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#cats fanart

Meet my new cats OC

Freyja named after the norse godess of cats. She’s a brown tabby

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So I got the brightest idea of drawing Plato as well…Plato, the Greek philosopher.

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My Demestrap drawing I did a while back. Didn’t bother finishing it. Anyway hope yall like it :)

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cats fandom is growing again so imma drop my etsy(bumblebeebowie) and redbubble(bunchobees) again! they feature a decent amount of cats art :D

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Apparently I’m making Cats Fanart Ft. Sparkles a thing.

I’m going to attempt Tugger again soon cause I’m not super happy with it but I tried way too hard to just leave him 😔


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CATS as 2D Animation - Munkustrap Expressions

My version of what Munkustrap from CATS could look like if the musical was adapted into animation! I see him as strong and angled but also sort of sleek

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