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#cats 1998

A Random Munkustrap Headcanon

Jellicle cats either have homes or are strays indicated by whether or not they have collars and also what the songs say about them. All cats who have lyrics implying they have owners also have collars, with the exception of Jennyanydots (as far as I could see anyway).

So lets talk about our boy Munkustrap.


Originally posted by statisticalcats

Look at him. What a pretty collar! Even has a little ring on in from which you could attach a lead and walk your pussycat’s stress away.

Munkustrap’s collar indicates he has owners, but he is also the junkyards’ sworn protector. Why? If he has a home he wouldn’t be there all the time, why would they all rely on the protection from someone who may or may not be there? Why is this housecat the protector?

Because he was abandoned.

Munkustrap was left behind when his owners moved away (something that sadly happens A LOT in reality) and he took refuge in the junkyard as a young cat. Munkustrap seems to have a special bond with Jennyanydots from the fond way he sings about her and from the trust he seems to have in her charge. Perhaps Jenny helped him out as a stray and took him under her wing until Munkustrap grew up to now thrive as a stray. The Jellicles would only meet once a year before Munkustrap created a safe haven out of the junkyard that they used to meet and that he took refuge in and now he protects those who were also abandoned or lost, not wanting anyone to feel alone, unsafeand abandoned the way he did.


Originally posted by skimblyshanks

Alonzo was the first kitten he found and sheltered, they have a mix between a mentor, a brotherly and a parental relationship. After Alonzo the stray group grew with Coricopat and Tantomile, Gus jr and Jellylorum as well as their strayborn kittens Electra, Etcetera, Pouncival and Plato and their oldest brother George, all of them recognizing Munkustrap more and more as their protector and Munkustrap finding purpose in that role. Alonzo follows in his footsteps as his protegé. Soon the junkyard would become a place where those who live near would visit on the daily to spend time with their stray friends, like Victoria, Quaxo/Mr Mistoffelees, Cassandra, Demeter, Jemima, Bombalurina, Pounceval and Rum Tum Tugger who’d spent a lot of time at the junkyard keeping his brother company since the beginning anyway.

In conclusion; Munkustrap is a good boi.


Originally posted by statisticalcats

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(918): You’re not talking any sense into me. You’re cheering me on to disaster.

(405): … is that not half the reason I’m your best friend in the first place?

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Since Mungojerrie disappears between the beginning of The Old Gumbie Cat and his own number, the first part will be pretty short, but I’ve got a few things.


From the moment the Tire Choir assembles, Mungojerrie enters his default state of Doesn’t Know What’s Going On. Rumpleteazer skipped the same rehearsals that he did, but even when she can figure it out, he usually can’t.


He was kind of impressed when Jenny hit her high C and gave multiple cats hearing damage. Both Jerrie and Teazer seem a bit impressed with it. They had no idea that their mom could be bad like them! Well, they had to get it from somewhere and it wasn’t from Skimble.


And then a human throws a boot at all the noisy cats and they React Accordingly. Jerrie Doesn’t Know What’s Going On.


“Well…okay then.” Most of the other cats are some combination of concerned/offended/startled but Jerrie can only accept things as they are, because he doesn’t entirely know what that means anyway.


Misto and Victoria get the party started and Jerrie points, which is very rude. What are you pointing at, young man?


When it’s time for the first number, the twins sit down on opposite sides of the stage.


But Jerrie found Misto’s screw-up so funny that he teleported to the other side of the stage to laugh with Teazer about it. He’s still a meanie, but he one has to appreciate the effort.


Jerrie Doesn’t Know What’s Going On. I don’t think he can even see in his beetle costume. Still, he does his tap routine perfectly, so maybe he actually knows what’s going on so well that he can do it blindfolded. That was unexpected. Both twins know better than to slack off on their mom’s big musical number.


When Tugger shows up, both twins are excited, but Jerrie disappears for the number, as I mentioned in the last rewatch. My own joke explanation for this is that Teazer locked him in the changing room when they went to change out of their beetle costumes so he wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her in front of Tugger. But, out of universe, this is kind of strange. From what I can tell, Jerrie is usually in this number hero worshipping Tugger with the other boys. I wonder if there was some sort of scheduling conflict during the filming of this version that led to him not being there.

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i’d absolutely love for someone who ISN’T familiar with cats to try and explain what’s happening here.

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Which looks better? B+W Color or Tan color?

I might have overdone the hearts, he’s just so happy🥰

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(808): They have a booking log online so i can just check that instead of call

(906): Technology: making bailing your sister out easier since 2008

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thinking about the way Mungojerrie always makes himself shorter to be on eye level with Rumpleteazer, and instead of just like, bending his knees or leaning down, he just lets his leg slide either direction like he’s about to do a split

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Ella es Tigresa, pero de cariño le digo Titotito

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Ahhh yessss! Munkustrap is a wonderful father!! He has lots of experience kitten rearing, and it’s something he really enjoys. He’s learned all he knows from the older queens in the tribe, because they took on the role for him and Tugger after Grizabella left, and they taught him well. He knows when to be stern, when to let things slide, and can stay calm enough most of the time to sort problems out. He still defers to their wisdom on occasion when there’s something even he can’t figure out, but for the most part, Munkustrap is a tom you would have no problem leaving your children with for long lengths of time, which is such a blessing for Demeter. 

Munk adores and cares for all the kittens in the Junkyard as often as he can, but even though he will deny it, Jemima is his favorite. She may not be his in blood, but she is in heart, and that’s a lot more important, he would say. Jemima was only about a week old when Demeter joined the Jellicles, and Demeter is the first to admit she’s not exactly sure what she’s doing most of the time. Jemima is her first kitten, and she didn’t have any siblings growing up, and her mother died years ago, so she didn’t have any guiding hands beyond instinct and intuition. And she does a good job, tries her best, asks for help when she needs it. She might ask too much, honestly, instead of trusting in herself. She worries often that she’s doing something wrong, that she’s not a good enough mother, but Munkustrap, and Jennyanydots and Jellylorum assure her she’s doing just fine.

Munk takes special joy in helping raise Jemima, especially since he and Demeter got together. It makes him happy to be able to help both of them, after hearing about what Demeter had been through, and he just, sort of fell in love with them both the moment he met them. Honestly, he took one look at the tiny kitten in her arms, said, “Is anyone going to father her?” and didn’t wait for an answer. He just felt this sense of responsibility different even from how he feels for the rest of the kittens and the tribe(because he does feel responsible for each and every one of them, and does everything he can to take care of them all.) And it’s great, because Jemima turns out to be a daddy’s girl too, 100% and always has been. They just have a really sweet and special connection, and spend lots of quality time together. Jemima loves her mother too, of course, but she’s undeniably closer to Munkustrap. Demeter points it out one day, and Munkustrap denies it at first, but in the end he admits it, and has a hard time hiding his proud smile. Demeter shakes her head fondly and rolls her eyes.

Munkustrap has taught several of the kittens in the yard important skills like pouncing and scenting for danger, what to eat and what not to eat, and the importance of communication. He’s an expert at breaking up squabbles too, whether it be with a simple phrase, or if he has to be a bit harsher, and raise his voice. Sometimes he’ll just pick up the arguing kitten closest to him and hold them up high, and refuse to put them down, and eventually the argument dissolves into giggles instead. He loves teaching them all little songs too, and encouraging creativity. He’s been there for first steps, first dances, and first songs. He beams with pride every time a new kitten decides to perform their first dance. It’s just entirely satisfying to him, seeing them achieve new things, watching them grow up. It makes him feel like he’s done something amazing, even though he’ll always downplay his involvement. 

And the kittens love him too, obviously. They’re always clinging to him, playing with his tail or asking to be held, fighting over the most coveted spot in the junkyard, which is right between his legs when he stands, and he rarely denies them. Honestly he hardly notices them half of the time. He’s that used to it. Grizabella was never really affectionate towards him and Tugger, except on rare occasions, and it’s something that still sort of bothers Munkustrap. He would never think of denying a kitten the chance to cuddle, of making them all aware of his love for them. 

Sometimes he gets exhausted dealing with them though, and needs to step away, take some time for himself. On the rare days Munkustrap is actually angry or in a bad mood, everyone knows to behave. Getting in serious trouble with Munkustrap is the last thing on anyone’s list. He’d never hurt anyone when angry, but he’s undeniably a little intimidating, thanks to his size, and it’s always startling to see someone who is often calm and affectionate feeling entirely the opposite. He retreats to his den or even his owner’s house in times like that, not wanting to put anyone off or scare them with his bad mood, but he always comes back recharged, in his usual demeanor, and things continue as normal.

In short, Munkustrap’s relationship with children is just one of the 90000 reasons he’s the world’s best man.  

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Based on this drawing and on my little one-shot, here are Tugger and Mistoffelees’ seven kittens.

3 queens and 4 toms: Pysia, Asteria, Nyxen (the first to open his eyes!), Calicary, Anália, Hekate and Partriben.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with the names (especially @per-the-jellicle-magician and @madamtrashbat from whom i took some names directly) ♥


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Depends on who you ask. The top three contenders when it comes to dancing in general are Alonzo, Mistoffelees, and Tumblebrutus. Alonzo has the most experience, and has developed his particular way of movement, and it’s very nice. Tumblebrutus has the most control, is a master at the technical aspect of it all and is therefore the most graceful despite his young age, but Mistoffelees has the most soul so to speak. Because dancing didn’t come naturally to him, and he had to work at it, his dances always have a degree of whole-heartedness to them, of joy, and he’s a wonder to watch. I’m biased towards Tumble, but there’s never a definitive winner :>

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Skimbleshanks: Jenny…please be honest baby. I won’t be mad, did you cheat on me?

Jennyanydots: I would never cheat on you! Why would you say that?!

Skimbleshanks: It’s just…Victoria and Mistoffelees…I love them like my own but they look nothing like me.

Jennyanydots:…Skimble…they’re adopted. We adopted them. 

Skimbleshanks:….We did?

Jennyanydots: Yes.

Skimbleshanks: Right. Carry on.

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I’m posting future Cats art here instead of on @auggusst-art to remind myself to do some actual fucking portfolio art at some point in this year but

back at it again with my demeter & mungojerrie bff agenda

he’s one of the few cats allowed to be clingy towards her and he does it so often it’s become second nature for her to expect it, especially when he’s telling a story or is excited about something

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