter*)
Fun fact, Catra also reminds me of an abusive ex I had! Okay that’s not actually fun, but it’s a fact. And you know what made the ex abusive? Serious untreated trauma and mental disorders - she has borderline personality disorder, and a LOT of the ways Catra acts reminds me of the way my ex acted, which is part of why I headcanon that Catra has BPD.
And yeah, it’s bad, the way Catra acts sometimes is BAD, and I’m not excusing her. But I literally see so much of my ex in Catra, and you know what? It’s been six years since we broke up, and we’re friends now. She got treatment, she got out of the circumstances that were causing her to lash out, and she got BETTER. If we were in a TV show, I’d call that a fairly successful redemption arc. And keep in mind that we were TOGETHER. Catra and Adora were friends before the war, but they were never romantically involved.
Also, Adora makes her feelings quite clear. In Taking Control she draws the line, she tells Catra that if she wants to keep acting like this, then she’s done. She puts the onus on Catra to take a step and make a change, and she does. And that’s when things start shifting into a more actively romantic situation - like yes, we all know there was pining and Feelings while they were on separate sides of the war. And it would be a COMPLETELY different story if they had been dating before the war. But all of the feelings stuff comes AFTER Catra starts trying to change. 
Honestly, I think the fandom does Adora a disservice by acting like she’s just a helpless victim. She DOES fight back against Catra, she DOES make her feelings known, and she DOES draw those boundaries. She’s ready to walk away until she sees a tiny spark of the Catra she used to know, the Catra from before they were Force Captain and She-Ra, and even from before they were cadets. The Catra who reaches for Adora and trusts her, trying to rebuild that bridge. Adora makes an active choice to forgive Catra and give her another chance. If people who don’t ship C/A want to talk about ignoring Adora’s feelings, they can just look in a mirror ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I know many of you follow me because I post about cartoons.
Maybe, that is why you have blogs. And maybe in those blogs you only share about those series. But, please, ask you to share news about Colombia. To share about what is happening to the people of Colombia.
Even if your blog is not about that. Even, and specially if you are not from Colombia/ Latinoamerica. Please.
This needs to be known. By everyone. By all the world. Share the news. Post about it. Please, help Colombia.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aestheticugly · 3 hours ago
Green d: and now that same Twitter user who posted the party has a banner of catra angrily chugging a bottle of alcohol. Lol
Oh she’d so do that lol
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punk-63 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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rarijackistheshit · 4 hours ago
Tooting my own horn, part II:
So, there's a few stories where Catra is a real cat. There's also a few stories where Catra is a real cat and Adora is a dog.
I think this is the only one where Catra is a human and Adora is a dog. The world's most friendly Golden Retriever. Which works perfect with catra being catra. Right? ...Yeah, right...
Also, Glitra, because my dear friend Bagge is a glitra-shipper.
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sokkascroptop · 5 hours ago
agsjdlfsh i’m rewatching She-Ra and I forgot how similar Traitor Y/N and Adora’s stories are
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