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#catra fanart

This one shot of Catra laughing truly lives rent free in my mind

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This fanart was for the friend of my friend. Hope everyone like it

Pic Tag: @cutelock

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Not my nest work,but i still wanted to finish for some reason://

Also happy valentine’s day everyone <3 (For uncensored version go to my twitter @LynxGinger)

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Wallpapers available for high res download on Gumroad!

For personal use ONLY and if you repost— please properly credit me! I’m the same handle almost everywhere! 💕

Also wanted to add that I have been trying to work on my backgrounds this year and I’m only actually EXCITED to try backgrounds bc of how @/devinellekurtz on Instagram lays out tutorials and is so generous with how they do their process 10/10 recommend anyone to go their way forever and ever thank u

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