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She had to sit on my lap even though there was barely any space #cats #cutecats #bestmeow

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Meet Evelyn, our little rescue all the way from Romania. She’ll be flying to us in the UK in 6 weeks. Can’t wait to have you home, Evie ❤️ #cats #cutecats #bestmeow

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Welp, another night of no sleep.  It seems like as Simon’s health decreases, so does my own.  I know that I will eventually have to get a doctor’s appointment to discuss the new development of random pains all over my body (which leans towards a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or Ehlers-Danlos, not unheard of in those with the other medical disorders that I have) - but right now, my concern lies with Simon.

See, I’m of the belief that when you adopt an animal, it’s forever - not until you get bored or tired of said animal.  My first cat lived until he was 22-23 years old, next cat lived to be 10 when Megacolon (and potential cancer) claimed her, and now Simon, who’ve I’ve had for just over two years (He’s now roughly 4 ½ - 5 years old).  But I’m now being faced with the prospect of euthanizing a relatively heathy cat due to behavioral issues.

I know, I know - hear me out.

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Me too!! You’re the first person i think of any time a cat crosses my dash these days - doubly so if it’s white and fluffy sgdhjfh

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