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I’ve never been good at knowing why I like things, nor people. It was simply something that tingled at the base of my stomach, and I never really wanted or gave and explanation for it. Perhaps it was the sense of adventure that you gave me, or perhaps I was entranced in doing something that didn’t fit the rules for the first time. 

The first time little miss perfect chapped her lips for a devil may care smile. That was the role many people, back to where we called home, used to describe me. A tag I earned and felt proud of having, yet not necesarilly aspired to have. I used to yearn your freedom. 

The way your laugh just floated through the air, not bound by any expectation nor responsability. Even if we both were wearing the same uniforms and badges, I could always see how yours felt more like handcuffs, rather than unity. Remember when you taught me to swear? How yousaid my voice cracked like the sqeaking beds in the barracks? It did because it never felt right to say it. Like it didn’t feel right to say goodbye to you. 

But like all things, I got used to it.

 I got used to lonely nights in a bed, to fighting without laughing, to scracthed and scars and goodbyes. I got used to life without you, and even when all was pink and soft all I could think was how I missed you. 

I know I broke your heart, but you never knew how I let myself break mine. I broke us, and for that I am sorry. 

You taught me many things. To climb and jump. To breathe and to kiss behind shadows. To want and let go.To admit to myself my mistakes, and that it was okay to make them; sometimes. 

Here I am telling you that, it was never a mistake leaving the Horde, but it was a mistake to leave you behind; and that I should’ve never let myself fail in that way. Because I failed you, and that I cannot forgive myself. 

Love, Adora. 

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“Is this supposed to be good?” Catra asked uncertainly, swirling her drink around in the bottle. Despite all appearances, she wasn’t really a big party person, but she knew good alcohol.

This was not good alcohol.

“It’s fruity!” Adora said, giggling. Catra raised an eyebrow at her.

“You’ve had two bottles. They’re wine coolers. How are you already buzzed?”

Adora shrugged. Catra rolled her eyes, falling over to lie in Adora’s lap. “You gonna finish that?”

“All yours.”

She looked around while Adora drank. Bow had decided to pledge with a mostly responsible fraternity - mostly. The initiation process was apparently going well, if he was allowed to bring friends to a private party.

Speaking of…

“Where’re Arrow Boy and Sparkles?”

“Probably making out while the room’s empty. Bow said he’s sleeping on the floor with the other pledges.” Adora finished the drink, clearly proud of herself. Two and a half bottles and she was almost drunk. Lightweight, Catra thought fondly. “And it’s not like Glimmer has much more privacy.”

“Right.” Sparkles was pledging with the sister sorority to this frat, of course. “Told them to skip all this crap and just get an apartment with us.”

Adora snorted. “At least now we don’t have to worry about walking in on them kissing on the couch.”

“True. But I don’t have anyone to help me drag your drunk ass home.”

“I am not drunk.”

“Uh huh.”

“I’m not!“ Adora huffed. “Could a drunk person do this?”

She slid her arms under Catra, easily lifting her into a cradle. “Anyone with enough upper body strength could do this,” Catra teased. “God knows you should have enough with how much time you spend in the gym. Give me a piggyback ride home and then we’ll talk about how drunk you really are.”

“Done!” Adora jumped up, swinging Catra around to let her latch onto her back. Catra shrieked.

“Not right now you weirdo!” Her arms automatically went around Adora, trying to keep from falling. This went exactly as one thought it would - Adora wobbled unsteadily and fell back onto the couch, crushing Catra beneath her.

“Oops. Maybe I’m a little drunk.”

Catra groaned. “Adora?”


“When I inevitably die from whatever internal injuries this has caused, I want you to be the only one carrying the casket.”


“Because I’ve definitely earned one last piggyback ride.”

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In this AU Adora and Catra are kinda something.. They are not a couple, they act like one. In short I will call the main grudge, between Catra and Adora, “break up” just because it’s pretty much it. Long story short, before being locked up SW planned an ambush -this should take place in Brightmoon, still not sure tho-her plan consisted in distracting Catra and taking over. SW pushes Adora to be truth to herself and to Catra, and this will bring Adora to confess her love to Catra. Adora will infiltrate in to Brightmoon-again not sure about the location- to get Catra. Everything will be amazingly soft until Glimmer jumps in, while Adora and Catra are shamelessly making out, to warn Catra. The horde was gaining ground against the rebellion and Catra let her enemies fool her. Catra will snap and slap Adora on her right cheek with her claws out. This will leave some scratches on the blonde’s face.

Adora start losing her shit after her “break up” with Catra. There was a misunderstanding and Adora didn’t had time to explain herself. For Catra their relationship was over. Using her feeling to win a war, that sounded too low, almost too cruel for someone like Adora. Adora now has nothing left.. Her mother figure is now locked up some where in one of the Horde cells and near to a death sentence and now she has lost her friend, her lover. Adora will start to having some abbandoimment issues blaming herself and hating how SHE “fucked up” everything. The only thing that seems real to her was her work that’s why all the portal events will happen. Adora promises to let SW out of prison. She was working hard, her plan is to get in charge and do whatever she wants, but SW has other plans and uses Adora while she is being an emotional wrackedge. SW escape and Hordak will send Adora to the Crimson waste to take back some first one tech… Adora now will not care about anything and she will like take down everyone in the Crimson waste but that’s doesn’t make her feel right. She doesn’t care that she could be happy, if she will be happy again she will do something wrong and destroy everything. She follows the orders and captured Catra bringing back to the fright zone what Entrapta needed for powering the porta. The sword. Catra is still mad at Adora and she tries to meke her feel bad dumping all of the stuff that happened after their broke up. Catra rumbled on how distracting SheRa was totally useless as a tactic and on how Adora is now an horrible person that even Shadow Weaver is now on the good side. Adora will snap at this and she is now more determined to finish her job. Adora will not take a no as an answer, not anymore. When Entrapta told her that the all plan was too dangerous and that they couldn’t go on with it, Adora knocked off Entrapta with a quick hit on the back of her neck, nothing fatal just a small hit to keep Entrapta quiet for a while, then she sends Entrapta to beast island. Scorpia never saw Adora like this and she starting to believe that maybe having Adora in charge, after all that happened to her, wasn’t a smart move. Scorpia knows that Adora is overworking herself and acting aggressively because she is afraid of being emotionally scarred again. Scorpia believes that she can bring back Adora, but that’s not the case. Adora is now blinded by the rage. In the eyes of her loved one she was a cruel person so now Adora might act like one. Scorpia will try her best to bring back Adora but, she was already too far gone and Adora was getting even more aggressive with her too. Scorpia will leave Adora. This event will add more evidenceon what Adora now believes. She doesn’t need anybody to be good at what she is doing. She will be on top no matter how many time she will fail, no matter how she will feel beaten up during her climb to the top. She will be the one who will still standing. Adora will easily knock everyone who will stand in her way. She had to activate the portal, that was the order.

After pulling the switch everything was pretty much what Adora wanted. Being the top dog and having her loved ones around her. Catra will realize something is off and well we know how it went in the the serie.. It will not be that different.

Dang thats a long one… I hope thats make sense… Like I really get lost while typing long posts and being in English makes it even worst xD.

Again I hope this make sense, story wise and characters wise, cause I didn’t really went down with details… It all started as a joke out of boredom so maybe some staff could change in the future.

Oh and… I’m glad you like my take on this AU c:

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